Another Personal Note with Reviews!

Hello everyone, and Happy Tuesday! Today I am gunna touch on something that some of you may know about and some of you may not. First, I WILL NOT be changing any review policies. I will review for anyone who asks nicely- that’s ALL TYPES OF PUBLISHED AUTHORS! Some things have been happening in the blogging world, and a lot of people are no longer working with self published authors, due to one meanie! I love finding new authors, and working with anyone, no matter what type of publishing they do. I am so sorry for those of you who have been singled out, and I really hope that most people know that not all of us are bad. I blog as a hobby, so I PROMISE to always review ANY book given to me for this purpose, sometimes it just may take a little time, as I have a full time job, a part time job, and a whole lot of crazy personal things going on at the time. I WILL NEVER not review something given to me. If I cannot review immediately, or don’t think I will like it, I will tell you this before I take a book from you. Also, I WILL NOT post negative reviews. Yes, I know some people want the negative parts, but I will find A NICE WAY to say something I don’t like. If I really do not like the book, I will tell you this, as that is not who I am. I DO NOT like to say bad things about people, or books, or writing style, etc. There are also some genres I don’t like, so I’ll let you know someone I trust who does. You can use that reference if you chose to or not.

BLAH! so with all that said, LOL, I will now talk in normal speak. I have read several books in the last months, and haven’t had a spot to post my reviews, so today, I will do this. And to make it easy, I will NOT post the whole review, but I will leave you a link, with my rating, for you to check out. I have several books, which would make for a very large post, and no one wants to read through that. LOL Also, I’m gunna give you a few things to look forward to as well. July was a very busy month with lots of blog tours and posts, August and September will probably be a little less busy, with the new house thing, new job thing, AAD2012, etc. I haven’t been signing up for too many. I will try my hardest to keep my blog up though, as without giveaways and fun stuff, nobody wants to hang out with me hahahahaha so now, let’s get on with it!

I will post a picture of the cover, and you can click each cover and it will take you to my review on goodreads.

Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves, #1)

Blood Rites (The Grey Wolves, #2)


Just One Drop (The Grey Wolves, #3)


Out Of The Dark  (The Grey Wolves, #4)


I decided some of you should see some of my favorite quotes from these books!! enjoy! 🙂


“Kiss me, k-k-kiss me, infect me with your love, and fill me with your poison, take me, t-t-take me, wanna be your victim, ready for abduction boy, you’re a werewolf, your touch is so furry, its supernatural, extra-werewolf-iestrial,” Jen sung as loud as she could.” ― Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites
Incase you didn’t catch on, Jen sings this in the tune of Katy Perry’s ET LOL oh boy, fantastic scene!
“Alright then, I guess that’s settled,” Lilly said, then she turned to Fane, “Lay a paw on my little girl and you will be a three legged Lassie, got it?” Fane winced and then asked, “You both do realize I’m a wolf not a dog right?” ― Quinn Loftis, Prince of Wolves
tags: fane, jaque, lilly
“She gets a man who will love her completely and faithfully. She gets a man who will not only save her life, but lay down his own to keep her safe. He will provide for her no matter the cost, he will shelter her against all storms that come their way, he will be the one to bring a smile to her face when no one else can. She gets a friend, a lover, a mate, the only man in this world who can complete her and give her the other half of her soul.” ― Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites
tags: mates
“When you say gorgeous,” Jen started, “are we talking Brad Pitt boyish good looks, or Johnny Depp make ya want to slap somebody?” “No, we’re talking Brad and Johnny need to bow down and recognize” Jacque answered.
Quinn Loftis, Prince of Wolves
tags: humor
“Do all of you think we have fleas?” Decebel asked as he looked at Jen and Sally.
going floating, leave my body glowing.” “Katy Perry? She’s singing Katy Perry in the hospital bathroom. Just when you think you’ve seen it all,” Sally mumbled. She knocked on the door again. Still no answer, so she started banging. Then she was banging and hollering, “JEN! OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR!” Wouldn’t you know, she just sang louder. Why am I not surprised, she thought.” ― Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites
ok, I actually have a ton more quoted, but I will have to save them for another time 🙂 seriously, if you aren’t liking these, we can no longer be friends LOL 🙂 ok, and for my last book, yes it’s another werewolf book. If you hadn’t noticed, I LOVE WEREWOLVES!!! 🙂
Darkness & Light (Holloway Pack, #1)
ok, I have a few more to post, but I will save that, so I can have some more posts to fill space LOL I have a few more blog tour posts with giveaways coming up, and I have some reviews, and I’m going to make special time for my AAD2012 trip coming up, so I’ll be seeing you guys real soon! 🙂
Thanks so much for stopping my today and listening to me blab and happy reading everyone!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Another Personal Note with Reviews!

  1. Jean S. says:

    I totally agree with your review policy. It’s too bad that self-published authors are being punished because of a few mean ones. And I definitely don’t like mean reviews. Most everything can be said in a nice way. We don’t all like the same things anyway. If I don’t particularly like a book, I guarantee that there are still 4 and 5 star reviews on Goodreads for it. And my favorites have 1 and 2 star reviews. It’s impossible to please everybody. Plus, there’s so much negativity out there anyway; no need to add to it.

    I already have Prince of Wolves. Have I read it yet? Of course not. : ) I think I need to read it, so I can get to the second book with the werewolf version of Katy Perry’s E.T. Hysterical!

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Omg that scene is to DIE FOR!! I read all four book in less than 24 hours as I inhaled them 🙂 I had to spread them out as I KNEW after the first one that I was hooked!

      And yes, I don’t like meanies so I try not to be one 🙂 this nonsense has effected both authors and bloggers and to me its just unnecessary hate. BOOO!!!

      Thanks for all your lovely comments 😉 you always make my day!

      • Jean S. says:

        It’s fun for me to comment too. It’s always fun to talk about books. : ) I think I might have to dedicate a whole month to reading all of your ebook recommendations (maybe October since I’ll get my new Kindle in September).

      • magluvsya03 says:

        Hahahaha that’s awesome! Jeez a whole month, well at least you’ll be reading good ones lol 🙂

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