All The Pretty Books

So, today I thought I would write about some VERY awesome Stuff…. first I will start with this one!! This author (Krystle Jones) is one of the coolest authors ever! Her book was great (it’s a vampire one if you are interested to know, HA!) and it’s different, in some good ways!!! so, check out what I had to say about it, or check out her blog, or the goodreads page about it! REALLY GO CLICK ON THOSE LINKS!!! 🙂 Please and thanks!! (Krystle’s website) (goodread’s page) (my review on goodreads) (buy it on Amazon– $0.99 PEOPLE THAT’S CHEAP!!!)

Now, after you have clicked on all those, my next best thing is JENNIFER ESTEP!!! Honestly, I would totally love to throw this woman a HUGE THANK YOU party!!! I asked for some books marks to put out at my used book store I work at for our customers (she is quite popular-prolly cuz I never shut up about her books hehehehe) so I thought the customers would like them (they love free book marks)…. so she tells me to send a self-addressed envelope with stamps…. so I do…. so she sends me A WHOLE 6×9 ENVELOPE FULL!!!!!!  Annnnnnnddddddd, SHE SIGNED ONE OF EVERY BOOKMARK TO ME!!!!!!!!!! SOMEBODY HUG HER!!!!! go tell her thank you (even if you don’t know her) at   GO! GO! GO! right now!!!! 🙂 I will post pictures ASAP of all these beautiful things!!!!

Thirdly, is this cool place where you can read and review books & some are even ARC’s…. you should check it out 😉 I did and I’m totally pumped about this one… The authors use your stuff for reviews :)…. so now, that I got all this out, GO LOOK AT ALL MY STUFF!!! oh and I finally broke down and got a twitter account so I can keep up with my blogger peeps and authors 🙂 and I love to rant sometimes too, and facebook gots all my bad stuff, so I am gunna share that wealth with my new twitter peeps 🙂

Thanks everyone for reading my blog 🙂 I will post pictures, and what I’m read now, and some more good stuff soon!!!!

xoxo (Gossip Girl–HAHA that popped in my head) ~ Maghon


2 thoughts on “All The Pretty Books

  1. Kiss Throw says:

    Thank u ……

    Your blog is very nice & informative…

    kiss trow

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