Authors After Dark Day 2

Please forgive me, I’m pooped so it’ll be a short post… BUT I HAD TO SHOW YOU!!! First I needa say that everyone is SO NICE!!! They find out I do giveaways on my blog and they gimme stuff FOR YOU!!! So I needa show you before I pass out lol


In between panels me and Xander took walks and breaks. This is out courtyard and yes Xander is on a chair at the table like a human lol



For panels, Xander takes naps in my room and this is our window… I asked for a more quiet room as balcony rooms are loud from Bourbon Street all night long! Lol he’s never slept in a hotel but he’s doing fantastic!!

This was only one of the fantastic panels I went to today and later I’ll post nicer pics from and with authors!!


In one of those panels I won these two books from the awesome Adrian Phoenix and she inscribed them to me, so I’m sorry but I’ll be keeping these πŸ™‚









Now above you’ll see some of the swag I got today for my big giveaway to you… Though I think I’ll keep the wine top and the colorful condoms hahahaha but the tshirts hats magnets bookmarks pens… It’s all going into the giveaway!! I now have TWO ridiculously full bags full
Of giveaways to YOU!!! Lord I still have 2.5 more days here!!! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow night is our masquerade ball!! It’s gunna be fun and so interesting to see costumes! I met some of my stalker obsessed that I love authors and can’t wait to show you those pics too!!! And now a few more pics to leave you with…



I wasn’t lying when I said its beautiful but we’re pooped!! Goodnight all… Or good morning depending on when you read this!! Also… I am one of the top nominees for nicest blogger onthe bloggy awards and I’m now nominated for TWO more categories!! Thank you THANK YOU!!! I’ve also scheduled TWO more giveaway stops for the future hahaha I dunno how I get so lucky but I wanna say thank you anyways!! So until I see you again… Happy reading my gators!! πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Authors After Dark Day 2

  1. Jean S. says:

    It looks like a nice place to stay, and Xander looks so happy. Congrats on winning those books! (You shouldn’t apologize for keeping some of the swag. You earned it!) Did you dress up for the masquerade ball?

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