Winners & Giveaways!

Hello Everyone! Today, I am announcing a winner, and reminding everyone about the other 2 giveaways I have going on! HEHEHE I have some other good news too!!! But I’ll save that for last.  So, winners first! 

for my stop on the Vaempires:Revolution book tour, Mr. Winship himself, offered an e-book copy of the book, but seeing as there were ONLY three people who commented to enter, I will have all three of them win-cuz I am just awesome like that! LOL So, the first winner will receive a copy from the author, and the other two will get a copy from me. 🙂 All three winners can chose if they would like their e-book from amazon OR from smashwords, so that way they can chose the type of file they get 🙂 I know a lot of folks have a nook instead of kindle. So, without anymore blabbering here’s your winners! 


Kerry Amburgy-Dickson



I will e-mail each of you shortly, so you guys can let me know what kind you’d like 🙂 KERRY, you were the first to comment, so you will get your copy from Mr. Winship. Holly & BN will get theirs from me! HEHEHE!! congrats! sometimes it pays to leave a comment! LOL 

Now, for those of you who would like to win some of my other giveaways going on, I’m about to leave you some extra links, so you can check up on them 🙂 First up is my post for the Charade Blog Tour. If you want to read the post, go HERE… if you already know what Charade is, then you can just enter HERE. That the form to fill out what you’d like to win… YOU SHOULD KNOW THERE IS SIGNED SWAG IN THERE!! I’m giving away ebooks too, but Ms. Cambria Hebert is awesome, and I have some very cool signed book marks that are also to be given away-there’ll be 3 winners for that one! I have ONLY a FEW people entered for that giveaway, and the deadline to enter is JUNE 20, so you only have a few more days. GO!GO!GO, now LOL I LOVE this series, and who doesn’t love signed swag LOL 🙂 This is international, as long as the USPS can ship to you, signed swag, and a kindle version of the books. 

Lastly, but not least, is my Absolution book tour giveaway. If you’d like to see the post, you can go HERE. There are multiple things being given away here. First, is a copy of Absolution, an ebook. I’m giving that away to a commenter-that means just leave me a comment LOL You can leave it on here, or go to the post and leave it on there too. One copy from me, and one copy from Mr. Corsair himself.  These will be given via smashwords so you can chose your file type.  This is international. ALSO- there is a HUGE-by HUGE I mean GIGANTIC- giveaway for the whole tour.  You can see all of the AWESOME stuff being given away by going HERE. This is also international, and is a rafflecopter form.  You can chose to do one, OR both, up to you. For BOTH giveaways, you have until JULY 3, so you should enter soon. 

Now, I wish you all extra luck!! I will have some updates for my lil Dude aka Kyland, for those of you keeping up with him, and I’ve also got over 10 blog tours this coming month, so, I will have a whole lota giveaways coming up soon.  🙂 this makes me happy! I will also have one more stop on Wednesday for the Absolution book tour, so you can look for that too 🙂 Happy Reading my gators!!