Goodness, this week has been non-stop crazy! I’ve had some crazy work stuff going on, and I am still trying to finish reading all of my books for reviews for authors &/or programs I participate in… Let’s just say my life has been crazy… But, that shouldn’t stop the winners from getting their prizes… So, here’s how it’s going to work… Since it’s friday afternoon, I will give everyone (the winners) until TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2012 at (8:00 am CENTRAL US TIME) to send me an e-mail at to claim their prize…  Hopefully, everyone will send me an e-mail saying HI & I saw my name as a winner & YES THAT IS THE PROPER E-MAIL ADDRESS/physical address to send my prize to, and if they don’t then I will pick another winner on TUESDAY MORNING! Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that… so without further ado… let’s pull some names 🙂

Winner for the DEMON KISSED SERIES is 

Anne Muller … so Anne, here’s what ya are gunna get (via kindle book)… email me 🙂


Winner for the Warriors of Ankh series (omnibus) is…

Veronica De Luna, and here’s what you win (vis kindle email) 🙂 e-mail me!

Winner for the Tale of Lunarmorte Series is….

Ntzee Thao… YAY, here’s what you win (via kindle email)… and e-mail me 😉

And last, but certainly not least…

the winner for the Elemental Assassin series is…

Elizabeth Cottone  YAY for you, e-mail me!


OK, so I have now, printed out all the results, and used to select these top winners… HOWEVER… since I asked some questions in some of the polls… I am gunna pick some more names (not those winners above) but other names for some other prizes! No need to re-sign up, I am going to use the same names, since I am SO THANKFUL that you guys checked out my blog in the first place!…. I PROMISE to let you know Tuesday if I have to pick new names for the top winners & in that, I will post some winners for something.. I dunno what yet, but I’ll think of something fun to give away 🙂 

Alright… again, IF YOUR NAME IS AT THE TOP, EMAIL ME @! and congrats winners, & possible future winners, I will be announcing… and if you wanna continue for another give way… see this weeks BLOG TOUR I participated in…. the contest also goes until TUESDAY, so check it out & put your name down!!! 🙂

thanks so much everyone!! Have a great weekend!! & Later My Reading Gators! 


2 thoughts on “AND the WINNERS ARE!!!

  1. Candace says:

    Congrats winners!

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