Book Tagging & a review for you :)

Book Tag


Book Tag

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create ten new questions to ask the people that you have tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!
Questions from Karla (@ Book Addict)
1.- What is your Favorite book ever?
hmmmm…. that’s a really hard one, but how about I will say Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton because this was the book that got me reading the fantasy genre, which has become my obsession 🙂 There are so many great books out there that I fanatically LOVE, but this one started it all for me, so I gotta give credit where credit is due 🙂
2.- if you had to choose a character of one book to meet in real life, who would it be?
hmmmm, I think I would have to say Anita Blake, cuz she is my total hero 🙂 
3.- If a thief entered your house to steal your library, what book would you try to save and why?
hell NO!!! I would try to save them all… I would beat them up with my shoe, a rice bag, whatever I could get my hands on, cuz NOBODY TOUCHES MY BOOKS!!! besides, my dogs would never let you in 🙂
4.- If you were a character on a book what type of character would you be?
hmmmm, I would really like to be a werewolf, or maybe some form of shapeshifter
5.- have you found a book that made you cheer for the bad guy to win? wich book was it and why?
Colin, in the Demon Kissed Ivy Taylor series by HM Ward… I still can’t decide if I think Colin is actually a bad guy, but I cheer for him, cuz regardless, I know he loves Ivy in his own way… AND Edward (aka Ted) in the Anita Blake series… I LOVE LOVE LOVE Edward… he’s a killer for hire, a supernatural bounty hunter, with a badge… but I just love him & I secretely wish Anita did too hahahaha I always ALWAYS cheer for Edward! I NEED HIM! hahahaha 
6.- who is the worst character you´ve found while reading a book?
well damn you Karla, asking me all these hard questions!! ummm, so that’s kinda hard, I will say for a bad guy, the worst was in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assasin series, Mab Monroe… she was so well written that EVERYONE hates Mab Monroe, even if you didn’t read these books… That’s when you know you are awesome, because people HATE the villain just as passionately as the LOVE the good guy! She makes my skin crawl just thinking about her 😉
AND the Dark Lord, ya know, Lord Voldemort (from Harry Potter incase you’ve lived on another planet)… there is no one more EVIL than him 🙂
7.- Do you choose your books by the cover of the blurb?
hmmmm, I would have to say both… sometimes I fall in love with a cover, and then read it & it’s TOTAL CRAP… sometimes, I read the blurb and love the way it sounds, even with a crappy cover, and love it 🙂 so I can’t say either/or but both… I also go alot by my friends reviews 🙂
8.- Do you have any strange reading habits? if so what are they?
hmmmm, strange reading habits…. lemme think, I don’t think so… I like sit outside with my dogs and read, but most of the time, it’s in bed before sleep. I am REALLY careful not to bend books though… like don’t crack the spine, or bend the pages… I use any kind of paper for bookmarks hahaha like bank reciepts and coupons 🙂 so maybe that’s it 😉
9.- Hardback, Paperback or ebook?
all of the above… I love a hardback, I will always chose this if I can, but a lot of my reading interests of late are indie, so the only way to get my hands on a copy is ebook for my kindle! I like paperbacks just fine too though. as long as I get to read it, I don’t care how it comes 🙂
10.- Give a list of your top 5 book boyfriends….
oooooohhhhhhh booooooyyyyyy!!!! to my goodreads buddies, you know I made a harem list, so here we go 🙂

Richard from the Anita Blake Series, Jace from Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series, Atticus from the Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series, Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s Dresden files, Eric Northman from Sookie Stack house, & Adam from Mercy Thompson series… yeah I know that’s 6, but it’s only about half of my harem list… so suck it hahahahaha

So Now… I TAG….

1.- Tana .-

2.- Nicole.-

3. – Kay.- 

4.  Roxanna Kade-

5. Terri-

6.  Vanya @

 7. Nikki the bibliomaniac (she’s an employee for my harem-LOL!!!) and though she doesn’t have a blog, I think it’s only fair that she could still share her opinions too since I just love her 🙂

8. Ananda @

9. Cambria Hebert @

10.  Mindy @

11. Charlotte Abel @

My questions: …. hmmm, I gotta think good about these 🙂

1. What’s your favorite quote from a book-or just a saying of some sort?

2. Who’s your favorite best friend of a character in a book and why-basically the support group LOL? (example, I LOVE Emma, who is Kaylee’s best friend in the Soul Screamers series by Rrachel Vincent cuz she is a totally awesome friend)

3. What’s the most important to you, the plot, the characters, or the writing style?

4. Since we are all ladies… who do you prefer, the good guy or the bad boy?

5. What is it that makes you want to blog about books?

6. since I can never chose, name your top 5 (or whatever number you want) authors?

7. Also, since I can never chose, what’s your top 5 (or whatever number) series (or stand alone books)?

8.  I am also stealing from Karla, but who are your top 5 book boyfriends & what series are the from ( so I can also stalk them too LOL )?

9.  If there was one book, that you could read over and over again, what is it?

10.  tell me something you want me to know about you (try for it not to be about books)… example: I’m a serious animal lover and advocate… I have just decided not to finish vet school and to open up a nonprofit to help both animals and children… it’s a long story with a complicated description, but I want to HELP both animals and kids, especially the handicapped of both 🙂

Now a review 🙂 

The Draculata Nest

I received this novel from the author upon recommendation from Books4Tomorrow… so as always, THANK YOU both 🙂

This is a supernatural/paranormal romance… with a little fantasy… I thought is was a really good book, so I think if you like this, you should read it 🙂 here’s my paws & links! 

my review on goodreads:


barnes & nobles:

smashwords:  I dunno if it’s there b/c smashwords won’t let me open the page today… looks like something is down :/

Now that’s I’ve got these, I have decided-in order to keep my sanity- that I will be reading a review book, then a pleasure book, rotating.  Here’s the reason… I read like 6 review books in a row, without reading the books I REALLY wanted to read-just to read ya know- and then it was making it hard to read the ones I actually HAD TO review… So, I figure if I rotate them, which I have been and it seems to be working, I will be able to not only publish a better reviews for those authors who have asked for it, as well as enjoy the books more… 🙂 so, with that said, that is all. HA! 

Happy Valentine’s day my reading gators!! 🙂 

or as my friend told me today, Happy Single-person-awareness-Day! HA!!


3 thoughts on “Book Tagging & a review for you :)

  1. Cambria says:

    Wow! Thanks for the tag! This looks really fun!! I will post my answers on Thursday! Thanks for thinking of me! I really enjoyed your answers and getting to know you! The book you reviewed looks like a great read as well!
    One Q: when i post my answers do i post a review with mine as well?
    Again, thanks!! 🙂

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