Winners! Kyland update and another name game to win!

Hello everyone! 

First, I would like to announce the winners of all the goodies from my stop on the Charade Blog Tour! I know I am late with posting this, but I have literally had so many posts for my blog, I needed some time to fit it all in! I didn’t have as many entries as I thought I would, so I’ve decided to give them all something! Yes, I’m doing that again 🙂 

There were 5 people who entered, yes for multiple things, but all 5 of you will get something 🙂

Rachel and BN100 both asked for a kindle copy of Masquerade, so congrats, you both win this! If you would prefer a smashwords coupon, I will do this too! 🙂 Here’s the kicker, if you chose to do kindle version of Between, I’ll give you Between copies too 🙂 I have left over gift cards to use particularly for this.  This way you have the first two books, and you can also get Before (the prequel) for free, everywhere 🙂 

Nikki and Beth, you both asked for copies of Between, congrats, you both win this! I can also do a smashwords for Beth… Nikki, I am not sure how Ms. Cambria is going to send that copy, as you are the winner for hers 🙂 I’m sure she could do this for you! 🙂 Beth, I’d also like to offer you a kindle copy of Charade… Nikki I know you have it LOL 🙂 if you don’t, you can get it too 🙂 

Karla, you BLEEP… you were picked first, as I used to pick the book plate winner before I gave other stuff away and you were it! You should now say you win as much as me! LOL hahahaha I secretly hate you, as I am giving this up hahahaha but I’m glad to do it, so it’s not really hate! HA! 

I wish to congratulate all of you on winning and I will send out an email in a short moment! 🙂 I’ll give you a couple of days to reply! 

Now, on to another contest and more pictures of course!!  🙂 I promised an update on my lil man, Kyland, though he still answers to Dude lol! So, for those of you who don’t know the back story of this cute little monster, you can see it HERE! Now, last Friday, June 15, I decided, since he was getting really strong- I have bruises in inappropriate places to prove this- and was doing so well, to reintroduce him to his herd. I was scared as sometimes things can happen. I opened all the gates, and he follows me like a dog, he also acts like my dogs hahaha he can’t help it, they were his surrogate nannies. After some hard choices, I walked behind the big pasture’s gate and walked away from him. I almost cried. But when I got a little further, he got really curious and began checking everything out. Then he realized that he had freedom and took off running like a crazy thing! He ran for what seemed like forever, and poor thing, his momma kept trying to run after him, but after about 15 minutes she was pooped and just started slowly following in his general direction. After his hilarious antics, and all the other babies excitedly playing with him, he realized he was really hungry! He took off back to me at the gate, with the entire caravan and herd following behind. He ran right up to me and drank his bottle and was a nut! He’s so full of energy!

He, of course, settled in just fine. He is so curious, needing to check out everything and anything for himself. He is always first, as he comes meet me for feeding times running in front of everyone. And then he’ll take a nap off to himself. He cracks me up. He didn’t drink from his mom for the first 3 weeks of his life, so I’m still feeding him twice a day to make sure his mom can make up for the milk, as she was drying up. That was the other reason for me to let him go back with her before she lost all milk. My Australian shepherd is heartbroken, as every single time I say “Dude” she goes looking for him. But she’s so happy for feeding time to give him a few licks through the fence. We don’t go inside the pasture anymore as mommy is protective, in a dangerous way, and I want him to be more cow than pet or dog, as he has some similar habits. He licks me as a greeting like a dog, and moos at me if I don’t walk quick enough, and rubs on me to play. These are so doggie traits and not bull traits lol My mom came over to watch a feeding and giggled the whole time as you can’t help but love this little kid 🙂

I am hoping in the next week to stop bottle feeding as he’s doing great with his mom. But I’ll still give him love everyday! Today (Sunday June 24) was his second to last day of one day feedings, and tomorrow will be his last bottle feeding from me, as his momma is keeping him nice and full…  And with this, I’d like to introduce you to some of his family and have a little contest!


This is his dad, named Brin-for his brindle stripes- and his CRAZY cousin, curious George. His name is the perfect name for him as he is ridiculously curious, like gunna get himself in trouble! 🙂 


This is Mysha (white) and Baylee (black/white), my dogs, giving him love, on his last day in the pen alone! I spent extra time with him that day before I let him out in the pasture. 


My dogs look on so curious as Dude makes some crazy noises! 🙂 Mysha’s face is priceless!


Mysha gives him kisses after he eats, and sometimes just because 🙂


These two pictures are of him in the pasture running at me, and as I know you can’t really see, he’s the little speck, and his mom is trying to keep up behind him 🙂 


Him and his mom at one of the gates watching me, and some of the other cows look on too 🙂


Momma gets nervous when I come around so she licks and nuzzles him, it’s really sweet. 


A close up of Kyland “Dude” and his mom. He eagerly waits for me, with his tail wagging like a dog 🙂


A close up of curious George 🙂 He’s very pretty, and not in the least bit shy


Another of Ky and his mom


One more 🙂 LOL


Ok, no this is the last one hahahaha


This I thought you guys would get a kick out of, as he would lick and suck on my legs all the time. Those spots on my shorts are his spit. No body ever said having a farm was easy, or even close to clean hahahahahaha

Now here’s where the fun comes in! The picture below is where you should look, so look now!!


These are 3 of Kyland’s cousins! The one standing up all the way to the right (he’s the big one) I’ve named Papillion (pap-ee-awn)… This is the french word for Butterfly-we Louisianans speak lots of French here, so it works.  He’s a dude, so butterfly was too feminine, and Papillion is kinda generic. On his face is a perfect imprint of a butterfly shape. It’s symmetric, and so obvious, so that’s how he got his name.  The one lying down has an all white face with two spots, one on each eye. He’s quite laid back and really calm. Maybe he’s to dignified to play! LOL The last one, is also a male, and was born at the same time as Curious George, like literally a few hours apart.  He’s so little, as his mom got sick, and so he is a little behind in the growing. No worries, his mom is all better, and he is now growing at a normal rate. 🙂 He’s really full of energy as well, as Kyland-though much younger, is the same size, so the fight and play together all the time.  These last 2 don’t have names… SO HERE’S THE CONTEST.  I would like a name for each of these two bull calves.  🙂 Here’s the rules…

1. Leave a comment on this post with your answers

2. Your name (please tell me which one you are talking about-lying down bull or standing up) can be anything you want, BUT I want you to tell me why you are picking it… like Kyland in German means bull or spirit of a bull… or you can say, I pick Jean Claude, as he is my favorite vampire in the Anita Blake series… I do not care what you pick, I just want to know why 🙂

3.  This is INTERNATIONAL!! If the book depository ships to you, then you can win!! 🙂

4.  You will get an entry for each name!! so you submit 5 names you get 5 entries!

5.  Here’s how I’ll pick the winners… One winner will be picked directly based on the name they give me.  I liked your name, and will be naming one of the bulls that name…I may do this for both names… I gotta see how my funds are LOL  The OTHER winner will be all of the names chosen by  So even if you really wanna win, but don’t have a great name, you can still get your chance! Yes, you can re-use the same names from my first contest where Kyland’s name was chosen, as I had some wonderful names picked, and I may even go with one of those if those people re-enter!! 

6. I will pick a winner for each, and here’s what you will win!! A BOOK OF YOUR CHOICE from either barnes and nobles, amazon, smashwords, or the book depository UNDER $10 (american monies LOL) (so $9.99 before tax/shipping counts LOL) yes yes, you can tell me what you want to win from any of these places.  If you are international, I would recommend the book depository, but from my fellow US kids, you can chose a paperback, or an ebook, that you wanna read & I’ll give it to you!! I know, this is another animal post, BUT I’ll give you a book in exchange for having fun with me! 🙂 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, as you can leave your question in the comments, or email me (it’s on my contact page at the top) or twitter, which is also at the top… You have until JULY 5TH to enter this contest, so you can continuously come back to add more names as you think of them, or find, or see them somewhere 🙂 I am really hoping to just have some creativity come out here! & I know I have some great followers, so don’t let me down… LOL, no go forth and get creative! LOL oh and of course, Happy Reading my Gators!!! 


8 thoughts on “Winners! Kyland update and another name game to win!

  1. Barbara E. says:

    I’m going to go with the name I had before: Kane – Irish: Little battler or warrior – for the little one standing. And Kavan – Irish Gaelic: The handsome one – for the one lying down.

  2. Roxy Kade says:

    Awww! Mags, lil Ky is adorable! I was actually gonna tweet you about him a little earlier, so was so glad when I got this post! Your dogs are adorable as well! Love the way they share kisses!!

    Ttyl *runs off to think of a few new names*

  3. Jean S. says:

    You have quite a variety of animals! Mysha is so cute. : ) Um, Baylee’s back is cute, too. Border collie?

    I think it’s hysterical that Kyland responds to “Dude.” Personally, I think you should stick with that name. : )

    I am much better with girl names than boy names for some reason, so this will be difficult. I like Barbara E.’s picks. *whispers* She should totally win.

    The cutie lying down reminds me of my cat Max (also laid back and calm). Max also has a white face with two spots (black ones though) near each eye. It makes it look like he’s looking into my soul. I really wanted to name him Danny, but my husband vetoed that name, so that’s my pick for you. Danny means “God is my judge.” Um, that’s not the greatest for a bull. I also wanted to use Nathaniel or Nathan which means “Gift of God.” That’s much better. (I actually used Nathaniel as Max’s middle name.)

    How about Benny for the standing one? That’s the first name of the Chicago Bulls mascot. : )

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Hehehe Benny! I like this! And thank you for the names 🙂

      Mysha is a Siberian husky and Baylee is an Australian shepherd. Xander normally watched from the side so I never got any pictures of them together the few times he would come around lol

  4. bn100 says:

    Cute pictures. For the one standing up, how about Féileacán, which is Irish for butterfly, or how about Dearbadan-dé, which is Scottish for butterfly, since you said he kind of looks like one.

    For the one lying down, how about Sossegar, which is Portuguese for calm, or Relâcher, which if French for to relax, since you said he seems pretty calm.

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