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Hello everyone!

No, I did not spell my title post wrong, nor is the book title spelled wrong. It is purposefully spelled this way. I am SO excited to be a part of this blog tour. I am also so happy to have been able to read this book, as I am not usually a vampire fan *ducks and hides*… yes I know, GASP, but sometimes vampires are repetitive and that bores me LOL HOWEVER, this book is flippin awesome, and not repetitive at all! It’s a whole new take on vampires and living with humans… let’s now get started!!

Vaempires: A white Christmas: A prelude to the Evolutionary War

If you click on the tour picture, it will take you to the blog site where all the other stops for the tour are listed-HINT: I AM NOT THE ONLY STOP WITH A GIVEAWAY 🙂 hehehehe there is your incentive to visit the other stops LOL Now, if you click on the book cover picture, it will take you to the goodreads page where my review, and the synopsis, as well as other info is there just for you 🙂 I will first begin this post with my review of the book, and a small explanation…

Ok let me see if I can explain without spoilers. Vampires and humans live in a post apocalyptic world together and vaempires are a mutated version of vampires. Hehe the vampires are the good guys and vaempires are monsters. There are two points of view- Cassie and Daniel. Cassie is the princess and Daniel is a royal guard (her guard) who happen to secretly love each other…. And the tragedy strikes!! PS you get a small glimpse of this in the prequel-no worries I’ll talk about that too 🙂

This book is not like the typical vampire books. It’s a very survivalistic, action packed, fast read. And the whole time is based on the day of the doomed attacking of the Princess’s birthday celebration. It’s very well written and makes me want to change my mind and be a vampire! I was at first reluctant, as there is always a brooding male vampire in love with a human girl, and blah, blah, blah, romance… NO!! This is not that kinda thing. After the crazy humans (yep, we are crazy and you know it) declared war (with pretty much everything, including the vampires) they launched some nuclear bombs (STUPID) which took out half the planet and killed most of the population of both humans and vampires. For those who happen to survive, they have worked out a way to all live together peacefully, or so they thought.

There are a few things that are going on, and I REALLY like the supporting characters, which you meet in the prequel, and see glimpses of in here. I am seriously hoping to see more of them. I think I have the hots for one of them, hint- it’s Ray 🙂 LOL And THAT ENDING!!! How ya gunna do that to me! I always say I’m a fan of well placed cliff hangers and THIS IS ONE- so fair warning lol I think I was a little devastated and shocked, but at the same time, I’m not… I dunno how to explain this. I will definitely be picking up book 2 as I cannot wait to see how it’s going to play out!! Will Daniel finally rescue his princess or will too many dangers keep them apart! Boy oh boy! Great one!! 5 paws

hopefully that review will entice you to check this new series out… BUT I’M NOT DONE 🙂 Let’s now go on to my character interview with Cassie 🙂 This is a killer-SO FANTASTIC!!! Check it out 🙂

This interview takes place approximately midway between Væmpires: White Christmas and Væmpires: Revolution.

Maghon: Hello everyone. I’m so excited to announce a very special guest for today’s interview—Princess Cassandra! That’s right; our very own fairy princess is sitting across from me and she’s agreed to answer everything and anything thrown her way during this segment.

Cassandra: Hey! (Laughs)

Maghon: (Also laughs) Within reason, of course. We can’t expect our future queen to divulge all the royal family’s dark secrets, can we?

Cassandra: Not without earning the grounding of a lifetime, you can’t.

Maghon: Well, all right, then; let’s get started. Princess Cassandra, good morning and welcome to Happy Tails and Tales. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re here.

Cassandra: Believe me, Maghon, it’s my pleasure. And, please, call me Cassie.

Maghon: Okay … Cassie it is. But only if you agree to call me Mags.

Cassandra: Done.

Maghon: I have a whole list of questions on hand, Cassie, but I’m moving off topic right away because of what you’re wearing. That jewelry is quite beautiful. Beyond beautiful, actually—more like exquisite. Red teardrop earrings and a matching pendant. They’re crystal, I assume?

Cassandra: Yes.

Maghon: Can you tell me about them?

Cassandra: Well, Mags, the jewelry was a gift. The hand-crafted pieces are meant to signify two things; the first being tears, as you noted. But the shape also signifies drops of blood. I have to admit that they are so delicate and beautiful that I’m terrified to wear them. I’m afraid I’m going to lose them or that I’ll get caught out in one of Orion’s windstorms and a strong gust will blow them away. Don’t get me wrong, I carry them with me at all times because I can’t stand having them out of my sight, but I don’t get the courage to actually wear them too often. (Laughs) That’s pretty much the whole sordid story.

Maghon: Almost, but not quite, Cassie.

Cassandra: I beg your pardon.

Maghon: Well, I’m honored that you chose to share that story with us, but I believe you left out one little detail.

Cassandra: A detail?

Maghon: Of course. You forgot to mention whom the jewelry was a gift from.

Cassandra: Uh … well—

Maghon: I assumed the gift was from your parents, Cassie, but I smell a secret in your hesitation. A gift from a suitor, perhaps?

Cassandra: A suitor?

Maghon: Yes, Cassie, a suitor. As in a person with the intention of knowing you better.

Cassandra: (Laughs) I know what a suitor is, Mags.

Maghon: Excellent. Then you can answer the question. Was the jewelry a gift from a suitor?

Cassandra: Let’s just say the gift was from someone special.

Maghon: By “someone special,” you wouldn’t happen to be referring to a certain young man from a prominent military family, would you?

Cassandra: No comment.

Maghon: (Laughs) A special someone who will remain nameless, then?

Cassandra: Yes … something like that.

Maghon: Fair enough, Cassie. For the time being. (Sighs) But now, why don’t we change topics?

Cassandra: Sure. To what?

Maghon: How about we move on to this summer’s momentous event: your sweet sixteen party! (Cheers)

Cassandra: (Laughs) Okay.

Maghon: There’s so much I could ask you, Cassie: the party details … what you’ll be wearing … who’s invited … who’ll be performing … but there’s really only one thing I want to know.

Cassandra: What’s that?

Maghon: We all know that a princess turning sixteen is allowed to ask for one special wish. Traditionally, the princess requests something related to the world-at-large. I want to know what you’re going to ask for. Specifically, given the current climate—in particular, the increased tension between humans, vampires, and væmpires—I want to know if your wish will be in any way related.

Cassandra: I’m sorry, Mags, I can’t answer that right now.

Maghon: Can’t … or won’t?

Cassandra: I can’t. The truth is that I haven’t decided yet, so I don’t know the answer to your question.

Maghon: I understand. But here’s a question you do know the answer to: where did you spend Christmas?

Cassandra: What … (nervous laugh) …what do you mean?

Maghon: C’mon Cassie. Even though every light in the house was on, everyone knows the palace was minus one royal family for the holidays. The rumor mills are running rampant with talk of secret meetings somewhere in the Americas.

Cassandra: I can’t talk about secrets of state, Mags, so you know I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors.

Maghon: Understood. But all I’m asking is where you spent Christmas.

Cassandra: Why, I spent it with my family, of course.

Maghon: (Laughs heartily). Okay, Cassie, that round goes to you. So, I’m going to be tenacious on an earlier point. The first time you wore that necklace and those earrings was at this past New Year’s party—when your family was definitely here in Orion—correct?

Cassandra: Perhaps. Probably. I can’t really say for certain.

Maghon: I can. I did some research and it turns out that those earrings and that necklace were never photographed, noticed, or even mentioned prior to that party … which would seem to strongly indicate that they were not just a gift, but a Christmas gift. Is it safe to say that?

Cassandra: Yes, it would be safe to say that.

Maghon: So … this secret meeting may or may not have taken place … but if one did, it is safe to assume that the royal guard was there, as well, is it not?

Cassandra: If a meeting occurred, then yes it is.

Maghon: And if the royal guard was there, it is safe to assume that the captain of the royal guard was there, as well, true?

Cassandra: Sure.

Maghon: And if the royal guard was there, and the captain of the royal guard was there, then it is safe to assume that the captain’s son was there, as well. Yes? After all, Daniel is second-in-command, correct?

Cassandra: I … I guess so. What I mean is yes—to both questions.

Maghon: So … and I’m just brainstorming here, mind you … it is possible that the special someone who presented you with that exquisite Christmas gift … was Daniel.

Cassandra: (Nervous laugh) That’s quite a leap of logic, Mags.

Maghon: And that’s not an answer, your highness.

Cassandra: I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you asked a question.

Maghon: You’re right; I didn’t. So, did Daniel give you the necklace and earrings?

Cassandra: No comment.

Maghon: (Exasperated laugh) Cassie, everyone in the seven provinces thinks the two of you are involved. Give me something to work with.

Cassandra: Everyone knows that our parents are best friends, Mags. Our families are understandably close. Closer than close. Daniel and I have been friends since birth. It’s never been a secret that he and I share a rare and unique relationship.

Maghon: A relationship that now extends beyond friendship?

Cassandra: No comment.

Maghon: (Growls) Oh, you’re no fun! You royals never are. Too close-mouthed. But I’m not giving up. Since you won’t tell us about your relationship with Daniel, tell us something else.

Cassandra: Like what?

Maghon: Tell us something that no one else knows about Daniel. Something juicy.

Cassandra: Mags! He’s right outside the door!

Maghon: Daniel accompanied you here?

Cassandra: He’s … guarding me.

Maghon: He’s a member of your assigned guard team?

Cassandra: Well, not really …

Maghon: Not really? He’s here on guard business, correct?

Cassandra: Yes.

Maghon: But, he’s not part of the team?

Cassandra: No. He’s alone. There is no team.

Maghon: Oh my! This is absolutely delicious! And such irony! Are you telling me that Daniel is your personal bodyguard?

Cassandra: No!

Maghon: What a wonderful shade of crimson you’ve turned, Cassie. It quite matches your necklace and earrings—the gift that may or may not have come from the young man who’s now apparently assigned with guarding our nation’s greatest asset. (Laughs) That’s quite a bit of responsibility for someone so young, don’t you think?

Cassandra: I assure you, Daniel is quite capable of handling any situation that arises.

Maghon: Wow! I won’t even touch that! But seriously, from what I’ve seen of our future captain of the guard—(whispers) and who knows, perhaps even more than that—something tells me that he is, in fact, quite capable.

Well, someone is knocking. Shall we see who it is?


Maghon: It turns out our time has been cut short as Princess Cassandra was just whisked away by her (chuckles) quite handsome young bodyguard. Daniel wouldn’t explain why, but I’m already seeing reports of a possible terrorist attack in Orion’s west side.

That’s bad news for us, and bad news for those working so hard toward peace, but I’m so thankful that the princess was able to stop by today. And thanks to all of you for joining me!

hehehehe wasn’t that just awesome 🙂 I really like her, and I do hope after everything that has happened, things can get better… BUT I’M STILL NOT DONE!!! I would now like to introduce Mr. Thomas Winship himself, as a guest post…


The Name Game

Hello everyone. I’m so excited to be today’s guest blogger at Happy Tails and Tales! I’m Thomas Winship, author of Væmpires: Revolution and Væmpires: White Christmas. Both books are part of a new, ongoing vampire series that explores the question: what if vampires evolved?

I hate naming characters.

Yikes! That’s probably not the best way to begin a guest blog. Forget about turning you readers off, the use of the “h” word probably shot me right to the top of a special interest group’s watch list—you know, one of those groups that protects unnamed fictional characters.

Is it me, or does there seem to be a special interest group for everything? I mean, even sticking with just the topic of unnamed people, even I know of—and I’m quite a neophyte, I guarantee—special interest groups representing: 1) the random, unnamed cowboy who ambles across the street just before the shootout (and just after the tumbleweed) in those old western films; 2) the drunken, unnamed frat boys who criss-cross the country stirring up riots whenever a college championship is decided, and 3) people who anonymously post on websites and blogs.

I mean, I’m all for protecting the defenseless, but c’mon …

Still, I’d better get back on track before the protestors shut me down.

So yes, gentle readers, the truth is that I hate naming characters. In fact, it isn’t just characters that I hate naming, it’s pretty much everything: countries, cities, streets, weapons, technology, you name it (no pun intended) … but I especially hate naming characters.

Names are labels. Labels suck. I’m not trying to take a stance or make some kind of social statement. I’m not even afflicted by a crippling fear of commitment. I’m just horrible at coming up with names.

Character names, that is.

I couldn’t care less about names for actual people.

I can name people all day without breaking a sweat. If you’re about to have a baby and you’re undecided about a name, drop me a line; I’ll come up with a name on the spot.

Because who really cares about his/her name? If it’s that bad, you can change it. The easy way to do so, of course, is to adopt a cool nickname, but you can do so legally if you want.

Artists do it all the time. So do people running from the law.

Those two groups have more in common than either want to admit …

Nevertheless, I believe deciding upon a character’s name might be the most difficult part of writing. So much can rely upon a name: the right one can offer insight into a character’s character (no pun intended), while helping plant an accurate visual in the mind’s eye.

On the other hand, a bad name can become an insurmountable obstacle—and will be quite difficult to change later. While I’m certain there are authors out there who can turn a character’s desire for a name change into a scintillating sub-plot, I assure you that I am not one of them.

Still, it might be an interesting project for NaNoWriMo in November …

Anyhow, knowing how important a name is creates a lot of pressure. And it’s not just the first name, mind you—last names have to be selected, as well.

Some names require hours of research and a painful decision. Now, don’t get me wrong. Not every name involves a difficult choice. Some names pop into existence as soon as a character is envisioned and it just feels right. Luckily, this happens almost half the time—otherwise, I’d probably never finish a story.

On that note, let me share the history behind some of the names selected for Væmpires: Revolution:

Vielyn—(first appearance Væmpires: Revolution)—everyone’s favorite new villain has a name that seems somewhat exotic and unique… yet, it is anything but. Although it is pronounced vee-ellen, it’s actually just a slight modification of the word villain. Vielyn is a bad guy, pure and simple. He’s evil, he’s black-hearted, and he’s going to get much worse as the series progresses…

Still, even the most despicable despot deserves love (in fiction, at least), so you can expect Vielyn to find his perfect soul(less) mate in an upcoming novel.

Her name is Vendelia. As my mother would say, “She’s a doozy.”

Iris—(first appearance Væmpires: Revolution)—I spent weeks agonizing over this name. During that time, Iris was identified within the novel as ***. I struggled. What name could best reflect a character with the fashion sense of a punk rocker but the power to resurrect the dead?

After much contemplation, I settled on Iris, shortened from Osiris, the Egyptian god associated with death and life after death. Moreover, Osiris is usually depicted in bright, flamboyant colors—much like dear Iris.

Steven & Elle—(first appearance Væmpires: White Christmas)—I selected the names of Daniel’s parents as an homage to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. In the Dark Tower, Roland Deschain’s parents were named Steven and Gabrielle. And while the Dark Tower is set in a future rendered archaic by the devolution of technology, Væmpires is set in a future that’s technologically evolved, yet also feels archaic. It’s all very fitting and just feels right.

Councilman Donrel—(first appearance Væmpires: White Christmas)—Donrel is an interesting character. In some ways, he’s the firebrand of White Christmas, and although we have yet to find out what he’s up to during the revolution, his heart seems to be in the right place (which is advantageous, since he’s a warm-blooded væmpire!) and he also serves as a voice of reason—even when his view is unpopular. Because of this, I chose to name him after Tolkien’s Elrond—another person who headed a council and was willing to give voice to the unpopular truth. Donrel is an anagram of Elrond.

Queen Anne—(first appearance Væmpires: White Christmas)—The name of Cassandra’s mother is the key to a very important reveal that’ll come much, much later in the series. I think it’s so clever (and that, ladies and gentlemen is to key to happiness: believe what you want about yourself, and don’t let anyone or anything else—even conclusive facts to the contrary—convince you otherwise) that I’m willing to offer this to the first person that figures it out:

  • An autographed first edition of every Væmpires book ever printed
  • A reading (at your home or local library) every time a new Væmpires book is printed
  • I’ll personally select the names for all your future children!*

*These must be real, not fictional, children.

And, with that, I bid you adieu. Or farewell. Or whatever label you want to stick on it.

I’d like to thank all of you for stopping in and offer a very special “thank you” to Maghon for hosting my Dark Mind Book Tour and for inviting me to Happy Tails and Tales. I hope you enjoyed my guest blog. I’d love to hear what you think of it and/or answer any questions you may have. Post comments or questions below and I’ll be sure to respond.

Feel free to stop by my website and reach out. I’d love to hear from you if you check out Vaempires.

Below are links where you can find me.

Take care,

Thomas Winship









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It’s always so awesome to hear what authors have to say, not just in books but in real life. And how they come up with things. BUT I’M NOT DONE!! I’ve got one more thing… A GIVEAWAY!!! oooooooooh and the book trailer 😛

ok, here’s how I’m gunna make life REALLY easy for the giveaway. YOU ONLY NEED TO COMMENT ON THIS POST WITH AN ANSWER… no forms, or rafflecopter, or other crazies 🙂 Here’s the rules… It’s INTERNATIONAL. You have a chance to win an e-copy of Vaempires: Revolution. I would like to thank Mr. Thomas Winship for offering that wonderful gift and for letting me participate 🙂 NOW- here’s what you need to answer… CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT THE PICTURE ON THE BOOKS ARE? OR YOU CAN TELL ME SOMETHING YOU LIKED ABOUT THIS BLOG. OR ASK THE AUTHOR A QUESTION! On the subject of the cover, I originally thought a christmas decoration ball, dripping with blood-NO, wrong… Then I tried to figure it out, BUT I now know what it is… You will know once you read, but for those of you who haven’t read, I would like some fun guesses. There are some hints here and there if you are reading this post and a few other stops on the tour as well as the video. If there is more than one person who guesses the right answer, I will put your name in a hat, and pick one 🙂 If no one answers the right answer, I will still pick one and then I’ll tell you what it is 🙂 or for those who post a question/ like, I’ll pull randomly. Since it’s May 31, and the tour goes on until June 12th, I will allow you to enter intil June 17, which is 2 weeks to enter 🙂

I’m so happy that you guys all stopped by and I am beyond thrilled that Mr. Winship was so kind and fun!!! I cannot wait to continue reading this series and as always, Happy Reading my Gators 🙂

Naming Contest

Hello everyone. I apologize, you’re going to have two posts from me within a few short hours. I normally try not to bombard people with a ton of posts, but today is special and tomorrow-ok at midnight- is a tour giveaway 🙂 so let me get right to it… You will see some cute pictures of my newest addition of my farm! Yes today is about animals!! Most of you know I’m passionate about animals and I’m a vet tech, but today you get to see why it’s so special to me! This little bull calf was born Saturday, May 26… He was the last calf to be born of this season and we had been waiting!! However, on Monday, we (my grandpa and myself who have the cattle) realized that he never suckled from his mom, this means he was starving to death-literally… We immediately penned momma and baby up (she’s a little nuts so it was not a good thing) and I carried baby to a very upset mom while we tried to milk her to feed him from a bottle. Momma’s milk is always best. After hours of major sweating- south Louisiana is stupid hot right now- and poo, which got on my face, yes it’s disgusting, cursing (you don’t wanna know I called his mother) and stress, I was able to get him to drink a little… I swear he was gunna die on me. I will not give sad details. So Tuesday we got supplements and goodies and tried to get mom to let him suck directly from her. It wasn’t working. Today I began bottle feeding milk supplement from a bottle and he is so much stronger and now follows me all over while licking me in inappropriate places. Lol my butt is always wet now 🙂 I’ve saved another life and I’m so happy!!! So here’s the contest… He deserves a cool name. I usually give easy-to-remember names… His dad,our bull, is brindle stripped so his name is Brin! I can post his picture later too lol!! But I’ve got a few names in mind and I’m going to let you chose for me… Or help me find one 🙂 there was literally no names meaning survivor-except one which is quite long-so I’ve got a few here and I’ll take some recommendations if you wanna help out 🙂 I’ve added pics for you to meet him 🙂 here’s the names I’ve found:

Cayden-Scottish- spirit of a warrior
Kyland-German- bull
Kaydon-English-strong willed

I really liked Kyland but they seem so similar, & my grandma told me I was not to name him Dude, I’ve been calling him that, and she says NO!! Lol so here’s what I’ll do. If you comment with either one of the names above you like or find me a cool (& tell me what it means) I’ll gift you an Amazon or Barnes & Nobles or ITunes $5.00 gift card (winner’s choice) to buy something for yourself. Hehehehe that’s so easy right. I’ll be feeding him multiple times a day so I promise to take more pics if you guys wanna see. Lord you get to see me do my thang hahahahaha!

He’s very red, with lots of white spots all over and a sweet little black stripe across his neck. It’s a dude in case you didn’t get that, so no girly names hahahaha and he’s so cute! The first pic is him and his mom. We have to separate them when I feed because she goes crazy, but not for long periods. I’ll leave it open thru the weekend, as he kinda likes “Dude” lol! You can also post multiple names and times as I’m really just trying to get a name. And as long as you can get a US gift card, you can enter 🙂 or play for fun. Or maybe I can try book deposit that ships all over or something! Lol good luck everyone! Thanks for checking it out!! now go forth and comment!!! Oh and don’t forget to come back for the book your tomorrow 🙂 ps forgive any mistakes, I’m using my WordPress iPhone app again lol




For all of my Shannon Dermott and Mercy fans… Or like me, FLYNN FANS… I think every person should see this little special insight into Flynn’s mind… I LOVE THIS AUTHOR!!! I’m trying to patiently wait for book 3 🙂 so here ya go!! Enjoy 🙂

Shannon Dermott

So here is the bonus chapter of Flynn in Waiting for Mercy at the Wedding.  I hope you like it.

This isn’t the exact dress I envisioned for Mercy.  The one in my head is a little more form fitting and ending at the knee, but its close enough.

Flynn…. Not necessarily the suit, but certainly the attitude.  That knowing that you are hot!

Without futher ado……

Bonus – Flynn POV at the wedding (copyright 2012 by Shannon Dermott)

Click link below to read.


Not really a part of the story, but this picture just reminds me of Mercy.  I’ll let you decide who the guy is or should be, lol. 🙂


*THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that…

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More winners & some fun news!

Hello everyone, 

Today,  I am (very bittersweetly) going to give away several things. First–to the paperback copy winners from last week, I am waiting for the shipping supplies to come in from the post office, and I will ship everything ASAP, and that goes for today’s winners too 🙂 as for kindle books, they are sent ASAP from confirmation 🙂 ok, enough of me, let’s get winners!! 

Beg for Mercy (Cambion, #1)

the kindle version of Beg for Mercy book 1 goes to MIMIROSE41209
Waiting for Mercy (Cambion, #2)

the kindle copy of Waiting for Mercy book 2 goes to BN100

Cold Blood (Dirty Blood, #2)

this one is killing me, but the paperback copy & signed book mark from heather Hildenbrand goes to….

Jenni@Alluring Reads

I want you to know that I love giving so many things away, but I am secretly hating Jenni for winning that stunning paperback copy! hahahahahahaha I’ve looked at it everyday since I got it in the mail…. *sigh* it’s ok, I’m on Heather’s street team, so I am sure there will be more things to win, but a promise is a promise & I said I would give it away if I won it 🙂 

CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!! e-mail have been sent for confirmation and I will give you till Thursday, May 17, 2012 to contact me for me to send you your winnings!! 

Next up, I know you guys who follow me saw me post the read along with Cambria Hebert’s Masquerade! Well, I GOT MY WINNING STUFF IN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! *swoons* everything is soooooooo beautiful! I won 2nd place for the bloggers and I got several things… AND I’M GUNNA GIVE IT ALL AWAY!!! ok, well, there’s the blog tour that has started for book 2, Charade. I am gunna be a stop on this tour with a very special post, and I am going to give away several things… I have decided to surprise you with my giveaway, so you have to wait for those LOL I know, such a bitch, I am 🙂 but, if you wanna get in on all the other stops and their giveaways too, here’s all the links…

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Hope to see you all there!

I know June is quite a bit away, but I promise it’ll be worth it! I am going to have a few more blog tours-with giveaways of course-first, so at least you won’t be left hanging LOL … I just wanted to get this out here, so as always, thanks for stopping by, and happy reading my gators! 

Dark Mercy Book Tour

Hello everyone! Today I am a stop on the Dark Mercy Book Blog Tour, and I have some lovely goodies for you.


If you click on the picture, it’ll take you to the schedule of the tour and all the links that go with it, so you can check out others’ posts as well. Now, let’s get started with all the good stuff….

Goodreads sysnopsis:  1955, Las Vegas, Nevada

Angeline has been on the run from her sire, Linus, for centuries. She’s tired, and she’s lonely. High from mescaline-induced blood, she sees a sign—a church that seems to glow in the distance—and she knows. Her future mate is in that building.

Important Author’s Note:

Dark Mercy is the beginning of Hadrian and Angeline’s story, not the end. Their HEA will happen later in their own full-length novel. This story is important both for the overall series and for this couple, but it’s not their HEA. Just a mild disclaimer so no one goes in with false expectations for this story.

I would like to now give you a little excerpt from the book, so you can see a little inside 🙂

“A-Angeline. I haven’t seen you here in awhile.” Could he not get that schoolboy stutter out of his voice?

“I was fighting temptation,” she replied coyly.

Hadrian cleared his throat. “And did you succeed?”


She glided closer—or floated. The length of her dress made it impossible to tell which. She stopped mere inches in front of him. He should have taken a step back, should have excused himself, but her strange eyes locked with his. They drew him in, hypnotizing him.

If he were another type of man, he would have proclaimed she was a witch putting him under a spell, but it was just as much his responsibility as hers for not moving away. It was his fault for not finding a replacement for midnight Mass.  His mind became fuzzy.

What was I just thinking about?

Her eyes pulled him in, making the rest of the room swirl around him in a slow blur. If he’d looked down to find them both floating and spinning in the air, he wouldn’t have been surprised. He was dizzy from the delicious scent emanating from her.

Her voice was a siren’s song when she spoke again. “Forgive me, Father, for I’m about to sin.”

Angeline’s mouth tasted like hot cinnamon candy as her lips descended on his. Her lip gloss left his mouth tingling. She might burn him alive with a single kiss. She chuckled as she continued her exploration of his mouth, as if he’d stated his thought aloud and she found it amusing.

Somewhere deep inside him was the place that was screaming that this must not happen, but it sounded like it was shouting from far away down a long, dark hallway, disappearing into a tinny echo. Quickly overtaking that voice was one penetrating thought that refused to release him.

I want her. I want her. I want her. I want her. The thought happened in rhythm to the beat of his heart.

Her lips left his mouth and made a burning trail over his cheek and up to the lobe of his ear. “Father Hadrian.” It was a breathy pant that held all the promise of a new universe unfolding.

He couldn’t remember what she said after that or even if she said something after that. The pounding of his own blood rushing through his ears—and other blood racing south in response to her nearness—had drowned out his ability to think or hear anything else but the lilting magic of her voice calling his name.

“Father Hadrian… ”

Her tone had gone from that of an angel to a writhing serpent as she rubbed her sinewy body against him. This was wrong. The thinking part of him clawed to get out. Something was all wrong about this, beyond the breaking of a vow. But he couldn’t form a coherent thought.

I want her. I want her. I want her.

“And you shall have me. Forever,” she said.

Had he spoken out loud? He wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me right now,” he said, as her fingers slid under the Roman collar.

It startled him. His collar. Where were his vestments? There were more layers of clothing, or there had been a few moments ago. He glanced down to find the vestments somehow on the floor of the sanctuary. He started to pull away.

“No, Father. Eyes right here on mine. Stay with me.”

His gaze shifted back to her eyes and his will merged with her again. He didn’t realize his shirt was off until the air from the chilly room hit his bare chest.

“Oh, what a surprise. You must work out. Don’t be shy, Father Hadrian. It’s a crime you never get to be inside a woman with this body.”

Now, I will give you my review…

I was thinking that this was going to be a typical vampire book-you know, blah, blah, I wanna kill people for their blood, and oh, woe is me, blah- hahahaha, but NO! First, it’s told mostly from Angeline’s point of view, and she is struggling with the fact that she still has “human” thought, but is a “monster”.  She is just looking for companionship, and even though she goes about it the wrong way, I still feel bad for her. I’m not sure if it’s due to her bad turning, terrible sire, or the fact that she’s just so lonely.  And then we get a look into the priest, Father Hadrian.  I am thinking I am definitely going to like him in the future, as he is going through some tough things in this story.  He’s pissed that he’s a monster, and torn from his vows, and then decides that he can use his powers to “save” people.  Now, by saving, you may not be thinking of the same thing that he is thinking.  

This is the short, fast, beginning of these two, and I have a feeling that this story line can turn into some great drama, as well as some of the coolest characters.  I am very, very interested to see if Tam will be in the picture for the next round, and I cannot wait to see what Father Hadrian is going to do with his new found glory 🙂 However, with the ending that this book has, I have NO IDEA where the author is going to take us… So, I’ll jump on and hang on along for the ride 🙂

Now…. here’s a little interview with Father Hadrian… be prepared to get a little shocked…

Welcome Father Hadrian!!

1.  Did you believe in supernatural brings before you saw Angeline? 

Oh yes. The Catholic Church is very clear about the existence of demons and we are specially trained in the exorcism ritual to banish them. However, the jury was somewhat out on vampires. But it wasn’t hard to put two and two together once the pieces started assembling.

 2.  When you first saw Angeline, did the thought even occur that she was something “other”?

 I can’t honestly remember. I know the thought occurred to me that she was a danger to me, but I thought she was more a danger to my holy vows than anything.

 3.  Now that you have “turned” and you’ve decided to use your “powers”, what’s your end goals?

 I‘m afraid I can’t share that information. My author would kill me for spoiling readers. She’s a little bit insane about that.

 4.  Do you think you’ll get forgiveness for the choices you’re making now?

 I’m not looking for forgiveness. Becoming a half-demon, I made my split with God.

 5.  Do you think you’ll be able to keep at least some of your vows now?

 The vows are meaningless now. You shouldn’t assume that my method of feeding is based upon some oath to God. It’s more payback for what I couldn’t do when I was human. My methods work, but don’t assume I’m good. If I stumble upon you in some dark alley, you aren’t guaranteed safety. I’d have to look inside your head to find your darkest secret… then I’d decide. Seriously, you women should stop watching Vampire Diaries and Twilight and swooning over Damon and Edward and whoever else’s “team” you’re on. It could get you in trouble one night.

*cringes and shivers* Thinks to self, “I need to bath in holy water” *holding on to silver cross necklace

 6.  When you went into the in-between, what do you think the man meant when he said you had to choose wisely?

 Oh, I know what he meant, but I don’t know if that would be revealing too much. The author is standing over my shoulder as we speak shaking her head at me. That girl has some definite issues. Oh, how cute. Now she’s giving me dirty looks.

7.  Do you think you’ll see Angeline again?

I am not privy to the information that happens in my future. I’m a vampire, not a witch.

8.  How about Tam?

I’m not sure why I would run into her again, but in the span of eternity, odd things happen.

9. Will you have any continuation stories?

The author says readers should read her author’s note at the front of Dark Mercy for that answer. Presumably she wants you to know but not me. *growls*

10.  Do you have anything you want to say to us mere humans?

I am not your friend. I don’t sparkle. Don’t talk to strangers.

Thanks so much Father and to Zoe for doing this!! I look forward to seeing both of you in the future!

Don’t look forward to it. It might not end well. (With me. Zoe, is a bit neurotic, but a sweet enough girl. You’d probably be safe with her.)

I swear I am polishing my crosses I wear when I get home 🙂 and I am so not leaving again in the dark, but that’s probably one of the most honest interviews I’ve ever gotten, as he didn’t care if he scared me, I think he wanted me to be scared! I would like to thank the author, Zoe Winters, for giving me a copy to review, and Dark Mind Book Tours for letting me participate and doing all the hard work that goes along with scheduling a tour 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed it… And now, for a few links for you to check out 🙂

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I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, and to everyone else who stopped by!! 🙂 thanks! and happy reading my reading gators!!

the Demon Underground makes me Ecstatic!!

 Today my lovely people, I would like to talk to you about the Demon Underground series by Parker Blue!! I originally got the first book when it came out from my little book store and I JUST FLIPPING LOVED IT!! I can also say that each book gets better as the series progresses! Here’s the first 3 books in the series! 

Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1)Try Me (Demon Underground, #2)Fang Me (Demon Underground, #3)

Now, this next book, which is book 4, was just released & it’s EVEN BETTER than the first 3!! I’m seriously stoked about this series continuing, and slightly sad that I have to go back to waiting for this series to gimme gimme another!! 🙂 I would like to thank NetGalley for allowing me to review this book, and I sit and wait til my hardcopy comes in!! Here’s my review…

Make Me by Parker Blue

You ever hear the saying, “some things are too good to be true”…? When you have the luck and life of Val, you should never hold things and/or people too close, as they WILL leave her. *sigh* I am one of those really crazy HUGE fans of this series!! I was so excited to see this title on NetGalley while I wait for my copy to come in-THANKS NETGALLEY- that I literally screamed when I got my approval notice, and then I dropped EVERYTHING and jumped in to read this one!! Seriously, I really am a crazed, over-zealous fan LOL 🙂 This will be my first “real, official, big” review, now that I have a blog and can talk all I want!!! 

This is book 4, so you may see some references to the first 3 books, but I will try NOT to put anything too bad in the spoiler part 🙂 The first few sentences of the first book had me screaming-seriously, as Val is kicked out by her STUPID mother on her 18th birthday. Her step dad and sister love her, but they are stuck in the middle, so they say nothing. Val’s luck continues to go to hell-pun intended 🙂 She finds out the truths about her “demon” heritage, and even finds out that there’s a demon underground meant to help demons fit into the human population. She meets Micah who then becomes like a mentor to her. She also gets a job with the police on a special branch of supernatural watchers. There she meets Dan, who, KINDA becomes her love interest, and fellow cop partner. I loved Dan until he became very STUPID-yes I keep using that word because I cannot publish cuss words on the internet LOL But she also becomes a roommate to Dan’s sister, Gwen, whom I LOVE!!! and she also gets Fang–FANG IS SO AWESOME!!! Fang becomes her true side-kick, as he is a hellhound-terrier mix 🙂 I giggle at his image in my head! And along the way, she meets Shade-Shade is very, very swoon-worthy!!- and finally gets a happy ending, or does she? Poor Val, everything always goes wrong for her. 

Ok, now that we’ve got the past established, let’s get to this book, which is basically an all out mess for Val. She sacrificed the most important thing in her life to Shade only to have it continuously bit her in the…. yeah, back there 😉 I think I stayed furious at Shade thoughout this WHOLE book, as I really, REALLY was in love with him until now! Hot damn, I told you Val has terrible luck. But in this installment, pretty much everything bad you could think would happen, did, all for the worse. She goes to Austin with the Vampires-as she is stuck in that damn contract- and ends up trying to help the vamps, the demons, AND the humans, as an Apocalypse would kill them too LOL I think all the truths she learns from this book will hurt the most, but will help her the most in the long run. She learns exactly who her real friends are, who’s got her back, who’s gunna break her heart, and who is a crazy, evil, nut case 🙂 There is so much humor in the book-especially from Fang, and so much action, as Val is a true kick @$$ heroine, and tragedy, mixed with sad and happy times. I really don’t want to give away too much.

The writing is like no other! Parker Blue makes me feel like I’M IN THE BOOK living things out, instead of Val. I’m not sure just why I have grown attached to this series, or these characters, quite like I have, but I can tell you part of it is due directly to great writing! It’s still considered a YA, although no actual sex, there are some slight undertones, so maybe for the older teens. I would recommend this WHOLE series, to everyone I see LOL or blab to on my blog! Get them all! I am now sad again that I have to wait for the next book to come out… I shall have to re-read this series a few times LOL! There is no doubt here, that this series gets a BIG 5 Paws from me 🙂

If I can tell you a few things to interest you in this book, I will say this. I am usually NOT a vampire fan, I always chose differently, cuz vamps are so over-rated-sorry to my vamp fans, I still like to read vamp stories, I just don’t like them for MY love interests LOL BUT……. Hot, sexy, cowboby vamp Austin has changed my mind… REALLY, I wanna cowboy like him 🙂 I would now like to tell you WHY… here’s my favorite quote from him in this book….

He resettled his hat low on his forhead, hiding his eyes.  “Well, Darlin’ “, he drawled, ” I think I need a cigarette.”  “I think we all do,” Ludwig said in awe.  

I think this is actually one of my favorite scenes in the book, first I was in shock, and then I giggled, out loud, for a long moment just like a school girl caught eyeing the football players in their locker rooms. LOL now… one of my favorite quotes from Fang, it just makes me laugh!

As Fang sniffed the deer, I remembered what I’d heard about dogs.  “Don’t go rolling in that smell”, I warned him.  He cocked his furry head to look up at me.  “PUHLEESE. I’M A HELLHOUND. I DON’T HAVE THOSE PRIMITIVE CANINE INSTINCTS”

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for a blog tour I’m hosting, and especially don’t forget to put your name in the drawing for my other giveaways, which will go through the weekend, I’ll have the winners on Monday! Go here—>

Thanks again everybody who stopped by and as always Happy Reading my gators… 

WINNERS!! Review, & last chance giveaways!!

Hello everyone!! 

I’m know, I’m so sorry for being so late… but, first, I will now announce the winners for Ruby’s Birthday Giveaway, so I can hopefully get in touch with the winners to send those books out 🙂 I will e-mail the winners with the e-mail they provided in the form 🙂 You guys have 48 hours to claim your winning book 🙂

Rachel Chan wins The Descendant

Mary Ann W. wins Blood Will Tell

Nikki (that sexy manscaper) wins Slumer -LOL Nikki, I just love my best employer!! 

Michelle@BookBriefs wins Enchantment

BN100 wins Dirty Blood (check below as I’m also giving away book 2 right now 🙂 )

Doodle wins Moon Spell 

Barbara Elness wins Sins & Shadows

Amber Garcia wins BloodShot

Brooke wins Deadworld 

congratulations people!!! i will send an e-mail to each of you to make sure your e-mail/snail mail addresses are correct and I will get those to you ASAP 🙂 thanks so much for helping celebrate my fellow blogger friend’s birthday!! 

Now onto a review… 

Royal Street (Sentinels of New Orleans, #1)

I got this one from net galley so I gotta say extra thanks to them 🙂  This story is a version of magical wizard meets cops, with a side of Hurrican Katrina.  Now I will start with, being in south Louisiana, I lived through Katrina, not terribly like New Orleans, as I live more to the western side, but all the way at the bottom on the west side, however I really lived through Rita… My house got it pretty bad. But, hurricanes are a way of life… we have summer-aka hurricane season, almost all year, and a slight fall, with a small side of wet, cold, windy winter. *sigh* I miss winter, it’s so hot down here LOL  I will give it to this author, she is either familiar-in a “I was there” way, or she did some really good research.  I also like the dated times from the local Times-Picayune paper quotes. I also thought she was fantastic with landmarks 🙂 I normally stay away from books about/based in/having to do with NOLA (yes, we say NOLA when we talk about New Orleans, LA).

Drusilla is a junior wizard sentinel.  This job entails her guarding her territory from breaches of the Otherworld-they call it the Between- and making sure those supernaturals that do cross over don’t cause any trouble, or get sent back when they do.  It’s a very fine line to walk.  She is a green level-this means she does potions and retrieves the easy level things.  Red levels have all the physical magic magic-aka can throw fire balls and things like that.  All she wants to do is become a senior level sentinel, and she is willing to prove it.  She’s tired of being treated like the new rookie, and a child. And then tragic strikes, and all hell breaks loose-literally.  The walls are crumbling from the Between, and all kind of creatures are coming through, and to make matters worse, her mentor has gone missing.  The Elders-like a government type of council-send over Alex-hot, rugged, carrying enough fire power to supply a small nation with weaponry, and a real FBI agent- over to become her partner, as she is now in charge of the New Orleans territory.  This is all she ever wanted, but not how she wanted to get it.  She is literally falling apart and has a very big job to do.  I love her strength, her courage, her fantastic sarcastic attitude, and most of all, her growing abilities. I think she is a fantastically built character! 

So, let’s talk about Alex, and his FANTASTIC cousin Jake- yeah I think I’ve got the hots for Jake! Alex is all tall, dark and broody, with a side of gun power.  Jake is like the sun-kissed surfer southern boy.  I can’t help but wanna hug him.  I do like Alex, but he’s kinda predicatable, so I’m trying out the cool sweet-HUMAN- kid for once. Jake has no idea about any of the supernatural things in the world.  I kinda like that about him. Trust me, Alex is pretty awesome, but I can’t help but gravitate towards Jake. And maybe that will change as the series grows.  Drusilla makes it clear she has no time or emotional capacity right now for any kind of relationship, but that doesn’t stop those lovely cousins from trying!

Along the way, she also meets some very fascinating characters.  This is very well written, it’s definitely an easy read, as it’s fast paced and action packed.  And boy, were there some major twists and turns.  I cannot wait to see where this series is going to go, and being a born-raised-and never leaving- native south Louisiana girl, I’m glad that she didn’t make us sound like stupid idiots, nor did she get crazy with the discriptions of New Orleans.  Sorry, a lot of people write about us like we aren’t edumacated 🙂 Yes, we are weird, crazy, whole different culture, but most of us are decently smart LOL This one gets an excellent 4.5 stars from me! 

I know, my 1/2 PAW is still a different color… I needa fix this I think. Maybe make a new one… 🙂 

Now, let’s get to all those other giveaways… I’m still holding a giveaway for the Dirty Blood book 2- Cold Blood- as I am a  HEATHER’S HOTSHOT street team member!! 🙂 I announced that if we could get some good press for her books, I would give something away…. WELL, HERE’S WHAT I’M GIVING AWAY!!! 

Yep, I won the street team contest, so I’m GIVING AWAY the copy that I won. A PAPERBACK COLD BLOOD (book 2) & a SIGNED DIRTY BLOOD BOOK MARK!! I’m having serious trouble letting this go! It’s so beautiful!! and signed! and beautiful LOL 🙂 SO IF YOU WANNA WIN THIS…you can enter a few ways… leave me a comment, post a link-tweet this post, or something about the series, or the authors other books, or a review from somewhere-it doesn’t matter.  I would just like to get some extra public knowledge out there, so I’ll take anything, or make your own post that you wanna read this series or something… ANYTHING!! Here’s the kicker- if you HAVE NOT read Dirty Blood (book 1) and you win this one, I’ll send you the kindle copy of Dirty Blood too… 🙂 Also, if you are just learning about this series, and you wanna read book one, put your name in there too, I’ll pick another winner for Dirty Blood too 🙂 YEP THAT’S 3 BOOKS to win 🙂 2 e-copies of Dirty Blood and a copy of Cold Blood with a signed book mark!! 

Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood, #1)

My other giveaway is for the Mercy series by Shannon Dermott!! I just reviewed book 2 & interviewed all those HAWT guys from in there & it was fantastic!!

Beg for Mercy (Cambion, #1)

Waiting for Mercy (Cambion, #2)

If you would like to win these books, read the review, or meet those luscious boys, go here–>

I will announce all the winners on MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012!!! so spread the word around!! I will close the entries when I pick my winner, so you have until Monday morning. I have a book tour running on Friday, I’ll announce the winners Monday, &-BIG AND- I will have two more giveaways next week!! Man, I am seriously giving away some good stuff!! LOL ok, thanks so much for stopping by, and happy reading my gators 🙂  

OH Mercy!!

So the day I opened an email from Shannon Dermott, she nicely stated that she would be sending over my interview from the BOYS and asked if I would like to review Waiting For Mercy. I seriously peed myself I was so excited!! And my response was pretty much HELL YEAH!!! 🙂 so I need to say MANY MANY THANKS, to Ms. Dermott, because she so kindly did that wonderful interview and sent me a copy. Not just that, but she is so nice, with her responses on Goodreads, twitter, and Facebook…  So… I knew I would go all zone-out once I picked it up… Which I did! I JUST KNEW that it would need to be read in one, uninterrupted session, just not on a work night- BAD MAGHON!   I stayed up til 5 am reading it and had to get up at 7 for work! But it was SO WORTH IT!! And since I am trying to brighten up a boring ole Monday, I think now I’m ready to talk Mercy…. 

Waiting for Mercy (Cambion, #2)
My first reaction at the end of the book was NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I know I’ve talked about cliff hangers and how when done right, I love a big ole cliff diving jump! 🙂 well holy crap- this one is mountain high. I waited 24 hours after I finished to write this review because I would never been able to write coherent thoughts and words. But enough of my serious life upheaval at the end… Mercy, poor poor girl. I feel pretty terrible for all the situations she’s being put in. Some choices she has to make are heart wrenching. However, I can’t help but say PICK ONE ALREADY! And maybe I can take one of those luscious pieces of male meat!! 🙂 and sometimes I’m torn.  In book one, Mercy is just trying to figure out what the hell she is and what’s going on.  Ms. Dermott is excellent at making a book a rollercoaster ride.  There is never anything boring and there is never anything predictable! I will now use a food analogy LOL  If compared, since I like a nice medium steak, Shannon Dermott has just given me a BIG, OLE, JUICY, THICK, EXCELLENTLY PREPARED STEAK!!! hehehehe bet no one else says that 🙂 or I could say it’s like coming home to a home cooked seafood gumbo-no, if you don’t live in south Louisiana, your gumbo is NOT GOOD hahahaha

I’ve never really been a team Paul- ever… He’s a little too late. You had her for ever and never gave another glance in her direction.  Now, all of a sudden all he can do is think he DESERVES Mercy because he’s known her the longest, and been her best friend.  Well, buddy, to me you were a crappy best friend, as you led her on for ages, hung on to her as a safety net, and then gave her a world-wind ride when you “confessed”, not professed, as you’re “loving” her was not positive 🙂 sorry, I am just mad about him LOL

Tom is slightly met in book one, and gets a little bit of time in book two, and for once he’s not smitten with Mercy. I like him lol I like that he is very upfront about it too, even if he is a little aggressive about his statements. I think he is going to be very important-actually I know he will-but no spoilers 🙂 I have a prediction about a love interest, and if I’m right, it will make me quite happy 🙂 again no spoilers!

I slightly also feel nagatively toward Luke. *ducks impending blows* Yes, I know he’s everyone’s golden boy, but he lied! I’m sorry, cheating and lying are on my list, which then takes you off the list lol! And I know he forgives everyone, but sometimes I think it’s a way for him to keep control and use people. Yes, I know he is just soooo nice, but I’m serious, there’s just something… I dunno yet. He’s so sweet and pretty and nice, and chivalrous but I just can’t put my finger on him yet.  And Mercy forgives him of things that she wouldn’t of the others. She would never let Flynn, or Paul, especially Sebastian get away with lying for so long, and I know she loves him, but is that enough.  To me, their relationship is not in such a good place.  Maybe I think actions speak louder than words.  However, he shows me a better side in book 2 🙂 

And then there’s Sebastian… *swoons* he’s mysterious, he’s hot, and he’ll literally do ANYTHING to protect Mercy. I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling that he really does care for Mercy, and he’s just not sure how to go about that, and humans have a very different concept of love/lust versus demons.  And, I think it could be a big no-no with who he is… again, sorry but no spoilers 🙂 I’m still not sure if he’s a good guy yet, but boy, I love me a bad boy, so it’s ok if he’s not “just like the golden boy” 🙂 and he’s given a name to Mercy’s demon, and she reaaaaallllyyyy likes Sebastian! 

And lastly, there’s FLYNN!! Yes, yes, I am very very much on team Flynn! I know he’s a horny teenage incubus, and he’s like walking sex on a stick-I believe Mercy calls it lust on a stick- but I think I love his self conscious side that no one but Mercy gets to see. He’s always with a different girl, but as an incubus he’s gotta feed… I’ll volunteer hahahahaha and I really like that Mercy really likes, and sees, the good, sweet guy underneath his facade.  I haven’t put my finger on why I love Flynn so much, other than I just do.  Actually, I kinda know exactly why I love him, he reminds me of someone, & I know that he’s a good guy, no matter what he projects 🙂 *sigh* oh Flynn…….

I will say that Maggie is one if my all time favorite characters! Not just in this book, but in most things I’ve read. Flaws, goods, bads, I love her… And she gets some major time in the book. I’m REALLY sure she will have just as much or more playing time in the next book… I’ve got things in mind for her 🙂 LOL I can’t say what I really want without ruining things, so I’ll leave it at that. 

This book is filled with passion, love, lust, action, adventure, scary bad guys, unknown bad guys, and one of the best cliff hangers to a plot I’ve ever seen…. my final quote… Mercy made a choice, but is it the right one, and can she live with who she has chosen, or live without whom she hasn’t?  ooooooooh, that was a good one, even for me hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
Here’s what I will leave you with…. The last sentence Mercy says- which is the ending- is “I will try to fix you”… I need you to read this one as I cannot tell you how much the sentence has devastated my life 🙂 also, I think you should put on Coldplay’s “Fix You” while you read the last chapter… Me & Ms. Dermott had this coversation right after I told her I couldn’t decide if I loved her (for writing a magnificent book) or hate her (I’m not telling you why)!  She politely asked me not to hate her-WHICH OF COURSE I DON’T!! I NEEEEEEED BOOK 3!! 🙂 

I have just a few more things for you… If you missed my interview with the BOYS (wtf is wrong with you LOL) it’s HERE and if you are like me, waiting for book 3, here’s a lovely little snippet Ms. Dermott posted on her facebook page… 

I stared down at the question I’d hesitated on. A synonym for licentious. I called him that. A tightness in my chest broke with the thought of him. Pushing back grief, I just had to get through this exam. Then the tears could fall.

I would like to also show you something a few of us participated in… A while back, Shannon asked her fans who we thought we could see playing the part for each of the BOYS… here’s who she picked…




(I did pick Charlie as Flynn, just not this picture LOL) 

MEET LUKE- I’m pretty sure everybody picked Alex for Luke


however, this is another picture of Charlie, and I say he is just fantastic 🙂 I just wanna lick him LOL





I like both Joe & Hayden 🙂



I picked this next picture-I love Ian


but I do agree with Ed fitting the bill 🙂 


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You asked for it!!

Ok, first, I apologize for any crazy typos or weird things, as I’m working out of town, not near my computer and I’m trying my WordPress app from my iPhone for the first time… BUT!! I promised Nik that I’d post that interview this week so by Golly I will!! and to all those who have been waiting like me 🙂

welcome all you lovely young men!!

First I will start with questions to…
Hey, you should ask Flynn if he feels like a jerk for crushing on his best friend’s girl? via Terri via goodreads

Flynn cool demeanor slips for a second when the question is asked in front of the rest of the guys. “I don’t know about crushing. She’s hot and she’s Luke’s girl. That’s that.”

Who was/what happened the first-time Flynn fed off of someone? by Nightly Reading Heather (via Goodreads)

He brightens a little and laughs under his breath with a sly smile. “My dad took me to Vegas and let’s just say that, it was” he mutters a curse, “amazing.”

What was Flynn thinking when Mercy busted him in the hot tub? Via Nikki the biblionmaniac

He laughs harder now. “That she would join us.” Then he looks at over Luke and says. “Opps.” Still laughing he ducks an impending blow.

Flynn: What would you give up to help Mercy if she needed it? Via Stephanier76

Sobering, he looks up. “She’s like my sister now, so everything, I guess.” He keeps his face forward, not looking at anyone.

I was wondering what Flynn felt when he kissed Mercy to feed off her that one time in the lake house… 🙂 via Vanya

Quickly, he looks over at Luke. “Your shitting me right. You want me to answer that here,” he waves his hand to encompass the group. Quietly, barely audible, he said, “Like coming home.”

I know you like Mercy-maybe love her- so what stopping you? And don’t say Luke, because you don’t seem to care that he notices the little things… (via myself~ Maghon)

“I don’t know how else to answer. Sure I flirt with her. It’s funny how flustered she gets. But she’s not mine. She’s his. He’s my best friend and I would die for him,” he says all traces of humor gone.

Next, we got some questions directed at Luke:

Why does Luke’s mom like her the best of the girls Luke has dated? Doesn’t she know what Mercy is? How does Luke think him & Mercy would have a relationship? by Nikki The Bibliomaniac

Looking slightly irritated, Luke composes himself. It isn’t her fault Flynn wanted his girl. “I haven’t brought a lot of girls home to meet my mom.” He pauses, thinking for a moment. “She didn’t like Nina so much. And all I can say is I’m glad she liked Mercy. It makes my life easier.” He looks away for a second. “My mom knows that I was responsible for protecting her, so I think she overlooks the succubus thing. And as far as a relationship. I haven’t given up on her and I don’t think she’s given up on me yet. Broken up or not, in my heart she’s still mine.”

What Luke would do (if he doesn’t already know that) his best friend is crushing over his girlfriend (or used-to-be-ex)? by Terri aka Mrs. Christian Grey

Gritting his teeth and looking at Flynn, he says, “He won’t cross the line.”

I think I would ask Luke if he knows why his dad seems to dislike Mercy so much?
Or why he waited so long to tell Mercy what he was (I think he eventually told her, I read it a while ago and I can’t remember for sure!)Via Alexandria

“My dad only cares about himself. He thinks Mercy will interfere with what he has planned for me,” he says.

What do you think of Sebastian? Via Stephanier76

Without even sparing the other guy a glance, he says, “As long as he keeps his hands off Mercy and protects her when I can’t, I don’t have any problems with the guy.”

Why do you love Mercy? And if you really do (like you say) why aren’t you fighting harder for her, when all these other guys seem to be stepping up and working harder for her attention than you are? Via myself~ Maghon

He huffs out a bitter laugh. “As much as I want to hide her away, she’s capable of making her own decisions. She knows how I feel and she has to make up her own mind. I can force her to choose me.”

Let’s now say hello to Sebastian:

Was he gonna kill Mercy that first night he met her? And why in the hell did Flynn leave her there with him? I wonder if Mercy is his first love? Via Nikki the bibliomaniac

“You honestly think I’m stupid enough to answer that in front of golden boy here,” he says quirking an eyebrow. “Fine, I’ll say this, she wasn’t at all what I expected.” He looked at Flynn and smiled. “Flynn was being Flynn and that worked out for me.” Exhaling a breath, “Love isn’t a word we are taught.”

Sebastian: Do you know Luke’s father or Mercy’s? If yes, when did you meet him/them before? Via Stephanier76

Smirking he says, “I know of them.”

What is it with you having all these special powers? What are you? And do you think that being what you are would be best for Mercy? Do you care for Mercy or are you using her for something? Via myself~Maghon

Laughing, he says, “Wouldn’t you like to know. I’m a demon. Flynn says I’m a demon eater.” He shrugs. Then looking over a Luke, he ponders the question. “Well, let’s just say between an angel, an incubus, a human and me, who would be the best choice for a half succubus that finds herself in danger a lot.”

Ok, now it’s time to get to Paul:

Paul: Do you really think you have a future with Mercy? Via stephanie76

Paul pulls off his hat to riffle his hands through his hair. “She and I are good together. I know her better than anyone here.”

I’m not sure I believe you really love Mercy like you are claiming… but in that sense, if you do, why are you waiting until NOW? You’ve been her BEST FRIEND, why would you make her watch you be in a relationship when you knew how she felt? Are you sure this isn’t just jealousy? Via myself~Maghon (& Terri asked something similar too )

Putting back on his hat, he says, “I admit I made some mistakes. I was scared. I didn’t think it was possible for us until I saw her with someone else.”

Now it’s a group discussion for All the Guys:

I want to know why the guys all think they are the best for Mercy – I have my ideas and thoughts for each but I wonder what they have to say about it –via Jennifer

Paul speaks first, “I already answered that one.”

Sebastian adds, “Like I said before, if given a choice, what do you think?”

Flynn says, “I’m not touching this one.”

Luke says, “All that really matters is who she wants.”

How long was each guy attracted to Mercy? by Nikki The Bibliomaniac

“I guess I’ve known her the longest,” Flynn says.

Luke looks at him, “What does that mean?”

“It means I saw her first,” Flynn answers.

“You did nothing about it,” Luke retorts.

Paul says over the top of them, “I’m the one that asked her out first.

Sebastian rolls his eyes but says nothing.

If Mercy picked you as her “chosen love”, what would you do to help her/keep her safe/alive? Some of you cannot even kiss her without it becoming lethal… does that mean you would share her if you have to, just to ensure she stays alive? Via myself~Maghon

“She said she loved me,” Paul says.
The others start to laugh. “You heard her, you guys were there.”

Sebastian shakes his head. “How can you possibly protect her?”

“You think being some demon gives you an edge,” Paul says glaring at Sebastian.

Chuckling Sebastian says, “Yes.”

Paul rolls his eyes, “You’ll see.”

Sebastian stops laughing. “I’ll see what.”

Paul says, “Nevermind.”

Sebastian speaks up, “Yeah, because I’m the only one here who has protected her so far.”

Luke chimed in, “You aren’t the only one with the power to protect her.”

Flynn adds, “I’m with Luke. You aren’t the only one that can keep her safe, demon eater.”



Ok guys I have decided to not let it get into a physical fight, so now I have a little something, or maybe a few something’s, for you 🙂

Since I haven’t posted my review yet, here’s what I’ll do.. In my next post or two, I’ll be giving you a review of Waiting for Mercy. If you bought, read, want to read book 1 & would like to own book 2 or book 1, when I post my review I want you to comment on that post and/or leave me a link with a review, a tweet, a something- like tell me why you want it, and I’ll pick a winner for the book (1 or 2) of your choice 🙂 I promise to post these directions again with the post. Hopefully I’ll be back to my laptop and have more things to click LOL or drop me a line here and I’ll add you to the giveaway 🙂

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I am so sorry for being behind and late and long winded but I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did!!

Happy reading my gators!!