Therian Character Interview

Therian (The Bloody Crescent, #1)

Hello everyone & happy Friday!! Today I have something extra special for you! Ms. Roxy, the author, has kindly allowed me to have an interview with Tayelon, the HAWT male main character of this series! & I think you guys will all enjoy it! I sure did!!! First, here’s a little something about the book…

Goodreads synopsis:  Amber has never been ordinary. She has a gift, the ability to see memories through simple touch, and for her it’s a curse. Especially when she has to relive her mother’s death, the night she was born, through her father’s eyes. Leading a sheltered life for years under his constant watch has her yearning for freedom and her acceptance into Cyprus Falls University gives her just that. 

She is immediately plunged into a world of true love, heart ache, seduction and horror. With a deepening affection for Tayelon Cree, whose sparkling hazel eyes leave her breathless, and the undeniable allure of Lucard Colbaine, who seems to be immune to her gift, can she accept what either of them represent in her life? And what about the steely eyed vampire who invades her dreams? When the blackouts and nightmares begin, Amber fears the pain that rips into her soul and threatens to destroy her. Before long she is faced with the truth of her destiny, as well as the devastating secrets that surround the people she holds dearest; dark secrets that will truly change the course of her very existence. Amber doesn’t know if she has the strength to accept the hand fate has dealt her. She will have to fight as hard as possible to remain human while the beasts inside her rage to take over.

and if you’re interested here’s the link to check out my review for it:

I will say this, there are some very interesting, different supernaturals in here, it’s not just one type… say, just vamps or weres. It’s got a lil of everything 🙂 So with that, I will now start the interview… and here’s where it took place! 

this is my favorite Resturant in my hometown-it’s literally a few blocks away 🙂 and here’s where you can check them out… Trust me, it’s FANTASTIC… South Louisiana is known for their awesome food and this place tops its list, here’s their menu link- …. and I’m biased because my mom’s best friend owns it, and she is one of those fantastic people everyone should have in their life! 🙂 Hi Jenny!! and Brian too 🙂 and the furry babies!! LOL

Now… On with the show… the deck picture shows where I am, and now, everyone…. welcome Tayelon 🙂

I sit and wait patiently, with my drink outside of my favorite restaurant (which over looks our slightly, dirty, but still pretty river in my home town) on the back deck…  I’ve ordered some snacks (which include some Jumbo Firecracker shrimp, and some Gator Bites, with a Tropics on the Bayou (it’s a big girl drink LOL)  while I wait… yes, I include food, because I am from south Louisiana, and if you looked at the menu, you’d order everything too!  *sigh* I don’t know if I should be nervous meeting Tayleon, or more cautious *giggles* And then he walks in, & I’m too excited to care about the rest… 

Me:  What was the first thing that popped into your head when you saw Amber?

Tayelon: Who’s that hot girl over there, I’ve never seen her before? Chuckles softly. No really, I remember thinking that she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She was radiant, and for a second my heart stopped beating.

Me:  *I think I am swooning a little… if that’s possible* And then, what was the second thought?

Tayelon: I needed to know her name, what her favorite color was, whether she preferred roses or lilies. I know it sounds crazy but I had to know everything about her. And it wasn’t just because I thought she was beautiful, it was a physical need. Every bit of me ached at the possibility of not knowing her. It felt like my life depended on it.

Me: *Mon Dieu… that means my Lord in French…. I think I am drooling now!* How do you feel about your sister Luna and Amber being friends? Do you think Luna would ever hide something from you because Amber asked?

Tayelon: I have no problem with them being friends. Deac is my best friend and he’s with Luna. Sometimes it makes things uncomfortable but we stay out of each other’s business, most of the time anyway. Grins. Luna would never hide anything important from me, even if Amber begged. Besides, I know her too well, so I’d be able to tell if she was hiding something and sooner or later she’d have no choice but to spit it out.

Me: *I think I am gunna have to get with Luna and Amber both & have them learn some stealth moves from this kid LOL* I know you believe you did the right thing, with Amber’s father, that incident, but… what if she says it wasn’t the right thing for her? What would you do?

Tayelon: I would do…WILL do everything in my power to make her see that it was the right thing. She needs to be shown how much of a monster her father was. It’s going to be tough and I know it’s going to take a lot to get her to trust me again, but I love her enough to never stop trying.

Me: *sigh* he sure is determined to be right, but I know he loves her… does this excuse things? I guess we’ll have to find out 🙂 How do you feel about Amber’s friendship with Luc?

Tayelon: Scowls and darkness enters his eyes. Amber knows exactly how I feel about her friendship with Lucard. I don’t like him and I don’t want her anywhere near him. There is just something about him that rubs me the wrong way. I mean come on, no guy is that perfect. He can’t be trusted.

Me: *Hehehe typical male, always jealous, and possessive*  And with Tristan?

Tayelon: Tristian? Huh, that boy can try all he wants…I’m in no way jealous of Amber’s friendship with him. He’s a harmless freshman trying his luck!

Me: *giggles* hmmm, maybe we should make it so Taye gets a run for his money! LOL What happens if Amber decides she likes/loves someone from the newcomers from the end of the book?

Tayelon: Sits back and glares with anger. She won’t. I’d rather see them dead before that happens. Amber’s heart belongs to me. Once a wolf finds its mate, it’s for life, and that’s exactly what she is…my soul mate. 

Me: *cringes* oops, I think that was the wrong question…. Would you stoop low enough to have someone, like Luna or Deacon, spy on Amber to get information (ok, stalk her) for you, even if you knew it would backfire on you &/or them?

Tayelon: I wouldn’t exactly call it spying, but Amber is the most important person in the world to me, so of course I’d have someone watch over her. To ensure her safety—just in case she ever needs anything. She’s extremely vulnerable at the moment and if she won’t allow me to look out for her than I’ll make sure there’s always someone doing the job for me.

Me: You know, sometimes the whole he-man thing is hot… and sometimes is just a total turn off… I’m not sure which I am choosing here… If you could have Amber back, but under conditions, would you do it? And by conditions I mean she gives you an ultimatum or something of that sort?

Tayelon: Depends on the ultimatum. I’d do just about anything for her, but I can’t change who or what I am, and I will never apologize for what happened with her father. It would go against everything I believe in.

Me: *Here we go, always right. Is this just a man thing… * *scowls* oh boy, now he has me scowling like him! Would you give up what you are…. Maybe not just for Amber, but in general, if you had a choice tomorrow to not be… differently abled?

Tayelon:  Never. Although at times it can feel like a burden, this is my heritage. It’s in my blood and I cannot change that. Besides, to wish to be anything different would mean dishonoring my father and my ancestors.

Me:  Good for you… this one I understand J

This or that?

  1.  Boxers or briefs? Hahaha, yep got right to that one 😉 What if I said neither? Gives a devilish smile. It would make things a lot easier when phasing, but I’d have to say boxers.

*stares, with mouth open, drool about to drop out* hmmm, I-I-I…. ok… let’s move on *I so wasn’t expecting him to be blunt right back*

  1. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Black with two sugars. My fave is a caramel vanilla latte
  2. Chocolate or vanilla? Nothing can beat chocolate. *sigh* I don’t eat chocolate, so I don’t think anyone will ever agree with me here 
  3. Movies at the theater or at home on dvd? Definitely at home on dvd. Can’t go to the theater wearing nothing but my boxers, now can I? Winks. *sputters drink all over self* oh well, ya know, I guess you are right…. *I think I am blushing*
  4. Black or white? Black
  5. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset  THANK YOU! I am so not a morning person, & I think they are beautiful… 
  6. Night or day? Night
  7. Beer or liquor? Both really. It just depends on the occasion.
  8. Chicken or steak? Or maybe seafood? Steak. Thick, juicy and rare. Would you like to try some of my yummy seafood? Ya know, just so you can say you’ve tried them all?
  9. Hugs or kisses? Hugs. Don’t get me wrong, kisses are great, but I’ve always found hugs to be more intimate. *I think I love this kid*
  10. Hahahaha I know it’s not a real question for you, but do you think you could ask Luna to stop by maybe one day, cuz I totally love her oooh, ooooh, and maybe Deacon too, cuz ya know, I think I have a soft spot for him 

Tayelon: I’m sure Luna would love to stop by anytime. She loves the spotlight and you’d probably have a hard time getting her to shut up for two seconds. Deacon on the other hand is not that big on interviews but you’re sweet enough, I’m sure he’d make an exception for you. *Smiles really big*

Me: thank you so very much… I think I have cemented my reasons for loving you! Good luck, with Amber. I think she’ll come around for ya. Maybe grovel a little huh 🙂 hahaha *watches him leave while I sip my drink* 

If you want, and I think you should, check out Ms. Kade’s blog… she’s got some goodies going on right now…   she’s got some great interviews with her own characters… for Taye go here and for Amber go here hehehe it’s so fun 🙂 and find out all about the news on these characters and their books here on facebook…

I hope you enjoyed this  as much as I did… and thank you again so much Ms. Roxy!!! 🙂 hopefully soon, I’ll get a chance to meet Luna too 🙂 she makes me happy! I wish you all a great weekend, happy reading, thanks for stopping by, and later my reading gators 🙂 

If you have any questions for the characters, or comments, let me know, and I’ll include them in my next interview… especially as book 2 gets closer to coming out!!! 



ARC review and some wonderful reviews :)

Hello everyone, 

Ttoday I am gunna post some VERY SERIOUSLY needed reviews, LOL because I have been holding off on posting them…  I don’t like to put too much all on one posting, but I am making an exception today, cuz I have an exciting post tomorrow and I want it to have the space all to itself… it’s a surprise character interview 🙂 awww, I just gave away half of the surprise LOL 🙂 so let’s start! 

Between (Heven and Hell, #1.5)

For those of you who haven’t read anything in this series… my comment to you is… WHAT THE…. IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!! I really REALLY love this series & I must say, this novella is just another notch in Mrs. Hebert’s belt of wonderful 🙂 It’s a Young Adult series, with fun Fantasy in it, and trust me when I say, it’s just lovely 🙂 HOWEVER… DO NOT read this first… instead READ THIS FIRST

Before (Heven and Hell, #0.5)

By the way, Before is the prequel, and it’s FREE, here on Amazon…

Now, back to Between… First, it’s release date is APRIL 20, 2012… so it’s gunna be exciting! and since this wonderful author has given me a copy to review for you guys, I think I should pay her some awesomeness by posting it all over 🙂 


Ok, I am a total fan of Ms Hebert, but this little novella just seals the deal! I love it! She took a character that didn’t have a “voice” and gave him one! Or, I should say, he isn’t a major character until now, as he only “shows up” toward the ending of the first book. And boy, was I surprised. I think I have a completely different outlook on Logan! Logan is Sam’s baby brother, yes I will give that one part away, but I cannot tell you anything about them, as it’s their stories to tell and you have to read the book to find out 🙂 Sam’s so good and sweet and I am trying to see if Logan is going to have this same disposition or if he is going to be trouble 🙂 What if I predict trouble, LOL, because ya know, it’s always the little brother that causes trouble 🙂 And I really wanna see what he does with the “advice” he is given at the end of this story… Yeah, I’d like to zap that person (giving the advice) with my lazer light pen… LOL, I don’t have any cool weapons, so it’s that, or stab them with an unsharpened pencil 🙂 HA! It’s a fantastic addition to this story line! 5 paws from me 🙂

*sigh* I know, it sucks to wait for April 20, and maybe as it gets closer, we can have a giveaway… but in the meantime, here’s some other reviews I think you will like that the books are already out for you to grab 🙂 

Silver Moon (Silver Moon, #1)Black Moon (Silver Moon, #2)

Let me start by giggling like a school girl!!! I originally found this book and needed it, back before its publish date, but my small used book store (where I work) couldn’t get it yet, *sigh* so I was sad *insert my sad face here* THEN I found it FREE on amazon for my kindle on day and swooped it up!! Like you swoop a toddler from trouble! and then I finally ordered the paperback and when it came it, Guess WHAT happened… THEN I found book 2 also on amazon again for free, so I decided to do a double take and read book 1 and 2 together 🙂 so with that I will review both individually and together… I really liked both of these books! I read a little rant pretty much slamming the author. Look, as a book reviewer, I’m not really that picky with the “exact” of wording science.  I judge, my opinion of course not yours, by how much the book keeps me interested. Sure if you are an editor, or some professional of that sort, you should pick up on that, but if the way a sentence is structured bothers you so much, couldn’t you nicely say, I don’t like writing style… And leave it at that? Yeah ok, now, being mean sometimes just makes me mad. I can say the same thing nicely. Like some books I read for review and hated, but I found positive points to look at and made a few general statements. Dude, no need to be a cyber-bully- reviewer! and at 16… if you are this mean about something like that, I hate to see you in 10 years… sorry, I got quite mad when I read her review, but I will not stoop to her level and post links all over, even though I REALLY want to, just like I wanted to cyber-slap her! LOL And so with that I will start my review… 

Silver Moon Book 1:

my goodreads review:


Black Moon Book 2:  

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Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon, #1)All Hallows Moon (Seasons of the Moon, #2)

Six Moon Summer Book 1:

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All Hallow’s Moon

my goodreads review:


Now a little extra news… I have another book tour coming up, so here’s a little peek into it…

here’s a video for the book trailer 🙂

I can’t tell you the details yet, but I will have two stops, on April 5, and april 10 🙂 I promise to have lots of goodies though! YAY 🙂 with all of this, I am off for today, or at least until tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by, happy reading, and later my reading gators… 

And the winners are!!!

Sorry it has taken me forever to announce the winners, but let’s begin… So here’s how I did it 🙂 I picked one winner for each set using and then I picked a winner who said something that just made me happy… so here we go… 

Mercy Series winner is Angie… 

Twilight winner #1 is Tracy Haidle

Twilight winner #2 is Emily… who is the only person on earth to have not yet read these books LOL 

You guys have 2 days or 48 hours to contact via email at, telling me who you are and your proper snail mail address 🙂 I will also send you an e-mail sometime before if I have not heard from you first 🙂 congratulations … and, I have to check but I may have a third copy of the twilights so if I do, I’ll pick another name to add to this pile 🙂 LOL I love working at a book store 🙂 Thanks again everyone who participated 🙂

Silver-Tongued Devil & Hellsbane Reviews

Hello everyone!! I cannot help but be totally stoked to post my reviews for today 🙂 Since I got both of these books at NetGalley, I decided to do a little “NetGally” special and post them together 🙂 For those of you who don’t know what NetGalley is, I suggest you check it out. You read books from publishers for reviews! It’s a great way to do early reviews and ARC copies 🙂  Check out on my sidebar for their direct link 🙂 Also, these two novels are also both ADULT, even though there isn’t any major corruption, it’s still more suitable for the non-YA crowd 🙂 So without further ado, I NEED to get this out!! Let’s do this 🙂

Silver-Tongued Devil (Sabina Kane, #4)

First thank you again NetGalley!! I just love you!!
Second, I have been beyond obsessively in love with this series since Red Headed Step Child!! I am firm in my opinion that Ms Wells is literally ONE of the greatest writers EVER! You know, I can NEVER do justice with my words but I will surely try! I don’t really have enough words to say how fantastic this series is… but here’s what ya need to click 🙂

my goodreads review: trust me, read this review!


barnes & nobles:

Jaye Wells site:

and my sad moment… the last book of the series, releasing June 1, 2012

Blue-Blooded Vamp

and by all means, this book is also pretty great!!! 

Hellsbane (Hellsbane #1)

I would again like to thank NetGalley and the lovely people who give us this wonderful opportunity! 

goodreads review:


barnes & nobles:

There is also going to be a post tomorrow announcing the winners of the Lunar Love Blog Hop Giveaways… I will e-mail the winners after the post goes up and give them some time to send me their snail mail 🙂 I will also have another post with another of my favorite author’s who kindly did a character interview with me, and if I must say-it’s fantastic!! 🙂 And I also need to appologize for the winners of my Mardi Gras Glass giveaway… I mailed them this morning, I KNOW I AM SO LATE! but the should be there within the week… I included some goodies for my bad manners of lateness 🙂 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I hope you all get your hands on these two books! Thanks so much for stopping by, Happy Reading, and later my reading gators 🙂


Blind Sight Blog Tour Part II :)

Hello & happy Wednesday everyone! 

I am back for another stop on the Blind Sight tour… but this time with Leocardo’s book! I know I said this last time, but let me say it one more time… This is a story, written in two different books, by two different people, from two different perspectives.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s the same story, but it’s not, because two different people tell it, and so you see and hear and feel different things. I had to, just in case you forgot 🙂 Now… on with the lovelies 🙂 

Now, today we will be discussing the side of Leocardo.  I will start off with a little insert from the book… 

Excerpt: Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes
Written by Ermisenda Alvarez


Something was wrong. Leocardo’s blind, sixteen-year-old sister Odette was drawing. She stood next to the fridge and scribbled feverishly on a piece of paper.

“Odette?” he walked over, certain his eyes deceived him. He quickened his pace when she didn’t respond. “Odette what are you doing?”

Something was wrong with her eyes; her pupils were huge, and they engulfed her usual chestnut color.

“Odette, stop.”

He tried to pull her arm, but like a cat that didn’t want to be picked up, she seemed to become instantly heavier. The pen continued to run across the page as her silence persisted. He frowned, growing angry.

“Odette!” She did not flinch.

He glanced down at the paper and realized her scribbling were actually an image. Trees and mountains framed a large lake on the paper and Leocardo was frozen in confusion. How was she drawing? The pen fell onto the paper as Odette collapsed into Leocardo’s arms.

Twisting her around to face him, he demanded, “What were you doing? Answer me!”

Her limp body shook in his arms; her eyes closed and she was barely audible as if on the brink of passing out. “I don’t feel good,” she murmured weakly. Even though she was naturally petite and fragile, now she looked like she was about to shatter. “I want to sleep.”

The warm brown crept back into her unfocused eyes and her pupils normalized.

“Odette,” he started again, but her trembling became more violent so he stopped.

“Okay.” He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to her room. As soon as she hit the sheets, the trembling stopped and almost as quickly, snoring followed.

Leocardo wanted to wake her up so he could question her, but he was not sure if she would have any answers. He couldn’t help but wonder if this had happened to her before. He stormed back to the kitchen, picked up the paper, and examined the drawing. The sun’s rays tore through the clouds, and Odette had even added glimmer to the lake’s rippled surface. Odette had been blind since birth; so how could she have drawn this so perfectly? If he hadn’t seen her doing it, he never would have believed it.

Leocardo slouched into the leather couch, still holding the paper. He felt a throbbing pain behind his eyes. Staring at the drawing, he tried to glean some divine understanding of what it meant or how she had done it. His black labrador, Cielo, had abandoned him to sit outside Odette’s bedroom.

An hour passed; he was no more enlightened. He looked up to find Odette standing in the open doorway to her room. He kept silent, but his gaze followed her. She seemed better, no longer moving with the mechanical gestures she had used when she was drawing. Cielo’s nails clicked on the hardwood floor as she followed Odette’s every move.

With disbelief, he watched as Odette began to prepare some sandwiches. “Odette,” he called softly, not wanting to startle her.


Leocardo hesitated; why was she acting like nothing happened? “What happened to you before?”

She shrugged, “I guess I had low blood sugar. It was just a headache.”

“What do you remember?” he pried. How could she not remember?

“I had a headache. I went to the fridge. I got dizzy for a second. You caught me.” She paused. “How’d you get from the couch to the fridge that fast?” she asked, as though he was the one who did something strange.

“What?” Irate, he marched over. “Don’t you remember drawing this?” He flapped the page so she could hear it rustle. “What are you trying to pull? This isn’t a game.” He was losing his already short patience.

Her brow pressed together and her lips thinned as she let out a frustrated huff. She spoke slowly, as if concerned he was losing his mind. “Leo… you know I can’t draw, much less see whatever it is you might be holding.”

“I know you can’t,” he said a little defensively. Why was she questioning him when she should be providing answers? “You got up and went to the fridge before you started to draw this. I’m not making this up. I have the drawing right here in my hand!” He restrained himself, shaking the paper again, as if hearing the sound made his story more believable.

Odette’s calm expression indicated that she was not amused.

“How can you not remember?” he asked angrily.

He sighed and dropped the drawing onto the floor. His fingers ran through his hair as he tried to make sense of everything without flying off the handle.

“I’m sorry,” Odette murmured, “but I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It’s okay… sorry,” The moment was awkward and disjointed; he was unsure what to do. Odette went back to making the sandwich, and Leocardo returned to the sofa. He snatched the remote and flipped between channels until he settled on the news.

Tragedies flashed on the screen as Leocardo watched, wanting to distract his mind. Spanish television bored him, but he didn’t know what else to do. The news featured new government policies in Spain that did not directly affect them amongst other random trivialities. The information changed, and the news channel now featured Alaska and their trading links with other countries.

“Edaion,” Leocardo repeated one of the countries listed. A sudden and overwhelming desire to visit this island nation overtook him.

Odette came over and sat next to him, her unfocused eyes in the direction of the screen. Leocardo leaned forward as if being pulled into the screen. He was mesmerized. Slowly he felt his eyelids droop.

“Edaion,” Odette whispered. A silence fell over them and a supernatural film began to wrap around them, invisible to all, it pressed down on him. Cocooned in this new state, he continued to stare in a trance at the screen. Unable to make sense of anything anymore, he had never wanted anything in his life as much as he wanted to travel to Edaion.

When he tried to stand, he felt an immense pressure upon his shoulders, face and chest. He reached out to Odette, feeling as though he was falling through the sofa itself. Cielo whined and nuzzled his knee. His grip around Odette’s hand tightened. Suddenly the pressure snapped and he felt the painful sensation of being rammed from all sides. The sensation of being hit by a train from every angle was overwhelming.

In a dreamlike state, he stumbled forward with Odette sandwiched between him and Cielo. He was somewhere else. The air was clean and chilly. A stranger’s arm brushed up against him as a group huddled together, all looking lost and confused. Half a dozen dogs circled and sniffed them. Trying to restore his equilibrium distracted him from the dogs until they wouldn’t leave Odette alone. They sniffed and licked her palms causing her to wipe them on his shirt. Someone asked him if he was okay, but he did not answer. The speaker herded the group onto a bus, and as soon as he was seated, Leocardo’s head fell against the windowsill. Blackness engulfed his vision.

The bus lurched and Leocardo was propelled into the seat in front of him. His eyes flew open; his throat felt dry and his nose was pink from the cold. Someone held a drawing before him and had colored it in. It was blurry, and as he reached out, his fingers hit glass. With his sleeve, he wiped the window to see the drawing become clear. Something was wrong.

Why was it behind glass? Where was he? Why was he on a bus? His gaze darted back to Odette who had Cielo nuzzling her affectionately. Her eyes were closed. He woke her up with a shake of the shoulders.

“What is this?” Leocardo demanded as if she would know.

“What’s what? You’re the one who can see, remember?” Her voice was soft and timid. He realized she was just as confused. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close and then placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

His gaze returned to the window. It was still there. As the bus meandered through perilous mountains, he never lost sight of the lake. It was glistening, majestic and overwhelming in size, but it was not a drawing. This time he knew it was real. Something was terribly wrong.

hehehehehe, that sounds so creepy right! Ok, well in defense, let me say that this side of the book looks more into the secrets kept by Ana’s family-as who looks at the little things in their own family- and Leo is sure that something crazy is going on. He really thinks these people may be out to hurt him, or use him and his sister from the information he is given, except for his doubts about Ana… now here’s a lil something from the author of Leo’s book… 

Guest post: By Ermisenda Alvarez

Dreams, imagination, and perspectives

I had a dream; I wanted to write novels. I have been writing since I joined a Harry Potter guild on Neopets at twelve years old. You could write short pieces to receive points. Writing didn’t stop there.

I had a vivid imagination; I wanted to know more. Often, after finishing a book I pondered about how the story could have been retold from a different perspective, maybe a different character. What if we were able to read the story of Snape over the course of seven novels rather than Harry Potter?

I had chance on my side; I met Eliabeth and we were two young women crazy about writing. So, what did we do? We wrote. How did we write? The nature of our friendship began on a role-playing site whereby we wrote from different characters to create scenes and stories.

We had a dream, vivid imagination and each other. What more did we need? Not much else as we embarked on an amazing journey and wrote Blind Sight despite living half the globe away.

Writing a novel was a dream I have had for a long time but I was so excited to write a two-sided novel that followed two different perspectives. It was an ambitious choice for us to make but one of the best. We have not only challenged ourselves but have provided readers with a new way of reading. For those who only wish to read one side, that is okay, but for those of us who are interested in the power of different perspectives and multiple stories we have another side to offer.

The power of multiple stories cannot be emphasized enough in our daily lives. How many times have we heard one story about an acquaintance but once we have met them, we receive a second story, in which might completely contradict the first. Is either one wrong? Maybe not. But your understanding of the person, or novel in the case, is enriched.

Growing up in a Spanish family and living in Australia has taught me a lot about language in my, so far, short life. My very first language was Spanish, but when school started English became my “mother” tongue. A simple saying can dramatically change through translation, those of you who know more than one language will understand this perfectly. I have had to translate pieces of Spanish into English for friends and even though the words I have translated make sense in English, only I can grasp the full meaning and implications of the phrase.

Staying open minded, listening to varied opinions and soaking up what we can from the zillions of stories out there in the world is part of life. Eliabeth and I have channeled the essence of that concept into our first two-sided novel. We live on an earth with billions of people. We all think differently, we see the world differently and together, we are the characters of humanity. I am inspired by dreams, imagination and people.

The story of Leocardo, Aniela, and Odette in Blind Sight can be enjoyed through one color, one perspective but, why limit yourself? There is not only another color to live through but together, a new range of shades to enjoy.

Ermisenda Alvarez

I love the way she says there’s another color to live through, as that’s exactly what happens in these two books when paired together… So, now it’s on to my review!! 

I would like to thank the authors again for giving me a copy read and allowing me to review it for their release tour. Now I know in the other version, I said I loved her side, but boy I love his side too! This is just so fascinating to read the same story, but not exactly, from two different people’s perspectives because it’s the same plot, and the same ending, but nothing is the same! No two people ever think or feel exactly the same, and you really get to see this. And now with these, you want to hold on to these characters as you’ve invested in them- twice if you’ve read both books- and you just can’t help yourself. 
I really can’t say enough how well these are both written as they have such a crazy vibe, they describe the same scene but you see completely different things- for example, when the lake is describe by Leocardo, it’s a wonderful, magnificent thing, because he’s amazed, and Ana thinks its beautiful but has seen it every day of her life, yet it still holds magic in her tale. I don’t know what else to say other than read them! Each book holds valuable but different secrets and I can’t wait to read the next installments!!

Another thing is all the information Leo finds out about Ana’s family, going back some generations, and there are some serious secrets going on, but ya gotta find out on your own.  He sees Ana and thinks she is just showing compassion for his sister, who has become a friend, and he tries to stop his feelings and be preofessional.  It’s such a crazy ride! 🙂 Big 4 paws from me! 


 Who would you chose? Who’s side are you on? 

I am still holding firm to my belief that they are each right… but I guess we’ll have to wait and see as the next installments come out, which will be in the perspectives of Nate ( Ana’s best friend) and Tatiana (her quite mean sister) 

PRIZES: Did you enjoy the review? You could win a gift card and I could win one too! Just leave a comment about the review below and you’re entered in the drawing….

Learn more about Blind Sight: A blind girl drawing is abnormal even on the magical island of Edaion where leaves brush themselves into piles in the middle of the night. So when Odette Reyes, a girl blind from birth, begins to experience ominous side effects of the island’s “gift,” her brother Leocardo and best friend Aniela must figure out what the doctors cannot. As an immigrant, Leocardo is not biased by accepted rules of magic and determines that Odette’s drawings are premonitions. Aniela grew up with magic and knows premonitions are impossible. She determines Odette is a medium channeling voiceless spirits.

Who is right? Whose eyes will you read through?

Both books are “volume one” you can read one without the other and still get a complete story, but you won’t see how the characters interpret the same situation differently.

Buy the book! Both volumes are available as an e-book for Kindle (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.) and Nook (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.) Don’t have an e-reader, pick up a PDF on Smashwords (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.)

The paperback special edition will be available in the fall (northern hemisphere).

The authors:

Eliabeth wrote her first mini-series in second grade when the teacher told her she was not old enough to write a chapter book. Regrettably, for fear of turning into a starving artist, Eliabeth played it safe in college and is now a recent William Jewell graduate with a BA in International Business and Japanese. She now returns to what she truly loves, creating worlds for people to escape to and characters for them to fall in love with. Ermisenda began writing Harry Potter fan-fiction at the age of twelve and started developing her own writing at fourteen when she joined play sites and completed her first crime novel at fifteen. Although her favorite genres were crime and fantasy, she reads a bit of everything. Driven by the desire to evoke the kaleidoscope of emotions her favorite authors are able to, she kept writing. Growing up bilingual amongst her Spanish family in Australia, she found a love and deep appreciation for language and the power it wielded. She is now a Psychology major at the University of Newcastle. Together, they write as Ermilia.

Connect with us! We love to talk to our readers.

Goodreads (Eliabeth / Ermisenda)

So, I apologize :)

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend was lovely, or relaxing, or fun, or whatever you need it to be 🙂 I had a very fun weekend 🙂 But, that is not why I am apologizing! Since I have been participating in so many blog hops & tours (details will be down below), I haven’t been keeping up with my reviews! Well at least in terms, that I read and write a review, and then don’t post it as to not interrupt the blog hop, or overload my nice subscribers with a bunch of posts… So, I will now have lots of pretty pictures & and links to click on reviews… as well as some pretty pictures from the weekend-my lil fun night- and then you can laugh at me 🙂 So here we go…

Something Witchy This Way Comes

Ms. Blade was so sweet to allow me to read another one of her books for a review, so I feel the need to say that she is just awesome… and her books are pretty hawt themselves!! 🙂 here’s your goodies for this one:

goodreads review:


Heart's Chalice

I also want to thank the author for sending me a copy to read for a review… this one if for my time travel, romance loving readers 🙂 here’s the goodies…

my goodreads review:


barnes & nobles:


Paradox: The Angels Are Here (Paradox, #1)

This is also another author I need to thank for letting me read this one for a review… here’s some goodies for you 🙂

my goodreads review:


some other goodies: with links

Paradox Video here:

Best Australian Fantasy Reads on GoodreadsIf you have read my book – Please vote here

Please post your Amazon reviews HERE

Paradox – What’s it all about? ANSWERS HERE

The Paradox Series Book Trailer

New Release. Paradox – Special Edition (Books 1 & 2)
Smashwords – All ebook formats
Createspace – Paperback
Paradox Book 1:
ebook from Smashwords – all eReader formats all countries.
US – ebook from Amazon
UK – ebook from Amazon
Paperback – Createspace
Thesaurus Bookstore – Melbourne

now that I’ve given you those… here’s what I did with myself this weekend 🙂

me and some of my favorite ladies went to painting with a twist… NO I CANNOT PAINT, nor do I have any kind of ability to do anything artsy, but there, anybody can 🙂 it’s so fantastic!!! I am quite proud of my crawfish 🙂 we like to eat those here hahahaha check out and see if there is one near you! I highly recommend it 🙂 As always, Happy Reading, thanks for stopping by, and later my reading gators!

Blind Sight Blog Tour Part I

Hello everyone, 

I know that in the title it says part one, and by this I mean, I am two different stops on the blog tour. I will also have another stop next week. Let me explain why…. First, this is a story, written in two different books, by two different people, from two different perspectives.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s the same story, but it’s not, because two different people tell it, and so you see and hear and feel different things. Trust me, girls vs boys always feel different, and see things in a different light. So, let me get on with it…

Today’s stop is for the book that looks through the eyes of Aniela Dawson, or as some of her friends know her as Ana… here’s an excerpt…  

Excerpt: Blind Sight Through the Eyes Aniela Dawson

Written by Eliabeth Hawthorne


A bundle of joy wrapped in a white feather boa streaked down the hall. Her long blonde hair flowed out behind her. Dressed in a vintage dress several sizes too large, Edaion’s youngest princess had just come out from playing dress up in her mother’s closet. Aniela wore oversized tortoise-shell aviator sunglasses and a necklace of pearls that dragged on the floor, threatening to trip her as she ran barefoot toward her sister’s room. The energetic four-year-old girl pushed open the bedroom door without knocking, still learning appropriate boundaries.

Seven-year-old Tatiana sat on her bed, her dark hair and dark eyes a stark contrast to Aniela’s baby blues. One of their mother’s favorite lamps levitated up and down; it moved slowly through the air. Tatiana never let it exceed six inches from the ground while she practiced her magic. All three of the Dawson children had inherited telekinesis from their mother. Tatiana specialized in large, heavy objects. Her twin, Theodore, who sat at Tatiana’s desk playing solitaire in the air, specialized in multiple small objects. Aniela had yet to develop a specialty.

“Hi Ana,” Theodore said. The door swung shut without any help from his sister.

“Hi Teo,” Aniela replied, sometimes still struggling with her t-h sounds.

Aniela tried to jump on her sister’s bed, but it was too high, causing her to miss and slide down until her feet once again touched the soft rug. She backed up and took a running leap. Aniela’s forehead smacked into Tatiana’s palm and she toppled backward onto to floor. Theodore frowned. His brow furrowed as he shook his head, but he did not comment as Aniela crawled up onto his lap instead. Much like his role in life, his looks fell somewhere between the two girls’. He had Tatiana’s intelligent brown eyes and Aniela’s light blonde hair. While he lacked Aniela’s innocence, he also lacked Tatiana’s smugness. He was the middle; one they could both enjoy.

“What do you want?” Tatiana droned in her ever present annoyed tone.

“Where does magic come from?” Aniela watched the lamp travel fluidly through the air as Tatiana moved it to the floor before answering.

Everyone knows that a boat shipwrecked on the island and that one of our ancestors was the captain.”

“They were cursed for hunting on the island.” Theodore took up the story.

Aniela looked back and forth between her siblings, watching them trade off the conversation like a ball in a tennis match and quickly lost interest.

“I want to go to the park,” she announced.

“I’ll see if Marcus can drive us,” Theodore offered. Rarely did the king or queen have time to chaperone their children.

Simultaneously, and with practiced ease, the cards moved into a neat pile on Tatiana’s desk as Theodore picked Aniela off his lap and set her on the floor. Tatiana’s eyes flickered with new-found mischievousness as her twin closed the door behind him and waved Aniela over. Excited to be included, Aniela scrambled over, but Tatiana stopped her before she could climb onto the bed. She leaned in close, Tatiana’s voice barely more than a whisper. Something in her voice made Aniela feel the way she did before she snuck into their mother’s closet without permission.

Tatiana’s eyes glistened. “You know what we should do?”

“What?” Aniela bounced as she failed to contain her enthusiasm.

“We should play hide and seek at the park, but you know how Theo always finds you so quick?” She paused, lowering her voice. “So when we get there, you go hide, and I’ll give you a head start before I tell Theo it’s time to look for you.” If Aniela had known about Alice in Wonderland, she would have compared Tatiana’s smile to that of the Cheshire Cat’s.

“Okay!” Aniela agreed enthusiastically. She put her fingers to her lips and turned an invisible key, offering it to Tatiana for safekeeping. Tatiana did not play along, letting the would-be key fall onto the bed untouched.

“And no telling Theo,” Tatiana emphasized. “I’ll tell him, but before we go you had better put Mum’s clothes back where you found them.”

“Okay.” Aniela sprinted out of the room and back down the hall. She placed the clothes back in the trunk at the back of her mother’s closet, pearls and all. She then returned to Tatiana’s room to find Theodore waiting and Tatiana ready to go. They piled into a waiting car; Theodore placed himself between the two girls. The driver would stay with them in place of a bodyguard, for while no one had expanded on the subject, Aniela knew there was some kind of protection in place that made them unnecessary.

Aniela pressed her face to glass as she watched the houses go by. “We here! We here!” she celebrated.

Theodore helped Aniela as she fumbled to get out of the car.

“You’ll want to chew some gum after you smoke or Mum will smell it on your breath,” Tatiana told Marcus as she climbed out. He coughed and Theodore’s eyes narrowed. “What? It’s true!”

Once Aniela was freed from her booster seat, she shot out of the car and went to find a suitable hiding place. She looked around and chose the jungle gym. Hiding in one of the many colorful tunnels, she listened for either of her siblings to start counting. When she did not hear any, she assumed she was safely hidden. Excited about the game, she was determined to stay put, at least until her short attention span got the better of her. Her gaze fell on two boys sitting in the gravel near the swing set; one was holding a vehemently protesting cat while the other pulled its whiskers.

“Stop it! Stop being mean!” her voice echoed through the tunnel. She crawled out and ran back to the twins.

She pulled on the hem of Theodore’s shirt with one hand and pointed with the other. “Mean boys are being mean to a kitty!” she screamed and turned to Tatiana. “Fix it!”

Aniela’s anger elevated once Tatiana’s eyes fell on the boys, able to read her sibling’s mood whether she wanted to or not. She moved behind Theodore, pushing on his lower back and keeping directly behind him as if he were an impenetrable wall. Tatiana walked over with an intimidating gait, so quiet in her movements that despite Aniela’s yelling, the boys did not look up until her shadow was upon them. One look at her and they both shot off in the opposite direction, leaving the cat to run off as well.

“Awe!” Aniela yelled, “Kitty! Kitty come back! I wanna take you home! Tia get it!”

“Ana, don’t be silly. The cat is not going to want to be caught after that.”

“But I wanna make it feel better. Tia use your ma-muh…” she was muffled by Theodore’s hand cupping her mouth. She huffed at him, but his hand remained firm as he began forcibly walking her back to the car.

“Not a word until we get home,” he hissed.

Confused, she looked up at him, unable to understand why he was angry now that the cat was free, but he remained silent.

“Marcus, gum please.” Tatiana shot out a demanding hand between the front seats once she joined them. He handed her two pieces and she passed one to Theodore.

“I want gum,” Aniela whined. The first and only time she had been given gum, she had swallowed it.

“You’re too young,” Tatiana gloated, blowing a large bubble and popping it with her teeth.

“Am not!” Aniela puffed out her bottom lip and made sad puppy dog eyes at her brother who she no longer felt was mad at her.

Tatiana reached across Theodore and pulled one of Aniela’s shoestrings, untying it in one fluid motion. “You’re too young until you can tie your shoe.”

“I can,” Aniela shot, bringing her foot up close and playing with the laces. Her tongue wiggled around, poking out of the corner of her mouth in determination. It kept her busy the whole way home until eventually, Theodore reached over and helped.

“Ana, you still want gum?” Tatiana asked once they were home.

“Yes please!” she held out her hand expectantly.

“Here.” Tatiana took the piece of gum out of her mouth and placed it in Aniela’s hand. A familiar grin spread across Tatiana’s face.

Aniela’s jaw dropped and her nose wrinkled in mortified disgust. Saliva pooled in the palm of her hand as it slid off the damp wad while she stared at it until Theodore took it from her. Aniela wiped her hand on Theodore’s shirt and he made no signs of minding, but as soon as Tatiana started to do the same, he gave her a dark glare and she wiped her fingers on her own shirt instead.

Theodore took Aniela by the hand and walked her to her room. “Stay. I will be right back and we can talk about why I had to cut you off in the park,” he commanded. He closed the door behind him. She waited for his footsteps to fade down the marble hallway before tiptoeing out of her room and back into her sister’s.

“What now?” Tatiana groaned.

“Why can’t we use magic outside?”

Tatiana had been lying on her back but rolled over on the bed before she answered. The same grin she had worn that morning pulled at the corners of her lips. “If you use magic, or mention it outside the house, in the middle of the night, when the lights are out and you’re sound asleep…”

“You just don’t!” Theodore interjected firmly. The door to Tatiana’s room had swung open so forcefully it collided with the wall, cutting Tatiana off mid-sentence. “Inside is one thing, but outside it is forbidden.” Theodore informed Aniela before Tatiana could contine.

Tatiana pouted and rolled back over, but Aniela could not help but worry where the story had been going. All sorts of terrible scenarios played through her vivid imagination involving monsters in the closet or bugs that came and carried people away in their sleep, but she did not want to know badly enough to ask Tatiana to continue. Theodore took her by the hand, this time more gently, and led her back to her room.

“Ana, don’t let Tia scare you. Magic is not scary; it is a gift. You will understand when you are older. For now, you do not want to get in trouble, do you?”

Aniela shook her head.

Now I know I normally just give you a bunch of links to click if you wanna see my review, but today I am making an exception, so you can read it right here… and then click the links 🙂 

I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy to read and for letting me participate in the release blog tour 🙂 This has got to be the most unique type of thing I have ever read… This edition is through the eyes of Ana (Aniela formally known) and she is a fascinating creature. She is literally the princess, but her family of royalty is very different from what you normally think of royalty being. No body guards, or major security, or special treatment. She goes to school with normal people, and stumbles upon a new girl, who immigrated into the island, and is blind… and also happens to have some serious powers. The island brings people to her (the island), in order to manifest their powers. It’s quite a unique story, with such an interesting twist. It’s hard to explain unless you read both, but I can tell you this, I really liked it. They are both very well written! and Ana is such a good person, with a big heart, she never wants to let anyone down, even when it constantly hurts her. I really hope that these continue to go on, especially when that ending-the last sentence really- has me holding my breath. I mean, I can’t call it a cliff hanger, but I can call it open-ended, if that makes since. I am so glad Ana got her prince charming, and I truly like Odette & Leocardo. I really dispise her mother, Alaya, and her sister, Tatiana, but her brother, even if he has a hidden agenda, seems like a good person at heart. I love her dad 🙂 All in all, I really enjoyed this, and it’s so awesome to see the same things but through different eyes… It’s a special thing these two authors working together have done. 4 big PAWS from me 🙂

Since all the links are posted at the bottom of the page, I will let you click them down below 🙂 Now, here’s a little something from the author 🙂 check this out… 

Guest post: By Eliabeth Hawthorne

Inspirations from literature and bad table manners

There are two sides to every story.

That’s the major premise behind how Blind Sight is written. Anyone who has ever listened to grandparents talk to each other without their hearing aids knows how funny those conversations can be. What one of them says is not always what the other one hears. Or trying to understand someone when their mouth is full, I wanted to capture the misunderstandings that occur when the perspective is limited to a single point of view, but I couldn’t do it alone.

I was first inspired by Tom Stoppard who turned Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet into the comedy Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Tom Stoppard’s play follows the plot of Hamlet through the point of view of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, giving them their own voice and own plot so that even though it is the same story line, it is a very different story. It was exactly what I expected out of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

I made a few futile attempts to write the same story from different perspectives and eventually let the idea drop. I couldn’t get the two sides different enough to where it felt like two different voices, but then I met Ermisenda on an RP site of all places. She was a brilliant writer, but more than that, she made me a better writer. We played off each other in a way that I just can’t explain unless you’ve ever found that other RPer with whom you just click.

It was a true partnership, making Blind Sight a superior novel to anything we could have put together individually. It wasn’t working from an already written manuscript and trying to put a new spin on it. We worked together every step of the way, literally RPing scenes over MSN and Skype since we live half a world apart.

Eliabeth Hawthorne
Before we get to the goodies… I thought this was fun… HERE is where you can VOTE for which character’s team you have chosen… Now for me I will say this… I don’t think either are more right or wrong. I think they are both right, but in a different way… let’s just say I think Odette is even more powerful than these two think, and I think she may a bit of both… but now, you gotta read to see exactly what I mean… 🙂 TUNE IN FOR MY “LEO” REVIEW NEXT WEEK 🙂 AND NOW…. 

That sounds crazy doesn’t it… but it so works 🙂 so here we go, for the giveaways… 

PRIZES: Did you enjoy the review? You could win a gift card and I could win one too! Just leave a comment about the review below and you’re entered in the drawing….

Learn more about Blind Sight: A blind girl drawing is abnormal even on the magical island of Edaion where leaves brush themselves into piles in the middle of the night. So when Odette Reyes, a girl blind from birth, begins to experience ominous side effects of the island’s “gift,” her brother Leocardo and best friend Aniela must figure out what the doctors cannot. As an immigrant, Leocardo is not biased by accepted rules of magic and determines that Odette’s drawings are premonitions. Aniela grew up with magic and knows premonitions are impossible. She determines Odette is a medium channeling voiceless spirits.

Who is right? Whose eyes will you read through?

Both books are “volume one” you can read one without the other and still get a complete story, but you won’t see how the characters interpret the same situation differently.

Buy the book! Both volumes are available as an e-book for Kindle (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.) and Nook (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.) Don’t have an e-reader, pick up a PDF on Smashwords (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.)

The paperback special edition will be available in the fall (northern hemisphere).

The authors:

Eliabeth wrote her first mini-series in second grade when the teacher told her she was not old enough to write a chapter book. Regrettably, for fear of turning into a starving artist, Eliabeth played it safe in college and is now a recent William Jewell graduate with a BA in International Business and Japanese. She now returns to what she truly loves, creating worlds for people to escape to and characters for them to fall in love with. Ermisenda began writing Harry Potter fan-fiction at the age of twelve and started developing her own writing at fourteen when she joined play sites and completed her first crime novel at fifteen. Although her favorite genres were crime and fantasy, she reads a bit of everything. Driven by the desire to evoke the kaleidoscope of emotions her favorite authors are able to, she kept writing. Growing up bilingual amongst her Spanish family in Australia, she found a love and deep appreciation for language and the power it wielded. She is now a Psychology major at the University of Newcastle. Together, they write as Ermilia.

Connect with us! We love to talk to our readers.

Goodreads (Eliabeth / Ermisenda)

you can also see some of the other blog tour spots here…

Now that you’ve got all the goodies 🙂 make sure and leave a comment here on my blog to win a gift card-think UNIQUE comments… we are looking for some fun, fresh, new comments, ya know, a little more than “hey I wanna win” 🙂 … and don’t forget… Happy Reading and later my reading gators 🙂 

Lunar Love Blog Hop & Giveaway

Hello today!! I am now back with another giveaway 🙂 I told you I was on a giveaway trip right now, so since I have signed up for a ton of blog hops & giveaways, it’s working out 🙂 Here’s the crazy thing…. THERE ARE OVER 170 BLOGS PARTICIPATING!!! That is so AMAZING, as we are all giving something away 🙂 Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Bookworm Lisa

So, let’s get right to it…

I’m going to have two different sets of books to give away… first, for the YA lovers… here ya go

Twilight (Twilight, #1)New Moon (Twilight, #2)Eclipse (Twilight, #3)Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)

yep, I am giving away the whole original set of the twilight books, since you know, werewolves are very lunar LOL NOW, for all the adults who want something great to read, here ya go….

Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson...Blood Bound (Mercedes Thompson...Iron Kissed (Mercedes Thompson...

Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series is one of my all time favorites… She’s a skin-walker…. I think you should read them if you wanna know all about these… And let’s just say that the moon has a very big part in her life 🙂 So I will send you these three books…

also if anyone is interested my friend has put his book for sale this month for only $.99 all month… Its a lovely lunar love book 🙂 Check it out here…

Here’s the rules… 1. You can be any age for the Twilights, but you gotta be at least 18 for the the Mercy’s 🙂 2. Sorry, but unfortunately this is only for US people, as shipping heavier books together can cost a fortune… But, I will have some more international give aways very soon 🙂 3. In order to enter the giveaway, all you need to do is post a comment on here with these things in it…

In your post, tell me…. *your name (or what you want announced as winner), *which entry you want (I want twilight, mercy, or both) because I will have two different drawings for each, *why you love things that have to do with the moon (whether it’s shifting, due to moon phases, vamps who can only come out when the moon is out, traveling to the moon, etc.) OR why you chose the book you did ( I pick twilight set because…)… I will announce the winners on the 14th or 15th 🙂 I will email you with the e-mail you use to leave a comment, so pick well 🙂 but at least you don’t have to leave your e-mail in a comment 🙂

NOW, don’t forget to visit ALL of the other book bloggers who are giving away something for their lunar love too 🙂 here where you can check them all out… OR

these two links are the host bloggers listings with all of the other hoppers, so make sure and check all of them out, or here… these are all the blog links that are (as of right now) participating… this could change, so the most up-to-date will be the host bloggers.

I really hope all of you get at least one thing, but I wish you extra good luck on all of them and as always, later my reading gators… Happy Reading 🙂



Winners!!! & some more giveaway stuff :) & a review

Hello everyone 🙂 

First, I apologize for the first post of this… it was my oops, I pressed publish instead of save draft 🙂 here’s the real one!

As promised, I will now announce all the winners to all my giveaways, and then move on to my next giveaway… YEP ANOTHER GIVEAWAY, which starts tomorrow, and then I’ll have another one starting over the weekend 🙂 so, be prepared it’s gunna get wild hahahahaha or at least that means you have time to win lots of books 🙂 Now, on with the show… let go with the Mardi Gras give away first… 

Since everyone opted for the short glass, & only one entry for the tall glass… the winner for the tall glass is 


now, for the short glass, I put everyone’s name on a piece of paper and had my mom pick 🙂 so the winner for the short glass is…


now, I will e-mail you guys and see about shipping, addresses, etc… 🙂 CONGRATS!!!  And let’s get started with the Indie Book Hop Giveaway… I’ve decided to pick one winner for each book chosen and a random winner or two 🙂 so lets get it started…

Moonspell Winner is Nikki the bibliomaniac 🙂  

Descended by Blood winner is LatishaJean

Enchantment winner is Laura Carter

The Descendant winner is Gena Roberts

Destint Binds winner is Jane

Blood Will Tell Winner is Kaci

Random winners 🙂

Julie Witt and Cathy are the random picked winners… Julie picked Moonspell & Cathy picked the Descendant

Congrats everyone!!!!

No worries, I will e-mail everyone first to make sure that they can claim their prizes 🙂 but I will only give 48 hours… so by noon on Thursday (my US time)… 


I do NOT think anyone should lose… so I am now going to post several links to today’s (& some are for a few days) FREE READS VIA KINDLE STORE 🙂 so, all ya gotta do it click on each picture of the book cover and it will take you straight to the amazon kindle store link for your FREEBIE!!! I hope I can find at least one for everybody’s interest 🙂 

Anathema (Cloud Prophet Trilogy, Book 1)Last Rites (A Lucy Hart, Rites Novel)Glimpse (Zellie Wells)Hollowland (The Hollows, #1)Jenny Pox (The Paranormals, Book 1)Glamour (Rae Wilder)Starfire Angels (Starfire Angels: Dark Angel Chronicles Book 1)The Emerald Talisman (Talisman Series, Book 1)Awakening (The Watchers Trilogy)Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles #1)Intuition

And here’s some more links, since I couldn’t just put 800 pictures everywhere 🙂

Yes yes, I know, that’s a crap load of links, but hey, I wanted to have lots of varieties 🙂 this way, everyone can say they got a book from me in some way… whether I bought it, or just pasted a link for you to get it yourself 😉 I try to also post them to my twitter page when I see they are on sale or a freebie for the day 🙂 Also, if you are on a regular PC, when you look at the link, scroll a little to the bottom & it will show you more books like it, and you can find MORE FREEBIES!!! 🙂

Alright, for the new giveaway, it’s another blog hop giveaway, but it’s quite big if I say so, and it’s gunna publish at midnight Thursday (or wed night) my time in Louisiana… but it will last a few days, so let’s just say it’s gunna be a very fun one 🙂 so, if you didn’t like all the links above, OR if you didn’t win, you will have multiple chances in the next couple of days as I am participating in multiple blog hops 🙂 

Now, just cuz I wanna throw it in here, I’m gunna post a review 🙂 

Dark Vow

I got this one from NetGalley and I haven’t read any of the books I got accepted for, so this is my first, and I really liked it 🙂 so here we go… here’s what ya need 🙂 

My goodreads review:


Barnes & Nobels:

 Thanks everyone for stopping by today and I hope you guys have a great week, and early good luck to my giveaways this week 🙂 As always, Later my reading gators & happy reading 🙂

Review and last minute giveaways

Hello everyone,  I hope you guys are ready for the weekend, like I am 🙂 I am gunna post my reviews first and then I will discuss the giveaways 🙂 soooo here we go 🙂 Fate Fixed (The Erris Coven Series, #1) Here is another book that I got from PRN&UF Fanatics to read for review, and as always I LOVED it!! Thanks so much guys 🙂 I would say it’s a good one for YA and it’s a paranormal romance… so here’s where you should go…

my goodreads review:


Barnes & Nobles:


Right now, I am reading for an author this book… 

Paradox - Special Edition: The Angels Are Here / Progeny Of Innocence (Paradox, #1 & #2)

this book is an omnibus of these two books… (click all the pictures to read synopsis) 

Paradox: The Angels Are Here (Paradox, #1)Paradox: Progeny Of Innocence (Paradox, #2)

I’ve finished book one, and have started book 2, but I have decided to do ONE big review 🙂 and then have a little something special from the author once it’s all done HEHEHEHEHE hopefully that lil something may include a character interview or a giveaway… or ya know, something good 😉 it should be in the next week or so 🙂


Late people to the party… I still have giveaways going on… so here’s where you need to look…

Mardi Gras Giveaway is here~

Leap Into Indie Book Giveaway is here~

here’s the kicker… I have decided to push BOTH deadline dates to TUESDAY MARCH 6, 2012… as I am still having people enter… so on TUESDAY I will announce all of the winners  together, in one big post!! YAY that means you have some extra days to enter extra times, at least for the Indie giveaway 🙂 woooooo!!!! I am chosing this because I won’t be my computer much until then… so my hectic laziness gives everyone else extra time 🙂 don’t foget to tweet the posts for extra entries 🙂 

I have a few other reads to do before, but starting on March 10, I will be in one of those blog hop giveaways again so MORE GOODIES!!! YAY!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!! And as always, Happy reading & later my reading gators!