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Hello everyone! I am so excited today to be part of this awesome tour for this fantastic book!! and guess what, I’ve got giveaways LOL but you gotta wait to the end for that! Also, if you click the banner, it will take you to Cambria’s site with all the other stops & their giveaways too!  I have an extra special post today. As you know, I am a serious animal person, so I figured that you guys should get to meet Cambria’s animals too 🙂 Yep, I’m doing an animal and book post all in one!! So I am gunna turn things over to Mrs. Hebert so she can tell you about them herself!

Hey everyone!

I am so glad to be here today! Once I saw what an animal lover that Maghon is then I knew the perfect post for today’s tour stop for the Heven and Hell tour: Charade!

Today I am going to tell everyone all about the animals in my house!! And let me tell ya it’s a real zoo around here. Here at my house we have several animals and if I am for realz (and I am!) I gotta admit that somedays I wonder why I have so many animals! LOL. Not that I don’t love them, because I do, but they are a lot of work…

Let me introduce you and explain.

Meet My Pets

Pet # 1 – Rocky –    


Rocky is a tabby cat. He is the first animal that my husband and I got way back when we first got together (and weren’t married yet) it’s been about 11 years that we have had Rocky. We got him at the pound and my husband picked him out because he said that he was really soft and looked “angelic” – YEAH… let this be known that my husband must not be a good judge of character because this cat is anything BUT angelic. I’ll admit he was great… until we got a dog. When we got a puppy I brought the puppy home and Rocky has hated me ever since. LOL. (okay he doesn’t hate me now… more on that later) He literally would run from me when he once sat in my lap and followed me everywhere. And he would sit around giving me this stare… and if looks could kill… I’d be dead. One night I was sitting on the couch watching TV and he came out of nowhere and CLAWED my leg. That’s right for no reason. I had a hellacious scratch that was bleeding… no I am not making this up. Years have passed and when my husband deployed to Iraq (he’s home now) the cat had to like me again cause I was all he had, LOL. So now he likes me… but sometimes when there isn’t any food in his dish he will hit the other animals with his claws and he stalks our first dog, the one he hates… I mean literally sits a few feet away and stares… enough that my 75 pound dog starts crying cause she knows what’s coming… Uh huh.. not so angelic is he??

We call him Kitty Bronchitis because sometimes he starts to cough and cough and it sounds like he has bronchitis. (but don’t worry he doesn’t have bronchitis he’s just old and fat, LOL)

Pet #2 – Daisy


Daisy is a golden retriever/chow mix. Daisy is the second animal that we got, we got her a few months after we got Rocky. We also rescued her from the pound when she was 8 weeks old. They told us that she was retriever/german shepherd… but she is part chow. She has spots on her tongue like the chow and she has the temperament of a chow…. (I’m not trying to pass judgment on chows, LOL). Daisy is about 11 years old now. I gotta tell you… she isn’t very nice. In fact this dog is the most difficult dog I have ever had. I have had dogs all my life (two retrievers, a mix,  a st. Bernard, even a mixed bulldog/pit bull – not all at once) so I was shocked when she turned out this way because we thought we were getting a friendly family dog. Unfortunately she is a very fearful dog that doesn’t like other people so when we have friends over we have to put her in the master bedroom. We have to muzzle her when she goes to the vet because she has tried to bite two vet techs and she pee’s all over the place when they touch her. LOL. It’s not funny really because I feel bad that she has to live like that. Her favorite person is my husband and when he went to Iraq it made her crazy. One night I let her out to pee (it was right before bed so it was dark) and she ran off (never done that before and we have half an acre of yard so plenty of room to pee!) and she didn’t come back for like 30 minutes. Since I was the only one home with my kids and they were in bed I couldn’t go after her. When she did come back she was covered in poop. That’s right poop. She rolled in it. I was so mad I made her sleep in the garage (she usually sleeps in my room next to the bed). Then I had to bath her the next morning outside (because she is huge and hairy and was covered in poop and wouldn’t fit in my bath tub) and it was Feb. and like 30 degrees outside. The whole time I bathed her I was muttering about how bad she was for running off… the neighbors prolly thought I was nuts!!! Don’t worry, after I bathed her I let her wet-dog smelling butt inside to dry off and be warm. (Even when she makes me mad I’m nice to her. Lol)

Well now she is old and has arthritis and limps sometimes (I don’t let her out in the garage other than to eat because it’s too hard for her to lay on).

Don’t get me wrong she has her nice moments. She really loves my husband and she is very protective of the kids and even the other animals (except Rocky bc Rocky is mean to her, lmao) so we keep her around.  🙂

 Pet#3 -Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a tabby/ flame tipped Siamese cat. Pumpkin is AKA : The Regurgitator.

 This is the sweetest cat ever. Let me tell you how Pumpkin became ours. My husband is in the Marine Corp and we have to move every 3 years or so and before we moved to where I live now we were in the process of selling our last house. I was staying at my grandmother’s house in MD for a few weeks that summer and one day we (we being me and my kids) went for a walk. The whole walk I kept hearing this cat crying. We kept looking around and not seeing anything. Well when we got the driveway of my g-ma’s house this cat comes running up behind us just crying and crying. Well my son (who was 3 at the time) goes running over to it and I thought the cat would run. (that’s what Rocky does. He won’t let anyone pet him) Oh no. Pumpkin sat down and my son hugged this cat. Full on hugged him. It just sat there. Well, it hung around for days… of course I fed it because its ribs were sticking out and it kept crying. We called all the neighbors and no one claimed it and said it was a stray and had been around for months… yeah I’m a bleeding heart and my kids LOVE this cat. When they cry at night he gets in bed with them. When they are sick it lays on the couch with them.  Let me tell ya… Pumpkin’s sweetness is his saving grace. Why?? Did you SEE his nickname? Uh yeah, we don’t call him The Regurgitator for nothing. I assume because he was a street cat for so long that he now gorges himself on food whenever he gets fed and then he promptly throws it all back up. All over the floor. Sometimes when I get up in the morning and stumble half asleep downstairs I step in it. NASTY.

Good morning to me.


Pet#4 –


Cocoa – a chorkie (half yorkie/ half Chihuahua) AKA: Cocoa Latte, Pretty Princess, Miss Stinky (she doesn’t smell I have no clue why I call her that)

This is her Halloween photo.

Like you can’t tell this is my favorite pet. I know it’s wrong to play favorites… but look at her little face!!! We bought Cocoa not quite a year ago for my daughter for her birthday. She had been begging for years for a little dog and I had never had a little dog in my life and wasn’t sure I wanted one. Then I met Cocoa when she was only a couple weeks old… here is the picture my friend took the day I met her:


She literally fit in the palm of my hands (those are my hands, yes I’m wearing a silly band, LOL). I held her and she licked my chin. Well that was it. I wanted her. Yes, she was for my daughter but I kind of hi-jacked her. Ha ha ha ha.

I love this dog. She is like one of my children. She sleeps with me at night and before now I never let ANY animal in or on my bed before. Even the cats know my bed is off limits. She is ornery and spoiled and I love her to death. Her favorite naughty behavior is getting whole rolls of toilet paper and ripping it up around the living room.  She is on my lap as I type this.


Pet # 4 + 5 – Sea Star and Nemo


This is Nemo and the Sea Star (that hairy looking spider thing is the sea star).

These are my sons pets. My son is obsessed with anything under the sea related. I mean, obsessed. I think he will be a marine biologist. He says he is going to work in an aquarium so he can feed fish all day… LOL. This was his birthday present a couple years ago.

Yes, the sea star is nasty and weird looking. This was taken the day we got them almost 2 years ago and the sea star is about doubled in size…. And it had babies…. Yeah it really did. I guess it’s one of those things that can fertilize itself….so the babies are tiny and pinkish and yes, they are hairy too…. *shudders*

So a couple months ago my son got this rock at the beach and begged to put it in the tank with nemo… and we were like “why not?” it’s a salt water thing… and we already had live rock in the tank… well, this rock must have still been alive too… because it started growing sea weed, that’s right people sea weed…. And it took OVER the tank. Until the water looked green…. LOL. So what did I do?? I had to clean it out. Oh and let me tell you… the tank also started growing this whitish colored round circle things on the walls of the glass… they are beyond hard and scraping them (with a metal instrument!) will not get them off. I am assuming they are barnacles. Anyway… so one day I’m like that nasty sea weed has to go… so I got some tongs… I am NOT putting my hand down in there while all that green stuff is there because I can’t see where the hairy spider is. So I used the tongs to yank out clumps and clumps of seaweed. The offending rock came out with it. Now we can see into the tank.

 And that my friends are my animals… like I said, I live in a zoo.

What kind of pets do you have?

LOL!!! I’m sorry, that makes me love Mrs. Hebert even more, but my zoo is bigger HAHAHAHAHAHA and crazier LOL however, I WILL NOT underestimate her ability to have patience cuz she has kids- like live human ones!! *chuckles* I am so happy that today I could share this with you! It was something different! 

I have read Charade, but I am choosing not to post my review YET… I wanted you guys to think about all these cool animals and several others for the tour are posting reviews. I promise to post my review soon, and no worries, it’s a GREAT one 🙂 Now here’s a few ways to stalk Cambria! 


Charade’s Blurb: 

Dying at the hands of a psycho was a shock. Having my life returned to me by an angel was incredible. Being named a Supernatural Treasure and being given Sam as my guard was pretty darn awesome. Acquiring a debt for it all—well, I should have seen it coming.

Now here we are, fighting demons from Hell, caring for a boy that I just don’t trust, and traveling to faraway places to return a treasure to its rightful place. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone wears a mask; everyone puts on a charade. It’s up to us to separate the truth from the lies and reality from fiction. A hard task when my new reality involves fallen angels, witches and dragons… and did I mention Hell?

Anchoring me down through it all is Sam. Sam, who must face tragedies of his own and is put to the test again and again.

If we fail in our task, life as we know it—life as you know it—will end. Forever.

The Giveaway!

A while back, I won 2nd place for the Masquerade Read A Long… I’m giving away SOME of my winnings!!! So first, here’s what I’m giving away! These are SIGNED book plates 🙂 I will give ONE winner both of these 🙂 I will also give ONE winner a kindle copy of Charade, and since I bought Between and then won it, Cambria is gunna supply my winning copy to ONE winner… so that’s THREE winners! So now all you have to do is fill out the nice form below and you’re entered. Here’s the kicker… if you leave me a nice comment on this post, I’ll give you an extra entry! 🙂 YAY!! So even if you’ve read the books, you can win the signed book plates 🙂 If you haven’t read the books, Before is still free (see picture below for the link) and if you enter to win something, I’ll let you trade a copy for Masquerade 🙂 You have until June 20 to win 🙂 

Before (Heven and Hell)

I would like to thank Cambria Hebert for letting me squeeze in last minute for this tour & for her wonderful guest post about her lovely family- I mean zoo LOL- and especially thank her for giving me such wonderful stories to read! She’s been one of the best I’ve read! 🙂 I wish everyone good luck for the giveaway! Happy reading my gators!! 🙂