WINNERS!! Review, & last chance giveaways!!

Hello everyone!! 

I’m know, I’m so sorry for being so late… but, first, I will now announce the winners for Ruby’s Birthday Giveaway, so I can hopefully get in touch with the winners to send those books out 🙂 I will e-mail the winners with the e-mail they provided in the form 🙂 You guys have 48 hours to claim your winning book 🙂

Rachel Chan wins The Descendant

Mary Ann W. wins Blood Will Tell

Nikki (that sexy manscaper) wins Slumer -LOL Nikki, I just love my best employer!! 

Michelle@BookBriefs wins Enchantment

BN100 wins Dirty Blood (check below as I’m also giving away book 2 right now 🙂 )

Doodle wins Moon Spell 

Barbara Elness wins Sins & Shadows

Amber Garcia wins BloodShot

Brooke wins Deadworld 

congratulations people!!! i will send an e-mail to each of you to make sure your e-mail/snail mail addresses are correct and I will get those to you ASAP 🙂 thanks so much for helping celebrate my fellow blogger friend’s birthday!! 

Now onto a review… 

Royal Street (Sentinels of New Orleans, #1)

I got this one from net galley so I gotta say extra thanks to them 🙂  This story is a version of magical wizard meets cops, with a side of Hurrican Katrina.  Now I will start with, being in south Louisiana, I lived through Katrina, not terribly like New Orleans, as I live more to the western side, but all the way at the bottom on the west side, however I really lived through Rita… My house got it pretty bad. But, hurricanes are a way of life… we have summer-aka hurricane season, almost all year, and a slight fall, with a small side of wet, cold, windy winter. *sigh* I miss winter, it’s so hot down here LOL  I will give it to this author, she is either familiar-in a “I was there” way, or she did some really good research.  I also like the dated times from the local Times-Picayune paper quotes. I also thought she was fantastic with landmarks 🙂 I normally stay away from books about/based in/having to do with NOLA (yes, we say NOLA when we talk about New Orleans, LA).

Drusilla is a junior wizard sentinel.  This job entails her guarding her territory from breaches of the Otherworld-they call it the Between- and making sure those supernaturals that do cross over don’t cause any trouble, or get sent back when they do.  It’s a very fine line to walk.  She is a green level-this means she does potions and retrieves the easy level things.  Red levels have all the physical magic magic-aka can throw fire balls and things like that.  All she wants to do is become a senior level sentinel, and she is willing to prove it.  She’s tired of being treated like the new rookie, and a child. And then tragic strikes, and all hell breaks loose-literally.  The walls are crumbling from the Between, and all kind of creatures are coming through, and to make matters worse, her mentor has gone missing.  The Elders-like a government type of council-send over Alex-hot, rugged, carrying enough fire power to supply a small nation with weaponry, and a real FBI agent- over to become her partner, as she is now in charge of the New Orleans territory.  This is all she ever wanted, but not how she wanted to get it.  She is literally falling apart and has a very big job to do.  I love her strength, her courage, her fantastic sarcastic attitude, and most of all, her growing abilities. I think she is a fantastically built character! 

So, let’s talk about Alex, and his FANTASTIC cousin Jake- yeah I think I’ve got the hots for Jake! Alex is all tall, dark and broody, with a side of gun power.  Jake is like the sun-kissed surfer southern boy.  I can’t help but wanna hug him.  I do like Alex, but he’s kinda predicatable, so I’m trying out the cool sweet-HUMAN- kid for once. Jake has no idea about any of the supernatural things in the world.  I kinda like that about him. Trust me, Alex is pretty awesome, but I can’t help but gravitate towards Jake. And maybe that will change as the series grows.  Drusilla makes it clear she has no time or emotional capacity right now for any kind of relationship, but that doesn’t stop those lovely cousins from trying!

Along the way, she also meets some very fascinating characters.  This is very well written, it’s definitely an easy read, as it’s fast paced and action packed.  And boy, were there some major twists and turns.  I cannot wait to see where this series is going to go, and being a born-raised-and never leaving- native south Louisiana girl, I’m glad that she didn’t make us sound like stupid idiots, nor did she get crazy with the discriptions of New Orleans.  Sorry, a lot of people write about us like we aren’t edumacated 🙂 Yes, we are weird, crazy, whole different culture, but most of us are decently smart LOL This one gets an excellent 4.5 stars from me! 

I know, my 1/2 PAW is still a different color… I needa fix this I think. Maybe make a new one… 🙂 

Now, let’s get to all those other giveaways… I’m still holding a giveaway for the Dirty Blood book 2- Cold Blood- as I am a  HEATHER’S HOTSHOT street team member!! 🙂 I announced that if we could get some good press for her books, I would give something away…. WELL, HERE’S WHAT I’M GIVING AWAY!!! 

Yep, I won the street team contest, so I’m GIVING AWAY the copy that I won. A PAPERBACK COLD BLOOD (book 2) & a SIGNED DIRTY BLOOD BOOK MARK!! I’m having serious trouble letting this go! It’s so beautiful!! and signed! and beautiful LOL 🙂 SO IF YOU WANNA WIN THIS…you can enter a few ways… leave me a comment, post a link-tweet this post, or something about the series, or the authors other books, or a review from somewhere-it doesn’t matter.  I would just like to get some extra public knowledge out there, so I’ll take anything, or make your own post that you wanna read this series or something… ANYTHING!! Here’s the kicker- if you HAVE NOT read Dirty Blood (book 1) and you win this one, I’ll send you the kindle copy of Dirty Blood too… 🙂 Also, if you are just learning about this series, and you wanna read book one, put your name in there too, I’ll pick another winner for Dirty Blood too 🙂 YEP THAT’S 3 BOOKS to win 🙂 2 e-copies of Dirty Blood and a copy of Cold Blood with a signed book mark!! 

Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood, #1)

My other giveaway is for the Mercy series by Shannon Dermott!! I just reviewed book 2 & interviewed all those HAWT guys from in there & it was fantastic!!

Beg for Mercy (Cambion, #1)

Waiting for Mercy (Cambion, #2)

If you would like to win these books, read the review, or meet those luscious boys, go here–>

I will announce all the winners on MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012!!! so spread the word around!! I will close the entries when I pick my winner, so you have until Monday morning. I have a book tour running on Friday, I’ll announce the winners Monday, &-BIG AND- I will have two more giveaways next week!! Man, I am seriously giving away some good stuff!! LOL ok, thanks so much for stopping by, and happy reading my gators 🙂  


5 thoughts on “WINNERS!! Review, & last chance giveaways!!

  1. barbed1951 says:

    Thanks so much! Congrats to all the winners. 😀

  2. bn100 says:

    Thank you so much. I would like to win a copy of Cold Blood so I can read the books in the series.

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