Hunted Blog Tour! Part 1

Hello everyone!

Today I am part of the Blog Tour for the Book Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield… From the author of SCARS, comes a YA paranormal fantasy/dystopian published by WestSide Books

Caitlyn is a telepath in a world where that is illegal. She is on the run from the government troopers, trying to stay hidden and alive–and trying to help make the world a better place for others with paranormal talents.

Read what others are saying about HUNTED and check out the freebies you can share with your blog readers – and of course have for yourself!

Visit to learn more about the book.

Read the 1st 6 Pages or download it as an ebook: (You may need to right-click)

And here’s what the author says about her inspiration for this book:
Now I recommend that EVERYONE go here and check out all the AWESOME goodies that comes with this book! Like a postcard with some words from Caitlyn, a playlist, handbook for survival, A FREE SHORT STORY, comic strip, and MORE!!! go here–>
Now my job today (for this post at least) is a book review… so  here we go!!! 
Let me start by saying that this book is pretty awesome, but not in a fairy tale type of way. It’s quite deep and dark, but I think the fact that it’s got such a realness to it is what makes it so good. Think holocaust and/or slavery but with paranormals. Some people are gifted, called Paras and they are hunted, persecuted, treated terribly, and have some awful things done to them just because they were born that way! It all started when the world found out some people had these gifts and then had the Cleansing. It’s as bad as it sounds. 

Caitlyn and her mom are on the run, on a desperate way to save themselves from the government who will either kill you, torture you until you die, or enslave you to work for them to hunt others just like you. This kid makes me want to be brave and have half of her guts! She knows that there are some non-gifted humans who sympathize and even support the Paras but with the terrible circumstances, it could mean death for them just because of association. Caitlyn takes some high risks but it’s the right thing to do, even if it means forfeiting her life. And to top it off, she falls for a non-Para and this could literally mean death if he finds out, or worse! 

This is also a story for abuse victims learning to get help where they can and having a friend to lean on, regardless of the chance and risk, can mean the whole world! AND it’s got twists, turns, crazy good plot, and a total surprise that will slap you in the face! Honestly, I really wanted to hug Caitlyn, I think she needed it, but the end, she found a network of people who were willing to be there for her, no matter what… And that’s worth it all! 

I think everyone should read this, wether it be a teen, who is bullied in school, or the bully, for you can learn a valuable lesson, or an adult, as you can learn that a smile or even a hello to a stranger can be a lifeline! Yes, it’s a hard subject, but it’s something everyone should be aware of, and the paranormal side just makes it down right adventurous! And fun too! I think I’d like to have the ability of move things, without touching, telekenetics 🙂 empaths, telepaths, and clairvoyants have something that may be a little overwhelming! 

5 paws for me! 

Come now, don’t you think you should ALL be reading this! Also, since it’s a tour, I don’t think you should miss out, so here’s some of the other places with dates you should be checking out…

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Since I have another stop on the tour, I am gunna quit here, and leave some goodies for the imagination and make sure I have something good for my next stop! I’m excited, since I will have Caitlyn here 🙂 YAY!!
As always, Happy Reading, thanks for stopping by, and later my reading gators!! 🙂 

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