Therian Character Interview

Therian (The Bloody Crescent, #1)

Hello everyone & happy Friday!! Today I have something extra special for you! Ms. Roxy, the author, has kindly allowed me to have an interview with Tayelon, the HAWT male main character of this series! & I think you guys will all enjoy it! I sure did!!! First, here’s a little something about the book…

Goodreads synopsis:  Amber has never been ordinary. She has a gift, the ability to see memories through simple touch, and for her it’s a curse. Especially when she has to relive her mother’s death, the night she was born, through her father’s eyes. Leading a sheltered life for years under his constant watch has her yearning for freedom and her acceptance into Cyprus Falls University gives her just that. 

She is immediately plunged into a world of true love, heart ache, seduction and horror. With a deepening affection for Tayelon Cree, whose sparkling hazel eyes leave her breathless, and the undeniable allure of Lucard Colbaine, who seems to be immune to her gift, can she accept what either of them represent in her life? And what about the steely eyed vampire who invades her dreams? When the blackouts and nightmares begin, Amber fears the pain that rips into her soul and threatens to destroy her. Before long she is faced with the truth of her destiny, as well as the devastating secrets that surround the people she holds dearest; dark secrets that will truly change the course of her very existence. Amber doesn’t know if she has the strength to accept the hand fate has dealt her. She will have to fight as hard as possible to remain human while the beasts inside her rage to take over.

and if you’re interested here’s the link to check out my review for it:

I will say this, there are some very interesting, different supernaturals in here, it’s not just one type… say, just vamps or weres. It’s got a lil of everything 🙂 So with that, I will now start the interview… and here’s where it took place! 

this is my favorite Resturant in my hometown-it’s literally a few blocks away 🙂 and here’s where you can check them out… Trust me, it’s FANTASTIC… South Louisiana is known for their awesome food and this place tops its list, here’s their menu link- …. and I’m biased because my mom’s best friend owns it, and she is one of those fantastic people everyone should have in their life! 🙂 Hi Jenny!! and Brian too 🙂 and the furry babies!! LOL

Now… On with the show… the deck picture shows where I am, and now, everyone…. welcome Tayelon 🙂

I sit and wait patiently, with my drink outside of my favorite restaurant (which over looks our slightly, dirty, but still pretty river in my home town) on the back deck…  I’ve ordered some snacks (which include some Jumbo Firecracker shrimp, and some Gator Bites, with a Tropics on the Bayou (it’s a big girl drink LOL)  while I wait… yes, I include food, because I am from south Louisiana, and if you looked at the menu, you’d order everything too!  *sigh* I don’t know if I should be nervous meeting Tayleon, or more cautious *giggles* And then he walks in, & I’m too excited to care about the rest… 

Me:  What was the first thing that popped into your head when you saw Amber?

Tayelon: Who’s that hot girl over there, I’ve never seen her before? Chuckles softly. No really, I remember thinking that she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She was radiant, and for a second my heart stopped beating.

Me:  *I think I am swooning a little… if that’s possible* And then, what was the second thought?

Tayelon: I needed to know her name, what her favorite color was, whether she preferred roses or lilies. I know it sounds crazy but I had to know everything about her. And it wasn’t just because I thought she was beautiful, it was a physical need. Every bit of me ached at the possibility of not knowing her. It felt like my life depended on it.

Me: *Mon Dieu… that means my Lord in French…. I think I am drooling now!* How do you feel about your sister Luna and Amber being friends? Do you think Luna would ever hide something from you because Amber asked?

Tayelon: I have no problem with them being friends. Deac is my best friend and he’s with Luna. Sometimes it makes things uncomfortable but we stay out of each other’s business, most of the time anyway. Grins. Luna would never hide anything important from me, even if Amber begged. Besides, I know her too well, so I’d be able to tell if she was hiding something and sooner or later she’d have no choice but to spit it out.

Me: *I think I am gunna have to get with Luna and Amber both & have them learn some stealth moves from this kid LOL* I know you believe you did the right thing, with Amber’s father, that incident, but… what if she says it wasn’t the right thing for her? What would you do?

Tayelon: I would do…WILL do everything in my power to make her see that it was the right thing. She needs to be shown how much of a monster her father was. It’s going to be tough and I know it’s going to take a lot to get her to trust me again, but I love her enough to never stop trying.

Me: *sigh* he sure is determined to be right, but I know he loves her… does this excuse things? I guess we’ll have to find out 🙂 How do you feel about Amber’s friendship with Luc?

Tayelon: Scowls and darkness enters his eyes. Amber knows exactly how I feel about her friendship with Lucard. I don’t like him and I don’t want her anywhere near him. There is just something about him that rubs me the wrong way. I mean come on, no guy is that perfect. He can’t be trusted.

Me: *Hehehe typical male, always jealous, and possessive*  And with Tristan?

Tayelon: Tristian? Huh, that boy can try all he wants…I’m in no way jealous of Amber’s friendship with him. He’s a harmless freshman trying his luck!

Me: *giggles* hmmm, maybe we should make it so Taye gets a run for his money! LOL What happens if Amber decides she likes/loves someone from the newcomers from the end of the book?

Tayelon: Sits back and glares with anger. She won’t. I’d rather see them dead before that happens. Amber’s heart belongs to me. Once a wolf finds its mate, it’s for life, and that’s exactly what she is…my soul mate. 

Me: *cringes* oops, I think that was the wrong question…. Would you stoop low enough to have someone, like Luna or Deacon, spy on Amber to get information (ok, stalk her) for you, even if you knew it would backfire on you &/or them?

Tayelon: I wouldn’t exactly call it spying, but Amber is the most important person in the world to me, so of course I’d have someone watch over her. To ensure her safety—just in case she ever needs anything. She’s extremely vulnerable at the moment and if she won’t allow me to look out for her than I’ll make sure there’s always someone doing the job for me.

Me: You know, sometimes the whole he-man thing is hot… and sometimes is just a total turn off… I’m not sure which I am choosing here… If you could have Amber back, but under conditions, would you do it? And by conditions I mean she gives you an ultimatum or something of that sort?

Tayelon: Depends on the ultimatum. I’d do just about anything for her, but I can’t change who or what I am, and I will never apologize for what happened with her father. It would go against everything I believe in.

Me: *Here we go, always right. Is this just a man thing… * *scowls* oh boy, now he has me scowling like him! Would you give up what you are…. Maybe not just for Amber, but in general, if you had a choice tomorrow to not be… differently abled?

Tayelon:  Never. Although at times it can feel like a burden, this is my heritage. It’s in my blood and I cannot change that. Besides, to wish to be anything different would mean dishonoring my father and my ancestors.

Me:  Good for you… this one I understand J

This or that?

  1.  Boxers or briefs? Hahaha, yep got right to that one 😉 What if I said neither? Gives a devilish smile. It would make things a lot easier when phasing, but I’d have to say boxers.

*stares, with mouth open, drool about to drop out* hmmm, I-I-I…. ok… let’s move on *I so wasn’t expecting him to be blunt right back*

  1. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Black with two sugars. My fave is a caramel vanilla latte
  2. Chocolate or vanilla? Nothing can beat chocolate. *sigh* I don’t eat chocolate, so I don’t think anyone will ever agree with me here 
  3. Movies at the theater or at home on dvd? Definitely at home on dvd. Can’t go to the theater wearing nothing but my boxers, now can I? Winks. *sputters drink all over self* oh well, ya know, I guess you are right…. *I think I am blushing*
  4. Black or white? Black
  5. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset  THANK YOU! I am so not a morning person, & I think they are beautiful… 
  6. Night or day? Night
  7. Beer or liquor? Both really. It just depends on the occasion.
  8. Chicken or steak? Or maybe seafood? Steak. Thick, juicy and rare. Would you like to try some of my yummy seafood? Ya know, just so you can say you’ve tried them all?
  9. Hugs or kisses? Hugs. Don’t get me wrong, kisses are great, but I’ve always found hugs to be more intimate. *I think I love this kid*
  10. Hahahaha I know it’s not a real question for you, but do you think you could ask Luna to stop by maybe one day, cuz I totally love her oooh, ooooh, and maybe Deacon too, cuz ya know, I think I have a soft spot for him 

Tayelon: I’m sure Luna would love to stop by anytime. She loves the spotlight and you’d probably have a hard time getting her to shut up for two seconds. Deacon on the other hand is not that big on interviews but you’re sweet enough, I’m sure he’d make an exception for you. *Smiles really big*

Me: thank you so very much… I think I have cemented my reasons for loving you! Good luck, with Amber. I think she’ll come around for ya. Maybe grovel a little huh 🙂 hahaha *watches him leave while I sip my drink* 

If you want, and I think you should, check out Ms. Kade’s blog… she’s got some goodies going on right now…   she’s got some great interviews with her own characters… for Taye go here and for Amber go here hehehe it’s so fun 🙂 and find out all about the news on these characters and their books here on facebook…

I hope you enjoyed this  as much as I did… and thank you again so much Ms. Roxy!!! 🙂 hopefully soon, I’ll get a chance to meet Luna too 🙂 she makes me happy! I wish you all a great weekend, happy reading, thanks for stopping by, and later my reading gators 🙂 

If you have any questions for the characters, or comments, let me know, and I’ll include them in my next interview… especially as book 2 gets closer to coming out!!! 




2 thoughts on “Therian Character Interview

  1. Roxy Kade says:

    Thank you so much, Mags! Tayelon really needed to be given a hard time for his choices in Book 1, and you did a great job!! 🙂

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