Nothing like a “Guardian” Angel :)

Hello all my happy friends!!! so, I am totally gunna talk about this book (which the author so lovingly gave to me to read for reviews and spreading the words around), which is Now, I am not too much into the angels these days (it seems like everyone wants to do angels and vampires)–you know, gimme a good shirft or were-something anyday! And normall, I am also more into Fantasy or Urban Fantasy genres. HOWEVER, I think everyone should take a look at this one, because it’s a easy, breezey read, it has secrets, and plot twists, and hidden love, and BIG BAD ANGELS hehehehe and of course some demons too! But, you never know who the “real” bad guy is, and who’s really got Taylor’s best interest at heart.  So, now that I’ve said these things…. go click on some links, since all 3 books of the trilogy are out on Smashwords.

 #2 book and  #3!


My Goodreads review, and Smashwords … you can purchase them here, or see what my big mouth had to say about it!!! So, thank you again, Mr. Estes, and of course thanks to everyone who comes to read my blog, and since today is Friday– HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

ps. I promise to put Jennifer Estep bookmark pictures up really soon!!!


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