Demonically Tempted Blog Tour

Hello everyone! Today I am awfully excited to be part of this blog tour. I am ashamed to say I had not heard of this series before I was informed about the blog tour (BAD DOG!!) but I sure am glad I was able to read BOTH books! Yep, both, as even though this tour is specifically for book 2, the author so kindly let me read both books of the series. So Now, you get to hear all my thoughts, and opinions, and crazy rambles about these! 🙂 So today, I am honored to have a character interview and a review spot for this tour…also, don’t forget if you click on the top banner, it will take you to Bewitching Book Tours site, and trust me, they have some of the greatest books on tour or going on tour right now. They also have lots of fun info too 🙂 Now, without any more interuptions, I want you guys to meet Tess, our star character of this series! She so kindly answered some crazy questions for me…


Maghon: I am so happy you could make it, and can take time out of your really crazy schedule for us! How did you expect a relationship with Kipp to grow in his situation? Oh and maybe you should explain that for new interested readers 🙂

Tess: Well, there might be a problem with our relationship, Kipp is a ghost. And don’t go judging me! I know how weird that is. I never wanted this. I tried to fight it. But have you met Kipp McGowen? His charm was impossible to ignore. Heck, I doubt I could’ve ignored him even if I wanted to, which I did and tried my best to. The man has a way with words that makes me one of those mushy women who has no control over her hormones. *blushes*

Maghon: I will agree with his charm and hotness! LOL How do you feel about working with the cops now?

Tess: It’s a work-in-progress. I’ll admit it’s a cushy job. The only thing I have to do is talk to ghosts to help solve their cold-cases. The problem is it doesn’t seem to be that easy. Things just keep going in very odd directions that are taking me places I don’t want to go. Right now I’m taking it day-by-day and hoping I come out of it in one piece with some sort of sanity.

Maghon: I will say, I felt bad for your experiences at the end of Supernaturally Kissed… I may have a strong will, but I don’t know if I could have handle things as gracefully as you did. How do you feel about more and more people knowing about your gift?

Tess: At first I hated it. Listen, it’s a strange gift so getting people to come around to the idea is really brutal and embarrassing. But now that people do know, it’s kinda nice I suppose. I never expected that others would know, or that I’d have a job related to my gifts. I guess it feels good for it to be out in the open and no longer a secret. Not that I want everyone to know. The few that do are good with me. No need to announce it to the world or anything.

Maghon: I think your gift is cool, however I’d probably be committed as I can never keep my mouth shut, even for ghosts LOL If you could make your gift go away now, would you?

Tess: Wow! Tough question. I’d be lying if part of me doesn’t want that. This gift has brought on a lot of trouble in my life. It’s very annoying always having ghosts interrupt you at inappropriate times to ask for help. Sometimes I do want to be normal. But now having Kipp, I can’t want that, can I? If I didn’t have the gift, I wouldn’t see him, and that’s something I can’t even consider.

Maghon: I felt bad for you at how Kipp “introduced” himself in the beggining, but now I just think it’s hilarious! LOL sorry, I still giggle, but I understand how you feel. No one wants to have those kind of burdens sometimes. How do you feel about Dane and his involvement in your life?

Tess: The bastard needs to burn in hell. Oh, did I say that aloud? Dane is one of those annoying ticks that I want to squish with my finger. But sometimes you can’t choose who comes into your life, can you? I realize I need Dane to help me understand my gifts, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy him. Any day is a good day if I don’t have to look at Dane.

Maghon: *cackles with laughter* Oh boy, I would love to be a fly on the wall when you finally have it out with him!! Now that you know the things you know, is there anything you wish we’re different?

Tess: *sighs* Yes, there are so many things I wish were different. I wish my life could be as normal as possible with the gifts I have. That there wasn’t so much danger. That everyone around me was safe. And that I could have a happily ever after with the man I love. Isn’t that what every girl wants? But wishing for something doesn’t mean it’ll happen. This is my life, no matter how strange it is, and I’m slowly accepting that.

Maghon: Well said! I wish you lots of happiness, even if it comes to you in stranger packages than the rest! Do you ever think about any of your family having this gift too, or is it just your bad luck?

Tess: Well, since my family died in the car accident that caused this gift I now have I mainly just mourn them. But even that I try very hard not to think about. Why stir up a painful memory? I’m perfectly happy living in a state of denial. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Maghon: LOL I have lots of denials LOL so I find it prefectly acceptible! What the most attractive about Kipp in appearance?

Tess: Every single ghostly thing about him. He’s gorgeous! Those sexy unique eyes…lips…muscular arms…damn perfect body…wait, where were we? Oh right, about Kipp. You know, on a physical level there’s nothing about him that I don’t drool over. *waggles eyebrows* That has always been my downfall where it comes to Kipp. Really, what girl can refuse a man that’s sexy-as-sin?

Maghon: *waves herself from the heat, then giggles* Yep, I agree that it’s really hard to refuse sexy-as-sin men! And most attractive in his personality?

Tess: Why yes, there is more to Kipp than his sexy appearance. Sure, I swoon over his caveman attitude when he gets all tough because heck, even if it annoys me, it’s still sexy. But I love the tender side to him too. It’s very surprising when it comes out. He’s just one of those guys that I swear took lessons in how to make a woman go gooey around him. Most of all, it’s his dirty mouth. *giggles* He can heat me up all too easily. It’s actually slightly irritating that I seem to have no off switch when it comes to him. More than all that, though, Kipp is a good man…a good cop…and I’m head over heels in love with a ghost. Yes, I can admit that!

Maghon: AWWW, I think that’s soooo cute!!! 🙂 Ok, some small tidbits! This or that…

A. Coffee or tea? Coffee

B. coke, sprite, dr.pepper? Coke

C. Beach or mountains? Beach

D. Winter or summer? Summer

E. vampires or werewolves? WHAT? I might see ghosts, but I’m sorry to break it to you that vampires are werewolves are not real. And if we’re talking fictional characters, I have enough of the paranormal in my life than to read about it too. No, thank you!

F. Cold or hot? Cold, of course. Kipp’s touch is cold. Might be why I love it.

G. Favorite color? Brown and blue…maybe because that’s the colors of Kipp’s eyes.

H. Night or day? Day. Don’t you know scary things happen at night? Like crazy-ass killers that come out of the shadows who try to make me a ghost too.

I. Moonlight or sunlight? Sunlight. Isn’t the above answer reason enough?

Ok, that’s enough! LOL thanks so much for coming visit me, Tess! I think you and I could be really good friends! either that, or you’d kill me hahahaha And thanks so much Ms. Stacey, for doing this with us! I appreciate it and I look forward to the next book!!

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Now wasn’t that a crazy fantastic interview! I love her crazy answers, and the fact that she is tough, but still scared of the dark, and not afraid to admit it!! Now, I will first tell you a little something about her first book of the series, which I will say is KILLER GOOD!! 🙂

Supernaturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy

You can click on the image if you’d like to read all about Supernaturally kissed, which is book 1 in the Frostbite series. You can go HERE for my review… and here’s my quote for this book as a little preview…

It’s also a really fresh look at a human falling for a supernatural being. And even then, there are no vampires, werewolves, etc. and it’s still really good. It has everything most readers ask for- humor, sad, anger, murder(s), investigations, awesome romance in a whole new light, and something to be proud of! I was originally gunna give it a 4.5 stars- com’on, there’s no werewolves-LOL- but it’s too good a book for that, so I cannot cheat a great book out due to my hairy obsession!!

Now that I have said that, it’s on to the good stuff…. drum roll please! Here’s Demonically Tempted!

Demonically Tempted (Frostbite #2)

Of course, if you click on the picture it’ll take you over to goodreads… and here’s a blurb for you via goodreads…

Tess Jennings, now a member of the Memphis Police Department, is on her first cold case. The suspected suicide of Lizbeth Knapp ten years ago isn’t a theory her family accepts—they believe she was murdered.

But the case is only one of Tess’s worries. Ghosts are talking, and word of her abilities rapidly spreads. A dark ghost is terrifying the spirits of Memphis, and she must force the entity to cross over.

Tess doesn’t have to do this alone. Not only does she have her ghost-lover, Kipp McGowen, but the department has brought in a medium. Dane Wolfe might answer all her questions, but he also brings a world of trouble. Will Tess finally have all she’s ever wanted, or will everything she’s vowed to protect be ripped away?




and now, here’s my review!!

This is one of the coolest books I’ve read about ghosts. Tess is learning how to use her gift and help ghosts instead of being afraid. How could she not do this after her whole world has been turned up side down. And she is completely in love with her own personal ghost. But then a seriously messed up FBI dude shows up to “help” her learn how to really use her gifts. And all the local ghosts are terrified and threatened by a new ghostly presence. They beg Tess to help, and she just couldn’t say no.

I will say that I read this book even faster then the first one. It’s fully of action and twists and completely sarcastic attitudes that I can’t help but love it! You are now learning more about some of the secondary characters as well. I always liked Zach, but now I also really like Max. He has shown me a whole new side.

And then there is Kipp…. Yeah, ghost or not, he’s hot!! LOL and he totally throws Tess for a loop in the book. And then there’s this TOTAL SHOCKER FOR AN ENDING!!! Ok I will say I kinda expected this to happen in book one, but when it didn’t, I excepted my wrongness and moved on. I NEVER expected it at the end of book 2, so it totally blew me away! I love it! No I will not give you hints about this 🙂 I now SERIOUSLY need book 3, which thank goodness comes out this fall! All in all, another 5 PAWS from me!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed all of today’s post, and I wish you all happy reading my gators!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Demonically Tempted Blog Tour

  1. Stacey Kennedy says:

    Thanks so much for joining the tour, interviewing Tess, and for the reviews!! *hugs*

  2. Jean S. says:

    I’ve seen Supernaturally Kissed before, but the cover put me off. There I go judging a book by its cover. : ) When I heard great things about Demonically Tempted, I was surprised it was the same series. I guess I’ll have to give these books another look. : )

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Hahaha I thought supernaturally kissed was gunna be erotica when I saw the cover, but it’s not. It’s literally a paranormal romance. Yep there’s a few sex scenes but I’ve had other fantasy and PR have way more lol but I like the detective/mystery part meets supernatural twists 🙂 these types of books are fun for me… Oh no, more books for you to read hahahaha

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