No Hero Dead Sexy stop

Hello everyone! today I am reviewing No Hero by Mallory Kane as a Dead Sexy stop for Entangled Publishing and Bewitching Book Tours. I will have links at the bottom for more information on all of these!
Here’s what the book is about:
New Orleans detective Dev Gautier is no hero, but he has vowed to protect the at-risk teens he mentors. When kids start turning up dead, he’s determined to track their killer, even if it means trusting the one woman who betrayed him.

TV reporter Reghan Conner nearly destroyed Dev Gautier’s life, exposing secrets and revealing his troubled past to the world. But now she holds a vital clue in Dev’s current investigation, and if he has any hope of preventing another murder, she must work with him before another child dies.

My Review:
Ok, let me say, that for the first time EVER, I guessed the bad guy and I was RIGHT!!! Hehehehe this never happens! Seriously! Also, I know I usually am all about everything fantasy, but being a Louisiana native, and a frequent NOLA visitor- yes we call New Orleans NOLA- I couldn’t help myself. Now, here’s my question for you… What if two people loved each other, and one of them COMPLETELY DESTROYED the other’s entire life? Yeah, that’s this story. Romance wise anyway. The mystery part of the plot is fantastic! It’s like criminal minds meets Law & Order 🙂

I must say that it was so well written, I forgot that there weren’t any fantasy aspects. Heh, and new Orleans muggy, hot temperature is dead on 🙂 no one understands heat until you go to Louisiana or Mississippi or Florida. Anywho, back on track lol! Dev is my hero! I feel terrible for his past and even worse for what Reghan put him through. Yep, she literally took him, threw him in a blender and pressed crush. And I didn’t think I’d like Reghan for what she did, until I literally connected with her. I know how abandoned issues can cause some serious crazy. You know, get them before they get you. Well, in this matter, she at least has her eyes opened that it should not always be this way for all cases. And their snarky comments to each other. I giggle! She finally realizes that she’s really attracted to him, and then even his hands and fingernails become a beautiful sight. Giggle again! Sorry LOL

Anywho, I will say that if you are a fan of spicy but not trashy romance, with a fantastic mystery plot, and set in the most awesome city in the world, with a wonderful background array of characters, you will get it all here. Seriously, I may have to broaden my horizons and spread out to read romantic suspense once A while. 4.5 stars for me!! Now you go read it!

I wanna say thank you to both Bewitching book tours and entangled publishing for allowing me to read this book for review! I’m so glad I did. Here’s their info, and as always happy reading my gators! /span>

Entangled Publishing:
Dead Sexy a digital only imprint published by Entangled Publishing. Entangled Publishing is an exclusive, boutique publisher of romantic fiction. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Entangled’s goal is to bridge the gap between traditional and indie publishing, giving both readers and authors the best of both worlds. Get more information at

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