Blood Life Blog Tour w giveaway

Hello everyone! Yep, I’m another stop for another blog tour, and guess what, I’ve got ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! 🙂 YAY!! 🙂  so, today I have several things going on, I’ve got my review, I’ve got an interview with the author and a character, an except, a guest post from the author, and another giveaway! yep, that’s 2 giveaways! I’ve got a ton, so let’s get right to it!! 😉 

Blood Life

From Goodreads: Not your typical vampire story: this book is an unforgettable paranormal adventure just waiting to reveal itself without restraint! Starting off at a slower, fairytale pace, the story shifts, killing the sweetness without looking back, and jettisons the reader into a world of chaos and calm, loyalty and adversity, redemption and long lost love. 

Blood Life is a vampire/witch thriller full of blood, magic, love, violence, and sex. It is no Twilight or Vampire Diaries! It’s much darker and sexier, but equally as engrossing and unique. The witches and vampires of the fictional world of the Spectrum have united and created a race of half-breeds called the Combined. These are very powerful entities, but their race has been threatened by a rogue vampire with very old, powerful blood named Lokee, the son of the Great Witch, Devendra. This story is about letting Fate play out, but in all its turmoil, trying to save one woman who will be the key to saving the witches, the vampires, AND the Combined. Of course, the villain is very much against all that, and tortures her time and again to try to destroy her. 

Can the Combined’s strongest vampire adversary form an army to defeat them, or will the power of three keep the race on top? Centered around the lives of four integral characters, Blood Life is an adventure series unlike any in the genre. Meet Devendra, a powerful witch descended from one of the first lineages; Lokee, her son and worst enemy; Roman, her friend and companion; and Alethea, the key to it all…

And now, here’s a little excerpt for you to check out… 

“Sleeping Lyca lay

 While the beasts of prey

Come from caverns deep

View’d the maid asleep.”

 –William Blake



The channel seemed deeper, the troughs and rivets in the road more treacherous. Every rushed step seemed more dangerous and awkward. The city, with its dark gray ceiling, closed in around him and shoved him through the atmosphere. Mud clumped against his boots and his shirt had reached the frail point of hanging off his shoulders as he fell through his doorway.

The odor of the room reached him as he was rising from his knees. A solid, coarse smell that relentlessly tortures the senses; the rancor of fresh blood overwhelmed him.

“Alexandria,” her name rang out, yet he did not realize he shouted it.

The exhaustion of the clamor brought him to rest against the wall in the hallway. Her name rang out from his throat again, still uncontrollable. His vision was stolen to a mass on the floor in the sitting room. What used to be a wonderful, skilled woman, of witch’s blood, lay unmercifully dead.

Roman covered his mouth, sweat beading along his forehead, and walked in to get a closer look. Elizabeth was stripped; scratches and bruises covered her body. It was the position of her body that told him a rape had taken place before her death, or maybe after.

He lifted her blood-drenched hand to find her forefinger absent. A broach of Amethyst that her mother had given to her before she died, sat quietly in a puddle of bile and saliva in front of Elizabeth’s open mouth. Roman backed up the way he came, sick with fear and denial. He could not bring himself to look away from her petrified eyes, open and locked on his.

Sliding down against the wall, Roman fell into view of the bathroom. Laughing, taunting voices filled his head. He frantically looked around to find nobody there. The pure ivory basin and polished marble floor were now a reservoir. The wooden shutters with broken glass allowed lines of light to seep through, revealing small portions of the red coating on the floor and walls. Overflowing, trickling droplets down the side of the basin were streams of liquid life; but through Roman’s eyes, they were signs of Alexandria’s death.

His first step came out from under him, as his body was crushed across the room and against the basin. Already weeping and shaking his head to try to shut out the voices, he lifted his eyes over the rim to find Alexandria’s lifeless body.

Complete, haunting, silence.

Streaks of her blood marked the wallpaper: four lines, two intertwined and braided down the middle with one straight on either side of the formation.

Marked, he thought as he ran his fingers along the gashes, smearing the blood. He dropped to his knees beside the tub, reaching into the water to collect Alexandria into his arms. He pulled her to him, sobbing, suffocating himself in the tender flesh of her neck.

“NOOOOOO!” he screamed to the ceiling. “WAKE UP!!” He pinched himself, finding no satisfaction; he beat his own head against the tub, trying to beat himself out of the nightmare, the trick.

He found himself outside the house aimlessly searching the surroundings with blind eyes. He held fast to Alexandria, carrying her with him. The weight pushed him back down to his knees. He looked up and saw the sky revolve and twist. He witnessed no Gods above him.

“Have the ethereal angels been lost,” he cried at the top of his lungs. “Can you strike me down, or have you lost your lightning arms? Now I am truly here to stand against this term of mortal torment alone. I have lost my will to live!” Gravity brought him face down. He protected Alexandria’s limp head from the dirt.

“There is no one left to heal this hideous wretch, nobody to choose my mortality. Oh, if I could free my soul from this pressing time of mourning, if I could drop my aegis and expose my heart, there would still be no God to take its rhythm. Who would allow this withered corpse to fall into the covenant of the earth and join my Alexandria?”

He laid her body down softly in front of him. Smoothing her hair back, he kissed her eyelids, closing them to give her peace.

A strong, masculine hold pulled his head from her chest.

“Stand, Roman!”

Reluctantly pulling his grasp from his love, Roman stood up. Swaying on his feet, he tilted his head down, unable to look away from Alexandria’s unmoving form.

Slowly, he convinced himself to lift his eyes and study the force that had demanded his attention. He found himself staring into the face of the woman from the pub. Her velvet garments were whirling and enraged.

“She is just resting . . . isn’t she?” His words tore at the woman, her face grew darker and she reached out to take his hand.

He snapped his arms away as she did. “You filthy witch—” his voice couldn’t unleash the rage in his heart, “—I’ll burn you!”

He lunged with all his might, only to land at her feet. He turned and scrambled back over to Alexandria, protecting her from the woman.

She stood, frowning down at him. “You would be mad to try.”

“Her blood—” he gathered her body into his arms again, holding her out for the woman to view, “—you drained her blood . . . you took her from me.”

He found himself choking on tears again as he lay on the ground and pulled Alexandria on top of him, cradling her to his chest.

“No, not me,” the woman answered solemnly. “Lokee took her life; I am your protector, but I could not save her. If I left you, you would have ended up as Alexandria is now. Don’t you dare blame me! I, Devendra, have been with you.”

Roman looked up at her, surprised by her name and familiarity. Devendra leaned down and took Alexandria into her own arms, carrying her away.

Roman jumped up, following her to a grove of redwood trees not far from town. The walk seemed to take hours, as he fell countless times, weeping and unable go any further. Devendra urged him on, promising a light at the end of his tunnel.

Moments later, they reached a bed of roses, fresh and at full bloom. Devendra laid Alexandria down on them, murmuring a soft, sweet prayer, then with a thrust of her hand, ripped open the Earth and lowered Alexandria’s body down into it—safe to rest in peace. 

And now my reivew…

ok kids, this is going to be an on-the-fence review. Let me say that I didn’t love the book, but I didn’t dislike the book either. So I’m going to try something a little different in my reviewing process for this one.  I know I’ve said before I don’t like to give bad reviews-not that this is a BAD review, just not GREAT review either. But I would feel very wrong not to give a review if I have promised one-I KEEP MY PROMISES 🙂 

First, I really liked: 

  • I really like how the story started back when, with kings and queens and princesses and the ruling culture of bloodlines and all those crazy rules. 
  • I really liked that the story progressed to give the background as if it were happening now, it made it seem so much more real. 
  • I really enjoy the characters. Roman, Alexandria, Devendra, even the big meanie King Morgan, and her maid, which I thought was the sweetest 🙂 
  • I like that I got to see how things progressed into the NOW quickly, after that traumatic event-sorry no spoilers- it skips years with little snippets so you aren’t dredging through boring time periods.
  • I really like how Althea and Roman accidentally met, and how things progressed between them
  • I really like the writing. There is nothing bad to say about the writing style 🙂
  • I really like the prophecies 🙂 those are so fun. 
  • I REALLY like that big secret from Devendra

Second, I didn’t like:

  • I was a little disappointed in the ending, and I’m not really sure why. 
  • The in between of Roman meeting Althea and then the in between until the big climax was a little boring. I’m not saying it wasn’t well written. I think that because I usually like action type urban fantasy, I wanted maybe some more sword fighting, or fireball throwing, hissy-fit pitching. LOL this is not the author’s fault but my own 🙂

As you can see, there’s definitely more “likes” than “dislikes”, so I was serious when I said that this wasn’t a bad review. I’m just still on the fence. I am not trying to be difficult, lol but usually I’m more dissapointed in the beginning of the book than the end LOL. I did like how turned out, and the conclusion. I know, it’s hard to explain without give very specifics away, and that’s so spoilery, which would just ruin it for you. SO… my advice it to make your own opinion about it when you read it 🙂 LOL I know that not everyone likes the same things, so someone may seriously love it, while someone else may not like it at all.  I’m the in between 🙂 *sigh* And I’m sad about this, as I feel like I didn’t do justice to the author who so nicely did all of that work to make this book! So, thank you for writing, and for letting me read this book for review, even if I’m probably one of your non-favorable reviews. 

And now, I’d like to introduce the author! WELCOME!! 

The Writing Process

I am so much a writer, the blessing (and curse) runs through my veins like nothing else in this world. It’s magical, like a predestined craft, a trade, a calling, even, that no other hobby or profession can satisfy. And I must have time to write. Correction, in this crazy world, I must make time to write or my life just feels . . . ordinary. Writing is my life. I wrote my first short story, about a crazy cat lady who died and all her cats ate her, at 10 years old. And look, I didn’t become a serial killer!? You’d think, “Whoa, troubled kid!” Nope. Not troubled (in that sense, anyway). But wildly imaginative, and a fan (at that time in my life) of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Twilight Zone, Edgar Allen Poe shorts, et al. Enough said.

Many authors will tell you they come up with story ideas through occurrences in everyday life or through dreams / nightmares, and then outline them before sitting down to write them out. Not me. In fact, outlining really messes up my flow. I sit down and channel the story. It just comes to me. I’ll sit in front of my laptop with no idea which story I’m going to write in (since I have five other books-in-progress at present). It depends on the mood I’m in. I’ll place my fingers on the home keys, feeling the firmness of them, waiting for the first words to come to me. And that’s just what happens.

Sometimes I will start slowly and speed up as pictures and ideas invade my mind, or, if I’m lucky, my fingers start smoking across the keys as I pound out a scene or two, even a chapter, in record time.  When the temporary possession ends, I go back to read what I’ve written.  When it’s good, I can’t believe I wrote it. I get humble but excited. When it’s bad, it gets deleted and I walk away. 

I will say, though, that some ideas come to me through everyday life occurrences rather than dreams. Dreams do sometimes play a role in my imaginative tales, but being out in society, people-watching, gets me the bulk of my material. I watch strangers interact with the world. I study their actions and body language; if I make eye contact, I decide what they’re thinking (or their thoughts literally fly out at me—it’s frightening!) and it fuels a character or scenario. Little do they know they’re supplying my story tank in some little important way. I wonder if they’d be flattered or weirded out by it? I’d be flattered, but I’m a writer, so I understand. How about you? How would you feel if you found out the reason for a stranger’s stare was that they were momentarily struck by your presence and that you’re quite possibly supplying ammo for a fictional character’s actions?

Honestly, I would LOVE to be the inspiration for someone’s writing. Sure I can ace grammar, and can ace a test on things I read and write, but I will never have the ability to capture audiences like real writers do! I think it’s fantastic that people can make the imagination come to life! I have a great imagination, just not the proper skills to put it to life LOL 🙂 And now, I’d like to welcome both the author, and character spotlight interview…. WELCOME to both of you ladies!!! 

Character Interview: Devendra Noelle Domergue

 When I asked my most important of resident muses, Devendra, if she’d do an interview, she was absolutely delighted. That was easy.  Knowing her sometimes erratic behavior, I wasn’t sure she’d be game. I was thrilled that she was, though!  That said… I can’t control how she answers; let’s hope she behaves.  haha

  Gianna:            Devendra?

 Devendra:           I’m here.

 Gianna:              Okay, good.  I’ll just jump right in. Your story is being written now; the story of your life leading up to the time of Blood Life.

 Devendra:           Yes, it is. Finally! Took you long enough; I am afraid people are getting the wrong idea about me. I don’t like that.

 Gianna:                                haha, yeah, sorry about that.  I’m getting the distinct feeling of an evil glare.

 Devendra:           You’re lucky that’s all you’re getting.

 Gianna:                               Right!  I shudder to think what you could actually do to me. 

 Devendra:           Um-hmm. You should be.

 Gianna:                                ANYHOO… while your story IS being written right now, do you feel that it will fill in some gaps people may have been left with from your interactions in Blood Life?

 Devendra:           Definitely! People only got to see one side of me in that story. They saw the powerful Combined vampire/witch, but not really me, where I came from, how I see the world, what I went through to get where I was during Blood Life in my soul.  I do have a soul, you know.  And I think some people didn’t like me because they didn’t really understand me or my actions completely.

 Gianna:                                Yes, I can see that. 

 Devendra:           Now, that just makes no sense at all.  You know me best.

 Gianna:                                No, YOU know you best.  😉  I learn something new about you every day.

 Devendra:           Fair enough.

 Gianna:                                So, I released an excerpt of your story here – – to show readers the opening sequence. How do you feel about it? Do you think it was strong enough to start to get your feelings across?

 Devendra:           Yes, I am very happy with it. It’s a good strong beginning, but there is a lot more where that came from. =)

 Gianna:                                There sure is! I’m excited to see how the story unfolds myself. Regarding Blood Life, the ending was the type that could go either way – into a sequel or just left to the imagination of the reader. Are you pushing for a sequel or to leave it as it stands?

 Devendra:           Is that a trick question? I mean, come on… a sequel is imperative! We all have a lot more to say. That was NOT the end of it. Not by a long shot. There are things the reader needs to know and understand about our world and what becomes of it. About Lillith and what She will do now that She has been reborn from Alethea. That’s huge!

 Gianna:                                Agreed.  Can you give us a quickie of who Lillith is, for those who haven’t read Blood Life yet?

 Devendra:           Lillith is the Goddess of the Combined. The Combined is a special powerful race of half-breeds: witches combined with vampires.

 Gianna:                                Thanks you! That was perfect.

 Devendra:           Of course it was.  I know my stuff.  😉

 Gianna:                                Yes, you do!  Haha.  Okay, I want to ask you deeper questions now.

 Devendra:           Good!  I’ve been waiting for that.

 Gianna:                                Some of these will be addressed in your story, so it’s tricky, but here goes. Your first love, Viktor, so far the reader has only seen from the excerpt that he is in prison and not very coherent. How did he end up there?

 Devendra:           For loving me. He did nothing wrong.

 Gianna:                                So, he isn’t a witch?  He wasn’t arrested for sorcery?

 Devendra:           No, no. He is only human. He has no blood of witches or vampires. Not at that point, anyway… but things will move along in the story to explain. That’s all I’m going to say about it.

 Gianna:                                And I’m not going to ask you about his Fate, I’ll leave it for readers to unravel as well, but I will ask you this: Who is Lokee’s father? Tell us more about Abel.

 Devendra:           Ugh. Abel. I hate saying his name out loud. He is the devil in disguise. The worst of the worst: an evil rogue vampire who can shape shift. He tricked me. I thought he was Viktor. He did a very good job with his shift. Remarkable, even, for me not to sense it at all. I was mistaken and it was the beginning of a terrible error.

 Gianna:                                You mean Lokee’s birth.

 Devendra:           Yes.

 Gianna:                                But it wasn’t Lokee’s fault—

 Devendra:           You don’t think I know that?

 Gianna:                                Sorry. I know. It’s so touchy.

 Devendra:           Yes, it is.  I loved my son because he came from me. I had him despite Lillith’s advice, believing I could run the evil out of him. But that wasn’t the case. He couldn’t be trusted. He was Abel reincarnated. The worst of the worst reborn and from me. He had to be destroyed. You’ll get way more of that in depth in my story. I promise.

 Gianna:                                Okay, I’m sure the readers will appreciate it.  I think that’s all for today. 

 Devendra:           Sounds good to me.

 Gianna:                                Wait, one more question: do you consider yourself good or bad.

 Devendra:           100% good. I have a mean streak and I will devour anyone who threatens those I love. Otherwise, I’m the sweetest, most caring and nurturing witch you’ll ever know.  The vampire blood just magnifies my power… the good and the bad. But the balance remains good, because that is what is in my soul.  =)

 Gianna:                                Thanks, Devendra. 

 Devendra:           You’re welcome. Bye.

Here’s where you can stalk the author… 

Gianna Perada
Growing up in North Beach during the late 70s/early 80s, Gianna Perada fell in love with the written word at the tender age of 7. Her mother bought her a diary that year for Christmas, and instead of using it as a day-to-day ramble-fest, little Gianna used it to pen short stories with dark undertones and clever twists and turns, influenced by two of her favorite TV shows at the time: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and The Twilight Zone, and her favorite author, Edgar Allen Poe. Along came a fascination with horror films and the supernatural. She began writing Blood Life roughly 15 years ago and has rewritten it about 100 times since, having trouble letting it go. Working for several years as a copy-editor and book layout designer for small publishing houses and authors, she woke up the morning of March 15, 2012, looked over at her laptop, and finally said, “Today’s the day I say goodbye to you.” And so she did… she’s got four cats, a rat dog, and an overwhelming workload. Working on the prequel to Blood Life, slated for release by Halloween, 2012. Stay tuned!

Where you can find Gianna:

And now for the giveaway. First, if you head on over HERE that’s Dark Mind Book Tours site, and there is a TOUR WIDE giveaway for a SIGNED copy of Blood Life. And now, MY GIVEAWAY will be one e-book copy of Blood Life, so all you have to do is leave a nice comment and I’ll pick a winner in one week, as the tour ends tomorrow. 🙂 I’ll send you an e-mail if you win! 🙂 GOOD LUCK!! 


19 thoughts on “Blood Life Blog Tour w giveaway

  1. Blood life’s excerpt drew me right in.

  2. Nikki says:

    I’ve seen this before and I think I put it on my TBR list. Gonna have to make sure now! Girl, you are making my list monsterous! Once again, fab post Sweetie!!

  3. Yippee!! Thank you for your honesty and for the great guest spot! =)

    • magluvsya03 says:

      I really did like this book, and I hope my 3 stars doesn’t dissuade anyone from reading it. It’s written so well that I never had trouble finishing or not getting through it! I really do thank you for such a wonderful part in your tour! 🙂 and if this continues to a series I WILL pick up book two, there’s no doubt to that!

      • No, I honestly felt your review was fair and reasonable. I consider 3 stars a good review! I see it as 5=in love; 4=really liked; 3=enjoyed; 2=didn’t like; 1=hated. I am happy you enjoyed it! It is my first, and I know that the second will be even stronger. I’m THRILLED you’re up to reading the next one. It will be going on a Dark Minds Tour as well, so I hope you sign up when it does! =)

      • magluvsya03 says:

        Oh I am so glad you understood my craziness 🙂 lol I did really enjoy it and I promise I will be one of the first to sign up for the second installment tour 🙂 I hope it’s really soon 😀 and again, thank you so much for letting me participate!

  4. S.A. says:

    I have to admit, I’ve been stalking Gianna through the Dark Mind Book Tour since I read the excerpt to her book, Blood Life. I don’t know how best to describe it, but this storyline really speaks to me like no other book has. Although I haven’t read the book, I feel like there are parts that mimic a past life experience for me (minus the supernatural vampire part). I know that may make me a little kooky, but that’s the way I feel.

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity. I REALLY want to read this book, so I hope I’m one of the lucky winners. I’ve already added the book to my TBR list on Goodreads.

    • S.A. says:

      I forgot to put my e-mail down on the first post: lilypadzandfrogs(at)gmail(dot)com

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Hehe if you’re kooky, then I’m certifiably nuts lol I think there’s a little supernatural in everyone, some just chose not to see it! I wish you extra good luck on the giveaway and thanks so much for stopping by!! 🙂

  5. bn100 says:

    Nice post and review.

  6. Jean S. says:

    I agree. I liked your review too. Great use of bullet points. : ) Also, I love reading about each author’s writing process. It’s fascinating and always seems to be a bit different for everyone.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      I NEVER wanna post a negative review to discredit the author’s hard work, but there were too many things I did like over didn’t like so I tried a new way of doing things lol

      • Jean S. says:

        There are always people out there who love a book that I wasn’t that enamored with. I try to remember that and also how much work goes into writing a book when I write my reviews.

      • magluvsya03 says:

        Yep!! I always think about how much I love a book that a lot of others don’t! I also think if you put out a book, you should automatically get 2 paws just for your effort as no matter what, books are an authors baby just like my dogs are my babies!! 🙂

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