More winners & some fun news!

Hello everyone, 

Today,  I am (very bittersweetly) going to give away several things. First–to the paperback copy winners from last week, I am waiting for the shipping supplies to come in from the post office, and I will ship everything ASAP, and that goes for today’s winners too 🙂 as for kindle books, they are sent ASAP from confirmation 🙂 ok, enough of me, let’s get winners!! 

Beg for Mercy (Cambion, #1)

the kindle version of Beg for Mercy book 1 goes to MIMIROSE41209
Waiting for Mercy (Cambion, #2)

the kindle copy of Waiting for Mercy book 2 goes to BN100

Cold Blood (Dirty Blood, #2)

this one is killing me, but the paperback copy & signed book mark from heather Hildenbrand goes to….

Jenni@Alluring Reads

I want you to know that I love giving so many things away, but I am secretly hating Jenni for winning that stunning paperback copy! hahahahahahaha I’ve looked at it everyday since I got it in the mail…. *sigh* it’s ok, I’m on Heather’s street team, so I am sure there will be more things to win, but a promise is a promise & I said I would give it away if I won it 🙂 

CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!! e-mail have been sent for confirmation and I will give you till Thursday, May 17, 2012 to contact me for me to send you your winnings!! 

Next up, I know you guys who follow me saw me post the read along with Cambria Hebert’s Masquerade! Well, I GOT MY WINNING STUFF IN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! *swoons* everything is soooooooo beautiful! I won 2nd place for the bloggers and I got several things… AND I’M GUNNA GIVE IT ALL AWAY!!! ok, well, there’s the blog tour that has started for book 2, Charade. I am gunna be a stop on this tour with a very special post, and I am going to give away several things… I have decided to surprise you with my giveaway, so you have to wait for those LOL I know, such a bitch, I am 🙂 but, if you wanna get in on all the other stops and their giveaways too, here’s all the links…

May 14th – Tour kick off – The Geeky Book Blogger-

May 15th – Missie @Unread Reader

May 16th– Kayleigh @K-books –

May 17th– Stephanie @FABR

May 18th– RELEASE DAY- Christy @ Love of Books +Me         

May 19th– Cassie @ Gathering Leaves

May 20th– Erin Danzer –  + Maria – 

May 21st– Tricia- + Danica Page

May22nd- Jenn @ Indie Supporter      – I also will be doing a live interview on JournalJabber at 9pm EST

May 23rd– Christie @Christie’s book reviews

May 24th– Anna @ Read between the lines  + Claire –

May 25th– Jessi @reading in the corner

May 26th – Noracast-  + Sarah-

May 27th– Suzanne @Paranormal Book fan

May 28th– Danielle @ Known to Read

May 29th-Kimba @ Kimba the caffeinated book reviewer

May 30th– Mimi Valentine

May31st- Heidi @Rainy Day Ramblings –

June 1st– Ali- My Guilty Obsession

June 2nd– Jen @Bibliophile – Opening of TOUR OF ITALY

June 3rd– Elisa  @ ECwrites – TOUR OF ITALY diary post

June 4th– Lila- Italy Drink post – TOUR OF ITALY

June5th- Natasha- TOUR OF ITALY

June6th- Wendy@cupcake and a latte- TOUR OF ITALY

June7th- Veronica- Mosty Reviews- – TOUR OF ITALY

June 8th– Jenny @ Supernaturalsnark – Wrap up of TOUR OF ITALY and giveaway 

June 9th– Steph – stepping out of the pages

June 10th– Beth Ann- + Maghon at happy tales and tails

June 11th– Vicky @ books, biscuits and tea

June 12th-Michelle @ Bookbriefs –

June 13th– Rebecca @ Kindle Fever 

June 14th– Sam @Realm of Fiction-

Hope to see you all there!

I know June is quite a bit away, but I promise it’ll be worth it! I am going to have a few more blog tours-with giveaways of course-first, so at least you won’t be left hanging LOL … I just wanted to get this out here, so as always, thanks for stopping by, and happy reading my gators! 


One thought on “More winners & some fun news!

  1. Jean S. says:

    I hope sometimes you get to keep a goodie or two for yourself.

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