Authors After Dark Day 3

Poo-yie it was a fun but stressful day… Lemme tell ya why before I show you the goodies!! First, my mom’s little Pomeranian, who I snarkily but lovingly call my little brother has been quite sick. I felt terrible leaving as my mom is also on vacation. When I left to come to AAD2012, he got worse quickly, so he is now in a type of ICU at my vet clinic I work at. My wonderful vet I work for is a great doctor and good person so he’s in good care until my mom gets home tomorrow, well today as its now saturday, and there are several complicated tests being run. So I couldn’t help but worry. My mom loves her little man like I love mine. It always makes it worse when you aren’t there. I promise to give you the scoop and explanations later when I have news. For now, I’m saying some prayers that it’s a really bad infection and not the big C word.

And now that I have broken your heart, let me break it one more time and then make you laugh!! I MADE A TINY HUMAN CRY TODAY!!! Lol no I didn’t beat up a child… Bad dog for you thinking that!! So, everyone loves Xander and this really cute little girl and her mommy were sitting in the lobby when me and Xander walked through. She got so excited for “puppy” and of course Xander immediately walked over for some love. After I asked her mom’s permission, my child got pets and her child got happy!! And then… Xander needed to pee, which was the whole reason we were walking through the lobby… That poor little girl SOBBED when we walked away… I think I almost sobbed hearing it. And Xander felt so guilty, he tried to walk back and comfort the little girl! I had to drag myself and my dog away from a crying little girl…. Bad dog Maghon- you should be ashamed of yourself! Lol


So it was rainy again today but we dealt and still sat outside in the beautiful courtyard! This was before the tiny human incident. Xander hangs out on a chair while I smoke my cancer stick and people watch lol

And then for lunch I got a goodie bag with goodies in it

Dude that’s an awesome gripping jar opener with the demon quote on it lol



That’s my dinner menu and I was Jade Lee’s book pimp for the night as I hung this little banner from my dress! I will say having dinner with Jade Lee and Alexandra Ivy was A BLAST!!! We of course were the most fun and loudest table!!!




A few more goodies to add to the giveaway for you guys!!


A few snaps of the ball in swing… I purposely took broad views of the dancing as i wanna shock and awe you with the cooler pics- JUST WAIT TIL I POST THE PICS FROM MY CAMERA!!!

And last but not least… Kids avert your eyes I’m about to say a bad word… Holy shit, Batman!!!! I had the best gift tonight!!! One of the staff of the AAD con knows I’m giving away all my goodies to you and she gave me this…..

THAT IS THE UNABRIDGED CD AUDIO BOOK OF DEARLY DEPARTED!!!!! Yes I am gunna give this away!!!! To YOU!!!! I’m so excited, when she told me she had a lil sumtin for me to give away, I was thinking more cool swag… And she dropped that in my hands… I then made her pose and take a picture with it so we can officially thank her!! I took that pic with my camera so that pic will come with the pretty pics later, but seriously… Who’s as pumped as me for that!!!! I believe I said a few bad words again before I actually allowed myself to take it back again!! I think I’ll do a special giveaway just for that! I think I’ll have a fight on my hands if anyone sees me with it lol!!

So I’m pooped again but tomorrow is a lighter day as all the authors are doing a general public free signing for a good part of the day. So I’m off to sleep and I’m leaving you the fact that I have THREE bags- my purple Darynda Jones bag, the messenger bag I got today, and a Walmart shopping bag-full of stuff…. There is only a few things I won’t part with, so holy mother that’s a lot of goodies to give away, and I still have 2 more days here!!! I’m in love and now addicted!!! I will be back for another AAD!!! And now more other cons as well!! I also love that all day I’m constantly told I have the coolest accent… People I don’t have an accent, you do hahahaha oh wait, yeah I do!!! So, with that, happy reading my gators!


6 thoughts on “Authors After Dark Day 3

  1. Jean S. says:

    Uh oh! I hope your little “brother” is doing okay. (I love Pomeranians. They’re so cute!) I’ll keep my fingers crossed for something easily treatable.

    Wow! That’s a lot of stuff! And that looks like a really nice dinner you had. You really got your money’s worth. Now I’m really looking forward to AAD 2013. : )

  2. emaginette says:

    Hope the pom pulls through. My mom had one too.

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