Interview with MCV Egan

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to shed some light into an author that you guys should check out! She’s got that cool book (picture above) out and I thought you guys would like to know a few things about her… Here we go…


First, tell me a little about your book ….

The Bridge of Deaths is a cross genre Historical, Mystery, Paranormal Romance. It is based on well researched and well documented story centered on a passenger airplane crash in Denmark. The intrigue and history of the era right before WWII broke out.

The story is told from the perspective of a young couple digging into the events to resolve issues carried over from a past life.

It was researched through many traditional sources; archives, newspapers and interviews and many untraditional sources past life regressions, various psychics and a Peruvian Shaman.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I always enjoyed writing and it became a need to communicate when my family moved from Mexico City to Washington, D.C. I wrote long letters to all the friends and relatives I missed. Somehow I feel I always knew.


What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

Amongst the five deaths that were reported from the plane crash one was an employee of Standard Oil of New Jersey, a Bio-Chemical Engineer and he was my grandfather. He died 20 years before I was born.

The story of his life and death was something that intrigued me.


Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

I incorporated many things that were me. The nightmares I gave Bill were based on very different nightmares (mine did not involve water) that I had, right before I began to explore past lives in the late 1980s.

I believe as a world as a society we should strive for pacifism and I gave that characteristic to Maggie. I dabble in Astrology and I gave that characteristic to Maggie’s Mom.


How do you choose when/which characters die in your books?

Funny you should ask…because of course in The Bridge of Deaths I had no choice, I had five very real corpses. I am however writing a very different book right now, and I am trying to decide who lives and who dies, and I have decided, but some with regret…even if it does create a better read.


Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

As a self-published author I am becoming friends with so many new authors and I have such deep respect and admiration for them and their work, that I cannot give you a list…it would be too long and I would be bound to forget someone!


Who do you look up to as a writer?

I like many writers, I like John Irving, Nick Hornby, Susan Howatch and I absolutely love Sommerset Maugham. That is to name a few, because there are MANY authors I really admire and whose work I enjoy alive and dead OH! Kurt Vonnegut and…too many to choose.


If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

I might have included more images particularly from the archives. I am very happy with my end result.


Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Re-writes, editing…feeling the need to revise what the day before may have seemed brilliant!


What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

I took my teenage son to see The Hunger Games and became curious about how the story unraveled, so I asked around got the gist of book two and read Mokingjay by Susanne Collins. I really enjoyed it , I had not read Sci-Fi in several years. I enjoy a wide variety of genres.


Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

I guided the team at Authorhouse and provided the images. We had a few fails before I approved the work.


Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?

I learned an enormous amount of history. I learned a lot about the Lockheed Electra 10A aircraft. I learned how to read autopsies. I am sure I learned many other things.


If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

Maggie and I would choose her because she is the happiest and most free=spirited. I love her philosophies and the passion in everything she does.


Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

Other than The Bridge of Deaths by M.C.V. Egan? 😀 There are so many great books out there, but my job right now is to plug mine!


Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read my work and especially thank-you to those of you who have had such positive feedback. I have been very humbled and honored by many of your reactions.

I would like to tell Ms. Egan thank you so much for stopping by and helping to spread the word about her book! If you would like to stalk her, I suggest going to her website… … as there’s a great load of info and she has this REALLY COOL moving banner at the top that I am fascinated by LOL 🙂 & it’s just pretty, so go now, cuz I said to LOL!

Happy reading everyone, thanks for stopping by, and later my reading gators 🙂


3 thoughts on “Interview with MCV Egan

  1. Tahnks what a fun interview!

  2. OMG…THANKS ! Thanks ! That is what I get for typing too fast and not reviewing what I write…:)

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