E-Piracy is NOT COOL- unlike real Pirates


Hello everyone! As you know, I’m a Big fan of books and love to read. And one of the biggest issues in the book world is ebook piracy. Now first, I’d like to say my own opinions, and then I have a FANTASTIC guest speaker!! I’m thrilled to have her over today!

Now some people may think it’s ok to share an ebook, like say you get your hands on a PDF version of a book. Well, ya know, it’s not the final edition, and the author will never know… But in my opinion, IT’S NOT OK!! As a reviewer, I get mostly digital copies, PDFs, unedited versions, etc, to review. This is SO easy to “share” with people. But to me, THIS IS A BAD DOG!!! NO TREAT FOR YOU! And here’s why I feel that way….

Let’s say today, you work at… A small business, and you are paid minimum wage- in Louisiana, that’s $7.55 an hour. That’s not a whole lot. And I, as your boss, decided that I was going to “share” some of your wages that you slave hours for to get. Just cuz I wanted my friend to have it. So now, you’re only getting about $5 and hour. You’d be really pissed wouldn’t you!!! I would!

Here’s how I think authors might feel when they see their books being “shared”. Here’s what makes me REALLY MAD!! Sure, the person downloading the “free ebook” is wrong, and sometimes they maybe don’t know how much they are hurting someone. BUT THE PERSON WHO ORIGINALLY UPLOADED THAT BOOK IS MAJOR WRONG!! They’ve made a conscious decision to upload it, share it, and offer no compensation or credit to that author. Now maybe some don’t feel this way, but people I’m a south Louisiana Cajun farm girl- blunt honesty pretty much is a way of life. If you download, upload, share, whatever an ebook- YOU ARE WRONG!! BAD DOG!!

I’m sorry, but I love my author friends and I would NEVER want any one to take my wages, so I don’t think we should take theirs… Not only are you taking money from them for their very hard work and earned, but you’re taking their credit. Places like Amazon offer free books all the time, LEGALLY, and some authors WILLINGLY give them away!! I don’t make a lot of money, and I couldn’t always afford all the books i wanted, but I would never steal them just to get my hands on them.

Would you steal your neighbor’s car just to say you rode in it? PS- do NOT try this in Cajun country- YOU WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT!!! LOL… My parents have a sign in their yard that says “TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT, SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN!!” Now for my family, it’s a standing joke about this, but a whole lotta people take that very serious 🙂 Ok now that I’ve said my piece, threatened to shoot people–Don’t shoot the messenger–I’d like to introduce you to my guest…

WELCOME MS P A LUPTON!!! I’m so honored to have you here on my blog!!

When I was asked to write a few words about e-book piracy I was actually a little worried at first. There is such heated debate over the subject, and honestly I think people will do what they want regardless. Will a few articles make people who pirate books change their habits? It’s unlikely. Still, I think it’s important that people make the effort and take a stand for something they believe in, whether or not it actually changes the outcome. So I give credit to those who have decided to take a stand.

What is e-book piracy? Some people will tell you that e-book piracy is really just a sharing of information. But let’s be honest about it. E-book piracy is stealing, plain and simple. There is no spin or justification you can use to change the fact that what you’re doing is theft. So, the real debate should be why some people are okay with stealing intellectual property, but those same people would never steal a material object.

Some people will argue that if they bought a paperback they’d be able to share that book with a friend, so how is piracy different than that. Well, as an author I don’t take issue with a friend sharing my book with another friend. But when a person posts an e-book publicly, how is that sharing with friends? That’s like taking a paperback you purchased and going to a printer to have hundreds of thousands of copies made and then distributing those books to strangers on the street. Would these people consider that sharing still, or would they then concede it was stealing? Intellectual property belongs to someone else. You may have purchased a story to enjoy, but you did not purchase the rights to distribute that intellectual property. Only a publisher has that right.

Which brings me to the next common justification: The publishers are overpricing e-books and gouging the customers and that’s why people turn to piracy. Honestly, I can’t believe that people don’t see the fault in that logic. If you go into a grocery store and their steaks are priced higher than a competitor down the street, do you then feel justified in stealing the steak, or do you go down the street and purchase from the lower priced competitor? Again, why do people treat e-books differently than physical property?

I fully agree that publishers are gouging readers (probably because of the amount of piracy), and I complain about that all the time. I think there are other ways to deal with that issue, though. If you feel so strongly about the problem, why not organize a mass consumer ban of that publisher. If the consumers turn to lower priced competitors the publishers will eventually get the message and lower their prices. Stealing is never the answer.

There are a lot of different people from different backgrounds who will read this article, but I think growing up most of us were taught the same basic set of morals. I remember once when I was a kid I went to a convenience store with a friend and she stole a pack of gum for me. I went home and my mother asked me where I got the gum and I told her the truth. I remember thinking it was okay to take the stolen gum because I didn’t actually steal it, someone else did. Well, I was taught quickly by my mother that there is no distinction. If I took something from someone knowing it was stolen it was the same as stealing it myself. Most of us were taught lessons just like this from our parents. They wanted us to have a strong set of morals and to learn right from wrong. So the next time you try to justify taking something that doesn’t belong to you—whether it’s a physical product or an e-book, maybe you should ask yourself what your parents would think about it.

thank you so much!!! in your last part, my mom would have made me bring the gum back, tell the store owner the truth, pay for it, then I’d be punished again at home on top of the punishment from the store… I completely agree, no matter what background and culture you’re from, everyone has a sense of right vs wrong.

I hope that one person will read this, and not download that “free ebook” from a piracy site. If it helps one person, I’m happy! One person is better than none! And that one person may spread the word and save one more person! With all of my fellow bloggers being part of this tour, we have the opportunity to reach thousands. Please help us stop e-piracy.

meet the author


If you would like to learn more about the author and her GREAT books, you can check out her goodreads author page HERE

I would like to thank everyone who read this article today, whether you’re a regular follower or just a reader checking out the tour! I wish everyone a happy LEGAL reading lol



4 thoughts on “E-Piracy is NOT COOL- unlike real Pirates

  1. Alana says:

    Thanks for posting this article from P.A. Lupton, and P.A. thanks so much for writing it! Maybe one person at a time, we can raise awareness!

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Thanks so much Alana for sponsoring and hosting this tour. You did so much work to bring it together so YOU DESERVE SOME CREDIT!!! 🙂 I hope one day e piracy is never to be heard of again 🙂

  2. Jean S. says:

    I’m happy you posted this too! Piracy really bugs me. I don’t think people realize that authors need to get paid too, and if they don’t make any money, then maybe they won’t write more books. Yikes! We can’t let that happen. When I try out an author for the first time, I usually get a used copy or a freebie/cheapie from Amazon. If I like that author, I make a point to pre-order upcoming books and buy the rest of the books new if I can. I have to make sure my favorite authors can continue to write awesome books for me… I mean, for the fans.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      So well said!!! Damn I should had you as a second guest to help speak!!! You make such a fantastic point!!! 🙂 lol

      As a fan, I WOULD DIE if my favorite people stopped writing and with piracy, that IS a possibility! Boooo to you bad pirates!!

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