Hunted Blog tour Part 3 :)

I know that the blog tour for Hunted is over, but I got those questions in for a character interview, so I figured, what they hey, let’s put em up!! 🙂 Here we go!! 


and you can see my review HERE and goodies from the author HERE


ME:  In the beginning of your story, you’re on the run.  I know the “running” sucks, but do you think, at that time, it’s the right thing to do for you safety, even for your mom’s?

 Caitlyn:  Yes. If we don’t run, the Troopers can track me down, enslave me, make me hunt down other Paras. I would never want to hunt down another Para, betray them that way. And I’ve seen the way they treat Paras they capture. I’ve felt it. It’s inhumane–it’s torture. As much as I hate running, never having a home, running is what keeps us safe–me and my mom, both.


Me:  Also in the beginning you let us in a little with what you call “emptiness” with your mom, as you say she has completely shut herself off and made her powers disappear. Do you ever wish you could do that just to be normal, even for a little while?

 Caitlyn:  Yes, sometimes I do. It can be really overwhelming, getting everyone’s thoughts and emotions all the time. And I wonder what it would be like to not be afraid all the time, to not be constantly looking over my shoulder or being on the run. But at the same time, I can’t imagine how awful it would feel to not be connected to the people you love, to not know on a deep level whether they’re safe if they’re not with you, or whether they’re lying.


Me:  You see Alex on your first day of school and you describe a calming effect, especially with your powers. How does that make you feel?

 Caitlyn:  It feels so good! I’ve never experienced such calm before, such peace, except maybe with my dad. It’s incredible to actually have a break from all the mind-voices that are always battering at my mind. But it’s also so weird–Alex isn’t a Para. I don’t understand why Alex helps me feel so calm, but he does, and I love it.

 Me:  Do you think that feeling made you more attracted to Alex?

 Caitlyn:  Hm. You know, I think you’re right. That wonderful calm feeling I get around Alex, the utter relief at getting a break from the cacophony of voices for a while is pretty amazing to experience. But I also love Alex’s easy laughter, his love of people and life, and how sweet he is, right to his core. That’s pretty attractive. And so is his body! I love that he’s a swimmer, like me. 


Me:  I know Rachel as your first, and probably best friend, but do you ever wish you could return her feelings for you?

 Caitlyn:  I felt guilty that I didn’t, and when I sensed her hurt and her strong emotion, I almost wished I could. But we are each attracted to who we are attracted to, and for me that is Alex. I think Rachel gets that, though I know it was hard for her at first. I love her as a friend, which for some people isn’t enough, but Rachel’s been amazing. She is there for me, and I try to be there for her.

 Me:  If you couldn’t have read Rachel’s mind, and didn’t realize she was a lesbian, do you think it would have affected you differently? Or your friendship? At least before she told you…

 Caitlyn:  It might have, but I don’t think so. It does help to have a kind of forewarning, somehow, an extra few seconds or minutes or days to think something through. But I don’t think I’m homophobic. I know what it’s like to be hated for who I am (as a Para). So I don’t think it would have made a difference to me.

 Me:  How do you feel about your mom now, after all of the things that have happened and she opened up to you about how she felt and why she made the choices she did?

 Caitlyn:  I am so glad we talked. It really helped me let go of my hurt and anger. I thought she was trying to shut me out and play it safe! I felt so much more alone, before, but now I feel good again.

Me: If you could talk to your dad, or see him, what would you wish the most for from him?

 Caitlyn:  Oh. I’d love a hug from him again, to hear his laughter, see his smiling eyes. But I also really want to hear from him how to protect myself more as a Para. He always had great ideas, and worked with me to figure out new techniques. I miss that, and I think it would really help me.

 Me:  Do you think it’s fair that para’s are persecuted for being a little different, even with the powers to rule the world? Possibly destroy it?

 Caitlyn:  No. It’s never fair or okay to persecute anyone; it’s just wrong. It’s a basic human right to be treated equally, and with compassion and dignity–or it should be. And Normals have the power to rule the world–they already are ruling it–and they have the power to destroy it. Just look at all the wars, the armies and Troopers, the nuclear weapons. It scares me sometimes, people who can’t connect with other people mind-to-mind and feel each others’ emotions being in the power to effect the entire world, to destroy it. But I have to hope that they’ll change, learn, grow, open up more. I know some pretty great Normals. 

 Me:  How do you feel about being a hero? You know you are right? 😀

 Caitlyn:  I don’t think I’m a hero, not really. I just don’t want to see other people hurting. I want to help people be okay. And I want equality for Paras. But…thank you for saying that, for your kind words. It’s pretty lonely and hard sometimes. But I think, I hope, that things are going to change. More Normals are listening to us, not judging us as much! I hope they keep doing that.

 Me:  Thank you so much for meeting with me, and letting me ask all these crazy questions! I hope you have a wonderful time and I can’t wait for your next story!

 Caitlyn:  Thank you for asking me your thoughtful questions; I had a lot of fun!

Well guys, sorry it’s so late, but there we go, straight from Caitlyn herself! I really suggest you read this book, as it’s not just a great supernatural story, but a great life lesson in survival! 🙂 

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