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Hello again my lovely peeps 🙂 Today we are starting week 3 of this read along! Guess what… we’re getting really close to the end!!! 🙂 that means we are getting close to the release of book 2! WOOOOOOOOO!! so for all you slackers, here’s how it goes…  this is a blog-hop-read-along :) we are reading the same book at the same time, and sharing our answers with everyone! It’s so much fun! For those of you who would like to participate, it’s not too late, as you can go HERE and find out all the details & PRIZES for this awesome fun adventure! Also, don’t forget to stop by the host blogger’s site, to see all the other bloggers participating and their answers! 

WEEK THREE Questions:

April 19th – Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings

Chapters 16-24

1. Heven’s mother has definite ideas about Heven and her scars – what they mean – and their relationship is strained. Do you think their relationship can be saved?

I’m one of those lucky people that have a saintly fantastic mother, so I could never fathom my mom doing this to me… However, if Heven’s mother were my mother, I would RUN, far far away, as how can anyone help themselves when the one person they should turn to for support pretty much hates everything you have become! I know, because I am not in that situation, and like I said, I gots me a wonderful mom, I understand why Heven doesn’t run, and keeps trying, but hell, I’d rather a mom who doesn’t notice me, than a mother who does what this mom did! :/ 

2. Sam tells Heven about how he came to be living on his own, how his parents kicked him out after he became what he is. He doesn’t seem angry though, he seems to accept it. Would you be angry? Do you think he should be?

hmmm, let me be slightly personal… I know how a parent could be a bad parent, and anger is ok, but only if it is productive. You should never let your life revolve around that anger, or let that anger allow you to make bad decisions, so good for Sam! I think it’s great that he is moving on from negative and toward positive! However, I know what it’s like to be angry for the choices your parent(s) make. Sam is better off without them, than he is with them, even if it means being lonely… but lonely is better than mistreated, degraded, unloved, and unwanted…

3. During these chapters, Heven and Sam visit the Inbetween and meet Airis (aka The Hope). Were you surprised by this series of events? Do you think a place like the InBetween really exists?

Well sure, maybe not InBetween itself, but there’s something somewhere for everyone 🙂 as for me, I think it’s cool that the InBetween is part of the story, as it gives you a little more of a glimpse in some things…. or it leaves you asking more questions, and that, my friends, is what makes a great mystery 🙂

4. When Heven’s scars are no longer a part of her and she says “she no longer recognizes herself” – do you think that the absence of her scar will change her once more?

I think that sure, it will change her, but, I think she’ll always keep a part of herself as she was with the scars… my explanation is this- if you lose someone you love to death, you mourn for a while and it changes you, and after a while, one day you wake up and it’s less painful, and as time goes on, you have memories and things you learned from that time period, but you move on and hold on to those memories… just like those scars, she will move on, but they are still a part of her on the inside because you just can’t forget an experience like that. 

5. Gran is very accepting of Heven and of Sam. Do you think that she understands more – knows more than she lets on about Heven’s life or do you think her love is just unconditional?

How about both! First, dude, Gran’s are just cool-most of them. They love you just because and with Heven, all she wants is her granddaughter to be happy. As for knowing, Gran’s are always smart hahahaha they know things you don’t, either it be because they’ve lived long enough to experience, or they are just wise and full of intuition… I don’t know, nor do I care, because Gran’s are just cool LOL and Heven’s gran loves her! 

Don’t Miss the Live Discussion with Cambria

Five Alarm Book Reviews hosting a live event with author, Cambria Hebert on April 28th at 3 pm Eastern.  For those of you who are familiar with Cambria, you already know how much fun she is.  For those who are not familiar with her, this is your chance to get to know her.  Attendees will have the opportunity to pose their own questions in the forum while listening to the live audio feed.  Get all the details.

ALSO, I’ve just seen this (ok I saw it last week or so) but boy am I excited!!!!!! I’m stupid happy, cuz I’ll be part of it, so GRAB IT & make sure you check it out when it starts!! 🙂 YAY!!! I can’t tell you details just yet, but I promise to scream it from the rooftops when I can 🙂 hehehehe!!! I know, I’m such a nerd!


Since we are coming to an end of today’s post, I’ve decided everyone should know that I am a “comment” junkie! I LOVE feedback, whether it be just saying hello, or leaving a reply about something said, or just something you wanna say yourself! I always comment back, it’s my manners that tell me I needa thank my people! LOL! So with that, happy reading, thanks for stopping by, and later my reading gators!! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Masquerade Read Along Week 3 :)

  1. Nikki says:

    I cannot wait for this book! I love Sam, LOL

  2. great answers this week! I think that you are exactly right about Sam, it is better to be lonley than to be mis treated. But I don’t think Sam will be lonley… he is too good for someone (Like Heven, lol) not to notice him!
    So glad you have been blessed with a wonderful mother! Hopefully Heven and her mom will work out their differences.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      I completely agree about Sam being wonderful, and as for Heven’s mom, I kinda hope Heven just leaves it, as how can she ever forget the things her mom said and did… it’s more hurtful to have her around and reminding than it is to not be there…. hmmm that’s just me 🙂 but I would want it to work out for her if her mom finds her mind again (since I’m pretty sure she lost it) hahahaha

  3. Heidi says:

    What a great post.It was nice of you to put a shout out about the tour. I have been behind the scenes and it is going to,be awesome and different. Glad you snagged a spot.
    It is so nice to hear that you have such a wonderful mother. Too bad Heven and Sam can’t say the same. Oh yes Grandmas are wonderful.
    the best. Thanks again for participating so nice to have such a lovely little blogger like you on board.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      awww thanks so much!! & I am definitely blessed in the mom department and I am SO EXCITED that I snagged a spot & it’s gunna be such a blast! 🙂

  4. bookgoonie says:

    I so glad that they both got away from their bad parents, whether by choice or not. Though horrifically sad, it doesn’t seem to have changed them negatively.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      I completely agree 🙂 unfortunately sad things happen everyday in life, I am happy that they seem to have moved on and sticking to the positive things!

  5. I am also impressed with the fact that Sam has pulled it together and is not allowing his relationship with his parents to dictate who he is. I really like Sam.
    I find it incredibly realistic to see Heven keep trying. She is young and still has a need for her mother’s approval. I wish that her mom would get it together. Thankfully, Heven has her grandmother.
    Great answers. Thanks you for posting about Cambria’s live event.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      I feel so bad that Heven keeps trying with her mom and she keeps getting her heart broken. But it’s always like that. Everyone wants someone to love them… especially their parents 🙂 thanks so much for stopping by!!

  6. Jean S. says:

    Sorry, my answers are a bit late.
    1. I really don’t think Heven’s relationship with her mom can be saved. She thinks she’s evil!! Ridiculous! Since she is her mom, I’m sure Heven will try, but that just seems like a really big hurdle for them.
    2. I bet Sam was angry about it when it first happened, but he’s gotten used to it over time. I would definitely be angry about it. In fact, it’s probably good that we had a break in reading, because I was a little ticked off at Heven and her reaction when she found out about Sam. I couldn’t help but compare her reaction to Sam’s parents’ reaction, especially since she kept thinking his parents were so awful, but she kind of did the same thing (or at least something similar). I guess she was more upset about the lies… Still felt awfully similar to me.
    3. I was surprised to see the In Between, because authors usually dance around it. It’s usually implied but never seen. I’d like to believe it exists.
    4. I think the absence of her scars will change her once again. She’ll always remember the In Between and her bond with Sam when she looks in the mirror. I don’t think it’ll change her as much as she changed when she first got the scars though.
    5. I think that Gran’s love is unconditional (the best kind). It’s possible that she knows more, but I’d like to think that she can give Heven the love she deserves and isn’t getting from her mother.

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