Sorry, I’m so late!



so this was a sunset I took the other day, it was so pretty 🙂

Hello everyone, we are getting close to Christmas, and I love holiday season !! 🙂 I am sorry it’s been 10 days since I have posted anything. I had surgery last Monday (no worries, I had a surgery I WANTED, not anything crazy) and I am healing at a good rate, but still have a few more days of resting before I can get all crazy again! LOL! And, now, on with the show!!

First, I AM SO EXCITED!!! because Underworld Awakening is coming out in the movies!!! If you know me, I am a TOTAL FANATIC with this movie franchise!!! So, here’s the new trailer teaser for you to see what I mean!!!

And I would LOVE to hear how you feel about this, so I am gunna let you vote on a little poll about the movie!  

Now, on to 2 things (other than books), that I am very passionate about…

First, I am so FURIOUS that the government is making it legal (AGAIN) to kill my favorite animal: THE WOLF!!! Here’s what I got in my e-mail today.. (help if you can… I just love all wolves and they are so important to our environment)

Second…. Horse Slaughter in the US AGAIN!!! I swear, I cannot tell you how sick I am… so PLEASE, take some time, and read this… … they even give you an e-mail and phone number, to address this… I have sent an e-mail EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I’ve called several times… I’m sure the white house now hates me 🙂 but I REFUSE to let these beautiful animals be slaughtered, too!! I know some people are not animal people, but this is just unacceptable!  

NOW THE FUN STUFF……FREE BOOKS ON AMAZON!!!! ok, so I posted today(via my twitter feed) about 40 freebies both adult and young adult, paranormal, fantasy, UF, sci-fi, etc…. I never look at other genres so I’m sure they have those too hahahaha but here’s one of the one’s I bought….  This one is Silver Moon by Rebecca A Rogers, &  here’s Anathema by Megg Jensen, and there’s plenty more where that came from! When you look at the Anathema book page, look down a little, and there are a ton of freebies listed!! 

On some fun notes, I have been signing up in places to review books & boy have I got a great response… Enough that I am now actually telling some reviews NO… how crazy, right?!  But, the cool thing ( and the reason I am tell you this) Is, after the new year, some of these books will be releasing, or I’ll have reviewed them, and some of the authors are offering to do interviews, and even give aways (YAY, MORE FREEBIES!!) and that is always good for the readers!!! And, also, I am gunna be a part of a book blog tour we are calling BOOKBULLY, where I will be giving several (YES SEVERAL) books away, both hard copies and e-books! I am really excited for this one!!! 

Last… I am chatting with this awesome blogger on Twitter and I am doing a top ten list of 2011 books for her… so I am thinking for my next blog post, that will be my main discussion… besties 🙂 I’m gunna think of something fun  to do it!  Maybe even a give away for it!! Yeah, I think that would be so awesome 😉 ok so… goodnight, thanks everyone for reading what I have to say 🙂


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