Hunted Blog Tour Part 2!

Hello everyone!

I know that today, I was supposed to do a character interview, and-it’s my fault- I totally forgot to send the questions in on time, so… no interview! HOWEVER-I promise that when those questions & answers do get back to me, I will post them up, even though the blog tour may be over! I am seriously sorry guys. I wrote those questions as I was reading, saved them all pretty, and then NEVER sent them to be answered! BAD DOG! hahahaha sorry, that’s I discipline myself 🙂 But, since I am still considered part of the blog tour, I cannot just skip out, so instead I decided to continue posting some goodies in place! 

Today I am part of the Blog Tour for the Book Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield… From the author of SCARS, comes a YA paranormal fantasy/dystopian published by WestSide Books

Caitlyn is a telepath in a world where that is illegal. She is on the run from the government troopers, trying to stay hidden and alive–and trying to help make the world a better place for others with paranormal talents.

Read what others are saying about HUNTED and check out the freebies you can share with your blog readers – and of course have for yourself!

Visit to learn more about the book.

Read the 1st 6 Pages or download it as an ebook: (You may need to right-click)

And here’s what the author says about her inspiration for this book:
Now I recommend that EVERYONE go here and check out all the AWESOME goodies that comes with this book! Like a postcard with some words from Caitlyn, a playlist, handbook for survival, A FREE SHORT STORY, comic strip, and MORE!!! go here–>
Here’s a few types of Paras 🙂  

In HUNTED, Caitlyn is a telepath—she can hear other people’s thoughts, and can make other people hear her thoughts. No one can keep secrets from her!

If you had a paranormal talent, what would you want it to be? (You can select multiple answers if you want to.)

Telepathy—be able to hear other people’s thoughts, and talk with other paranormals mind-to-mind without anyone else hearing. So you could hear others’ true thoughts if you asked them a question, or even hear their memories or secrets. And with another telepath you could have secret conversations even in class that no one else would hear.

Telekinesis—be able to move objects with your mind. So you could tidy up your room without getting up and touching anything, or get yourself a snack from the kitchen without getting up.

Teleportation—be able to move through space just by visualizing it. So if you were powerful enough, you could be in New York and visualize being in Florida, and there you’d be. Or after school you could imagine yourself home, and you’d be home without having to take the bus or walk there.

Precognition—be able to know or predict future events before they happen. So you could warn someone you care about before something bad happened, and help them avoid it.

Astral Travel—be able to travel great distances quickly with your soul, able to hear and see things without anyone seeing you’re there. So you could listen in on your parents talking at work or downstairs in the kitchen without them knowing you’re there.

Postcognition—be able to see and hear events after they’ve happened. So you could know whether someone accused of stealing something really did steal or not.

 Medium—be able to talk with the dead. So if you were powerful enough, you could talk to someone you love who’s passed. Or you might end up talking with someone you don’t even know.

Empath—be able to feel the emotions of a person, place, or object. So you could know what someone is really feeling even if they’re trying to hide it.

Psychometry—be able to pick up information from an object by touching it. So you could find out things about your best friend from her past, present, or even her future just by touching her watch. For some, it can also happen through skin contact.

Energy Healer—be able to heal people or improve their health by touch or over distance. So if someone you love had a serious disease or was wounded, you could help them reverse it.

TeenPara-comic-strip-Ep-01-Fini-web (788K)

For those who’ve missed my earlier post with my review, you can find it HERE

Again guys, I am so sorry my craziness has delayed something awesome, but I promise when the author sends me the answers that I will still post it, and you guys have a great day!

Also, check back tomorrow, and Thursday as you are going to be really happy with my very exciting posts 🙂 I have some freebies and giveaways going on 🙂 YAY! Not that it makes up for today hahahaha 🙂 Happy reading, thanks for stopping by, and later my reading gators!! 🙂


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