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Hello everyone! Today I am a stop on the Dark Mercy Book Blog Tour, and I have some lovely goodies for you.


If you click on the picture, it’ll take you to the schedule of the tour and all the links that go with it, so you can check out others’ posts as well. Now, let’s get started with all the good stuff….

Goodreads sysnopsis:  1955, Las Vegas, Nevada

Angeline has been on the run from her sire, Linus, for centuries. She’s tired, and she’s lonely. High from mescaline-induced blood, she sees a sign—a church that seems to glow in the distance—and she knows. Her future mate is in that building.

Important Author’s Note:

Dark Mercy is the beginning of Hadrian and Angeline’s story, not the end. Their HEA will happen later in their own full-length novel. This story is important both for the overall series and for this couple, but it’s not their HEA. Just a mild disclaimer so no one goes in with false expectations for this story.

I would like to now give you a little excerpt from the book, so you can see a little inside 🙂

“A-Angeline. I haven’t seen you here in awhile.” Could he not get that schoolboy stutter out of his voice?

“I was fighting temptation,” she replied coyly.

Hadrian cleared his throat. “And did you succeed?”


She glided closer—or floated. The length of her dress made it impossible to tell which. She stopped mere inches in front of him. He should have taken a step back, should have excused himself, but her strange eyes locked with his. They drew him in, hypnotizing him.

If he were another type of man, he would have proclaimed she was a witch putting him under a spell, but it was just as much his responsibility as hers for not moving away. It was his fault for not finding a replacement for midnight Mass.  His mind became fuzzy.

What was I just thinking about?

Her eyes pulled him in, making the rest of the room swirl around him in a slow blur. If he’d looked down to find them both floating and spinning in the air, he wouldn’t have been surprised. He was dizzy from the delicious scent emanating from her.

Her voice was a siren’s song when she spoke again. “Forgive me, Father, for I’m about to sin.”

Angeline’s mouth tasted like hot cinnamon candy as her lips descended on his. Her lip gloss left his mouth tingling. She might burn him alive with a single kiss. She chuckled as she continued her exploration of his mouth, as if he’d stated his thought aloud and she found it amusing.

Somewhere deep inside him was the place that was screaming that this must not happen, but it sounded like it was shouting from far away down a long, dark hallway, disappearing into a tinny echo. Quickly overtaking that voice was one penetrating thought that refused to release him.

I want her. I want her. I want her. I want her. The thought happened in rhythm to the beat of his heart.

Her lips left his mouth and made a burning trail over his cheek and up to the lobe of his ear. “Father Hadrian.” It was a breathy pant that held all the promise of a new universe unfolding.

He couldn’t remember what she said after that or even if she said something after that. The pounding of his own blood rushing through his ears—and other blood racing south in response to her nearness—had drowned out his ability to think or hear anything else but the lilting magic of her voice calling his name.

“Father Hadrian… ”

Her tone had gone from that of an angel to a writhing serpent as she rubbed her sinewy body against him. This was wrong. The thinking part of him clawed to get out. Something was all wrong about this, beyond the breaking of a vow. But he couldn’t form a coherent thought.

I want her. I want her. I want her.

“And you shall have me. Forever,” she said.

Had he spoken out loud? He wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me right now,” he said, as her fingers slid under the Roman collar.

It startled him. His collar. Where were his vestments? There were more layers of clothing, or there had been a few moments ago. He glanced down to find the vestments somehow on the floor of the sanctuary. He started to pull away.

“No, Father. Eyes right here on mine. Stay with me.”

His gaze shifted back to her eyes and his will merged with her again. He didn’t realize his shirt was off until the air from the chilly room hit his bare chest.

“Oh, what a surprise. You must work out. Don’t be shy, Father Hadrian. It’s a crime you never get to be inside a woman with this body.”

Now, I will give you my review…

I was thinking that this was going to be a typical vampire book-you know, blah, blah, I wanna kill people for their blood, and oh, woe is me, blah- hahahaha, but NO! First, it’s told mostly from Angeline’s point of view, and she is struggling with the fact that she still has “human” thought, but is a “monster”.  She is just looking for companionship, and even though she goes about it the wrong way, I still feel bad for her. I’m not sure if it’s due to her bad turning, terrible sire, or the fact that she’s just so lonely.  And then we get a look into the priest, Father Hadrian.  I am thinking I am definitely going to like him in the future, as he is going through some tough things in this story.  He’s pissed that he’s a monster, and torn from his vows, and then decides that he can use his powers to “save” people.  Now, by saving, you may not be thinking of the same thing that he is thinking.  

This is the short, fast, beginning of these two, and I have a feeling that this story line can turn into some great drama, as well as some of the coolest characters.  I am very, very interested to see if Tam will be in the picture for the next round, and I cannot wait to see what Father Hadrian is going to do with his new found glory 🙂 However, with the ending that this book has, I have NO IDEA where the author is going to take us… So, I’ll jump on and hang on along for the ride 🙂

Now…. here’s a little interview with Father Hadrian… be prepared to get a little shocked…

Welcome Father Hadrian!!

1.  Did you believe in supernatural brings before you saw Angeline? 

Oh yes. The Catholic Church is very clear about the existence of demons and we are specially trained in the exorcism ritual to banish them. However, the jury was somewhat out on vampires. But it wasn’t hard to put two and two together once the pieces started assembling.

 2.  When you first saw Angeline, did the thought even occur that she was something “other”?

 I can’t honestly remember. I know the thought occurred to me that she was a danger to me, but I thought she was more a danger to my holy vows than anything.

 3.  Now that you have “turned” and you’ve decided to use your “powers”, what’s your end goals?

 I‘m afraid I can’t share that information. My author would kill me for spoiling readers. She’s a little bit insane about that.

 4.  Do you think you’ll get forgiveness for the choices you’re making now?

 I’m not looking for forgiveness. Becoming a half-demon, I made my split with God.

 5.  Do you think you’ll be able to keep at least some of your vows now?

 The vows are meaningless now. You shouldn’t assume that my method of feeding is based upon some oath to God. It’s more payback for what I couldn’t do when I was human. My methods work, but don’t assume I’m good. If I stumble upon you in some dark alley, you aren’t guaranteed safety. I’d have to look inside your head to find your darkest secret… then I’d decide. Seriously, you women should stop watching Vampire Diaries and Twilight and swooning over Damon and Edward and whoever else’s “team” you’re on. It could get you in trouble one night.

*cringes and shivers* Thinks to self, “I need to bath in holy water” *holding on to silver cross necklace

 6.  When you went into the in-between, what do you think the man meant when he said you had to choose wisely?

 Oh, I know what he meant, but I don’t know if that would be revealing too much. The author is standing over my shoulder as we speak shaking her head at me. That girl has some definite issues. Oh, how cute. Now she’s giving me dirty looks.

7.  Do you think you’ll see Angeline again?

I am not privy to the information that happens in my future. I’m a vampire, not a witch.

8.  How about Tam?

I’m not sure why I would run into her again, but in the span of eternity, odd things happen.

9. Will you have any continuation stories?

The author says readers should read her author’s note at the front of Dark Mercy for that answer. Presumably she wants you to know but not me. *growls*

10.  Do you have anything you want to say to us mere humans?

I am not your friend. I don’t sparkle. Don’t talk to strangers.

Thanks so much Father and to Zoe for doing this!! I look forward to seeing both of you in the future!

Don’t look forward to it. It might not end well. (With me. Zoe, is a bit neurotic, but a sweet enough girl. You’d probably be safe with her.)

I swear I am polishing my crosses I wear when I get home 🙂 and I am so not leaving again in the dark, but that’s probably one of the most honest interviews I’ve ever gotten, as he didn’t care if he scared me, I think he wanted me to be scared! I would like to thank the author, Zoe Winters, for giving me a copy to review, and Dark Mind Book Tours for letting me participate and doing all the hard work that goes along with scheduling a tour 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed it… And now, for a few links for you to check out 🙂

Zoe’s website:  http://www.zoewinters.org/

Purchase on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007GTWKSI?ie=UTF8&tag=httpwwwgoodco-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B007GTWKSI&SubscriptionId=1MGPYB6YW3HWK55XCGG2

Purchase on Barnes & Nobles:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dark-mercy-zoe-winters/1109300180?ean=2940013922211

Purchase on Smashwords:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/138464

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I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, and to everyone else who stopped by!! 🙂 thanks! and happy reading my reading gators!!


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