Reviews, Giveaways, and a lil sum-tin :)

Hello everyone, 

Today I am gunna post a few reviews, I am gunna tell you about a giveaway, and blog tour, and a few other things 🙂 YAY!! so firstly, I will do my reviews… here we go!

Blood and Bullets (Deacon Chalk, #1)

I got this one from my goodreads group PRN&UF Fanatics… the R2R group is so awesome, so excellent thanks goes to them and to the arthor, as they give the books to us for reviews! Now, for all you romance fans, maybe you won’t be so happy, but for my fellow fantasy friends–HELL YEAH!!! Guns, Fights, Kick @$$ heroes, major creepy bad guys, you never know what’s gunna pop at you from this book, trust me, it’s a great ACTION book. I think I would probably stick to the adult age groups or mature teens as some parts are maybe not suited for the younger people.  But, I liked it (lots!) and I think it would be a good investment, so here ya go:

my goodreads review:


Barnes & Nobles:


I got this one directly from the author, so, much much thanks, and especially that I took forever to read this one-BAD MAGHON!! Now, first, I know some people don’t like novellas & short stories, but this one is quite interesting.  I would have to rate it a fantasy YA.  here’s where ya need to go:

Goodreads review:


Now with the reviews up… I gotta tell you how excited I am as this happened all in the last few days 🙂 

I got an email from Ms. Laura Bickle that a fellow awesome blogger… Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh My!… had picked me as the winner for her newest book… if ya wanna read the interview go here… and here’s the winner’s post (trust me when I say LOOK AT THE WINNER’S POST!!!) They made my name look wonderful in that background LOL 🙂 and here’s what I won… 

Rogue Oracle (Oracle, #2)

Ms. Bickle signed a copy of this beautiful paperback & wrote nice things & even signed some fun other swag (I’ll try to post pictures of these later) and I think she is fantastic. This is book 2 of the series & I have book one, so YAY!! Now I know you wanna knnow why I keep calling her Ms. Bickle, when the author is Alayna Williams… well, here’s her first books (THAT I FANATICALLY LOOOOOVE!!!!) I fanatically LOVE Sparky-her pet salamander… he’s is just MAGNIFICENT 🙂 So now, I cannot wait to read her new book!!!

Embers (Anya Kalinczyk, #1)Sparks (Anya Kalinczyk, #2)

Now, today, I got an e-mail from Talk Supe saying I won from this post here…  and here’s what I got…

Shadows (The Shadow Series Book 1)Galdoni

I dunno why that picture is so small, but poo, it’s a gorgeous cover 🙂 hehehehehe but anyways, I won an e-book copy (via smashwords) of BOTH of these books… thank you very much all you AWESOME bloggers who posted these giveaways!!! and of course, thank you for picking me!!! hahahahaha I recommend… no, I am TELLING YOU to follow these bloggers, both, as they give away fantastic stuff and always have something fun 🙂 

And yes, I know, for some reason, I have been a lucky bitch hahahahahahaha!

As for my Little giveaway, you have to wait til TOMORROW as I am part of a 5 day blog hop and I have some EXCELLENT books to giveaway also… Those two bloggers can’t have all the fun LOL!!! but I am still taking entries to my Mardi Gras Giveaway from here-you have until Thursday at Midnight to enter the Mardi Gras giveaway 🙂 

On an informational note, I have TWO more (other than this week) blog tours/review giveaways I will be participating in, in March, and a THIRD in April… or at least that I have signed up for so far haahahaha These will ALL have giveaways from the author, as it’s a release/giveaway type blog tour from either the authors or the publishers… I am not sure what will be given away, other than copies of the books so that should be for real fun! HA! But in spirit, here is one of the books I will be participating in a giveaway with–they are having a giveaway today… check that out here… They are giving away jewelry and it’s quite pretty if I may say so myself 🙂 I am going to be doing this particular book giveaway in just a short time, so I think you guys should all check it out 🙂 

Now, I think that should be all of my blabbering, so as always- Happy Reading and later my reading gators!! 


2 thoughts on “Reviews, Giveaways, and a lil sum-tin :)

  1. laurabickle says:

    Hope that you enjoy ROGUE ORACLE! I’m glad that it arrived safely. 😀

  2. Nicole M says:

    how do you enter the giveaway? Oh well I’m in nicole at shareAeead com

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