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Hello everyone! Today I’ve got a special guest. And to begin I need to apologize to her, as I was supposed to have a guest post AND an interview, and I NEVER sent her those questions! BAD DOG!!! 🙂 But I’m going to try to make it up to both her and you! 🙂 But lemme tell you about the goods first 🙂

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Terri Bruce
Why let a little thing like dying get in the way of a good time?
Thirty-six-year-old Irene Dunphy didn’t plan on dying any time soon, but that’s exactly what happens when she makes the mistake of getting behind the wheel after a night bar-hopping with friends. She finds herself stranded on earth as a ghost, where the food has no taste, the alcohol doesn’t get you drunk, and the sex…well, let’s just say “don’t bother.” To make matters worse, the only person who can see her—courtesy of a book he found in his school library—is a fourteen-year-old boy genius obsessed with the afterlife.
This sounds suspiciously like hell to Irene, so she prepares to strike out for the Great Beyond. The only problem is that, while this side has exorcism, ghost repellents, and soul devouring demons, the other side has three-headed hell hounds, final judgment, and eternal torment. If only there was a third option…
Book Details
Publication Date: August 1, 2012
Publisher: Eternal Press
Number of Pages: 296
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Purchase Details
Paperback E-Book (suggested retail price $7.95)
ISBN: 978-1-61572-725-4 ISBN: 978-1-61572-724-7
Available Wherever Books Are Sold Plus: Available From: (kindle): (kindle)
B& B& (nook)
Eternal Press (all formats):
iTunes (epub)
Kobo Bookstore
About the Author

Terri Bruce

Terri Bruce has been making up adventure stories for as long as she can remember and won her first writing award when she was twelve. Like Anne Shirley, she prefers to make people cry rather than laugh, but is happy if she can do either. She produces fantasy and adventure stories from a haunted house in New England where she lives with her husband and three cats.
Contact Details
Twitter: @_TerriBruce

And now, I’d like to welcome the author over for a little chat!!! THANK YOU AND WELCOME! 🙂

Ghost Cat

I love Maghon’s blog—books and animals, awesome sausage!—so when she offered me a guest spot, I jumped at the opportunity. My husband often tells me that if I didn’t have him to limit how many cats I have at any given time I’d be one of those “crazy cat ladies.” He seems to think this is a recommendation for keeping him (he sees it as him keeping me out of trouble), but it seems to me—as I always point out to him—to be the reverse (as many cats as I want?! Sign me up!). We’ve managed to find a happy balance with three cats (usually one that loves me, one that loves him, and one that is clearly plotting to kill us in our sleep).

My debut novel, Hereafter, is about the afterlife, and so today I wanted to talk about animals and the afterlife. More specifically, I wanted to talk about a personal experience that I had a few years ago, shortly after the passing of one of my cats. I haven’t told many people this story; this is the sort of tale that often makes people glance askance at you and slide their chair away. However, two things happened recently that made me want to share this experience. The first was that I went to a workshop at Readercon about why, when so many people claim to have had some sort of unexplainable experience in their life (whether it be a premonition, a ghostly encounter, a UFO sighting, or some other unexplainable event), so few people talk openly about their experience, and why we, as a society, tend to look askew when someone talks about such an experience. The second was a fellow writer sharing, on Facebook, an encounter she had with the ghost of her recently deceased cat. There was an immediate outpouring from others who had a similar experience. I was amazed—I’m not alone, I thought, and I’m not crazy. These two incidents gave me the courage to share my story today. So here goes:

Mischief, a little tuxedo cat with the most open and adorable face, was my baby—the sweetest, smartest, strangest little cat I had ever met. The story of how she came into my life is too long to tell here, but suffice it to say she came to live with me when she was still a kitten, probably only a couple of months old. She came to me sick, malnourished, and so infested with fleas she developed anemia and almost died. She was a fighter, though, and she lived. Unfortunately, at six years of age she went into kidney failure. The vet gave her a week to live. Mischief had other ideas and managed to live for three more years, most of those with an exceptionally high quality of life, thanks to daily subcutaneous fluid treatments.

When it finally came time to say goodbye, my heart didn’t just break. It was ripped from my chest. That day in the veterinarian’s office was one of the worst of my life. For two years afterwards I couldn’t return to the vet’s office without bursting into tears or suffering an anxiety attack (not something I’m prone to in general). Needless to say, the two remaining cats naturally assumed each time that they were going somewhere horrifying since Mommy was sobbing hysterically the whole way there.

The afternoon that we put Mischief to sleep I came home and went straight to bed, while my husband buried her in the back yard. I lay on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably, only stopping long enough to catch my breath, before breaking down again. Finally, when I was sobbed out, I lay on the bed, curled in a ball. I wasn’t asleep—I was simply numb. Then the strangest thing occurred. An image formed in my mind—almost as if someone had started a movie behind my eyes. I couldn’t shake it and I couldn’t stop it or turn it off.

I was viewing a scene, as if of a far-off place, and I was outside myself, outside my body, both in the event and outside of it. I was no longer me; instead, I was a comet-like object, streaking across the landscape. There were trees and a road, very ordinary scenery, and I was rocketing across the earth, a few feet off the ground. I was heading somewhere, with single-minded purpose. There were no thoughts, no feelings, no consciousness; just a single, burning need to reach…wherever it was I was going. The countryside streaked by, nothing but a blur. Then I felt a change; deep in my core, I knew I was nearing my destination.

The scene shifted and I was me again, lying on me bed, back in my body, and I was watching, in my mind’s eye, the comet streaking across the landscape and knew it was coming for me. It slowed enough for me to see it enter my house, passing straight through the back door, streak through the kitchen, the dining room, up the stairs to the second floor, down the hall, and towards my bedroom door.

Lying on my bed, my back to the door, I turned at that moment, to look at the door, and something hit me in the chest, hard enough to knock me flat on my back. I lay there for a moment, stunned, my breath knocked out of me. A warmth filled me, filling the gaping hole left in my chest by the passing of my Mischief, and I knew what it was that had hit me. It was Mischief. She had come home. Somehow, we had been separated and she had found me. I could feel her there, inside my chest, a little glowing ball of comfort and knew she was with me, would always be with me. That is not to say that I wasn’t still heart-broken; I still lay like a zombie on the couch for two days, the t.v. on but unwatched, alternating between sobbing and glassy-eyed numbness. But now I was just grieving; I was no longer bereft. I was full of sorrow, but I no longer had a gaping hole inside me where she had once lived.

To this day I cannot explain what happened to me; the only thing I do know is that it was real. I wasn’t asleep, I wasn’t dreaming. I didn’t imagine it, because in a million years I could never imagine such a thing, and the glow in my chest didn’t fade. Seven years later, it’s still there, a small nugget of comfort, tucked near my heart.

Even stranger, for two years after the incident, Mischief’s spirit hung around the house. She had a curious way of jumping on the bed—she’s jumped up on the bottom right corner (at the foot of my husband’s side of the bed), pause, then creep diagonally across the bed toward me, then would pause near me, nose and front paw extended like an English Pointer, as if she was inquiring whether or not it was okay for her to approach or maybe she was checking to see if I was breathing (or if the lump in the bed was really me). For nearly two years following her death, several times a week I would feel a cat jump up on the bed, pause, walk across the bed, and pause. Whenever I turned to look, there was never anything there. Mischief’s sister Nixon died a year and a half after Mischief, and shortly after that, the ghost-cat visits stopped*. I assume the two of them wandered off to play together somewhere as cats are want to do. It makes me happy to think they are scampering around somewhere, frolicking in the grass, wrestling and tumbling, racing and pouncing, carefree and joyful.

*The skeptical among us will say that, of course, it was Nixon jumping on the bed. However, the thing is, Mischief weighed around five-six pounds and Nixon weighed ten. While Mischief was very light on her feet, Nixon was a bull in a china shop—she always landed on the bed like a bowling ball dropped from an airplane, using an unsuspecting human to cushion her landing (my legs and hips were always covered in bruises from her landings), and announcing her arrival with a goat-like bleat. Whereas Mischief came onto the bed for companionship, Nixon always had one purpose—food—and had no intention of being ignored. She would bleat and howl, head butt and knead until we got up to feed her. She was as tenacious and determined as General Patton. This cat can and will be fed!

First, I need to say thank you a million times over for sharing this heartfelt, private story. Especially with me and my lovely peeps! Second, I know you’re not crazy. I may not have had “that” experience, but I’ve had plenty. Death is a fickle thing. No one knows where they go, BUT I know that they keep an eye on us. I had a near death experience with something similar, so I very much believe you. I also know that I regard animals almost more than humans so I KNOW that the bonds we have with them are just as special if not more. I say prayers everyday that when mine go, they check up me and give me a little comfort. And as a vet tech, I see it everyday. I know the heartbreak to make those decisions, even if it means breaking a heart to save another from suffering. As I tear up reading your story, I’m so sorry for your loss, but I can’t be sorry that you had such a wonderful bond with a beautiful creature! May their kittie souls keep us all humble and loved! 🙂

She wasn’t sure what to do next. The house seemed quiet and still—in fact, almost dead. She listened hard. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but somehow the house, her house, seemed foreign and strange. The house seemed to be holding its breath, almost as if it was waiting for something. She felt the thick, gathered pause pushing around her. Irene shivered. She crossed her upper arms, trying to smooth away the sudden goose bumps. How could she get goose bumps if she was dead?
The phone rang, causing her to jump. Her drink crashed to the floor. She stared at the phone stupidly for a moment, and then, recognizing LaRayne’s phone number on the caller I.D., she grabbed the receiver.
“Yes! It’s me!” Relief flooded through her. LaRayne could hear her!
There was a pause and then LaRayne said, “Hello?”
“LaRayne? Can you hear me?”
“Hello? Irene?”
Relief fizzled away. Disappointment washed over her, so strong her knees buckled and she grabbed the counter for support.
The line went dead. LaRayne had hung up.
Slowly, Irene replaced the receiver, numb with shock.
The phone rang again. Irene let the answering machine pick up this time.
“Hey, Irene. It’s LaRayne…I’ve left you some messages…well…you know…call or whatever.”
Irene cleaned up the spilled drink, sweeping the broken glass into a dustpan and dumping it in to the trash, and then mixed herself another one. She wandered back to the hall and then back to the kitchen and finally to the living room where she dropped heavily onto the couch. She sipped her drink, not really tasting it. Then she spied her laptop across the room on a chair. She fetched it, firing it up.
Email. Yes, that’s it—email. I’ll email everyone and tell them what happened, she thought through a fog of mounting hysteria.
Even as she thought it, dully watching the computer scroll through start-up screens, the “drunk emailing” incident of a few years ago—which had led to then-boyfriend Chase becoming ex-boyfriend Chase—came to mind. The part of her that was still thinking rationally pointed out that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to email anyone until she knew for certain what exactly was going on.
You still don’t know what you want anyone to do, she thought. Call a doctor? Perform an exorcism? What, exactly, was the remedy here?

And Now for the GIVEAWAY!!! the author so awesomely is providing A READER’S CHOICE in winning either a print or digital copy of Hereafter!!! THIS IS INTERNATIONAL!!! All you need to do is leave me a comment below to enter, and I’ll pull a winner. Once I confirm your email address, and get your proper info, you will chose which you’d like and we’ll get it sent over to you!!! 🙂 Ready, set GO!!! 🙂 LOL

In addition to the individual tour stops there will be a twitter chat during the tour (details TBA) and a “200 word ghost story” contest to win either a print book or e-book prize pack of several books about ghosts, signed by the authors (details on the tour page)! Go on over and check them out!

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by, especially the author, who was never mean that I totally forgot to send her the interview questions, but I promise to have her back with the answers!! Happy Reading and Later Gators!!! 🙂

Tirade by Cambria Hebert Cover Reveal WITH CONTEST!! :)

Dear wonderful people…. WAIT TIL YOU SEE WHAT I’VE GOT!!! 🙂 SOOO, I believe Ms. Cambria is one of my favorite virtual interactive people… I love chatting with her, but most of all, I LOVE her books, and today I get to reveal the cover for the third book in that wonderful series… so I am going to show you the cover, and then I am going to tell you about the contest…

Title: Tirade (Heven and Hell #3)
Genre: YA paranormal
Publisher: Cambria Hebert
Release date: November 30, 2012
Format: Ebook and Paperback

Tirade Blurb

Betrayal burns. Death hurts and the clock ticks…

Minutes and hours stretch into days. How long can Sam survive being confined in Hell? I have a plan… a plan with a lot of holes. I need someone who can make up for my weaknesses, someone who possesses the power that I lack. Riley is supposed to be off limits. He’s dangerous, he’s mean and he’s not to be trusted. But I do.

Beelzebub is on a tirade, bent on revenge. I took what he wants and sent him into the flames. I will wear the scars of his punishments forever. But scars don’t scare me anymore.

On my way to free Sam I find my true path, a secret place and new allies. But in Hell nothing is easy… and everything is cruel. The only thing left to do is survive.

Please Stalk this wonderful woman here:
Cambria Hebert
Author of the Heven and Hell Series
Didn’t get enough? Check me out on Tuesday nights at 9pm (EST)
Don’t you LOVE IT!!! This is Riley… He’s the new bad boy who will be around! 🙂

Now for the contest!!!

First, Ms. Hebert is looking for more reviews for Charade (specifically Charade) and some of her books… Sooo… I’ve decided to hold a contest!!! Here’s the to do list & the rules… and what you could win!! 🙂 click on the picture below to see the goodreads page with the blurb

Charade (Heven and Hell, #2)


  • This is a nice offer from the author to help her out… DO NOT take a copy if you never intend to review it. I understand life gets crazy-I’m having my own but this is to help!
  • Second, I am giving you ONE MONTH to do it… That seems like a lot of time. Also, it is the second book, so If you haven’t read Masquerade, I am willing to work with you… 🙂 But the time frame still applies and you would need to review BOTH of them… September 30, 2012 is the deadline.
  • you will automatically get swag!!! all you would have to do is send me a link where you post your reviews… NOTE: we are SPECIFICALLY LOOKING FOR AMAZON REVIEWS… You can post other places, but we need them on amazon
  • I will have one grand winner of all the reviewers to win a big swag pack…
  • The swag will consist of many things, like book marks, post cards, magnets, and I’m sure Ms. Hebert could sign those things, and also… she is working to put her books into print copies, so there may even be something like that in there!!!
  • NOW FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW SO I CAN HAVE YOUR INFORMATION TO SEND OVER TO MS. HEBERT!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ME or ms. Hebert

OK KIDS!!! How does that sound!!! not only do you get a free book, but you get swag for reading it!! :)Thank you so much for participating and always happy reading!!! Later Gators!! 🙂

What Kills Me blog tour w giveaway


Hello my lovely followers!! Today I’ve got a real treat for you. I’m so excited to be part of this blog tour!! First, forgive me for any typos or non working links! I’m trying to put the finishing touches on this post as Hurricane/tropical storm Isaac blows! I’ll lose Internet with my electricity soon so I’m trying to hurry 🙂 please let me know if there are any discrepancies! But now ON TO THE GOODIES!!


What Kills Me
An ancient prophecy warns of a girl destined to cause the extinction of the vampire race.
So when 17-year-old Axelia falls into a sacred well filled with blood and emerges a vampire, the immortal empire believes she is this legendary destroyer. Hunted by soldiers and mercenaries, Axelia and her reluctant ally, the vampire bladesmith Lucas, must battle to survive.
How will she convince the empire that she is just an innocent teenager-turned bloodsucker and not a creature of destruction? And if she cannot, can a vampire who is afraid of bugs summon the courage to fight a nation of immortals?

Here’s an excerpt to help you get interested!
A human girl will be re-born a vampire. She will shed the blood of all who walk in darkness and bring about the death of the entire vampire race.
—Ancient vampire prophecy
Chapter 1
The sun’s down. I am so dead.
I walked out of the bakery with a box of cannoli balanced in my hands and when I saw the dark sky, my smile faded. I shouldered my way through the crowds and rushed into a piazza. The clock on the church tower read 9:25 p.m. I rounded the fountain in the center of the square, my flip flops slapping at my heels. I shifted my box of pastries so that it was under my arm like a football and quickened my pace.
Sofia is going to kill me. When I left the house at 7:30 p.m., I had told her that I’d be only twenty minutes. But I’d lost track of time wandering the narrow cobblestone streets, snapping pictures. So far, I wasn’t being a good guest in her home. Two days ago, I had accidentally used dishwasher soap in her laundry machine, producing a titanic bubble bath. This was not the way to redeem myself.
A few people sat on the stone stairs around the fountain. A bearded man plucked at a guitar and nodded his head. A woman reclined against her boyfriend, her hands on his knees as if they were the arms of a chair.
One young man stood alone on the top of the stairs. His hands were in the pockets of a charcoal coat with an asymmetrical zipper that cut across his chest. His face was backlit against the street lamps, but I knew that he was staring at me. He had such rigid posture that nothing but his head moved as he watched me cross the square.
I dropped my gaze. The straps of my backpack dug into my shoulders and shifted my T-shirt. I tugged at the hem so that the Canadian flag was centered in the middle of my chest. He probably wants to rob me. My father had warned me about pickpockets in Rome. A few days before my trip, he had come into my room with a bulgy blue fanny pack: “To keep your valuables safe.”
From the corner of my eye I could still see the man’s face pointed in my direction, and I heard my best friend’s voice in my head. Zee, he’s checking you out. See if he’s hot. Ryka had encouraged me to have a summer fling. The only fling I’d ever had with a guy was when Felix Lewis flung me in the air during cheerleading tryouts. “Find someone and have fun,” but avoid the bad guys, she had said. She wanted me to keep my other valuables safe.
Pretending to look back at the clock, I glanced at the fountain. The guy was gone. I searched the piazza but didn’t see him. Too bad. He might have been cute. Would his trying to pick my back pocket count as second base?
I turned down a lane sandwiched between two square buildings and wove through a group of men in soccer jerseys. An old man in an undershirt and house slippers stood in the street with a dusty poodle, and I returned his sullen glare with a smile and a nod.
After walking several minutes, something seemed wrong. Okay, I remember passing this restaurant with the row of people eating on white linen tablecloths under white umbrellas. I remember this tight street with the parked cars on my left. But I don’t remember the street opening into a parking lot and this giant purple bush.
A mass of fuchsia flowers cascaded down the side of a building, like a purple monster arm, reaching for the ground with its branchy fingers. I would have remembered this. I doubled back through the dim streets but then couldn’t find my way to the piazza. Don’t panic.
I took a mental inventory of the contents of my bag: a journal, my wallet, my passport, my digital camera, a bottle of water. Of course, I didn’t take the note card with Sofia’s address and phone number on it. It’s on my dresser. Of course, I didn’t take a map. I could see Sofia’s round face, scrunched with disapproval, the creases on her frowning forehead. I performed a frustrated pirouette.
“Come on,” I said, exasperated with myself.
“Excuse me?” A voice said behind me.
I spun around, and there he was in the middle of the road. The guy from the fountain. I recognized his jacket and his tall, stiff stance.
“Sorry. I was talking to myself,” I said.
He took a step toward me and his face shocked me. He had high cheek bones and clean-shaven, pale skin. His deep-set blue eyes were in shadow under thick, dark eyebrows, but they were luminous.
I realized then that I was staring with my mouth ajar.
“You’re American?” he asked in his Italian accent.
“No, I’m from Winnipeg. It’s in Canada,” I said, pointing to my T-shirt. I glanced away, feeling weird that I had just directed his attention to my chest.
He nodded. “You are on vacation?”
“I’m living here for two months studying Italian.”
“Well then, welcome to Italia,” he said, and his pale pink lips smiled. “Do you like it here?”
“I’ve only been here for about a week and I love it.”
“What do you love most?” The word, “lah-ve,” filled his mouth thickly.
“I love the architecture, the food,” I said. “If I could eat gelato every day for the rest of my life, I would.”
“Then you must be sweet.”
His smile widened and I felt embarrassed. To quash my anxiety, I thrust my hand at him. “I’m Zee,” I said.
He seemed startled, tucking in his dimpled chin to gaze at my hand. “Zee?”
“My name is Axelia but everybody calls me Zee.”
“Paolo,” he said.
He slipped his smooth, cool hand into mine. I gripped his palm and shook it vigorously.
“Eggs-ee-lee-ah?” he said, pronouncing every syllable of my name. “I like it.”
“Thanks. I like it too. It’s spelled A-X-E-L-I-A; but the X is soft. Though I hated it when I was young. In kindergarten, someone spread a totally untrue rumor that ‘Zee likes pee,’ and then, you know, at recess, it was always ‘Zee likes pee, Zee likes pee.’”
I laughed and when he didn’t join me, I cleared my throat to silence myself. “And I have no clue why I told you that story, since we just met.”
Oh, Zee. Always babbling when you’re nervous.
He cocked his head and studied my face. “Zee, would you like to go with me for a gelato?” he asked.
Whoa. Is this beautiful guy asking me out? Ryka would be celebrating with corniness: “He doesn’t want to steal your wallet. He wants to steal your heart.”
“Uh, thank you, Paolo,” I said, relishing the opportunity to use his name. “But I actually need to get home.”
“Where do you live?”
“Good question. I mean, I’m not sure. I’m a bit lost,” I said with a shrug and something in between a grin and a grimace. “It’s on a narrow street around here. There’s a café on the street. There’s a pizzeria. I know—every narrow street has a café and a pizzeria. And I don’t have a map or an address. I might just have to live on the streets, survive on cannoli, and sing for coins.”
“You sing?”
“Yes but I’m sure people will pay me to stop.”
“Don’t worry,” he said. “I will help you.”
“Oh, I remember!” I exclaimed. “There’s a white church on my street.”
“Via della Scala has a white church,” he said. “And a café and a pizzeria.”
“Via della Scala, that’s it!” I said.
He put his hand over his heart and bowed slightly. “May I have the honor of walking you there, Zee?”
“That would be lovely.”
As we walked back to Sofia’s apartment, I chattered to fill the silence. I told him about the laundry fiasco and about my Japanese housemate, Miyuki. At one point, I realized that I was nervously swinging the box of cannoli while I walked. Paolo kept his eyes on me while I looked everywhere else. His suede coat sleeve would brush my bare arm, giving me goose bumps.
“How old are you?” I said.
“How old are you?”
“Me too,” he replied.
“I start university in the fall. I’m going to take general arts courses for now because I’m not sure what field I’d like to get into. My father’s an aerospace engineer and my big sister is studying mechanical engineering. But I almost failed physics and math in high school. So for the safety of mankind, I don’t think I should get a job building anything. I love taking pictures so maybe I could be a photographer. What do you do?”
“I’m a student.”
“What are you studying?”
“I’m a student of life,” he said. He pursed his lips when he smiled.
Was that code for unemployed?
“I see,” I said, instead. “And what have you learned so far?”
“I’ve learned that treasures present themselves when you least expect them,” he said. “And you? What has your life taught you?”
“That I shouldn’t walk around without a map,” I said. “And that dish soap doesn’t go in washers. Actually, I’m here because I want more life experience. I feel like I’ve been pretty sheltered in Winnipeg.”
“I’ve never been there. Is it nice?”
“Yes, but it gets cold.”
“Cold doesn’t bother me.”
“This cold would. Our winters are brutal. It’s so cold sometimes that my eyes water and then my wet eyelashes freeze together.”
He chuckled. His teeth were small and perfect. For a moment, I imagined walking with him through these streets, laughing and holding hands. I imagined him teaching me Italian. I imagined him kissing me. Then I could add “kissed a hot guy” to my experiences, right after “traveled outside of Winnipeg.”
Suddenly I recognized the square planters in front of Sofia’s apartment farther down the street.
“Thank God, we’ve found it!” I blurted. Then I turned to Paolo. “I didn’t mean thank God because I don’t like your company. You’re wonderful company in fact.”
“I also enjoyed your company.”
“Thank you so much. I owe you my life for helping me get back to Sofia’s.”
One side of his lips curled up. “Then repay me,” he said.
“Okay.” I channeled Ryka’s boldness. “I could buy you a gelato?”
“Yes. Let’s meet tomorrow at nine fifteen.”
“Where?” I asked. I could feel my cheeks flushing.
“Right here,” he said, pointing to the pizzeria to his left.
“Done,” I said. “It was nice meeting you.”
“Goodnight, Zee.”
“Goodnight, Paolo.”

Where to purchase What Kills Me:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

Wynne Channing

Wynne Channing is an award-winning national newspaper reporter and young adult novelist. She loves telling stories and as a journalist, she has interviewed everyone from Daniel Radcliffe and Hugh Jackman to the president of the Maldives and Duchess Sarah Ferguson. The closest she has come to interviewing a vampire is sitting down with True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard (he didn’t bite). She briefly considered calling her debut novel “Well” so then everyone would say: “Well written by Wynne Channing.”

Where to find Wynne:

my review:
So, I normally shy away from Vampire stories. Yeah, I know, WTF is wrong with me! Not loving vampires. Lol BUT I LOVE THE COVER!!! But the schedule was already full, so I was a lil sad to miss it! AND THEN… My lovely ladies from Dark Mind Book Tours sent me a rush email saying a spot had opened last minute-for whatever reason, and I said HELL TO THE YEAH!!! And my quote of this book…

“Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!!!” I mean, I was SOLD when the blurb said a girl would become a vampire and destroy all the vampire race… This is a FANTASTIC twist. It actually follows a mythological/religious way of becoming a vampire. There are no random “turnings”. UNTIL! Until Zee… I LOVE HER NAME!!

Zee’s life becomes absolute chaos upon waking a vampire, which she doesn’t believe she is. And then after a very narrow escape of her newly undead life she meets Lucas… I will say this poor girl holds a lot of guilt. A lot of people are dying around her, and being the good soul she is, feels the burden.

I will say I didn’t fall head over heels over Lucas…. Until the “hot springs” incident, which is well after half of the book starts. I thought he was a major jerk. And then he grew on me. AND NOW I LOVE HIM!!! He’s actually a very well developed and written character 🙂

Zee is my favorite kinda heroine. Because she isn’t one. She’s scared, she’s not super-well, at first anyways- she’s actually the good cautious rule following girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly. How can people think she will destroy a whole race. She’s humble, and then all of a sudden she is kick ass, because she has to be to survive!

This story weaved me through a web of action, face paced awesomeness. Way to put something fresh on the vampires! It’s written beautifully and I look forward to more from this author. I’m not sure if this story is going to be part of a series, as it is written like a stand alone, but if it does- HURRY AND GIMME NUMBER 2!! 🙂



First, the hosting site has A BIG GIVEAWAY!! You should Go HERE to enter!! THIS GIVEAWAY IS INTERNATIONAL!

My giveaway is this…


To enter, please leave me a nice comment about this post! This giveaway is FOR US AND CANADA! The ebook will be digitally sent and the beautiful book mark will be shipped. 🙂 everyone thank Ms Wynne for that awesomeness!! 🙂

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Resa Nelson’s Dragonslayer Blog Tour


Hello everyone! Today I get to talk about fantastic books with DRAGONS!! I LOVE dragons!! As a heads up, I’m using my trusty iPhone app to work on this post, so PLEASE let me know if any links don’t work, or if there are any boo boos. Hurricane Isaac *grumbles* has caused a little chaos for me, so I’ve been a little more nuts! 🙂 I’m thinking this is gunna be a new normal. BUT anyways, we are talking goodies, so let


Resa Nelson’s 4-book Dragonslayer series:

Synopsis for The Dragonslayer’s Sword (Book 1)
For Astrid, a blacksmith who makes swords for dragonslayers, the emergence of a strange gemstone from her body sets in motion a chain of events that threaten to destroy her life. Her happiness is shattered when her lover–the dragonslayer–disappears without a trace, and the life that she knows and loves implodes without warning.
Astrid lives in a world of shapeshifters whose thoughts have the power to change not only themselves but others. Everything Astrid knows to be true is called into question when she learns the truth about her past and the mysterious family from which she was separated as a child.
Reality turns inside out as Astrid gradually learns the truth about the people she loves as well as those she disdains. With the fate of dragons, ghosts, and slaves in foreign lands resting on her shoulders, Astrid faces the challenge of deciding who she is and how she will stand up inside her own skin. Will she withdraw and hide from the world that has disappointed her so much…or will she rise to lead others to freedom and peace?

Synopsis for The Iron Maiden (Book 2)
Astrid is reluctant to travel the winter route beyond the Northlands, even though it’s her duty. She’d rather stay home in her village, surrounded by friends and neighbors. Ignoring the bonds of tradition, she decides to spend the cold winter months in the warmth of her blacksmithing shop. Why should she leave the comfort of her cottage to serve and protect foreigners who might raid and harm her native Northlands?
Everything changes when a traveling merchant steals Starlight, the first dragonslayer’s sword Astrid forged and her last link to her sweetheart DiStephan. Having no time to alert her friends, Astrid races in pursuit of the merchant, determined to reclaim Starlight as her own and return home in time for dinner. Instead, her quest leads her to new lands, unexpected friendships with foreigners, and a harrowing encounter with the damage done by the followers of a new god that considers women as nothing more than servants to men. All the while, she must be ready to face any dragon traveling the winter route.
In Book 2 of the Dragonslayer series, Astrid must learn that deciding who she is isn’t a decision she can make just once. It’s a decision she must make every day.


Synopsis for The Stone of Darkness (Book 3)
In Book 3 of the Dragonslayer series, Astrid accepts her duty and follows the winter route–until she’s bitten by a dragon. Everyone knows dragon bites are poisonous and deadly, so she reluctantly accepts her impending death. In a twist of fate, she survives. Desperate for an explanation, Astrid believes she has somehow been protected by the black stone she keeps with her at all times, a stone that emerged from the sole of her foot a year ago.

Determined to find out what the stone is and what kind of powers it possesses, Astrid begins a journey that leads her to alchemists and an army of men under the rule of the powerful warrior, Mandulane, the acting lord of the Krystr army. Mandulane’s mission is to spread the word of the new god Krystr, which preaches the evil intent of women and the danger they pose to all men, who are entitled to dominate the world. Rumors about this new god and army have spread, but Astrid is the first Northlander to encounter them.

Soon, she stumbles upon a secret of a far-reaching and mind-numbing plot that will impact the entire world. Astrid must find a way to spread the news of this threat and protect her people and everyone else at risk. She’s convinced the answer lies inside the Stone of Darkness, and she must find a way to understand the stone and the powers she’s convinced it must hold before it’s too late.

And now I’d like to welcome the author for an interview! Welcome!!

Maghon: Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

Resa: For as long as I can remember, I always made up stories to entertain myself. When I was in the 2nd grade, my teacher gave a group assignment to re-tell and draw big pictures to illustrate a well-known children’s story. My group did The Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens. Doing the art was fun, but I really loved the writing. That’s when I decided I wanted to write books.

Maghon: What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

Resa: My first published novel is The Dragonslayer’s Sword, and the catalyst was an upsetting experience: I was proposition by a co-worker – a married man with two children! I was horrified because I had trusted him as a colleague and friend only to realize I’d given him far more credit than he deserved. I wrote a short story called “The Dragonslayer’s Sword” about a female blacksmith who is propositioned by a new dragonslayer, and that dragonslayer is responsible for protecting everyone she cares about. Writing that story was my way of working through my hurt feelings. When it was published in a magazine, the reader response was so strong that I decided to turn it into a novel if I could come up with an idea worthy of a novel – and that took 8 years just to come up with the idea! I ended up writing two short stories in my Dragonslayer world, and I’ve put them in a “mini” ebook that I’m giving away so people can sample my work for free to see if they like it. There’s no cost or obligation, and everyone is welcome to download it at

Maghon: Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Resa: I always write based on things I’ve experienced or witnessed or have studied. For example, many years ago I was at the airport waiting for a flight, and a very dramatic event unfolded. No one was physically hurt, but the event to this day is one of the most chilling things I’ve ever seen. It didn’t happen to me, but I saw it happen. I was part of a crowd that witnessed it. I consider that to be part of my life experience, and I’ll include it in a novel someday – and that’s why I’m not giving any details about what happened! I feel very strongly that if I see something happen in a public setting (as opposed to something that happens in a private setting or someone telling me something in confidence), it’s mine.

Maghon: How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

Resa: Every death has to have meaning. When minor characters die, it’s typically to serve the big picture, meaning, the overall story. But when an important character dies, it’s to make other major characters think about what they believe they know to be true and reconsider it. It’s like a slap in the face that wakes them up and makes them think. So when I choose a character who’s going to die, it’s for a very specific reason, and I choose the character who is the best fit.

Maghon: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Resa: Yes. Right now I’m very impressed with Eoghain Hamilton, whose first book (A Celtic Darkness) is a collection of short stories. His work relies very much on mood and atmosphere. He’s from Ireland and draws a lot on his own experience and the Irish culture and belief in ghosts. He’s a horror writer, but not like a writer like Stephen King. Hamilton’s work isn’t graphic – there’s really not any blood and gore. It’s all about suspense and anticipation. He reminds me of classic writers like Edgar Allen Poe and Shirley Jackson.

Maghon: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

Resa: No. I like it the way it is.

Maghon: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Resa: I’ve been working at my craft my entire life, and writing is as important to me as breathing. I’m constantly working to become the best writer I can be, but that’s part of the fun. So any challenges are part of the joy of being a writer.

Maghon: What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

Resa: I’m reading a couple of books. One is a mainstream novel set in New Hampshire called “See You ‘Round the Square” by Berry & Croft. The other is technically nonfiction. It’s about an American family living in Germany just as the Nazis were coming into power, and it’s by Eric Larson. I rarely read fantasy because I don’t want to be influenced by other fantasy writers. Most of the time I read mystery/thrillers.

Maghon: Who designed the covers? And do you help with them?

Resa: The owners of my publishing house work with their art director and an artist to design the covers. Every time one of my novels is accepted, I have the opportunity to toss out ideas for cover art. I usually try to come up with two or three different ideas, and then they’ll all take those ideas and work with them. For my standalone novel (Our Lady of the Absolute), I threw out a bunch of images but didn’t have a specific idea for a cover. That book is about a modern-day society based on ancient Egypt, so I mentioned that Isis plays a major role in the novel and it might be a good idea to include her on the cover. And I said it might be nice to have a pyramid and maybe the desert and maybe the Eye of Horus, which is also very important in the story. I’m still in awe of the cover they designed.

Maghon: Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?

Resa: I always learn something when I write a novel, which is one of the best benefits of being a writer. Sometimes I learn about the craft of writing, because the best way for me to learn is by doing. But sometimes I learn about life or about myself. I learned a lot from writing Book 2 (The Iron Maiden) in my Dragonslayer series. For that series I did a lot of research about the Middle Ages. When I was getting ready to write Book 2, I was learning about women in medieval times and how they were perceived as having less value than some animals. That tells me that women weren’t perceived as human beings but as animals, which was pretty disturbing. When I wrote the villainous characters, my goal was to write from their point of view to show how they perceived their world and why. While I was doing this, I started thinking about how we shape our opinions based on what we learn from our families and how much strength and courage it takes to form your own opinions if you disagree with your family’s opinions. I thought about how this perception of women has been handed down through families for hundreds of years and how women’s freedom is a pretty new concept. The process changed me. I used to feel disdain for people who think women are “less than” men, but now I feel sorry for those people. The experience of researching and writing The Iron Maiden made me more compassionate.

Maghon: If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

Resa: I feel a real kinship with Astrid. She goes through a lot in the Dragonslayer series, but she’s always thinking and doesn’t give up.

Maghon: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Resa: Thank you! I’m so grateful to anyone who is willing to take a chance on me and my novels. My goal is to pull readers into my worlds and make the experience as real and exciting as possible. So I’m thrilled when anyone is willing to take that ride with me.

And now I’d like to welcome the main character over!! Welcome!! 🙂
Thanks for being here Astrid!! I am so happy to meet you and grateful that you could make it. I know you are so busy!

Astrid: Thank you for your invitation. I am happy to meet you, too!

Maghon: Tell me a little about youself so I can share it with everyone…

Astrid: I live in Guell, which is a wonderful village in the Northlands. Guell is close to a place where dragons like to breed, so most of the time we’re safe from brigands and thieves and anyone else who might harm us. I have a lovely cottage and smithery. I love being a blacksmith more than anything I could ever imagine. And I’m blessed to have good people in my life.

Maghon: When you were younger, I know it was so hard for you with your scars. How happy were you when you learned how to disguise them?

Astrid: Changing my skin changed everything. Except for Temple (the man who bought me) and my sweetheart DiStephan, no one in Guell ever knew about my scars because children are to be heard and not seen. So I stayed hidden in Temple’s smithery and no one saw me until I became old enough to have the power to look the way I want. I didn’t want people to be afraid or sickened by the way I looked. I’m happy I could spare them that.

Maghon: I know you were scared at first, but you grew to love Temple. What is your most sacred memory of him, other than him teaching you to blacksmith?

Astrid: The day he first bought me. That night he stayed in his cottage and I slept in the smithery by the anvil. I had never been so happy! I thought I heard him sniffling but knew it couldn’t be possible because he was such a big and strong man. But now I think he was crying and thinking back to all the things that happened I think I know why.

Maghon: Before the child seller sold you to Temple, how did you cope with life? I know you would hide, but how exactly did you go on everyday?

Astrid: It was very difficult and very painful. I have some very faint memories of being happy when I was very, very young, but what I remember most is being kept in a cage with a dragon and trying to stay alive.

Maghon: What did Temple mean to you and what he’s taught you?

Astrid: Temple meant everything to me. He gave me knowledge and taught me how to be a blacksmith. That means I can make my own way instead of having to depend on someone else. He gave me my life.

Maghon: How did you feel when you first saw DiStephan and knew that he was ok with you and your scars?

Astrid: I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think anything like that could be possible.

Maghon: Would you have searched the world and back forever until you found DiStephan?

Astrid: I wanted to, but how could I abandon my friends and all the people who need me?

Maghon: Now that you know where DiStephan is, how do you feel about?

Astrid: I don’t think I’m used to it yet. I feel happy and sad at the same time.

Maghon: I know you love DiStephan, but what if you meet someone who could give you what he couldn’t?

Astrid: That is so difficult to think about. Just thinking about it makes me feel confused. Maybe someday I’ll know, but I don’t think that day is today.

Maghon: Would you want to fall in love again, knowing what you know now?

Astrid: Maybe. I’m not sure yet.

Maghon: Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello! I am honored to have you here. I do hope we can meet again and I absolutely cannot wait for you to continue your journeys so I can read all about them!!! 🙂

Astrid: Thank you so much for inviting me! But I should go … I think I smell the presence of a dragon in the distance… be careful and please stay safe!

Thank you so much!! And now here’s my review:

I was browsing goodreads one day and saw the cover for the first book, and thought it looked like a great read, so I added it to my to be read pile 🙂 and then, not a week or two later, I’m opening an email from the author asking if I’d like to be part of this tour. I almost said no, with my life being crazy lately- BUT I’M SO GLAD I DID!!! This book is so good!

There’s so many good things about this book, and the writing is at the top of that list! I want to call it formal, but that’s only because my brain is lacking a better word. Its so flawless and consistent and effortless. I felt like I was transported into that era of time. And the plot!! Way to give me so many surprises! Just when you think you found the bad guy, WHAM, you get another surprise! I loved this whole book!

Astrid is a great character. With all the bad things she’s had happen, she still finds it in her to be loyal, and loving, an determined! She’s a great hero, even if she doesn’t believe she is. AND TEMPLE!! He’s my hero! He bought Astrid as a slave but treated her like a daughter. He had so much to give, so much more than teaching a skill. He will always be missed. And DiStephan…. Awww I had such high hopes for him, but I think we’ll have to see where the future goes.

In the end, Astrid finds out some things from her last and I was so surprised! I cannot wait to continue this journey with the next book!! I would recommend this book to dragon loving, sword fans who like Dark Ages era, epic fantasy readers. I LOVED IT!



Resa Nelson has been selling fiction professionally since 1988. She is a longtime member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) and is a graduate of the Clarion SF Workshop.

Resa was also the TV/Movie Columnist for Realms of Fantasy magazine for 13 years and was a contributor to SCI FI magazine. She has sold over 200 articles to magazines in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Her first novel, The Dragonslayer’s Sword, was nominated for the Nebula Award and was also a Finalist for the EPPIE Award. This medieval fantasy novel is based on a short story first published in the premiere issue of Science Fiction Age magazine and ranked 2nd in that magazine’s first Readers Top Ten Poll. The Dragonslayer’s Sword is Book 1 in her 4-book Dragonslayer series. Book 2, The Iron Maiden, was published last December, Book 3 was published in May, and the final book in the series is scheduled for publication in November.
Resa’s standalone novel, Our Lady of the Absolute, is a fantasy/mystery/thriller about a modern-day society based on ancient Egypt. Midwest Book Review gave this book a 5-star review, calling it “a riveting fantasy, very highly recommended.”
Resa lives in Massachusetts.

You can stalk the author here:
Resa’s website:
Free “mini” ebook of Dragonslayer short stories:
GoodReads giveaway:
Facebook page:!/pages/Resa-Nelson-The-Dragonslayers-Sword/122200661871
Ebooks ($4.99 each) are available directly from Mundania Press at: (get a 10% discount at checkout with the coupon code MP10)
Paperbacks are available from Mundania Press, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble: (get a 10% discount at checkout with the coupon code MP10)

First, I wanna apologize, if you saw this post via email, half of the content was missing. Something went wrong and I lost half of the post. I’ll blame it on Hurricane Isaac.

Next, I wanna say thank you so much to Ms Resa and Astrid for stopping by and being guest! I wish everyone good luck with the giveaway- see the link above- and happy reading my gators!! 🙂

Hurricane Isaac… And hurricane parties

First, stress gives me indigestion and heart burn! Hahahaha Alright kids, I just wanted to thank all those fantastic friends who have been sending me well wishes because of Hurricane Isaac. Lemme first say that my first and fore most concern is me and my fur babies. We are all tucked in and good to go. Now I’m talking personal today so I apologize if I bore you.

My life has been a crazier than a squirrel looking for his lost nuts!! With my mom’s little Koda bear- he’s doing well, just taking a nice long time to recover

After being diagnosed with his salivary disease, his muscles in his back legs deteriorated, so he’s got the COOLEST little wheel chair to help build his muscles back up.

Then, some crazy things happened with my new house… A stupid Right-of-way for passage due to a mean ole neighboring property holder, and I thought everything would fall through. BUT…. We’ve made some revisions, they just may cost a little more and we’re working it out. We are now looking to break ground within the month of September! Woo Hoo!!! And then work issues- BLAH!!! But that’s worked out too 🙂 this means my indigestion is going away… And then we meet Hurricane Isaac… 🙂







Honestly, I really just like all the pretty colors!! 🙂 I’ve been through several hurricanes in my lifetime. It’s a way of life for us here. In fact, ask anyone who lives relatively close to the Gulf and along the east Coast. That last image shows my city where I live as the green dot. I wasn’t lying when I said I lived all the way at the bottom of south Louisiana.

For me, I worry about big winds- I’ve had winds knock over giant trees, and I do love my trees so my house is surrounded. And the other is all the excess water. However, my kids don’t care!!


They think it’s cool that mom stocked up on junk food and extra treats today hahahaha

So, now that you’re all nervous- I’ma make you laugh.. Here’s a few funnies for you…

Hurricanes are like women, when they
Come they are wet, wild but when they leave they take your house and car!

K, here’s my reply…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That’s freaking hilarious and so damn true!! 🙂
Here’s a great one too

If you’re not laughing yet… Lemme give you one more…

If you aren’t laughing, we can’t be friends anymore- because this is SERIOUSLY TRUE!!!
And to prove it, my family is Literally having a hurricane party. My mom has several family members sleeping over- for safety during the storm- and they are having a grand ole time!! 🙂 and I’m thoroughly enjoying catching up on my reading review books and not worrying about work, my house, anything.

I went and bought lots of dog and cat food/treats. I save drink bottles, so I have enough water to quench the thirst of two football teams, and I’m not doing house chores lol 🙂 I have a rental car- still, as my suv is being repaired from my wreck so it’s safe in a repair shop from damage.

And I’m thankful that I have so many wonderful people who are sending me love!!! To Heather Hildenbrand, Cambria Hebert, Roxanne Rhoads over from Bewitching Book Tours, my favorite follower Jean, my favorite goodreads friends Karla and Terri-both also blog at Passionate Book Divas- and those friend and family who don’t live around here-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Normally, a hurricane just means me saying- please don’t take my house, as my fur babies need a place to live lol 🙂 but this time, I’m all smiles because I’ve never felt so much love!

Now I really mean it when I say I’m hoping to post all my AAD 2012 pictures soon, when I can not have so much indigestion lol! I am one of those crazy people who loves to go outside and take pictures and videos of the weather so I promise to update everyone 🙂 and with that I’d like to leave you with just a few more pictures.


It’s getting a little closer, but still a ways from me

This picture was shared from someone on our local news channel’s Facebook page and I thought it was beautiful. This is the storm rolling in from the gulf.

It’s dark, but my dogs love the winds outside as its normally smothering hot!! 🙂

And people place sandbags at their doors to keep water out.

And a beautiful double rainbow in between rain showers as the sun sets.

With that, everyone be safe and take care if you are in any of the states near me getting any effects, and to all of you, thank you, happy reading and later gators!! Ps if you didn’t know why I call you my gators, that’s why. Down here, we say-see you later alligator, and then reply- after a while crocodile!! AHHHHHH, I love South Louisiana!! 🙂

Zoe & Kim’s Winners


Hello everyone!! First I just wanna say, on a personal note, that I got a few more bad news issues to go on, but I’m staying positive as these few things are fixable, and also, THANK YOU to all my author and book friends who are checking in on me with the little thing called Hurricane Isaac. I live at the very bottom of South Louisiana- 12 miles from the Gulf Coast to be exact. I really appreciate that you guys are all thinking of me. I’m saying prayers things go ok :). I’ll try to keep you updated. BUT TODAY IS ABOUT GOOD THINGS AND WINNERS!!! So here we go!!

The winners are as follows:

First Prize: Signed copies of Zoe Winters’ and Kimberly Kinrade’s books (all the books pictured above): Alexandra Z. (email addy starts with “vair”)

Grand Prize: Signed copies of all books plus an Amazon Gift card for $200 (to purchase a Kindle Fire or whatever the winner would prefer instead.): Valerie L. (email addy starts with “just.v”)

Blogger Prize: (the blogger with the most comments on their post): Signed copies of all books: Gracen Miller (Road to Hell blog)

If you didn’t win but thought books from either of our authors looked good, then please support them and their work! Information again for the authors and where to find their books is below:

Learn more about Zoe Winters’s Preternatural Series here:
Book 1: Blood Lust

Book 2: Save My Soul

Book 3: The Catalyst

Book 4: Life Cycle
Dark Mercy (novella)

And more about Kimberly Kinrade’s Forbidden Series here:

Book 1: Forbidden Mind
Book 2: Forbidden Fire
Book 3: Forbidden Life (coming Oct. 2, 2012)

About Zoe Winters

Zoe Winters writes quirky and sometimes dark paranormal romance. Her favorite colors are rainbow and clear.

To receive updates on new releases from the author, send an email to: zoewintersbooks AT gmail DOT com with “Subscribe” in the subject line. Newsletters go out only when there is an actual new release or a big contest. Your inbox will not be cluttered, newsletters won’t go out more frequently than once a month, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

You can visit the author at:

Be sure also to visit for some fun supplemental material.

About Kimberly Kinrade

Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes all things paranormal and fantasy, including award-winning young adult and children’s books.

Visit her at
Also visit to participate in a fun fan-based site with swag and info on all things paranormal. You even get to be a secret agent!


I’d really like to thank everyone for stopping by and congrats to the winners 🙂 as always, Happy Reading my Gators!!

E-Piracy is NOT COOL- unlike real Pirates


Hello everyone! As you know, I’m a Big fan of books and love to read. And one of the biggest issues in the book world is ebook piracy. Now first, I’d like to say my own opinions, and then I have a FANTASTIC guest speaker!! I’m thrilled to have her over today!

Now some people may think it’s ok to share an ebook, like say you get your hands on a PDF version of a book. Well, ya know, it’s not the final edition, and the author will never know… But in my opinion, IT’S NOT OK!! As a reviewer, I get mostly digital copies, PDFs, unedited versions, etc, to review. This is SO easy to “share” with people. But to me, THIS IS A BAD DOG!!! NO TREAT FOR YOU! And here’s why I feel that way….

Let’s say today, you work at… A small business, and you are paid minimum wage- in Louisiana, that’s $7.55 an hour. That’s not a whole lot. And I, as your boss, decided that I was going to “share” some of your wages that you slave hours for to get. Just cuz I wanted my friend to have it. So now, you’re only getting about $5 and hour. You’d be really pissed wouldn’t you!!! I would!

Here’s how I think authors might feel when they see their books being “shared”. Here’s what makes me REALLY MAD!! Sure, the person downloading the “free ebook” is wrong, and sometimes they maybe don’t know how much they are hurting someone. BUT THE PERSON WHO ORIGINALLY UPLOADED THAT BOOK IS MAJOR WRONG!! They’ve made a conscious decision to upload it, share it, and offer no compensation or credit to that author. Now maybe some don’t feel this way, but people I’m a south Louisiana Cajun farm girl- blunt honesty pretty much is a way of life. If you download, upload, share, whatever an ebook- YOU ARE WRONG!! BAD DOG!!

I’m sorry, but I love my author friends and I would NEVER want any one to take my wages, so I don’t think we should take theirs… Not only are you taking money from them for their very hard work and earned, but you’re taking their credit. Places like Amazon offer free books all the time, LEGALLY, and some authors WILLINGLY give them away!! I don’t make a lot of money, and I couldn’t always afford all the books i wanted, but I would never steal them just to get my hands on them.

Would you steal your neighbor’s car just to say you rode in it? PS- do NOT try this in Cajun country- YOU WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT!!! LOL… My parents have a sign in their yard that says “TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT, SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN!!” Now for my family, it’s a standing joke about this, but a whole lotta people take that very serious 🙂 Ok now that I’ve said my piece, threatened to shoot people–Don’t shoot the messenger–I’d like to introduce you to my guest…

WELCOME MS P A LUPTON!!! I’m so honored to have you here on my blog!!

When I was asked to write a few words about e-book piracy I was actually a little worried at first. There is such heated debate over the subject, and honestly I think people will do what they want regardless. Will a few articles make people who pirate books change their habits? It’s unlikely. Still, I think it’s important that people make the effort and take a stand for something they believe in, whether or not it actually changes the outcome. So I give credit to those who have decided to take a stand.

What is e-book piracy? Some people will tell you that e-book piracy is really just a sharing of information. But let’s be honest about it. E-book piracy is stealing, plain and simple. There is no spin or justification you can use to change the fact that what you’re doing is theft. So, the real debate should be why some people are okay with stealing intellectual property, but those same people would never steal a material object.

Some people will argue that if they bought a paperback they’d be able to share that book with a friend, so how is piracy different than that. Well, as an author I don’t take issue with a friend sharing my book with another friend. But when a person posts an e-book publicly, how is that sharing with friends? That’s like taking a paperback you purchased and going to a printer to have hundreds of thousands of copies made and then distributing those books to strangers on the street. Would these people consider that sharing still, or would they then concede it was stealing? Intellectual property belongs to someone else. You may have purchased a story to enjoy, but you did not purchase the rights to distribute that intellectual property. Only a publisher has that right.

Which brings me to the next common justification: The publishers are overpricing e-books and gouging the customers and that’s why people turn to piracy. Honestly, I can’t believe that people don’t see the fault in that logic. If you go into a grocery store and their steaks are priced higher than a competitor down the street, do you then feel justified in stealing the steak, or do you go down the street and purchase from the lower priced competitor? Again, why do people treat e-books differently than physical property?

I fully agree that publishers are gouging readers (probably because of the amount of piracy), and I complain about that all the time. I think there are other ways to deal with that issue, though. If you feel so strongly about the problem, why not organize a mass consumer ban of that publisher. If the consumers turn to lower priced competitors the publishers will eventually get the message and lower their prices. Stealing is never the answer.

There are a lot of different people from different backgrounds who will read this article, but I think growing up most of us were taught the same basic set of morals. I remember once when I was a kid I went to a convenience store with a friend and she stole a pack of gum for me. I went home and my mother asked me where I got the gum and I told her the truth. I remember thinking it was okay to take the stolen gum because I didn’t actually steal it, someone else did. Well, I was taught quickly by my mother that there is no distinction. If I took something from someone knowing it was stolen it was the same as stealing it myself. Most of us were taught lessons just like this from our parents. They wanted us to have a strong set of morals and to learn right from wrong. So the next time you try to justify taking something that doesn’t belong to you—whether it’s a physical product or an e-book, maybe you should ask yourself what your parents would think about it.

thank you so much!!! in your last part, my mom would have made me bring the gum back, tell the store owner the truth, pay for it, then I’d be punished again at home on top of the punishment from the store… I completely agree, no matter what background and culture you’re from, everyone has a sense of right vs wrong.

I hope that one person will read this, and not download that “free ebook” from a piracy site. If it helps one person, I’m happy! One person is better than none! And that one person may spread the word and save one more person! With all of my fellow bloggers being part of this tour, we have the opportunity to reach thousands. Please help us stop e-piracy.

meet the author


If you would like to learn more about the author and her GREAT books, you can check out her goodreads author page HERE

I would like to thank everyone who read this article today, whether you’re a regular follower or just a reader checking out the tour! I wish everyone a happy LEGAL reading lol


Blood Debt by Nancy Straight Spotlight! w giveaway

Blood Debt

Hello fantastic people…. I have some awesomeness to share today. A while back, Nancy Straight had a contest where she let her fans decide the title of her book coming out about Centaurs…. And she very nicely e-mailed me right after and said she’d love to send me a copy for a review. I then got all excited and said OF COURSE!!! I mean come on, who would say no to her 🙂 And then i e-mailed her AND BEGGED for her to do a spotlight post with some interviews and maaaaybe a little giveaway, and the of course, being as sweet as she is, told me sure! 🙂 Well today is the big day when I FINALLY GET TO TALK ABOUT THIS RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS BOOK!!!! 🙂 wait til you see my review… BUT first, lemme tell you about the book… 🙂

from goodreads: Her whole life, it had just been the two of them. Before her mother’s last breath, she gave Camille the information she had craved her entire life: the identity of her father. Daring to contact him, Camille was welcomed by an entire family she never knew existed. But nothing comes without a price, as she discovers when her family claims a legendary heritage tracing back to a centaur touched by Zeus.

As she learns the secrets of her Centaur bloodline, she is drawn into a forbidden love with Drake. Her life may be the blood debt required to pay for her mother’s transgressions. The same person who once held her mother captive, and forced her into decades of hiding, now controls Camille. Her only chance is to seek a piece of her mother’s past that will win her freedom and the life she desperately wants.

And now I would like to introduce you to the author… she so graciously agreed to let me interview her 🙂 Please welcome Ms. Nancy!!!

Maghon, Thank you so much for letting me stop by for a chat today!! I’ve been stalking your blog for a while and it’s a real honor to be here!

First, tell me a little about your book….

Blood Debt, contrary to the name, doesn’t have ANY vampires in it!! LOL! I ran a contest and let friends / fans pick the name for this book. It was quite an achievement as the only thing I gave them was a short synopsis (250 words) and Keren Spencer from the UK (@Gothic_Angel28) chose the title Blood Debt. The book is about Camille who loses her only living relative in the first few pages of the book – her mother. Her mother had withheld her father’s identity her whole life. Just before she died she told Camille who her father was, but doesn’t have enough time to warn her why she’s kept them apart.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

A lawyer made me do it! I used to work with a lawyer that I had a great deal of respect for, one day out of the blue he said, “Ms. Straight, you are one of the most compelling writers I’ve ever known.” That was one of the most unexpected and flattering compliments I had ever received. That compliment stuck with me for months, until one night, I started typing.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

Meeting Destiny was the first book I wrote, I’m not sure if I was wholly inspired. It was more along the lines of, “Hmmm, I wonder if I could actually write a book?” Much the same way I’ve asked myself, “Hmmm, maybe I should get a new pair of shoes?” LOL! A year later, when it was finished, I let a friend read it, and she convinced me to publish it.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Both the Destiny Series and the Touched Series were stories in my head screaming to get out. I’m sure many of the personalities that developed were based on experiences I’ve had with others and impressions their personalities left on me, but my life hasn’t been nearly as full of adrenaline as the characters in my books. (Thank goodness!!)

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

Blood Debt – Camille’s mother died on the second page, everyone else lived. Her mother had to die or Camille never would have discovered she was a Centaur. It was necessary for the story.

Meeting Destiny, a secondary character died! Destiny’s Revenge – Grandpa Joe died and it nearly broke my heart. (I loved that character). Much of Destiny’s Wrath was written from the demon’s perspective, I had to kill nine people in the first few chapters – that was horrific! I’ll never write a mass murder again. The main character’s death from a previous lifetime was also in Destiny’s Wrath and that was one of the most heart-wrenching scenes I’ve ever written.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Airicka Phoenix is absolutely amazing. I met her on twitter and she recently published her first book, it is exceptional and I’d love for everyone that reads this to go check out her book: Touching Smoke. Airicka’s going to be an Indie Rock Star in no time!

Who do you look up to as a writer?

This list grows every time I read another book! Anyone that knows me at all, knows that I idolize Shelly Crane. We published our books within a few months of each other. I noticed people that bought my books had also purchased hers. So I purchased Shelly’s Significance, I was totally hooked. I love the story, the characters, the pace – the book was an instant favorite. I’d never heard of Shelly so I googled her. I found her website, her facebook page, and several blogs where she had done guest posts. I reached out to her, asking for advice. I was hoping for (not expecting) maybe a sentence or two on how to promote my books, and what was working for her. Shelly wrote me a short novel’s worth of advice. I was so blown away I cannot tell you how many times I read her note. The months that followed, I continued to ask for her opinion and each time she responded and was a real gem. She is a World-Class, Genuinely-Sweet, Independent Author. I hope every one of you that reads this buys all of her books and falls in love with them the way I have.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

I wouldn’t change anything in Blood Debt – I’m sure it could be better, but I love it the way it is.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

MARKETING!! My goodness I could write about clipping toenails if I had to. But marketing my books is a challenge. I have finally gotten over my fear of twitter and I’m getting better at Facebook. Luckily, I have met some amazing people along the way (like you Maghon!), who have gone out of their way to help me find readers.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

Airicka Phoenix’s Touching Smoke is what I’m reading now. Books I will be reading in the next few weeks are: M. Leighton’s The Wild Ones, Shannon Dermott’s No Mercy. I’m going to the Decatur Book Festival over Labor Day Weekend, I expect to meet tons of great authors there, and have a much larger TBR when I get back!

ummm, just FYI- I totally stalk Shannon Dermott- MERCY AND HER DUDES ARE AWESOME!!!! Lol Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

Dreamscape Covers has designed them for all my books. I told Joy what I was looking for and she exceeded my expectations on every one! As far as helping, I chose the model we used for each and told her what I had in mind.

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

Charlotte Abel’s Channie Series, Amy Bartol’s Premonition Series, Rachel Higginson’s Starcrossed Series, Shelly Crane’s Significance Series and Abbi Glines’ Existence Series – ALL ARE HUGE FAVORITES

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Shortly after I published my first book, Meeting Destiny, I joined goodreads. I think I had sold maybe twenty-five books. I was still very new to the site and I was surprised when a friend request came in from Charles Young. This was followed by a message saying he had read Meeting Destiny and loved it. Charles was my very first fan and I still message him regularly. If any of you have ever sent a message like the one I received from Charles to a “Rookie” author, I can guarantee you will never comprehend the lifelong impact your simple act of kindness has made (or will make) in that author’s life! When a story moves you, let the author know. Since that day, I’ve met many readers that have gone out of their way to brighten my day – every single message has been an inspiration. Charles, if you’re reading this blog post, thank you, again.

As for the bloggers of this world, OHMYSWEETGOODNESS I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I have never met a group of people so willing to selflessly give up hours every day, taking a chance on someone they’ve never heard of to devote hours of reading, then evaluate their work and promote on facebook, twitter and blogs. I will never be able to repay the kindness I have been shown by you and others just like you Maghon, but know that a day doesn’t go by that I don’t know how lucky I am.

I just wanna say thank you again for letting me read Blood debt and it was fantastic!!!

I’m thrilled that you loved it and excited that you invited me over for a chat today! Thanks so much! If anyone would like to connect with me, I’m at:

Twitter: @NancyStraight



Don’t you just LOVE her 🙂 I just love her 🙂 LOL I think she is fantastic and lemme tell you that she is a FANTASTIC writer!! After reading this book, I HAD to have her others, so I went out and bought them, I just haven’t read them yet. And now, lemme give you my oh, so important, opinion 🙂

THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I’VE READ-NOT JUST THIS YEAR, EVER!!! It’s a gut-wrenching, heart pounding, fairy tale building, fantastic love story! I can’t lie, it’s not sappy. It’s got several hard concepts and terrible moments in this book. I am pretty sure Camille had me in tears in half the book. This poor kid has a tragedy after tragedy, and finally gets a break, and then WHAM, another tragedy. This is Camille’s story.

It starts off with a girl who is so depressed as her world revolved around her mother, who dies. She then gets one of those death bed confessions about her father, and it literally turns her world upside down. She gets the courage to find him, and his family is wonderful-but nuts, as supernatural beings usually are. 🙂 I think I have a secret crush on one of her new brothers 🙂 LOL and the story really takes some turns when she meets her new BFF Bianca. 🙂 AND Bianca’s fiance’, Drake… *swoon right now!!* And then she finds out her mother has a Blood Debt to repay… NO SPOILERS, sorry you gotta read to find out all about this…

The writing is beyond wonderful. I literally inhaled this story, and then cursed myself as the book ended and I was left in a drooling pile of mush, as I needed so much more-RIGHT NOW!!! 🙂 *hint, hint* Things are effortlessly put together, and I swear, as long as Ms. Nancy writes this story down, published or not, she can send me copies of torn paper with notes on them, just so I can have these characters FOREVER!!!

I don’t want to reveal anything that would ruin this impossibly creative journey for you, so I will now BULLY YOU, AND TELL YOU GO GET IT!!!! You are nuts if you find anything wrong with this story, and I can no longer be your friend. LOL I love everything about the men in her family-her dad and her brothers. They make me smile, and make me think that there are some good things left in the world. I am not sure if I really like her step mom yet, but right now, I am on yay-team-step-mom. I really like Bianca, and I REALLY LIKE HER BFF, from back home in California, BUT NO SPOILERS for that either. I have some assumptions going in my head that I cannot help but think some crazy things LOL also, if there is ever a guy who is fiction but comes to life- HE’S MINE!!! Do you hear me, MINE!!! He’s so going on my book boyfriend harem list-Nikki you’ve got another to keep track of 🙂

I can now only say THANK YOU MS NANCY!!!! Thank you for writing something that is fresh, new, unique, wonderful, beautiful, tragic, romantic, and completely satisfying to me!!! You are now on my hero author list for life, and to top it off, you are one of the sweetest, funnest, most generous people I have ever had the pleasure of internet-meeting hahahaha 🙂 My ratings only go up to 5 PAWS… But you can think of getting a 10 PAWS FROM ME!! yep it’s one of those great moments when I realized I would have lost something wonderful if I never read this book!!! 🙂

so do I have your attention now… well, goodie because I am about to introduce you to Mr. Drake, himself… WELCOME Mr. Hot Stuff hahahahahaha 🙂

Hello Drake, Thanks so much for being here. I really appreciate you stopping by for me to interrogate, I mean interview you. 😉 I now know why Camille is attracted to you *sighs* as you are a lovely sight to behold. LOL so anyways, let’s get started…

Maghon, let me just start by saying, you are absolutely enchanting, if I were not already committed to Camille, I’m afraid you’d need a restraining order to keep me away.

Lord, somebody catch me, before I fall over from swooning hahaha 🙂 Now, tell me a little something about yourself…

My name’s Drake Nash, I’m twenty-four years old, I work for my father’s construction business, and I was born a pure-blood Centaur.

Tell me how you feel about being a Centaur…

Hmm, a tough one. I’ve always been a Centaur. How do you feel about being a human?

I would actually love to be supernatural. 🙂 How did you feel when you first saw Camille, as I know a lot of thoughts were going through your head with your betrothed standing next to you?

Right, well, you cut to the chase don’t you? Could we go back to the last question? No? Okay, well, formerly betrothed. Bianca and Gage are happily together now. I suppose I should try to not get gushy on everyone, but it’s safe to say that not only did I forget how to breathe; the earth forgot how to rotate when I first saw Camille.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when I say Camille’s name to you?

When I first met her, my first thought was she was an apple; a very red, delicious, sweet, beautiful apple – the Forbidden Fruit. Now when I hear her name the only thing that comes to mind is: Mine.

How did you feel when Bianca and Camille were first becoming fast friends?

Are you kidding me? I was betrothed to Bianca and I wanted Camille, male Centaurs don’t get to choose who they marry. I had already been chosen by Bianca. The fact that the two were becoming friends was about as welcomed as having a brand new bed of nails delivered to replace my mattress – strange and uncomfortable.

When Bianca and Camille told you of their little conspiracy plot, what were you thinking and how did you think it would play out?

It was the equivalent of being thrilled to have vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day and then someone sits down with a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and says, “Here, why don’t you try this.” I was thrilled with my vanilla ice cream, a little smug to tell you the truth. Then just the idea that I might get one small spoonful of Chunky Monkey was worth letting Gage have my whole bowl full of vanilla.

How did you hold up when Zandra took Camille and you couldn’t find her?

I was a wreck. Camille and I had done the unthinkable – we had planned an un-chaperoned date the night she was kidnapped. When she didn’t arrive at 10pm I worried she may have been delayed. By 11 pm I was furious with myself thinking our plan may have been discovered. At midnight I realized she wasn’t coming. The next morning I wracked my brain until I could come up with a good reason to call her brother Brent. That’s when I learned she had been kidnapped by her grandmother. For two solid months, thoughts of Camille consumed me. The day Gage called and said we were all going to Zandra’s to bust Camille out was the first time I could breathe in two months.

I know you would do anything to be with Camille, but did you ever think about something happening to her to keep her from you permanently?

You mean like finding out a marriage had been arranged by her grandmother, to my best friend, Gage?

Are you happy with how things turned out between yourself, Camille, Gage, and Bianca?

Is there a word stronger than “Yes?” If there is, substitute it! Bianca should never have chosen me, she and Gage were meant for each other. I can’t imagine a life with anyone other than Camille – I’ll need to give her some time, but she’ll feel the same way I do soon.

Do you regret anything?

Many things. I regret accepting Bianca’s betrothal to begin with and putting my friendship with Gage in jeopardy. I regret that I didn’t spend more time with Camille on the yacht when I had the chance. I regret not following Camille home from lunch the day she was kidnapped.

Do you think Zandra will ever find you and Camille?

If we have to stay on the run for years, I’ll never complain, because I got a second chance with Camille. That’s more than I’d ever hoped for. Zandra is the most powerful Centuride on the planet and she’s none too happy with us, but we’ll do whatever is necessary to stay out of her sights.

In a perfect world, what would happen with you and Camille?

The world will never be perfect, but it’s pretty darn close to it right now. We escaped from Zandra’s house, we’re looking for the one Centaur artifact that can save us both and we’re together. It feels like perfection to me.

A little of this and that…

Boxers or Briefs? LOL yep, right to that one 😉 Boxers of course, room to breathe.

Coffee or tea? Sweet-Tea, I’m from South Carolina

Coke, sprite, dr. pepper, other? Dr. Pepper

Mountains or beach? Beach – Folly Beach

Winter or summer? Summer

Vampire or werewolf? Centaurs don’t believe in mythical creatures *snorts!! Pfffft, says the supernatural hahahaha*

Cold or hot? HOT!

Favorite color? Brown, specifically Milk-chocolate (the color of Camille’s eyes)

Night or day? Night (with Camille beside me)

Moonlight or sunlight? Moonlight

Steak, seafood, burger, or pizza? I think you should let me cook you some South Louisiana food and then that’ll be its own category 🙂 Pizza from Andolinis

Maghon, it has absolutely been my pleasure to chat with you today. I’m thrilled that you invited me over and can’t wait for you to find out what happens in our next adventure.

Ok, Now that I’ve given you such fantastic goodies… I’VE GOT ONE MORE~ the author would like for me to give away this winner’s pack….

1 ebook copy of blood debt

1 signed book mark

1 temporary tattoo – to fit in with the other supes 🙂

ALL TO ONE WINNER!!! All you have to do is leave me a nice comment on this post… 🙂 I think we’ll take international entries as long as it isn’t too expensive to ship it to you… 🙂 The ebook copy will be sent digitally so that shouldn’t be a problem… 🙂

I want to thank Ms. Nancy, on multiple accounts, for giving me the book, and for chatting with me so awesomely, and doing the interviews, and offering up that cool giveaway! I would like to thank Drake for showing me his drool worthy self. 🙂 and I would like to thank my followers, for just being you!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and as always, happy reading my gators… 🙂 ps…. Ummm, did you go get this book yet??!?! No!! What are you waiting for!! 🙂

Bewitched by Cambria Hebert COVER REVEAL!!! :)

To those of you who don’t know, I am on Cambria Hebert’s street team… WE ARE AWESOME!!! 🙂 and today, I have the honor of showing you her new book up for release. This is a novella that takes place after Charade, and I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!!!!! I also need to say that in just a few short weeks, I will be back with Ms. Hebert as a special stop on my blog and I will have the MOST AWESOMEST POST ever!!! 🙂 IT’S GUNNA BE PHENOMENAL!!! 🙂 But enough blah blah from me, and lemme tell you about this awesome book! 🙂
Title: Bewitched (Heven and Hell #2.5)
Genre: YA paranormal
Publisher: Cambria Hebert
Release date: October 5, 2012
Format: Ebook only (for now)

Bewitched Blurb

For years, I accepted that Heven was more popular than me. I never liked it but I lived with it. I walked in her shadow, I stood by her when no one else would. When I finally thought her spotlight was mine things began to change. She began to change. Now she hardly ever calls me back, she spends all her time with her hot new boyfriend and everyone at school thinks she’s back on top. She had it all. But apparently she wants more. She wants Cole – my boyfriend. What’s worse is that it looks like she got him. I’ve had enough and she’s going to be sorry. Why?

Because I am bewitched.

Doesn’t that sound spectacular!!! I promise to post a review as soon as possible… NOW TO THE GOOD PART!!! here ya go!


gorgeous ain’t it… well, I’ve decided to let you in on a little snippet 🙂

Working out was for jocks. Homework was for nerds and I wasn’t a jock or a nerd. Yet, here I was, sweating through my favorite Victoria Secret yoga pants and tank with a headache the size of Macy’s. Learning about my powers was hard work. I thought it would come naturally. My brain was hurting from concentrating and my muscles were actually sore from effort. I thought longingly of the potion in the green bottle that Hecate had given me—a little sip would make it that much easier to use my powers, but she took it away. Apparently, I had all the power she wanted me to have. It kind of pissed me off.

In fact, I was feeling pretty disgruntled all around.

I was hot, I was sweaty, my head hurt and my hair was frizzy. Not to mention I had been wearing sneakers far too long. Thank goodness Hecate was gone. I actually had been glad not to be alone after the “bone incident,” but now I was ready for some alone time. I felt stronger.

Feeling strong plus feeling disgruntled equaled somebody was gonna get hurt.

I was standing in my yard near the lake and I glanced up at the moon before heading inside. It was low and swollen tonight—a haunting moon. It sent a shiver up my spine. I thought briefly about going to Heven’s and treating her to a little of what she deserved. I even looked toward the driveway as I walked, but I wasn’t going anywhere looking like this.

I went into the house and began climbing the stairs. Halfway up, I heard a noise in the kitchen and I paused. My parents were still out of town. It wasn’t the maid’s day to be here… unless she came early. Another thud in the kitchen had me spinning on the stairs to see what it was.

“Mary?” I called out. “Is that you?” Maybe she switched her schedule around and I didn’t know about it. Maybe I could get her to make me a latté.

No one answered, and the noises in the kitchen fell silent. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and listened, wondering if I had heard anything at all. “Hello?” I called again, this time more unsure. This time a fine chill raced up my back.

Suddenly being alone in this big house was scary.

Clink, clink, clink.

Okay, I wasn’t hearing things. Someone was there.

I stepped off the stairs and walked through the foyer in the direction of the kitchen. I heard the cat hiss and I paused again. Clover was too lazy to hiss at a mouse. Something in my stomach turned cold and hard.

I looked over my shoulder at the massive front doors to the alarm keypad and the distress button.

But it was too late for pressing buttons.

Clover burst around the corner with a hideous screech and barreled into me, hitting me in the knees and causing me to stumble. The cat didn’t even stop. I could hear his claws scraping frantically across the tiles. “What the…” I began as I straightened, but then something lurched around the corner after the cat.

It was hideous.

It stood about a foot taller than me with wide shoulders that were uneven looking—one was lower than the other—and a wild mane of bushy orange hair that seemed to create a cloud around its pasty, white face. Its lips were black and it had a nasty row of teeth that had seen a lot of decay. It had large purple circles around its eyes, which seemed to have no color at all.

It looked like a psychotic clown.

I screamed and took a step backward, and the thing grinned. I went running but it lunged and caught me around the wrist, pulling me back. I struggled, kicking out, but it was no use, his grip was too strong.

Without any warning it reached up and snatched my silver pendant right off my neck. “Hey!” I screamed as it shoved me away. I fell onto my butt and stared up at the glittering silver heart as it dangled from the nasty clown’s hands.

Cole had given that to me. It was the last gift he had given me before we broke up.

Anger surged into my chest, making me hot. “Give that back.”

Freaky Clown gave me another frightening grin and ran back into the kitchen, disappearing from sight. I ran after it, running into a solid wall of… offensiveness.

EEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE *that’s my witch cackle*… since we’re talking about “bewitched” LOL… I am so very excited to get my hands on this book, and I would like to offer SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Cambria for all the wonderful accomplishments! Now HURRY and gimme gimme 🙂 and now we have an inside joke–I think you’re FABULOSO TOO!!! 🙂 lol

To my readers, I’d love to hear your thoughts on her newest cover, and if you’d like to check out her others, you can go HERE to see her goodreads page. 🙂 You can also Stalk Ms. Hebert at these places, just like I do!!




Thanks everyone for stopping by today, and Happy reading my gators!! 🙂


Witch Way To Turn Blog Tour w Giveaway


Hello everyone! I’m finally getting back to normal and back to posting reviews and tours and GIVEAWAYS!! YAY 🙂 Today I am talking about this very cool, very surprisingly awesome book! Since I have several goodies, I’m going to jump right into it. And you guys are probably tired of hearing me blubber on! Don’t forget if you click on the top banner, it will take you to the host site, and the cover will take you to the goodreads page. 

Witch Way to Turn


Witch Way to Turn

By Karen Y. Bynum

Witch Way Series Book #1

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.

Date of ePublication: August 6, 2012

Print: October 1st

ISBN: 9781616503994

Number of pages: epub 237

Word Count: 78,000

Lyrical Press

Blurb/Book Description:

Can you give one guy your heart and another your soul?

The last thing eighteen-year-old Breena Cross needs in her life is more complications. It’s all she can do to balance studying, working, trying to keep her foster-sister safe and drooling over the new guy at work. But things go from complicated to crazy when a fit of rage ignites the dark magic inside her and she finds herself fending off the supernatural underworld.

Myles, Breena’s drool-worthy coworker and vampire convict, is carrying a load of secrets–one of which is that he’s fang-over-lip in love with Breena and in danger of violating the terms of his sentence.

Orin is a soul-hungry assassin sent to kill Breena. However, he takes one look into her eyes and sees his own lost humanity. For once thinking of someone other than himself, he chooses not to end her life, even though it means risking his own.

Despite a convict and an assassin fighting over her, all Breena wants is custody of her sister. But to do this, she will need help from both Myles and Orin. And if Breena doesn’t learn to control the darkness within, she could lose her sister…forever.

WARNING: Contains strong language and some graphic content.


Author Bio:

Karen Y. Bynum

Karen Y. Bynum is an author of young adult paranormal fantasy.  Her novel Witch Way to Turn is published through Lyrical Press.  She grew up in Hickory, North Carolina where mountains and magic surrounded her.  Even as a child, she wrote her own faery tales and prattled incessantly to her imaginary friends.

After graduating from UNC Charlotte with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Communications, she went on to become certified in culinary arts from The Art Institute of Charlotte.  But it wasn’t until her aerospace engineer husband accepted a job in Virginia and they relocated that she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.

With the support of family and friends, Karen embarked on a journey with the voices in her head.  They wouldn’t stop talking (yes, she does answer back) and their stories took shape.

Karen currently lives in coastal Virginia and enjoys reading, tweeting, writing and spending time with her husband and their spoiled rotten Vizsla named Rusty.

Here’s a little excerpt from the book for ya 🙂 

She caught his look. Oh God, she’d been staring. Her mouth was practically watering. The heat forming in her cheeks brought her back to reality. And the way he watched her nearly brought her to her knees. Looking into those pale-green eyes with the golden rim made her weak, left her breathless. He couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen but there was a knowing look in his eyes that made her want to find out what, exactly, he knew.

 She took a step toward him and the knowing look turned darker, hotter. There was something raw about it. Something ravenous, and so powerful she could barely keep herself from being consumed.

 He tilted his head slightly in her direction, and it seemed almost as if he was…listening to her. As if he were trying to puzzle her out by catching the subtle beat and hum of her body.

 It finally dawned on her that they’d been standing there a good while in complete silence. She managed to shake herself out of her lust-filled stupor long enough to recover something vaguely resembling her manners. “Ah, about the other night…


Now that I’ve got you interested, here’s my review…

So I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, but boy I sure enjoyed it. It started off so sad, as Breena is an orphaned girl, who has had a pretty rough life, in a really crappy foster home. She’s been through some bad times. But her whole world is her little sister, which is actually her foster sister, but she is willing to do ANYTHING to get custody of her and get her out of that terrible life.  She’s pretty much in love with Myles, who is the new guy who works with her at a drug store. And then all of a sudden, hell has broken loose! 

Things get moving quite quickly, and in the beginning, you are never sure who is what, and on which side, and who wants to kill her, or eat her, or love her, or multiple choices of those, lol. She’s frustrated with Myles, as he’s so caring to her and her sister, but won’t reciprocate her feeling back, so she upon meeting Orin chooses him as the boyfriend. But boy, with all the crazy things going on, she doesn’t know which is worse, having a soul mate, or loving your best friend and not having him… Ah, love… 🙂 

I am so surprised with this book, I flew while reading, got all excited, then nervous, then furious, and happy, and sad, and then completely uprooted. Lord, that ending is all kinda crazy and sets up perfectly for the next book! I really look forward to how it will continue and the writing is pretty flawless. If there were any mistakes, I didn’t catch them as I was way too involved in the story. 

In the matter of team Orin vs team Myles… I’m not sure who I would pick, nor am I sure what’s going to happen in the future, so she may change her mind as to who she has picked now, to who she may pick later if she changes her mind. It’s all up in the air LOL but she does pick. I will say I am happy about her pick for the fact that I think at this moment in time, it is perfect for what we have now. It’s kinda hard to explain without spoilers 🙂 LOL, anyways I give a 5 PAWS and say-hurry and gimme book 2!! 🙂 

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