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I am so excited to be a closer, one of them, for this tour! I loved this new book, and I am so excited to continue more into this new series! And I have so many goodies to show you, so I will just jump right in! :) Here we go! 

Shadows of Fate (Shadow Born, #1)

Shadows of Fate

Shadow Born

Book 1

Angela Dennis

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Date of Publication: April 8, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-61921-927-4

Number of pages: 247

Word Count: 87,000

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

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Tagline:  Redemption lies beyond the veil between truth and lies.

Book Description:

After witnessing her husband’s brutal murder, Brenna Baudouin lost control of her Shadow Bearer powers and wreaked havoc on her home world. Her penance: one hundred years policing hordes of supernatural misfits that spilled onto the Earthly plane after a cataclysmic war.

She’s on a routine exorcism run when she learns she’s been assigned a new partner. But there’s something about this Shadow Bearer that sparks her suspicions. Particularly when people closest to her start turning up as piles of ash.

Gray Warlow holds tight to the glamour that allows him to get close to the woman on whom he plans to wreak vengeance for betraying his people. Yet as he skillfully manipulates his way past her distrust, he begins to see her not as the heartless monster he was led to believe, but a strong, vulnerable woman.

As they work to put together the pieces of a killer’s macabre puzzle, an attraction deeper than blood and bone flares between them. And they must reveal their deepest secrets to avoid becoming the final targets.

Warning: A thrill ride of supernatural proportions. Contains violent battle scenes, nail-biting suspense, crazy hot sexual tension, and enough twists and turns to make your head spin.


Copyright © 2014 Angela Dennis

All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Her gaze stretched to the bar. Beneath the glittering liquor bottles and burnt oak, a bottle of Jack in one hand and Grey Goose in the other, stood her target. Dirty blond hair brushed past his eyebrows, the rest tied back in a rubber band. He seemed innocent enough. As he flipped a glass bottle behind his back, muscles rippling on his shirtless body, magic seeped from his skin. It flowed around the women stretched across the bar, their assets on display as well as their lust.

Thankfully, he didn’t get much bang for his buck. This one was weak. Newly possessed, the demon hadn’t had time to gain a strong enough lock on the victim’s body. This shouldn’t take long. The piles of paperwork she had left on her desk might even get done tonight.

She pushed through the crowd, stripping her leather duster off her shoulders as she went. The black corset underneath, paired with tight leather pants, flattered her figure. She turned heads, especially the demon’s. She released the hair tie at the back of her neck. With a quick shake, her burnt copper curls slid down to her waist. She stopped at one of the tiny tables and threw her coat across the barstool.

Eyes closed, she pretended the music was something more aesthetically pleasing as she stepped onto the dance floor, keeping her mark at the forefront of her mind. She felt his eyes on her body as she swayed to the music. Hips gyrating to the heavy beat, she pulled on her glamour to blend in with the other dancers as she let her magic wrap his body. Losing herself in the music, she let him watch her move, feeling his desire amp. His energy vibrated as he made his way through the crowd, his power wild.

His hands draped her hips and he pulled her to him, his magic sliding over her body. Darkness tinged her aura, but she shrugged it off. Dealing with demon magic never got easier, but his wasn’t powerful. Grinning, she wrapped her hand around his neck, pulling him close until her lips brushed his ear. His burning skin jumped against her touch.

They stilled for a moment as the DJ switched tracks. “Think you could get me a drink?” she breathed, brushing a hand down his bare back. “I’m thirsty.” She grinned as he nodded, eager, the demon jumping beneath his skin.

“Anything for you, darlin’.” He wrapped a possessive arm around her waist, moving her toward the bar. “What’s your poison?”

“Whiskey. Straight.”

A grin played on his lips. “My kinda woman.”

Pushing past the other bartender, he grabbed a bottle of Jack and poured her shot. She caught it as it slid across the splintered wooden bar. Tossing it back, she reveled in the slow burn of the liquor. It was an old favorite. Just cause she was working didn’t mean she couldn’t treat herself.

She tossed back a second shot, thankful she didn’t have the ability to get drunk. Giving the demon her best longing look, she leaned forward. “Thanks. I needed that,” she murmured. “What’s your name?”


Leaning forward, she traced a finger down her cleavage. “Do you think you could give me a ride home, Zed?” she asked. She bit one finger in a nervous gesture, knowing he was buying it. “My friend went home with some guy and left me here. I can wait.”

His eyes flashed, and she knew she had him.

“Sure.” He glanced at the other bartender. “Give me a second. I got off an hour ago.”

Sure you did, she thought.

A few seconds later he was back, pulling on a t-shirt as he walked. The gesture was surprisingly human. With the demon hiding inside, the brimstone dancing in his blood would keep his body uncomfortably hot, eventually burning him alive from the inside out. It may be the middle of winter, but he would never feel the cold.

He held up his keys as she rose to meet him. “My truck’s out back.”

She moved closer, letting him drape an arm over her shoulder. “Let me grab my coat.” The duster was where she had left it. She draped it over her arms as she turned on her psychic link with Xavier. The mage accepted, and Brenna turned to the demon, knowing Xavier was watching through her eyes. At this point, the mark’s lust was so inflamed he wouldn’t notice the slight change of color in her irises.

Wrapping her free arm around Zed’s waist, she led him through the mass of patrons to the exit. As they stepped into the wintry air, she noticed the bikers again. They stood beside their Harleys, watching her warily as she passed. She worried the tension might give her away, but Zed was oblivious.

She led him over the cobblestone to where Xavier waited. As they closed in on the shadows, she could feel Zed’s eagerness spike.

The darkness moved over them, hiding them from prying eyes. Xavier’s power sang in the night, a compass pointing her to the van. Leaving Zed to follow behind, she moved to the gray van and pressed her back against its side. Zed moved toward her, all pretense of humanity stripped away. The graceless stride betrayed his hunger as green scales peeled away his skin and his eyes turned to blood red slits.

Brenna waited until he was on her, scales chaffing the sensitive skin of her face, then she dropped her glamour. The demon jerked back as her magic wrapped around his body, but it was too late. In one swift movement, she pulled the blade strapped to her back free and ripped the already tattered t-shirt away from his chest. Shifting her body weight, she slammed him against the vehicle even as his body mass grew, the demon pushing its way to the surface. One hand held Zed steady, the other slipped beneath his jeans to feel the skin of his hip.

“A little to the left,” the demon growled, body shaking, titillated despite itself.

He shifted his weight and slammed her against the brick wall behind her. His body pressed hard against hers, he ran a scaly tongue across her cheek. “You don’t have to get hostile, darlin’. I don’t mind if you like it rough.”

She let her power surge and kneed him in the crotch. Sparks flew as her spell sent him flying against the van. Keeping him in place with a holding spell, her fingers found the rune carved on his hip. She ripped away the denim as she tried to control the squirming demon.

“A little help?” she called out. She had pulled back the spell. Her full body weight was pressed against the demon, but he was starting to get free. Her magic had to be focused on breaking the possession; she couldn’t waste it restraining Casanova.

She released the demon as Xavier stepped from the shadows and slammed it against the van again. Subdued, the creature glared at them, its red eyes filled with hatred. Another hard slam dazed the creature, but only for a moment.

A flick of her hand and the back of the van opened. Xavier shoved Zed inside. As soon as he was strapped into the harness, Brenna ripped off his jeans. His hips now bare, she was able to see the rune carving, fresh as she had hoped.

Her ceremonial blade pulsed in her hand as she charged it with her energy.

Zed spit at her. The saliva sizzled across the corset, burning a hole in the leather.

Damn. That had been one of her favorites.

“Stuff something in its mouth. I need to concentrate.”

“Deal with it. Even in the harness this thing is a bitch to restrain.” White lines creased Xavier’s eyes, and Brenna worried his injuries were more severe than he let on.

Zed’s fingers began to work the trappings of the harness, but Xavier pulled him back, one arm around his scaly neck. In an explosion of power, Zed pulled free, knocking Xavier into the side of the van. Saliva dripping from his fangs, Zed growled at Brenna, and snapped the other wrist free. Jumping across the van, he pinned Brenna beneath him. Spittle fell from his lips, scorching its way across her skin. She pressed her palm against his face and pushed with all her strength, ignoring her burning flesh. Then, suddenly, he was gone.

Getting to her feet, she saw Xavier had strapped the beast back into the restraints.

“You got it?” Once she started, she wouldn’t be able to help him anymore. All of her energy would go into the exorcism.

“Yeah. Hurry.”

A sharp giggle jarred Brenna’s attention. Looking up, she caught Hilda peering through the glass from the front seat. “If he passes out, I can help.”

“This isn’t a game.”

Zed slammed against his restraints. “I like ghosts. They burn like whiskey going down.”

“Shut up,” Xavier growled.

Tuning them out, Brenna let the words of the exorcism spell spill from her lips. Her hand pressed against the rune on the demon’s hip. The carving glowed and the green light grew until it filled the van.

Zed fought against the restraints. Obscenities, the kind only a demon would know or understand, ricocheted throughout the vehicle.

Xavier stuck a thick leather strap in the demon’s mouth, cutting off his tirade.

Brenna gathered her magic. It pooled through her and into the athame as she sliced the silver blade into the center of the rune. Blood seeped from the wound, spilling over the green light. It exploded with power, slamming Brenna against the van. Xavier fared better, still wrapped around the demon. He was surrounded by a musty green steam that reeked of brimstone.

Continuing the chant, Brenna pulled a pouch of blessed sand from the crevice between her breasts. Throwing a pinch onto the rune, she banished the demon back behind the Veil. Golden steam rose from the wound. It twined around Brenna thick and dense, but she continued to chant even as its foulness tried to seep inside her mouth.

Darkness teased the edges of her vision for a few moments, then the warmth of Xavier’s power wrapped around her body like a shield, pushing out the demonic essence. Time stood still as the final words filled the air. Then, in a flash, the beast was gone.

My Review:

Well hot damn, I found a great new Urban Fantasy series to love!! It grabbed me from the beginning, AND it kept me there, because there are so many mysteries that unravel so perfectly! There are so many good things to say about this series. It starts with a girl, who has some special powers, and she’s living on Earth, or what’s left of it after a little incident that started an apocalypse. Well, she was forced on Earth! LOL And yet, she makes the most of it. She has a very enlightening outlook on life, and I can’t wait for her story to continue to bloom in hopefully a lot more books to come!! :)

Brenna is our main character. You’re going to learn her past, and why she’s been in exile on Earth for a while. She’s also bad ass, and is not scared of anything. She’s also fiercely protective of those she holds close to her, which will surprise you. She’s so tough, and yet when you learn her past, you’ll want to hug her, and hold her, and make her feel better. And she’s also surprisingly compassionate!

Gray is something of a damn mystery almost the whole freaking book. Maybe a HAWT mystery, but you can’t help but love the mysterious bad boy, who’s a little broken, who thinks he knows something, has coldness in his heart, with ill intent, and then the girl blows his mind, gives him the truth, and warms that heart of his. I loved when Gray’s little mystery fell apart, and he figured out who and what Brenna really was. I was like HA!! Served you right for thinking! And then I was like, ok what the hell are you gunna do to fix your craptastic mess up now~ And damnit if he didn’t completely win me over in the end, when it really counted, even the Elder made the perfect statement when he told Gray he made the right choice! OOOOH, and my favorite part, he’s alpha, BUT not dominant, which is a dog thing, BUT by that I mean he may be all protective but he is also not going to stop her from being who she is. Trust me, you’ll fall for him too :)

I loved the writing style. I loved the POVs, more than one, and how they sounded. I really loved the secondary characters, and Brenna’s friends of mixes and matches! This whole story is just fantastic. The world building is absolutely amazing! It’s told in a way that is so believable, to think about it, it could happen, so it made this one feel more real. And the way things all add up, but you didn’t figure it out in the beginning, or I didn’t, it great. It makes for a wonderful ride! I absolutely cannot wait for MORE! GIMME GIMME  PLEASE! I definitely recommend this one, because, it’s just that good! 5 DRASTICALLY GREAT PAWS!!!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Author Interview!!

First, tell me a little about your book :)….

Shadows of Fate is an Urban Fantasy with strong romantic elements.    It revolves around Brenna, a Shadow Bearer from an alternate plane of reality, who has been banished to earth after losing control of her powers. She works as a hunter, policing the supernatural misfits that spilled on to the Earthly plane during a cataclysmic war. When she meets her new partner, something sparks her suspicions.  Particularly when the people closest to her start turning up as piles of ash.  As an attraction deeper than blood or bone flares between them, they must work together to put together the pieces of a killer’s macabre puzzle and avoid becoming the final victims. 

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t write.  I was always the kid with her nose in a book, or scribbling in her journal. 

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

I wrote my first book the summer after I graduated from college. It was a historical romance, and it was horrible.  Even so, it still means a lot to me.  If I’m ever brave enough, I may try to revise it (or maybe not).

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?               

I think my life experiences have definitely colored my writing.   But the experiences of the characters in the books are uniquely their own.

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

I don’t.  It just sort of happens organically while I’m writing the story.  If it feels right at the time, I go for it. 

Who do you look up to as a writer?

So many people.  I have fan girl moments daily.  I have always loved Kim Harrison’s writing.  I raved about her books for so long my husband started reading them ;)  I also love Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series.  Her imagery is incredible, and Barrons….well, he’s Barrons. ;)

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

  1. I wrote Shadows of Fate during a particularly difficult time in my life, so it teeters on the dark side, but I’m okay with that. 

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?         

Just letting go and allowing the creative process to take over, is probably most difficult thing for me.  I worry too much about what other people will think, instead of just writing what I want to write.  I gave myself free reign when writing Shadows, and it was a blast.        

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

I’m reading Kim Harrison’s newest book, The Undead Pool, and loving every minute.  It’s a great book. 

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

Kanaxa designed the cover for Shadows of Fate.  I was able to give feedback and suggestions, but it wasn’t really necessary.  She immediately captured what I envisioned for the cover.  I love it.  She did an awesome job. 

If you could be one of your characters, who would you choose?

I’d chose Brenna.  I’d love to be a warrior princess for a day.  But only a day, I don’t think I could take much more than that.

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

Whenever anyone asks me for writing advice, there are two books I always recommend:  On Writing by Stephen King and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. 

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?         

Thank you so much embracing Shadows with open arms.  You all are the best. 

About the Author: 

Angela Dennis lives outside Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, son and a sheltie with a hero complex.  When she is not at her computer crafting stories, she can be found feeding her coffee addiction, playing peek-a-boo, or teaching her son about the great adventures found only in books.

You can visit Angela at her blog  or at her website .  She loves to hear from her readers, so find her on Twitter for a chat @angeladennis


Tour Giveaway consists of 1 prize pack featuring a copy of Shadows of Fate, book swag (bookmarks) and coffee.  
Open to US Shipping
I hope you guys check this one out! It’s great! AND a huge thank you to the author who so graciously stopped by and to the lovely ladies at Bewitching Book Tours, as always, who give me wonderful books and goodies to share with you!!! Happy reading and later gators! ;) 

Don’t Look Back Release Day Launch!!

Don't Look Back RDL Banner

We are extremely excited that Jennifer L. Armentrout’s DON’T LOOK BACK releases today!! DON’T LOOK BACK is a young adult suspense being published by Disney Hyperion!

don't look back




Barnes and Noble



I didn’t recognize the name on the street sign. Nothing about the rural road looked familiar or

friendly. Tall, imposing trees and overgrown weeds choked the front of the dilapidated home.

Windows were boarded up. There was a gaping hole where the front door had been. I shivered,

wanting to be far away from here…wherever here was.

Walking felt harder than it should be, and I stumbled off the chilly asphalt, wincing as

sharp gravel dug into my feet.

My bare feet?

I stopped and looked down. Chipped pink nail polish peeked through the dirt…and blood.

Mud caked the legs of my pants, leaving the hems stiff. It made sense, seeing as how I wasn’t

wearing any shoes, but the blood…I didn’t understand why there was blood staining the knees of

my jeans.

My vision clouded and dulled, as if a gray film had been dropped over my eyes. As I

stared at the weathered asphalt under my feet, large and smooth rocks replaced the tiny stones.

Something dark and oily seeped over the rocks, slipping through the cracks.

Sucking in a sharp gasp, I blinked and the image was gone.

Hands trembling, I raised them. They were also covered with dirt and scratches. My nails

were broken, bloodied. A silver ring wrapped, encased in soil, around my thumb. Air froze in my

chest as my gaze crawled over my arms. The sleeves of my sweater were torn, revealing pale

flesh covered in bruises and gashes. My legs started to shake as I swayed forward. I tried to

remember how this had happened, but my head was empty—a black void where nothing existed.

A car drove by, coasting to a stop a few feet in front of me. Somewhere in the trenches of

my subconscious, I recognized the flashing red and blue lights as a source of safety. Elegantly

scrawled along the black-and-gray side of the cruiser were the words ADAMS COUNTY SHERIFF’S


Adams County? A flash of familiarity came and went.

The driver’s door opened, and a deputy stepped out. He said something into the radio on

his shoulder before he looked at me.

“Miss?” He started around the cruiser, taking tentative steps. He looked young for a

deputy. Barely out of high school and able to carry a gun seemed wrong somehow. Was I in high

school? I didn’t know. “We’ve received some calls into dispatch concerning you,” he said

gently. “Are you okay?”

I tried to respond, but only a hoarse squeak came out. Clearing my throat, I winced as the

motion scratched and pulled. “I…I don’t know.”

“Okay.” The deputy held up his hands as he approached me, as if I were a skittish deer

about to bolt. “My name is Deputy Rhode. I’m here to help you. Do you know what you’re doing

out here?”

“No.” Knots formed in my belly. I didn’t even know where here was.

His smile strained. “What’s your name?”

My name? Everyone knew their name, but as I stared at the deputy, I couldn’t answer his

question. The knots started twisting more. “I don’t…I don’t know what my name is.”

He blinked, and the smile was completely gone. “You don’t remember anything?”

I tried again, concentrating on the empty space between my ears. That was how it felt.

And I knew that wasn’t good. My eyes started to tear up.

“Miss, it’s okay. We’ll get you taken care of.” He reached out, lightly taking hold of my

arm. “We’ll get this sorted.”

Deputy Rhode led me around the back of his cruiser. I didn’t want to sit behind the

Plexiglas, because I knew that wasn’t good. Only bad people sat behind the glass in police

cruisers. I wanted to object, but before I could say anything, he settled me into the seat and

wrapped a coarse blanket around my shoulders.

Before he locked me in the bad part of the car, he knelt and smiled reassuringly.

“Everything’s going to be okay.”

But I knew he was lying, trying to make me feel better. It didn’t work. How could

everything be okay when I didn’t know my own name?



Samantha is a stranger in her own life. Until the night she disappeared with her best friend, Cassie, everyone said Sam had it all—popularity, wealth, and a dream boyfriend.

Sam has resurfaced, but she has no recollection of who she was or what happened to her that night. As she tries to piece together her life from before, she realizes it’s one she no longer wants any part of. The old Sam took “mean girl” to a whole new level, and it’s clear she and Cassie were more like best enemies. Sam is pretty sure that losing her memories is like winning the lottery. She’s getting a second chance at being a better daughter, sister, and friend, and she’s falling hard for Carson Ortiz, a boy who has always looked out for her—even if the old Sam treated him like trash.

But Cassie is still missing, and the facts about what happened to her that night isn’t just buried deep inside of Sam’s memory—someone else knows, someone who wants to make sure Sam stays quiet. All Sam wants is the truth, and if she can unlock her clouded memories of that fateful night, she can finally move on. But what if not remembering is the only thing keeping Sam alive?

“This engrossing thriller packs a heady atmospheric punch with plenty of theatrical scares,” Kirkus Reviews

“Armentrout has written another winner. From the first page to the last, she builds both terror and confusion to the point where readers will be hooked and on the edge of their seat. This standalone contains all of Armentrout’s usual trademarks– a strong and determined heroine, witty comments and hot guys–but she adds in an extra layer by ratcheting up the suspense to the highest degree and follows it up with an ending no one will see coming.” RT BOOK REVIEWS 4 1/2 Stars TOP PICK



Author PhotoAbout Jennifer L. Armentrout:

# 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV.

She also writes adult and New Adult romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.






Jennifer L. Armentrout Goodreads


YAY!!! I hope you guys are excited and a big congrats to Ms Jen!! :) Happy reading and later gators!! 

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Paranormal Pleasures II Cover Reveal!!

Paranormal Pleasures II

Coming May 2014

Paranormal Pleasures II
By Roxanne Rhoads

Award winning author Roxanne Rhoads brings you ten more tales of supernatural seduction featuring demonic desires, wanton witches, voluptuous vampires, and ghosts with grave needs…

Four brand new, never published short stories have been combined with six previously published, freshly edited tales to give you a collection of hot paranormal erotica you can really sink your fangs into.

Cover Models: Victoria Nightshade and Sugar Monroe

Cover Photo By RSII Photography

Book Cover Design by Dawne Dominique

Scent of a Vampire

Aidan has searched several human lifetimes for his perfect mate. Now that he’s found her, he refuses to let go. He must make Gabrielle see they were destined to be together.

Immortal Flame

An off duty fire fighter encounters a sexy vampire in what he thought was an abandoned house.

The flames that ignite will leave them both scorched…and aching for more.

An Unexpected Evening

Samuel is a centuries-old vampire who prefers to be a recluse. He is always afraid of losing control and becoming the monster he once was. Falling in love with a young witch has pushed his boundaries and pulled him out of his comfort zone.

Katerina always encourages Samuel to be more open, to let loose, and to really “live” instead of only existing in the shadows.

One night, he finally grants her wish . . . in ways she never imagined.

Underneath the Fangs

Samuel is being framed for murder. Katerina knows he is not guilty but she has to convince Samuel that he is not a monster and that he is worthy of her love.

Cemetery Seduction

Abby, a half witch, half vampire whose powers go awry in a club, has to run, afraid that the Others, who are policing all human/magick interaction, might put her in jail. She ends up in a cemetery, jumps behind a bush and lands right on top of a very sexy ghost hunter.

No Place I’d Rather Be

Sonora is torn between a human and a vampire. How can she choose between the man who makes her feel safe and the vampire that makes her blood race? Sonora prays to the Goddess for guidance while harboring secret desires that her broody vampire, Brom, and her brawny human, Avery, can get past their jealousy and be willing to do more than just share the witch in the middle.

Can the Goddess grant Sonora’s wish, or will she be stuck making an impossible choice?

Blood, Lust and Shadows

Vampire/succubus hybrid Allana is on the prowl looking for a bloody snack and a sexy energy boost. While strutting her stuff in a dark parking lot she encounters a yummy Latino who makes a lovely meal. She also encounters something else that puts her senses into overdrive.

Complete Circle

Lissette is a vampire who has lived with her succubus girlfriend, Cassandra, for a long time. She swore off relationships with men after being viciously raped by the vampire hunters who killed the love of her life and left her for dead.

Lissette and Cassandra only use men to get what they need, blood for Lissette and sexual energy for Cassandra. They are completely satisfied with their lives- until a mysterious stranger comes along.

For the first time in centuries Lissette wants a man. Why is she so drawn to him? What is he?

Much more than a mere mortal, Gabriel has been searching for Lissette and Cassandra for a very long time. They have what he needs, what no one else can give him.

But will they be willing to share?

A Package Deal

Chloe needs to get out of the city- fast. So she buys an old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere- with one stipulation. The caretaker gets to stay. She readily agrees thinking it’s an old man that won’t give her any trouble.

Ash is definitely not what she expected.

My Demon Valentine

Elita wants to give her demon boyfriend a Valentine’s Day to remember. Connor was built for giving pleasure but Elita wants to turn the tables on that.

This time the pleasure will be all his.

About the Author:

Roxanne Rhoads bio image (2)
Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl…these words describe book publicist and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.
When not fulfilling one the many roles being a wife and mother of three require, Roxanne’s world revolves around words…reading them, writing them, editing them, and talking about them. In addition to writing her own stories she loves to read, promote and review what others write.
Roxanne is the owner of Bewitching Book Tours and operates Fang-tastic Books, a book blog dedicated to paranormal and urban fantasy books.
When not reading, writing, or promoting Roxanne loves to hang out with her family, craft, garden and search for unique vintage finds.

Visit her online
Author blog
Book Blog
Bewitching Book Tours
Twitter @RoxanneRhoads
Roxanne can also be found on Linked In, Goodreads and Google+
Code for Paranormal Pleasures Puzzle

I am so excited for you Ms Rox!!! YAY! Another book for you! Now gimme some Vehicle City Vamps!! I am so ready for more! Everyone I hope you check this author and her wonderful books! PS YOU GUYS GIVE HER SOME LOVE!!! She runs Bewitching Book Tours who give you guys so many of those awesome giveaway!!! Happy Reading and Later Gators!! 

Copper Girl Blog Tour with a Giveaway

Copper Girl Banner 450 x 169


Hello everyone! I know that I’ve shown you guys this one before, but I wanted to do it again because it’s just that cool!! :) So, I have some excellent things, and now I get to show you!! Let me get right to it!! 


Copper Girl takes place in a society where the mundane humans waged war against magic… and magic lost. Sara, a metal elemental who bears a copper raven across her back, has spent her life trying to pass as ordinary. Things are going smoothly, until she meets Micah, the man of her dreams, in her dreams. When he turns out to be more–much more–than a figment of her imagination, Sara realizes she can’t hide her true nature any longer, and chaos ensues.
This is the first book of the Copper Legacy, and it was be released in June 2013 by Spence City. The rest are titled Copper Ravens, Copper Veins, and Copper Princess.
Copper Girl

The Copper Legacy
Book One
Jennifer Allis Provost

Genre: urban fantasy

Publisher: Spence City

Date of Publication: June 25, 2013

ISBN: 978-1939392022

Number of pages: 248
Word Count: appx 80k

Cover Artist: Lisa Amowitz

Purchase it at Amazon or BN

Book Description:

Sara had always been careful.

She never spoke of magic, never associated with those suspected of handling magic, never thought of magic, and never, ever, let anyone see her mark. After all, the last thing she wanted was to end up missing, like her father and brother.

Then, a silver elf pushed his way into Sara’s dream, and her life became anything but ordinary.

Book Trailer:


It seemed like a good idea at the time.

My office, like most modern offices, cranked the air conditioning down to Arctic proportions during the summer months. Consequently, we workers arrived in the morning dressed in sandals and sleeveless tops, donned heavy sweaters upon reaching our desks, and ended up shivering by noon. Ironically, when our workday ended we were hit by a wall of oppressive heat the moment we stepped outside the main doors. No, this wasn’t a flawed system in the slightest.

That day, I wasn’t having it. I had the grand idea of spending my lunch hour outside, away from the icy wind stiffening my fingers and chilling my neck. After I unwound myself from the afghan I kept in my desk (and only used in the summer months), I gathered up my lunch and my phone and headed out for an impromptu picnic in my car.

What I hadn’t considered was that the office runs the air conditioning so cold because it was, well, hot outside. Very hot, in fact. So hot that the cheese was melting in my sandwich and the lettuce looked like something that had washed ashore months, maybe even years, ago. I was parked in the shade and had taken down my car’s convertible top, but I still couldn’t manage to get comfortable. I’d already shed my sandals and cardigan, which left me wearing my sundress and…

Dare I?

I glanced around the parking lot of Real Estate Evaluation Services, the ‘go-to firm for all your commercial real estate needs’, according to the brochures. No one, human or drone, was taking a noontime stroll, and, by virtue of my being on the far side of the lot, no cars were near mine. Most of my coworkers didn’t even have cars, so the lot was rarely more than half-full. What was more, from where I sat, I couldn’t even see the office.

I dared.

I took a deep breath and channeled my inner wild woman, then leaned the seat back and slipped off my panties. Removing that small bit of cotton made an incredible difference, and the heat became somewhat bearable. Enjoyable, even. Was that a breeze?

Ignoring my decrepit sandwich, I fully reclined the seat, set the alarm on my phone, and closed my eyes. A nap. Now that would make today bearable.


Suddenly, he is there.


Kissing me, holding me.

I know I’m dreaming, because he’s perfect. His lips are soft but insistent, his hands gentle. I glide my fingers across his back, feeling thick cords of muscle, before sinking my fingers into his hair. It’s superfine, like cobwebs, and when I crack an eyelid, I learn that it’s silver. Not gray or white, but the elegant hue of antique candlesticks and fine flatware. Cool.

I squeeze my eyes shut again, not wanting the dream to end any sooner than it has to. He kisses me once more, and I can’t help melting against him. His hand travels up my leg, up past my hip… shit! No panties!

I try twisting away, but he already knows. I feel his mouth stretch into a smile, and he moves to nuzzle my neck. “What’s your name?” he murmurs.

“Sara,” I reply. “Yours?”

“Micah.” By now, his hands have traveled to my waist, and he slides one around to stroke the small of my back. “Why did you summon me, Sara?”

“I didn’t,” I protest. “I don’t know how.” I would say more, but he nibbles a trail from my neck to my shoulder, and pushes my dress to the side. As for me, I let him.

Micah raises his head, and I get a good look at him for the first time. His eyes are large and dark gray, like thunderheads, his features chiseled into warm caramel skin, and his unruly mop of silver hair seems to float around his head. He wears an odd, buff-colored leather shirt, made all the odder in this heat, and matching leather pants and boots. Boots?

“You did summon me,” he insists. “My Sara, you must tell me why.”

“Does it matter?” I ask. I pull him back to me, kissing him with all the passion I’ve never felt with anyone during my waking hours. Micah kisses me back, fingers deftly unbuttoning my dress while his other hand rubs my lower back. I’ve never felt so free, so alive as I do in Micah’s embrace, and I have no intention of rushing this. None at all.

My Review:

I am quite impressed with this book. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading. I was thinking maybe some glow-y fairy type creatures. Umm, yeah… no! This is a fascinating take on the world of the Fae, and how the future has molded them and their adaptions. The world building is spectacular. It’s given me a whole new out look as too “cool”. It’s perfect for summer reading as it’s a quick read, fast paced, and full of interesting twists. 

Sara has a little magic, but she never even thinks of it, as she lives in a world that now forbids magic. Her family has been torn apart because of it. She thinks about those family members often, and just that makes her drop any thing to do with magic. So, when a real life elf shows up, telling her she’s basically his mate, she is beyond a little freaked out. Her character has some major growth throughout the story, and I loved how everything played out. Plus she has to figure out how to keep said elf, and her family, while trying to live her life. 

Sara and Micah, well, they really are an interesting couple. He’s so old fashioned, and she’s so modern. She drives a car-he doesn’t actually know that it’s called a car. She is strong willed, but doesn’t know much about her magic or how to use it because she’s denied that part of herself for so long. Micah wants to protect Sara at all costs, even to himself.  I happen to love Micah from his first appearance, because he steals panties LOL He’s sweet, and caring, and yeah a little over protective, but in a good way. He’s got this wonderful home, and he is literally going to share it with Sara and her family in a drop of a hat, if it means protecting Sara. He’s definitely book boyfriend material. 

The world building and scenery is amazing. You have the normal world, where things are very different, almost post apocalyptic, but then you could step into a portal and somethings will still be there, but it’s the fae realm. Very interesting.  I am hooked. I am hoping for MUCH more! I cannot wait for book two, and for those of you who haven’t heard of this book yet, GET YOUR HANDS ON IT NOW!!! 5 SPECTACULARLY WELL WRITTEN PAWS!! 

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Author Guest Post

When Maghon asked me to include a playlist with the guest post about my latest novel, COPPER GIRL, it got me to wondering what kind of music the main character, Sara Corbeau, would listen to.

You see, Sara’s world is a bleak, depressing place. Magic has been outlawed (though the government throws it around like cheap confetti), taxes are outrageous, and the only jobs to be had are either in the military or desk work. Add that to the fact that her father and brother have been missing for over ten years, and that she hasn’t had a date in forever.

Naturally, Sara would want to listen to something happy.

Being that one of Sara’s two main joys in life (before meeting Micah, that is) is her car, she would have a ready supply of driving music. And, being that one of her other joys is hunting through flea market stalls, her driving music would be made up of classics.

Don Henley – Boys of Summer  

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing  

Fear Factory – Cars  

David Bowie – Always Crashing in the Same Car   

Then, Micah appears in Sara’s dreams, and, soon thereafter, her bed. Their attraction is strong, so strong that it freaks Sara out more than a bit. Still, despite her reservations, she doesn’t want to let him go.

The Cure – Friday  

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams  

Oasis – Wonderwall  

Def Leppard – Love Bites  

About that last song… Well, things don’t always go smoothly in matters of love, now do they? While Sara tries to negotiate the intense emotions evoked by her dream man, she manages to run afoul of the Iron Queen, gets captured by Peacekeepers, and searches for her missing brother, both while awake and in her dreams. How does it all turn out?

Author Interview:

WELCOME!! First, tell me a little about your book :)….

Copper Ravens is all about the main character finding herself, and refusing to hide what she is. Here’s the back cover blurb:
Sara had always been careful.

She never spoke of magic, never associated with those suspected of handling magic, never thought of magic, and never, ever, let anyone see her mark. After all, the last thing she wanted was to end up missing, like her father and brother.

Then, a silver elf pushed his way into Sara’s dream, and her life became anything but ordinary.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I’ve always made up stories as far back as I can remember. Putting them down on paper was the hard part!

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

It was a music box that featured a red-haired princess. My mother refused to buy it for me (I think it was $100; smart Mom), so I made up a story about her.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Well, Copper Girl begins with Sara escaping her over-air conditioned office to spend her lunch break in her car. I confess to having spent many days in rather aggressively air conditioned offices, and wearing wool socks in summer.

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

I let the story take me where it will.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

The most recent author I’ve become obsessed with is Kevin Hearne. He’s not new, but he is new to me. Have you read his Iron Druid series? Go, do it now!!

Who do you look up to as a writer?

Oh, so many people: Madeline L’Engle, Robin Mckinley, Wendy Pini, Stephen King, JRR Tolkein, Patricia Briggs, Neil Gaiman, and Marion Zimmer Bradley, to name a few.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

Maybe a few bits for aesthetic purposes, but nothing in the overall story.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Yes – tenses. I was never good at them in school, and I’m still not an expert. Luckily, I get to work with some resoundingly awesome editors that make me look smarter than I am.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

Right now, I’m reading Night Broken by Patricia Briggs.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

Lisa Amowitz designed the cover. I gave her a few rudimentary ideas, but the finished product is all her.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?

I learned that no matter how well you know your topic, you can always learn more.

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

Max, Sara’s older brother. Mostly because he’s already based on me :)

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

Yes: American Gods, Sunshine, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and Outlander, just to name a few.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you!

Ahh, and we thank you as well for giving us great books!! :)


Author bio:

 Jennifer Allis Provost

Jennifer Allis Provost is a native New Englander who lives in a sprawling colonial along with her beautiful and precocious twins, a dog, a parrot (maroon bellied conure, to be exact), two cats, and a wonderful husband who never forgets to buy ice cream. As a child, she read anything and everything she could get her hands on, including a set of encyclopedias, but fantasy was always her favorite. She spends her days drinking vast amounts of coffee, arguing with her computer, and avoiding any and all domestic behavior.

Friend me on Facebook:

Follow me on Twitter: @parthalan



prize pack including a signed copy of Copper Girl, swag, and a necklace inspired by the token Micah gives Sara.


I wanna say MAJOR thanks to the wonderful Ms Jen, for that TOTALLY FANTASTIC playlist- which I definitely reposted from the original post :) !!! Majorly cool music… It’s not often that I actually know every song AND know all the words :) hahaha yes, I am an 80′s hair band fan!!! And a special thanks to Bewitching Book Tours who always let me share so many goodies!! I totally rocked out to all this music!! The book was amazing and I really hope you guys want to read it as much as I enjoyed it! :) Good Luck everyone. Happy Reading everyone! Later Gators :) 

The Elemental Detective Review!

Hello everyone!! Today I am spotlighting a series that I’ve come to like, a lot, with having read only the last two books of the series. Yes, I know, I need to read the first three right. LOL BUT I still like this series, so I am going to show you some goodies today :) 

The Elemental Detective (Riga Hayworth, #5)


The Elemental Detective (Riga Hayworth #5)

260 pages
Published December 21st 2013 by misterio press (first published December 16th 2013)
ISBN13 9780985510367
Mermaids, menehunes, and murder.Riga Hayworth just wants to relax with her new husband on their Hawaiian honeymoon. But a body on a Kauai beach pulls them into a murder investigation, sending the supernatural world into an uproar.

When Riga detects traces of magic at a murder scene, she knows she can’t ignore the call. There’s necromancy afoot, and she must prepare for the battle to come. But can Riga fight the forces of nature? Or will they destroy her and everyone she loves?

Book five in the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels, The Elemental Detective is a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy blending romance with the supernatural, and exploring the magic of Hawaii.

My Review:
One reason I love this series is that I came in at book 4, and still felt good about the book. Yes it’s a series, yes it gives you everything you need to know what’s happening, yes, you can read each one by themselves and be ok. I like that. If you wanted to read just this book, you could, without finding big info dumps, and not feel like you are losing half of the books previously done. With that said, I think you guys should read the books, because even I WANT to read all the books that I haven’t :) 
So, Riga is a PI and she got married, if you remember last book I was talking about her fiance’, and she goes on her honeymoon… In Hawaii… with her hawt new husband Donovan…. and more drama ensues! LOL I swear, chaos follows her around :) Oh, and did I mention she’s a necromancer. *crazy person smile!* And she happens to find murdered bodies. And Hawaii is having an effect on her husband, magically speaking. I love them as a couple. I am so very glad that things have worked, so far at least, for them :) And the author has made them so very lovable, you want to hug them and cheer for them! 
There is such an excellent plot going on here, and who doesn’t wanna honeymoon in Hawaii. Plus the magical side of things has a way of captivating you and keeping you ensnared in the story. AND it’s unpredictable. And after all that’s happened to Riga and Donovan, especially with the crazy of the last book, I have come to want so much more of them! I love the writing style, and I especially want to see more to come. I know just from reading two books that I love this series, and I swear it, I will need to get the first three soon so I can have a a full series review for you guys! So, YES! GIMME MORE!!! 5 COMPLETELY SHOCKING PAWS!!! 
paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main
Author Interview!

First, tell me a little about your book and why you wanted to write this particular story….

In The Elemental Detective, metaphysical detective Riga Hayworth is on her Hawaiian honeymoon. She had such a struggle getting to the altar, I wanted to write a mystery where she got to enjoy being married. In this book, she and her new husband, Donovan Mosse, get to team up solving a paranormal mystery together. I was a bit nervous writing them as a team, because Riga has been a lone wolf up until this point. But they made a fun team.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I know it’s clichéd, but I’ve wanted to be a writer since I read my first Nancy Drew story. Well, actually, originally I wanted to be a girl detective, but figured out fairly quickly that wasn’t realistic. Writing mysteries was the next best thing.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

My first manuscript was a historical mystery I wrote about ten years ago called The Contrary Countess. It was inspired by a story about a young woman who stepped off a ship in San Francisco during the Gold Rush, and got swept off her feet on the pier by a man who became her husband. But what really fascinated me was the year 1848, just after gold was discovered but before the rush began. Then San Francisco pretty much emptied out of its men, leaving a village of a couple hundred women. I just imagined the ships landing, the sailors hearing the news and abandoning them, and flowing through this village of women. It seemed a great setting for a female amateur sleuth. But I’ll be honest – the story was not well plotted and the characters were flat. So the story got shelved. But no writing goes to waste. I recently took the setting, redesigned the characters, wrote a whole new plot, and published a new steampunk novel of suspense, Steam and Sensibility.

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

In my mysteries, a body usually falls in the first chapter – I like to get straight to the action! And those characters usually have a mix of positive and negative traits that makes them murder-worthy but sympathetic.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

I’m enjoying the Glamourist series by Mary Robinette Kowal. It’s sort of Jane Austen meets magical history, and she does a terrific job of building her magical world.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre? My followers love author’s opinions!

I just finished Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. I guess I’d call it a paranormal mystery/suspense – Odd knows someone’s going to commit mass murder and he knows when, but not who or where. What a hook!

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

Becky Scheel designed it inspired by a box of salt I found in Iceland. We work closely on the cover ideas, and since we’re cousins, I try not to be too big of a pain when it comes to cover changes. But I’m probably a bigger pain than I think!

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

Funny you should ask! I was just thinking I wouldn’t mind being Brigitte the gargoyle. She’s self-confident to the point of being a bit obnoxious, but she’s usually right and she gets to fly.


About the Author:

Kirsten Weiss

Kirsten Weiss is the author of the proto-Steampunk novel, Steam and Sensibility, and the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mysteries: the urban fantasy, The Metaphysical Detective, The Alchemical Detective, The Shamanic Detective, The Infernal Detectiveand The Elemental Detective.

Kirsten worked overseas for nearly fourteen years, in the fringes of the former USSR and deep in the Afghan war zone.  Her experiences abroad not only gave her glimpses into the darker side of human nature, but also sparked an interest in the effects of mysticism and mythology, and how both are woven into our daily lives.

Now based in San Mateo, CA, she writes paranormal mysteries, blending her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem.

Kirsten has never met a dessert she didn’t like, and her guilty pleasures are watching Ghost Whisperer reruns and drinking good wine.

Kirsten’s Facebook Page
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Kirsten’s Pinterest Boards

Find me on Goodreads

Kirsten’s Website:

I wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU to Ms Weiss for letting me reading your books and sharing them ! I am now such a huge fan because you’ve let me discover them. I hope we can keep this up! 

A big thanks to you guys for hanging out with us today too :) I hope you check this one out, this author, this book., this series, all of this! Happy reading and later gators!! 

Unnatural Blog Tour w GIVEAWAY!

 Today I open the most awesome tour for this series yet!  DUDE I am so BEEPING EXCITED!!! I have some serious goodies to show you, and some wonderful guest, AND I have a little surprise for Ms J! ! :) Anyways, let me get right to it! 


Unnatural. One word to sum up werewolf Kyle Larsen—his mood swings, abnormal body, and choice of female.

The first two, he blames on the vampire venom. The third, though? No, feline shifter Brook Nicholls was all his doing—a female of whom the pack will never approve. As part of the Coalition, an organisation with even stricter rules than the pack and a rigidly warped sense of responsibility, Brook comes with a whole lot of opposition of her own. No wonder the two of them keep their relationship secret for as long as they can. Now, distanced from his family by his own indiscretions, Kyle’s left to fight battles he’s unsure how to win—some of them even against his own pack. Is one woman really so important that he’s willing to defy his Alpha for her? If his heart has any say in the matter, the answer will be yes.


To celebrate Unnatural‘s release, CAGED, Holloway Pack 3 is on SALE!

Throughout the UNNATURAL Blog Tour, CAGED will be available for just 99c.


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J.A. BelfieldBest known for her Holloway Pack Stories, J. A. Belfield lives in Solihull, England, with her husband, two children, two cats and a dog. She writes paranormal romance, with a second love for urban fantasy. Website | Blog | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Booklikes       





My Review

Holy kitty cat!!! Yes, we know how much I love all those werewolf boys, but now, there’s a kitty in the mix, and no, we aren’t going to only be chasing them in trees :) We all met Brooke in Caged, when Ethan made me love him a little more. BUT, Kyle is the hero for Brooke, and I couldn’t agree with that more. AND it’s got both Kyle and Brooke’s POVs so it’s quite awesome! And we get a look into more supernaturals and how they live.

Kyle is still having some trouble from those damn vampers. And though Gabe had it worse, Kyle is a little too pigheaded to ask Gabe about it, or hell, he won’t ask anyone for help. He confides in Brooke, but not his pack, and now this is causing some major interruptions. Mistrust, caution, suspicions. There are several times when I totally wanted to majorly backhand Kyle. Serious. I thought Ethan went easy on him, as he is his best friend, but you know men, they always wanna do it on their own, their way, and A LOT of bad things that happened to Brooke may have been avoided if Kyle just got off his damn prideful high horse. With that said, I SERIOUSLY CHEERED! I wanted him to get his HEA with Brooke. I NEEDED it, not just for his own sake, but for her too.

Brooke has the worst life EVER. You know how I said Jem had it horrible with her first husband, well WAIT, just wait, until you meet the family that surrounds Brooke. I am going to KILL both her mother and father for her. I swear it. I am totally now in full crazy person mode just thinking about all the horrible things they did to Brooke, AND WANTED to do even more! Brooke is definitely a great heroine. She’s strong, she’s willful, she’s going to put those dogs in their place, and she’s pretty, both in human and in kitty form. She’s also a shifter, not a were, and I very much liked her differences. I also felt sorry for her friend Clive, but I’ll let you read to know about him. It’s quite an amazing turn around for Brooke, and I am seriously glad!

Ok, this may have been the hardest book of the group. Brooke and Kyle both have some horrible things they go through. It’s quite an amazing journey. I am not quite sure how to say more without revealing things, so with that, I will say, get this book, get this series, and be amazed! It’s so worth it! ;) 5 AMAZING KITTY AND WOLF PAWS!!! 


paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Character Interview! 

Hello Brooke & Kyle! Thanks so much for being here. I really appreciate you stopping by for me to drool over you, I mean interview you. ;) Tell me a little something about yourself, you know, something you would be ok telling the world ;) … 

Kyle, Tell me how you feel about being a werewolf… 

K: I’m not really sure I understand the question. How do you feel about being a … *sniffs the air* … human?

Brooke, tell me how you feel about what you are, which I won’t say in case of spoilers! THOUGH if you are hanging out with me, everyone should know about you by now!

B: *frowns* Sorry, but … was there even a question in there?

So Brooke, when you met Ethan, did you ever think you’d be where you are now because of him?

B: If you want to be semantic and dig to the roots of how Kyle and Ethan ended up in the same place as I, then I can understand how you would think Ethan responsible. However, Ethan isn’t in any way responsible for my being where I am now.

K: Nope … *smiles* … that’s all my doing.

How about about Jem and Sean, now that you’ve really met them?

B: Are you asking me? I liked them both, anyway, when I first met them. Sean has a subtle raw edge to him that complements the quiet leader in him—

K: You see Sean as a leader?

B: *turns to Kyle* Yes, don’t you?

K: I guess I’ve never really thought about it.

And Jem?

B: *turns back and smiles* She is one of the strongest and most considerate females I’ve ever met.

How you do you feel about the rest of the pack?

B: It’s an ongoing process.

K: Only with certain ones.

For both, tell me a little something about yourself, not having to do with being a werewolf or kitty? Please do not take offense to that word ok  :)

K: *nods to Brook* Ladies first.

B: Okay … the most relaxation experience for me is having my hair brushed by someone else. It’s a newfound pastime.

K: She’s not kidding. My most relaxing pastime is … actually, I’m not so sure I should share that publicly. *grins and shakes head* Nah, definitely shouldn’t share. Okay, here’s another: I have bigger feet than Ethan. *laughs*

Now tell me your favorite part about being a werewolf or big cat? :)

K&B: The liberation!

Are you happy with how things are turning out?

K: What’s not to be happy about?

Do you regret anything?

K: I would say nothing, but I’d be lying, because I regret letting Brook walk out my house that first time. If I’d have stood my ground sooner and made everyone see, then …

B: Then we might not be where we are now, had any of it played out differently. So, no—no regrets.

Tell me something that most don’t know about you? Maybe just a little secret?

K: What? The feet tip wasn’t enough for you?

And now, how you do you feel about each other, though I can kind of guess it!

K: Well, we could show you … but then that’d make this X-rated, so …

*sigh* I guess no x-rated allowed :) A little of this and that…

Coffee or tea?

K: Coffee

B: Either

Favorite Food?

K: Anything

B: Tuna

Mountains or beach?

K&B: Mountains

Winter or summer?

K: Winter

B: Summer—lounging in sun-streams is simply divine.

Vampire or werewolf? LOL or maybe Zombies? I have a feeling you’ll be biased here :)

K: *curls lip* Don’t talk to me about vampires

B: Definitely werewolf

Cold or hot?

K&B: Hot!

Favorite color?

K: Black

B: Black isn’t a colour, it’s a tone. Red.

Night or day?

K: Night

B: Either

Moonlight or sunlight?

K: Moonlight

B: Sunlight

Steak, seafood, burger, or pizza?

K: Steak … *points thumb at Brook* Definitely seafood.

B: *nods*

Thank you so much, Kyle and Brooke, for letting me into your world for a little while. I love you both and I am so happy to get to share your story! Please, please come back, and tell Ethan he still owes me a dinner date! And if he is going to back out, he could at least find me a replacement to fill in for him… HA I can’t wait to see his face when you tell him I called him on his bull shit! Oh, and please tell Sean and Jem “hi” for me, they get the nicer version of me :) LOL

K: Sure. And if I hear of anyone looking to hook up … I’ll let you know.

No Kyle, not a hook up… I am not an easily discarded human, however, I guess beggars can’t be choosers :) 


So, my surprise, which is no real surprise, is I’ve made another soundtrack to this book. I do it once in a while, and I’ve loved this series so much, so I of course had to make some music to help you guys along! :) So, Today, I want to not only give you the songs, but I am going to add a few pieces of the lyrics so you can see why I chose each song :) 

Clones- Chevelle

This is a song for Brooke, who has some series issues with her family and their politics, and I feel like this fits perfectly for how she looks at all the “males”.

“I’m caught trading blows and climbing walls for a view, out of resentment. You’re just a clone of them.”

Fix You- Coldplay

Yeah, this is I think the them song, as Brooke and Kyle each have their own scars and demons to fix, and they fix it for each other.

“And the tears come streaming down your face, when you lose something you can’t replace, when you love someone but it goes to waste, could it be worse? Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you. “

Say Something- A great Big World w Christina Aguilera

There’s a part of the book where it’s just…. “Say something, I’m giving up on you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you, anywhere I would have followed you. Say something I’m giving up on you. And I will stumble and fall, I’m still learning to look, just starting to crawl…. “

I Will Not Bow- Breaking Benjamin

I was so proud when Kyle finally stood up and said it…. I won’t tell you what “it” is but he said it and I out loud cheered and fist pumped, and then he went all caveman, scary, but sexy as hell! :)

Sad- Maroon 5 redone on the Voice by Amber Carrington 

This one is because at the beginning of the book, while they know they want each other, it’s sad that they won’t or can’t tell, and it needed to be said before it was too late, it really was almost too late! Walking out of doors makes me sad. 

“wondering if I really tried everything I could, not knowing if I should try a little harder. I’m scared to death, that there may not be another one like this, I confess that I’m only holding on by a thin thin thread…. I’m kicking the curb cuz you never heard the words that you needed so bad, and I’m kicking the dirt cuz I never gave you the things you needed to have, I’m so sad. “

If Today Was Your Last Day- Nickelback 

What would you do if you thought it was your last. Well for Brooke, she tries everything she can think of, and it almost worked. Almost. She definitely has courage! 

“If today was your last day, tomorrow was too late, would you say goodbye to yesterday?  Would you live each moment like your last, leave old pictures in the past, donate every dime you have?…. What’s worth the price is always worth the fight. ”

Heartbeat- The Fray

There’s this moment with Brooke and Kyle, and they listen to each other’s heartbeats, and to them, it was relaxing, and I kept hearing this song in my head.

“I feel your hearthbeat…. Think I can feel the breath in your body, We gotta keep on running till we see the sun… If you love someone, you love them all the same… And you don’t look back, not for anything. “

Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Dude, one of the best songs ever, and when Kyle talks about wanting his mom to be proud, this is the song. And though I LOVE the original, I also love this version done by Shinedown.

 Ok, so now I hope you’ll let me know what you think about my song choices, and I hope you’ll tell me some of yours!!

So, now, what are you waiting for!!!  Ms J, I HEART you big time. You always let me have the best spots and you really are awesome! I hope you liked my strange tastes of music. Happy reading and later gators!! 

Secret of the Souls Cover Reveal!

Here’s what’s coming from J Taylor Publishing! 

Unnatural by J.A. BelfieldCover Reveal Date: Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


Secret of the Souls



Pool of Souls

by Terri Rochenski

Release Date: October 6, 2014

Target Reader: Adult

Keywords: Fantasy



Back of the Book

Thrust out of their homes by a human High Priest on a vengeful mission, the Natives of Derlund no longer have a place to call their own. One escaped capture, however, and now she, Hyla, is the only one who can save her people.

For, Hyla, though, saving her nation isn’t her ultimate goal—returning to the Pool of Souls is. Becoming its Guardian and preserving their faith is her heart’s desire. The perils of her current journey, though, could leave her unable to fulfill that dream.

To find her way back to the Pool, Hyla must live among dangerous, powerful humans willing to defend the Natives, and must submit herself—her Talents—to them. While her protection is paramount, plots to end Hyla’s life will push her to her physical and emotional limits.

On the edge of sanity, her courage tested, and convictions nearly broken, Hyla’s final test of loyalty to her faith comes with the death of one she could have loved.

You can see more about the book HERE–>  URL:
I can’t wait to check this one out! Happy  reading and later gators!!

Unnatural Release Day Blast!! YAY!

 TODAY! Today is the day that we bring a kitty to to table of wolves!!!! DUDE I am so freaking pumped to show you this. AND….. AND…. AND I GET TO OPEN THE TOUR TOMORROW!!!!! Yes, yes, I know I like to close, BUT I also like to OPEN a tour, because then everyone else has to top me! LOL ok, sorry, I’m just soooo excited about this one! I have some serious goodies! :) Anyways, let me get right to it! 




Unnatural. One word to sum up werewolf Kyle Larsen—his mood swings, abnormal body, and choice of female.

The first two, he blames on the vampire venom. The third, though? No, feline shifter Brook Nicholls was all his doing—a female of whom the pack will never approve. As part of the Coalition, an organisation with even stricter rules than the pack and a rigidly warped sense of responsibility, Brook comes with a whole lot of opposition of her own. No wonder the two of them keep their relationship secret for as long as they can. Now, distanced from his family by his own indiscretions, Kyle’s left to fight battles he’s unsure how to win—some of them even against his own pack. Is one woman really so important that he’s willing to defy his Alpha for her? If his heart has any say in the matter, the answer will be yes.


To celebrate Unnatural‘s release, CAGED, Holloway Pack 3 is on SALE!

The UNNATURAL Blog Tour begins tomorrow, and throughout the duration of the tour, CAGED will be available for just 99c.


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To grab your own copy of UNNATURAL, click on any of the purchase links below.


~~~~~ J.A. BelfieldBest known for her Holloway Pack Stories, J. A. Belfield lives in Solihull, England, with her husband, two children, two cats and a dog. She writes paranormal romance, with a second love for urban fantasy. Website | Blog | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Booklikes                So, now with me sharing that, DO NOT forget to come back tomorrow to see all my awesome goodies to start out this tour, including me telling you about the book- aka my review- AD you get to meet Kyle and Brooke TOGETHER in an interview!! Yes, Ms J loves me and lets me do all kind of fun things. Ms J, don’t forget I have a little surprise for you tomorrow too :) Happy reading and later gators!! 

Spelled Blog Tour w Giveaway!


Book 2 of the Casted Series

Now Available!

spelled_promoConfused by the turn of events, Jade is only sure of four things:

My name is Jade Kinsley.

I’m 20 years old.

I’m an Enforcer for the Triad.

And I have a debt to settle with Original Coven.

Will Jade be able to break through the spell her Grandfather put on her and remember who she is, or will she become just another piece in Lorenzo’s game?









It dawned on me, at that moment, that Elliot would do whatever he could to bring Edge back around. It was possible Elliot thought Edge would come around the more he had contact with me. The thought of being close to him made my heart quicken, and heat crawled up my neck.

“You ready to take one for the team?” Elliot asked. His face was stoic, but his eyes were pleading.

“Let’s do this.” I growled. I’d fight day and night to bring Edge back. I’d fight until I could no longer stand, and then I’d get back up and keep fighting.

“Now here’s what I want you both to do.” Elliot laid out the rules, “No kicking, biting, or hitting below the belt. Today we’re going to work on evasive maneuvering. Once Jade has that down, then we’ll move on to sparring.”

Edge nodded once in agreement. How would I ever break through whatever they’d done to Edge?

“Jade, you ready?” Elliot asked.

“I sure hope you know what you’re doing, Elliot,” I murmured as I made my way to the mat and stood in front of Edge. Warmth radiated through me. He was my preordained, my other half, and it killed me not to be able to fall into his arms.

“Okay, here’s what we’re going to start off with. Edge will throw a punch…”

Stars bloomed behind my eyelids. I staggered across the mat and fell. “What the hell, Elliot?”





Amazon logo



Sonya2Sonya Loveday, first and foremost, is a reader, an avid one. It is of that love that brought her to the realization that this was the answer to the nagging persistant feeling that ‘there has to be something more’.

The dream came alive in 2009 when she purchased her lapton and began the tedious step of becoming a pubished author.

When she’s not reading, she’s writing. When she’s not writing she’s reading. And when she’s not doing either of those things she’s sleeping, shuttling her children back and forth to school, letting the dogs and cats in and out of the house for the upteenth time in the last hour and dreaming of a clean house.

You can find Sonya on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and WordPress

My Review:

What a great sequel to the first book!! This book was even better than the first! And what major plot twists added to the fun. This one has just as much awesomeness as the first and more!! I will now try to tell you as much as I can without too many spoilers!

Well, jade’s in trouble. She was captured by Lorenzo and she’s lost her memories, and she’s in the Triad compound. Holy crapizoly! And now she’s doesn’t know why the people she’s with she feels distinctly unsafe and when she meets the enemies she wants to hug them!! And when she does get her memories back, she learns some truly sad things. This girl is so brave, she is wonderful! And she may just run out of time, or maybe she’ll get her HEA! :)

The old characters return to help Jade, but you’ll also meet some wonderful new ones that will surprise you, along with some new romantic twists, some horrible chases, losses on both sides, and a completely new outlook as to what the future can hold. Oh, and one seriously HEA that literally had me in the happiest tears of all! Just know that you won’t have to hold your breath at the end of this one. It’s completely wrapped up but I seriously hope the author will give me more!

Ms Loveday has proven to be a wonderful writer. She puts words together and the feelings you get are brilliant. I’m a huge fan now! And I do really hope that more of this series will come in the future! There’s so much more that could be done, or I just want more!! It’s a wonderful series, with a new outlook on witches and magic, and fantastic writing to go! I LOVED IT!! 5 MAGICAL WINDBLOWN PAWS!!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Book One:


“My mind absorbed everything in the spell book I clutched tightly to me. Pages ruffled inside of my head, urging me to remember things and then to forget them. Voices chanted with tempo rising at the breaking points of pain until the book vanished and words to an ancient spell scribed across my arms. Each stroke brought blood to the surface, imprinting words I could not read; words that would forever change who I was.”

Jade had spent the majority of her life running from the Triad. A powerful group, who would stop at nothing to obtain Jade and the missing spell book for leader, Lorenzo’s, nefarious plans. And now that she has absorbed the highly coveted magic contained inside the missing book, there is nowhere left for her to hide.

With the help of her friends, Jade steps out from the shadows and learns how to fight back. But no one is prepared for Elinor-the woman bound inside of the book that’s trapped in Jade’s mind. Now she not only needs to protect herself from the Triad, but from what’s hiding inside her mind as well. 

Jade never expected the answer to it all would revolve around love.

Edge is dark, mysterious, and a sworn member of the Triad. He also hides a secret past that threatens the thin line he walks between good and evil. Lives are at stake when Jade and Edge’s two worlds collide. Can Jade learn to trust him when he says he is her pre-ordained and vows to do everything he can to protect her? But more importantly, can she trust herself and the woman in her mind?

My Review 

I love this new book!! I am so excited that the author offered to let me be a part of her blog tour for the second book and I loved every part of them both! It’s a wonderful story of a girl finding out the truth about her past and learning to live with it, while finding herself in the process. It’s got mystery, romance, lovely witchies, some awesome magic, and an epic ending that will knock your socks off and have you salivating for more!! I am completely captured by this story.

Jade was homeless when she was found by two lovely ladies. This then leads to her learning about her past, what she is, where she came from, and everything that’s lead her to this point. She’s smart, she’s quite resourceful, she’s amazing when she needs to be, and you’ll learn as she does that she’s quite powerful! She’s now learning that she’s no longer on her own, and though it takes a while to fix her previous attitude, she loves each and every one of her new friends, enough that she’d give her life for them.  And her relationship with Edge is FANTASTIC!! She doesn’t just jump on in, she takes it all in. I LOVED this. She really has a good head on her shoulders, and though she makes some mistakes, she’s still pretty awesome. 

There a great new look of witches and wizards, and who’s the good guy, who’s the bad guy and who’s really with whom. There is so much action, especially as Jade starts learning things, and people start chasing after her. You learn as she does and that’s so exciting. And then you get to go on quite an adventure. And the bad guys really don’t give up, and they break out the big guns. It’s amazing. And scary. The plot is so interesting and when things really start coming to life, you’ll be just as shocked as Jade. Unpredictable. And I will definitely be jumping into the next book ASAP! A very well done beginning to a great new series! 5 MAJORLY MAGICAL PAWS!!! 

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main


I am giving away a copy of both books!! YAY! So leave me a nice comment and I’ll pick a winner! :) GOOD LUCK!! 

I wanna say thank you to everyone for stopping by and to the wonderful author for letting me participate and allowing me to read her wonderful books! I had a blast and I can’t wait for more! :) Happy reading and later gators!! 

Quicksilver Dreams Author Interview!

Hello everyone! I have a special author interview to show you today!! I recently had a blog tour for this one, you can see it HERE, and I wanted to let the author tell you a little more :) 

Quicksilver Dreams (Dreamwalkers, #1)

Quicksilver Dreams


Book One

Danube Adele

Genre: PNR New Adult

Publisher: Carina Press

ISBN: 978-14268-9785-6

ASIN: B00F93X86Q

Number of pages: 317

Word Count:  132,000

Carina Press  Amazon   Barnes and Noble   

Book Description:

My name is Taylor, and damn but my life changed overnight. One moment I was just a regular girl working two jobs to pay my bills, and next thing you know, I’m uncovering secret metal disks at my boss’s house. Now I’m reading minds, dream-walking and being saved from bad guys by Mr. Dark and Brooding.

That would be Ryder Langston, my new next-door neighbor. He’s sex on legs but he’s also a secret agent from another world—no joke. I believe him now because he dragged me back here “for my protection” after he discovered someone was trying to assassinate me on Earth. It isn’t working out so well.

There’s a war going on, one that’s been fought for generations. Ryder’s having trust issues (not that it’s stopping us from falling into bed), and it turns out I’m connected here, if you know what I mean. The target on my back finally makes sense, but there’s nowhere left to hide…

Goodreads book page:


Was this a dream?

Had I ever felt this lucid in a dream before?

I could feel the silky material around my eyes, on my wrists and ankles, softly sliding against my skin. With my body waking to sensual heat seeping through my veins, I only wanted to concentrate on what was happening in the moment, appreciate the swirl of masculine energy twining through the feminine threads of my own.

So good…

My dreams usually had a surreal, nondistinct, floating quality to them. This time, I actually felt a large, rough hand feathering over the skin on my rib cage, my flat stomach, agonizingly slow, avoiding obvious erogenous zones.

It was a hot, searing touch. It was like someone was actually there. Someone I wanted…

More… Like that… So good…

I could scent spicy soap that was subtle, yet distinctly male, arousing, and couldn’t help the feverish whispers of encouragement.

Oh, my God… Yes…

My sex dreams usually made me struggle with the frustration of a roller-coaster experience that never finished. I would ride a buildup of desire and a cool down, over and over, my imagination acting as a careless lover with wonderful intent but clumsy execution. This time there was no such neglect. The burn was exquisite, building and teasing, ebbing and flowing, but never forgetful and creating a fever that made me writhe with need.


Never had I ever felt this way before, chanting my demand, desperately wanting to reach the end of the ride.

Yes! Like that! Yes!

Sudden sensation poured over and through me, powerfully enough that I woke myself and sat up. My breath was short and gasping. My body was quivery and oversensitized. I was covered with a fine sheen of sweat, and my sheet was twisted in carefree abandon around my naked body.

I half expected to find a man in front of me.

Rubbing my wrists as though the soft bindings were still tied to me, I glanced around my sparsely furnished bedroom and felt my body quake with a small, faint aftershock. I was alone. Nothing was disturbed. At the same time that I drew comfort from seeing that everything in my world was still in its place, a faint echo of grief, or disappointment, took the edge off my contentment, like I was missing something. I was solo after such an erotic experience.

What about the hand? Who was it attached to?

A part of me had to give a mental headshake of exasperation.

No men for you. At least not yet.

The inevitable weight of responsibility, like a bucket of ice water, reminded me that I needed to work and pay the bills. I had to make ends meet. There was no one who was going to help me.

Usually, I accepted this with a matter-of-factness, but this night, a spike of resentment reared its head.

What would it be like to be a normal girl who had time for frivolity?

I quashed the thought immediately, too tired to let it take root.

Why fight the wave? I just had to ride it.

Settling back on my pillow, I once again closed my eyes and let the languorous effects of postorgasmic lassitude steal over me. Strangely, as my mind once again stretched fingers toward my deep subconscious, the whisper of a gentle caress down my cheek didn’t frighten me.

My Review: 

 So this is a new author and a new series, and it kicks off with a start. I’d also like to confess I usually don’t read too much sci-fi, I stick with the fantasy parts. :) LOL but it’s definitely interesting and a page turner. Out of this world kind of page turner, literally. It’s a fresh new way to create a new world and a wonderful start to a new series! 

Taylor is our female main. She’s definitely is an intriguing lady. She’s had lots to cope with. And even with all her bad hands, she’s still a sweet girl. Taylor finds something that has a cause and effect that’s a little mind blowing, for her at least. And once she gets Ryder, her life definitely changes, and her sex life is now quite spicy LOL.  Ryder is our main man. Well, he’s something else, literally. LOL And he takes Taylor to his “place” that’s really really far away. LOL And Ryder is a little overbaring but I guess that happens with alpha males right. 

The writing was easy and flowed well. There’s plenty of action, mystery, page turning. I will say the only reason it’s not a 5 PAW review, it that once Taylor and Ryder get to his “place” it’s really complex. There’s really a lot to take in and a lot of descriptions. I look forward to learning where things are going to go from here now. :) 4 Intergalactic PAWS! 

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Author Interview

First, tell me a little about your book :)….

Taylor’s life changed overnight. One day, she was just a regular girl working two jobs to pay the bills, and the next, she’s reading minds, dreamwalking and having run-ins with her new, sexy neighbor Ryder, Mr. Dark and Brooding. He doesn’t trust her in the least, but it doesn’t stop him from looking at her like she could be his next feast, something she doesn’t seem to mind. He also manages to show up right in the nick of time to protect her from bad guys who, for some reason, are out to kill her.
Ryder’s not just an ordinary guy. He’s from Te`re, a world millions of light years away, and has come hunting a known terrorist who’s hiding out on Earth. Believing that Taylor is involved with helping the bad guy, he shadows her, only to discover that she’s the one in danger, and the thought of anything happening to her is unacceptable.
Before long, Taylor finds herself millions of light years away, there’s a war that’s been going on for generations, and she’s having to rely on the one man to keep her safe, who makes her heart race, but who won’t trust. In order to save both worlds, they will need to work together before time runs out.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?
My mother loved reading and writing, and she encouraged me to do the same from an early age. My imagination was rich, and it just came naturally to have characters or fantastic situations play themselves out in my mind. Then I would pen them in my spiral-bound notebooks, oftentimes when I was supposed to be doing something else, like my homework. I still have those notebooks in my shelf with pages and pages of handwritten stories, all about young love.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?
Quicksilver Dreams is my first, full-length novel. I was inspired to write it because I’d just finished reading a fun, fast-paced, page-turner of a book that was written in the first person, and, my sons had reached an age where they were more self-sufficient, which meant I didn’t have as much to do for them. That left me with free time. So, I picked up my spiral-bound notebook again. I had never tried writing in that particular point of view before and immediately decided it was worth an experiment. Using the first person, I wrote a scene just to see how it would turn out, and when it was done, I loved it. The rest of the story sort of just flowed from there. I “pantsed” it, keeping a loose idea of a plot in my mind, but nothing really definite. I sort of let the story unravel the way it seemed to want to.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
Writing can be absolutely therapeutic, let me tell you. You do try to write what you know, which is why having a variety of experiences can be wonderful. There’s a scene in the book where Taylor, who is working as an assistant to a literary agent in Hollywood, has a load of verbal abuse dumped on her, and that was absolutely close to an experience I had way back when. For a good year, I worked at one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood and got to experience the extraordinary pressures that come with the job. Another of my personal experiences that I gave to my character, Taylor, was kickboxing. In my early twenties, and for a few years, I got into doing muay thai kickboxing. It was a hardcore, kick your butt, torturous kind of workout, and I loved it like crazy! It gave me the best body I’d ever had in my life, with actual delineation of stomach muscles, which I’d never been able to accomplish before, not even when I was a competitive gymnast as a kid. Of course, since then, having children and a supremely busy life didn’t let me dedicate that kind of time to fitness anymore, but it’s nice to remember that at one point, I was able to accomplish that. I could totally rock the heavy bag! 

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
She’s not a new author, but she’s new to me – Maya Banks. I recently read one of her books, a supermarket grab as I was going through with my basket. My husband always shakes his head when I go through that aisle at Vons because the only reason I go through that aisle is to check out the book section. A funny coincidence – Maya Banks was part of a Jeopardy question about a week ago. I rarely watch, but the very time I did, a short ten minute block, the question had to do with romance novels. Isn’t that funny.

Who do you look up to as a writer?
There are a number of writers I have looked up to over the years, women mostly, who’ve written wonderful stories that taught me to respect myself as a woman and to look for and appreciate real strength of character in men. The first romance novel I’d ever read in middle school was the first one Nora Roberts ever wrote titled Irish Thoroughbred. It’s fitting that I name her as I’ve likely read more of her books than anyone’s. Her stories have a universal quality to them that anyone could relate to, and her characters all seem to remind me of someone I know. They feel complete and well-rounded. I hope I can create stories that offer the same vibe.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?
Quicksilver Dreams was such fun to write. There isn’t a thing I would change. The characters came to life for me in full HD in my brain, and the story just seemed to develop naturally. I love it as is and hope it’s a page turner for anyone who reads it.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Being that Quicksilver Dreams was my first novel, I had a lot of time to think, tinker, walk away, come back, work on it some more, let my good friend and wonderful critique partner read it, and continue pondering it over a long period of time. This is when I hadn’t yet sold it. Now, I’m writing the next two books in the series on a deadline. That adds a whole new shift to the paradigm. There’s an added stress to knowing you need to produce within a given amount of time, so that has been a challenging adjustment.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?
Last night, I finished reading Just One Night by Kyra Davis. It was a contemporary. Again, it was a supermarket grab a few weeks back, and I thought it looked interesting. Turns out, it was very good. I can definitely recommend it. Very steamy with wonderfully complex issues.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?
Carina Press has a wonderful art team/marketing department that is in charge of covers. What’s nice, though, is they don’t ignore the author in their work. When the cover to Quicksilver Dreams was completed, they sent it to me via email and gave me a chance to voice an opinion. Of course, I loved it, so there wasn’t much else to be said.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?
I’ve learned that I work best in absolute silence with earplugs and to beware of the internet as she is an evil b*tch intent on sucking all my time away from being productive. If I truly want to meet my deadlines, I have to ignore the siren’s call of all the different social media and internet surfing that is just finger clicks away, and focus on the task at hand.

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?
I truly dig my kick*ss heroine, Taylor Lane. I would want to be her in a nanosecond. She is cute, spunky, snarky, and can kick some butt, yet she has a heart of gold. Solid. She acts tough, but on the inside, she’s soft. She cares.

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?
There are so many great books and great authors, I can’t think of just one.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
I would love to share Quicksilver Dreams with you. It’s action-packed, has great plot twists, and the characters will have you cheering for them.

About the Author:


Danube Adele wrote her first romance at the age of seven when she penned the story of her dogs falling in love and having puppies. She’s been dreaming up romantic tales ever since. A lifetime resident of southern California, she spends time playing at the beach, camping in Joshua Tree National Park, and hiking Mammoth Mountain.

Always a lover of adventure, she and her husband took their sons on a cross country road trip to Florida and back in an old VW Westfalia, that had no A/C, in the month of July, and still, it continues to be the best trip they ever took. Extensive travel and trying new things has kept the creative spark alive. Danube lives in Claremont with her biggest fans, her loving husband, amazing and wonderful identical twin sons, and a teddy bear of a Rottweiler.

Her debut novel, Quicksilver Dreams, Book 1 of the Dreamwalker series was officially released January 6, 2014.

I hope you guys check out this new author and her new book! Thank you to the lovely author for stopping by today too! Happy reading and later gators!