Zoe & Kim’s Winners


Hello everyone!! First I just wanna say, on a personal note, that I got a few more bad news issues to go on, but I’m staying positive as these few things are fixable, and also, THANK YOU to all my author and book friends who are checking in on me with the little thing called Hurricane Isaac. I live at the very bottom of South Louisiana- 12 miles from the Gulf Coast to be exact. I really appreciate that you guys are all thinking of me. I’m saying prayers things go ok :). I’ll try to keep you updated. BUT TODAY IS ABOUT GOOD THINGS AND WINNERS!!! So here we go!!

The winners are as follows:

First Prize: Signed copies of Zoe Winters’ and Kimberly Kinrade’s books (all the books pictured above): Alexandra Z. (email addy starts with “vair”)

Grand Prize: Signed copies of all books plus an Amazon Gift card for $200 (to purchase a Kindle Fire or whatever the winner would prefer instead.): Valerie L. (email addy starts with “just.v”)

Blogger Prize: (the blogger with the most comments on their post): Signed copies of all books: Gracen Miller (Road to Hell blog)

If you didn’t win but thought books from either of our authors looked good, then please support them and their work! Information again for the authors and where to find their books is below:

Learn more about Zoe Winters’s Preternatural Series here:
Book 1: Blood Lust

Book 2: Save My Soul

Book 3: The Catalyst

Book 4: Life Cycle
Dark Mercy (novella)

And more about Kimberly Kinrade’s Forbidden Series here:

Book 1: Forbidden Mind
Book 2: Forbidden Fire
Book 3: Forbidden Life (coming Oct. 2, 2012)

About Zoe Winters

Zoe Winters writes quirky and sometimes dark paranormal romance. Her favorite colors are rainbow and clear.

To receive updates on new releases from the author, send an email to: zoewintersbooks AT gmail DOT com with “Subscribe” in the subject line. Newsletters go out only when there is an actual new release or a big contest. Your inbox will not be cluttered, newsletters won’t go out more frequently than once a month, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

You can visit the author at: http://www.zoewintersbook.com

Be sure also to visit http://www.theriantype.com for some fun supplemental material.

About Kimberly Kinrade

Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes all things paranormal and fantasy, including award-winning young adult and children’s books.

Visit her at http://KimberlyKInrade.com
Also visit http://IPIAcademy.com to participate in a fun fan-based site with swag and info on all things paranormal. You even get to be a secret agent!


I’d really like to thank everyone for stopping by and congrats to the winners 🙂 as always, Happy Reading my Gators!!


3 thoughts on “Zoe & Kim’s Winners

  1. Jean S. says:

    More bad news? *grumbles* I didn’t realize Hurricane Isaac was coming so close to you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. My parents live in Savannah, GA, so when a hurricane moves into the Gulf Coast I usually breathe a sigh of relief for them. (They’re on the opposite side – Atlantic side.) Now I’ll have to worry no matter which way the hurricanes go. : (

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Hahahaha yep hurricanes are a way of life here. It’s hitting on the New Orleans side. I’m actually all the way at the bottom of the state- 12 miles from my house to the Gulf- in the middle of the state. But I’m surrounded by waterways that fees into the gulf so winds and flooding is always our issue 🙂 thanks for looking out for me! I usually just pray for them to dissolve lol that way no one has to deal

  2. emaginette says:

    Congrats winners. 🙂

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