OH Mercy!!

So the day I opened an email from Shannon Dermott, she nicely stated that she would be sending over my interview from the BOYS and asked if I would like to review Waiting For Mercy. I seriously peed myself I was so excited!! And my response was pretty much HELL YEAH!!! 🙂 so I need to say MANY MANY THANKS, to Ms. Dermott, because she so kindly did that wonderful interview and sent me a copy. Not just that, but she is so nice, with her responses on Goodreads, twitter, and Facebook…  So… I knew I would go all zone-out once I picked it up… Which I did! I JUST KNEW that it would need to be read in one, uninterrupted session, just not on a work night- BAD MAGHON!   I stayed up til 5 am reading it and had to get up at 7 for work! But it was SO WORTH IT!! And since I am trying to brighten up a boring ole Monday, I think now I’m ready to talk Mercy…. 

Waiting for Mercy (Cambion, #2)
My first reaction at the end of the book was NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I know I’ve talked about cliff hangers and how when done right, I love a big ole cliff diving jump! 🙂 well holy crap- this one is mountain high. I waited 24 hours after I finished to write this review because I would never been able to write coherent thoughts and words. But enough of my serious life upheaval at the end… Mercy, poor poor girl. I feel pretty terrible for all the situations she’s being put in. Some choices she has to make are heart wrenching. However, I can’t help but say PICK ONE ALREADY! And maybe I can take one of those luscious pieces of male meat!! 🙂 and sometimes I’m torn.  In book one, Mercy is just trying to figure out what the hell she is and what’s going on.  Ms. Dermott is excellent at making a book a rollercoaster ride.  There is never anything boring and there is never anything predictable! I will now use a food analogy LOL  If compared, since I like a nice medium steak, Shannon Dermott has just given me a BIG, OLE, JUICY, THICK, EXCELLENTLY PREPARED STEAK!!! hehehehe bet no one else says that 🙂 or I could say it’s like coming home to a home cooked seafood gumbo-no, if you don’t live in south Louisiana, your gumbo is NOT GOOD hahahaha

I’ve never really been a team Paul- ever… He’s a little too late. You had her for ever and never gave another glance in her direction.  Now, all of a sudden all he can do is think he DESERVES Mercy because he’s known her the longest, and been her best friend.  Well, buddy, to me you were a crappy best friend, as you led her on for ages, hung on to her as a safety net, and then gave her a world-wind ride when you “confessed”, not professed, as you’re “loving” her was not positive 🙂 sorry, I am just mad about him LOL

Tom is slightly met in book one, and gets a little bit of time in book two, and for once he’s not smitten with Mercy. I like him lol I like that he is very upfront about it too, even if he is a little aggressive about his statements. I think he is going to be very important-actually I know he will-but no spoilers 🙂 I have a prediction about a love interest, and if I’m right, it will make me quite happy 🙂 again no spoilers!

I slightly also feel nagatively toward Luke. *ducks impending blows* Yes, I know he’s everyone’s golden boy, but he lied! I’m sorry, cheating and lying are on my list, which then takes you off the list lol! And I know he forgives everyone, but sometimes I think it’s a way for him to keep control and use people. Yes, I know he is just soooo nice, but I’m serious, there’s just something… I dunno yet. He’s so sweet and pretty and nice, and chivalrous but I just can’t put my finger on him yet.  And Mercy forgives him of things that she wouldn’t of the others. She would never let Flynn, or Paul, especially Sebastian get away with lying for so long, and I know she loves him, but is that enough.  To me, their relationship is not in such a good place.  Maybe I think actions speak louder than words.  However, he shows me a better side in book 2 🙂 

And then there’s Sebastian… *swoons* he’s mysterious, he’s hot, and he’ll literally do ANYTHING to protect Mercy. I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling that he really does care for Mercy, and he’s just not sure how to go about that, and humans have a very different concept of love/lust versus demons.  And, I think it could be a big no-no with who he is… again, sorry but no spoilers 🙂 I’m still not sure if he’s a good guy yet, but boy, I love me a bad boy, so it’s ok if he’s not “just like the golden boy” 🙂 and he’s given a name to Mercy’s demon, and she reaaaaallllyyyy likes Sebastian! 

And lastly, there’s FLYNN!! Yes, yes, I am very very much on team Flynn! I know he’s a horny teenage incubus, and he’s like walking sex on a stick-I believe Mercy calls it lust on a stick- but I think I love his self conscious side that no one but Mercy gets to see. He’s always with a different girl, but as an incubus he’s gotta feed… I’ll volunteer hahahahaha and I really like that Mercy really likes, and sees, the good, sweet guy underneath his facade.  I haven’t put my finger on why I love Flynn so much, other than I just do.  Actually, I kinda know exactly why I love him, he reminds me of someone, & I know that he’s a good guy, no matter what he projects 🙂 *sigh* oh Flynn…….

I will say that Maggie is one if my all time favorite characters! Not just in this book, but in most things I’ve read. Flaws, goods, bads, I love her… And she gets some major time in the book. I’m REALLY sure she will have just as much or more playing time in the next book… I’ve got things in mind for her 🙂 LOL I can’t say what I really want without ruining things, so I’ll leave it at that. 

This book is filled with passion, love, lust, action, adventure, scary bad guys, unknown bad guys, and one of the best cliff hangers to a plot I’ve ever seen…. my final quote… Mercy made a choice, but is it the right one, and can she live with who she has chosen, or live without whom she hasn’t?  ooooooooh, that was a good one, even for me hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
Here’s what I will leave you with…. The last sentence Mercy says- which is the ending- is “I will try to fix you”… I need you to read this one as I cannot tell you how much the sentence has devastated my life 🙂 also, I think you should put on Coldplay’s “Fix You” while you read the last chapter… Me & Ms. Dermott had this coversation right after I told her I couldn’t decide if I loved her (for writing a magnificent book) or hate her (I’m not telling you why)!  She politely asked me not to hate her-WHICH OF COURSE I DON’T!! I NEEEEEEED BOOK 3!! 🙂 

I have just a few more things for you… If you missed my interview with the BOYS (wtf is wrong with you LOL) it’s HERE and if you are like me, waiting for book 3, here’s a lovely little snippet Ms. Dermott posted on her facebook page… 

I stared down at the question I’d hesitated on. A synonym for licentious. I called him that. A tightness in my chest broke with the thought of him. Pushing back grief, I just had to get through this exam. Then the tears could fall.

I would like to also show you something a few of us participated in… A while back, Shannon asked her fans who we thought we could see playing the part for each of the BOYS… here’s who she picked…




(I did pick Charlie as Flynn, just not this picture LOL) 

MEET LUKE- I’m pretty sure everybody picked Alex for Luke


however, this is another picture of Charlie, and I say he is just fantastic 🙂 I just wanna lick him LOL





I like both Joe & Hayden 🙂



I picked this next picture-I love Ian


but I do agree with Ed fitting the bill 🙂 


ok people…. here’s what I will leave you with…. WOULD YOU LIKE TO WIN A COPY OF A MERCY BOOK…. I will give away-to the WINNER’S CHOICE- either Beg for Mercy-for those of you behind LOL- or Waiting for Mercy-for those who are dying to continue the journey… Here’s how you win…

  • Leave me a comment below telling me a few things…
  1. I wanna know which ebook you would like-Beg or Waiting for Mercy
  1. I wanna know which PICTURE above you pick for each character-it’s ok if you haven’t read the books yet, then just tell me which one you think is hotter LOL- as I put at least 2 pictures for each dude…
  2. IF YOU HAVE READ either book, I would like to know something you thought about either-no worries if you haven’t, I’m just curious if I am the only one emotionally devastated right now LOL 🙂
  3. you DO NOT have to leave this in the comment, but when you fill out the comment e-mail-wordpress requires you to do this, make sure it’s a good one, as I will be contacting you with THAT email to tell you if you have won…
    • THIS WILL BE A KINDLE COPY FROM AMAZON, so make sure wherever you are, that you can receive those, if you can’t, maybe I can see what I can do to get you a PDF copy, or something like that or check out other websites that send to other countries…..
    • Since I owe about 7 winners books from previous giveaways, I will announce ALL of those winners together at the end of this week-or possibly Saturday, depending on when I can… I have the other winners books ready to go, I just need to announce, so I promise that will be this week! 😉
    • I will think of something to pick a winner, & I may even pick a winner for each book!! 🙂

OK everyone… I am now going to shut up… Thanks so much for stopping by, hopefully I did a review that will make this book & author proud, as I cannot say it enough times…. I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! 

5 GIANT HUGE CRAZY PAWS… and good luck everyone, happy reading!!!


5 thoughts on “OH Mercy!!

  1. mimirose41209 says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    I haven’t read the books yet but just based on hotness here are my choices:

    Flynn ~ #1 (Zac)

    Luke ~ #2

    Paul ~ #1

    Sebastian ~ #2

    The choices were difficult but I did it 😉

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

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  3. bn100 says:

    I would like Waiting for Mercy please. I haven’t read either book yet, but they sound good.

    Flynn- 2
    Luke- 1
    Paul- 2
    Sebastian- 1

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