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Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!!! So I know you guys should know how much I LOVE this series, and how much I LOVE this author, so it’s a real HONOR for me today. Not only do I have the pleasure of giving you a review, but I have BOTH SEXY MALE PIECES HERE!!! AT THE SAME TIME!!! 🙂 hehehehe I asked to interview them here, together, to make sure it was fun! Well, my kinda fun, anyways! So Lemme get right to it!


If I had to choose one word to sum up all of my problems, this would be it.
Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to watch my best friend slowly becoming a monster. Without hybrids, I could let go of the mentality “hunt or be hunted.” CHAS wouldn’t be scouring the Earth, intent on slaughtering and using Alex to do it. Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to be on guard that losing my temper meant losing my shape. There would be no monster inside me, struggling to get out.

Then again, without hybrids, I wouldn’t have Wesley St. John.

So first I’d like to share my review
HEATHER, I LOOOOOVE YOU!!! I was beyond thrilled when I got this ARC to read and then for the blog tour I BEGGED to have a special post, and being wonderful, you gave it to me! I decided to re-read the whole series to prepare myself. And boy, I wasn’t even close to prepared! This is a whirlwind ride of wonderful, heartbreaking, magnificent, beautiful, spectacular writing!!

This WILL be spoilery for the first two novels, at least a little bit. This story takes off about a week after the end of Cold Blood. Tara is so ready to go home to check on her friend George after the attack and incident with Miles. But she is torn. She knows that this means leaving Alex. And on the last night at Wood Pointe, Alex tells her his plans, which is bad. Tara knows she has feelings for him, but she loves Wes so she let’s him go. Upon coming home, some new “rules” are put into place for Tara and now also Cambria, who is coming home with Tara. Tara’s mom is learning about all the secrets Tara has kept, and even though she wants nothing more than to protect Tara, she also understands that Tara needs to properly defend herself. There are enemies from all sides!

Sometimes things are going well at home, she gets to see her friends, her family, her extended family which are the Cause people, and find out even more secrets- the “leader” of the hybrid wants Tara- bad! And FINALLY Wes is standing BESIDE Tara instead of trying to push her behind him. He is trying to let her kinda stand on her own.

All I can say is WOW!!! I’m almost at a loss for words. I mean, I expected surprises- BUT WOAH!! I can’t even comprehend what to say right now!! I was BLOWN AWAY! And talk about EPIC ENDING!!! And so many twists!! Look, if you haven’t read this is series, you are seriously missing out. And there is so much growth for EACH character!

Tara is learning to come to terms with not just WHO, but WHAT, she is. Wes is learning to let Tara be a person and not just something to protect. Alex is trying to cope with his feelings for Tara while keeping true to himself. Cambria is learning that family can include people who are not your blood. And Tara’s mother is learning all the secrets Tara’s kept and learning that Tara needs to live her own life with her own choices, no matter how much you want to keep her out of things.

I need to clarify that I am still firmly planted on Team Alex, but I am no longer on the dislike side of Wes. It’s going to sound strange, but in the first book I didn’t actually like Wes. Most days I wanted to punch him. But he made Tara happy, sometimes, and I wanted things to work out. When book two came around, I knew I was gunna fall for Alex! I also had a feeling at the end of book one that Alex was going to have a role after saving Tara in the warehouse. I know a lot of you are VERY team Wes- KAY THIS IS MEANT FOR YOU!! My friend Kayleigh from K-Books, is seriously invested in Wes… We argue this lots lol– ps she has a giveaway at her blog for this tour as well 🙂 I’m very disappointed in Alex right now, I’ve got more respect for Wes than I’ve ever had, and I think I’m with Cambria on the Derek subject, BUT I’m still Team Alex!

All I know is, after that ending, I’M DYING!!! Do you hear me- DYING!!! I don’t know if my biggest dream has come true or if I am gunna lose my breath!! 🙂 Heather, I’ll need book 4, REALLY SOON!!! Throw me a bone here!!!

To my stalkee- you AMAZING WOMAN!!! There is no words for how much I respect and appreciate you! Not just as an author, but as a person and someone I could call a friend!! I will not give you a regular 5 PAW rating… THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF PAWS EQUIVALENT TO THIS MAGNIFICENT BOOK!!! So think INFINITE PAWS!!!


And now I’d like to WELCOME BOTH WES AND ALEX!!

Hello gentleman! I’m beyond thrilled to meet you both! I can’t believe I’m meeting you both and I will promise to try REALLY HARD not to drool too much! 🙂

Maghon: What do you think of when I say Tara’s name?
Alex: Fierce. Passionate.Unreasonable. Stubborn. *smirk* Hot.
Wes: *gaze heats* That I’d do anything for her. I’ve waited for someone like her my whole life. I will not lose her. To anyone. Ever.
Maghon: Annnd the tension just got real serious… Let’s move on!

Maghon: How did you feel when you first met Tara?
Alex: Same thing I feel every time I see her: Irritated.
Wes: Curious and confused mostly. She didn’t feel right to me. Not a Werewolf but not a Hunter. I wanted to understand.

Maghon to Alex: Why were you so mean and hard on Tara in the beginning?
Alex: You have to understand the world I come from. I was raised to hate. Do you know what that’s like? To be told it’s your destiny to despise another being so much that your first instinct is to attack? To kill? I didn’t quite feel that strongly toward her, but the underlying feeling of “enemy” was there.

Maghon to Wes: How did you make yourself be positive and upbeat with your past? I woulda been a crazy violent woman 🙂
Wes: I went through a rough time, believe me. Fee helped me a lot, though, just being there for me. And Derek and Cord both had it rougher than I did. *shrugs* I guess when compared to their childhood, I realized I was lucky.

Maghon to Alex:What are you willing to give up if it meant Tara would chose you? Alex: *blinks* *speaks quietly* I can’t escape who I am if that’s what you’re asking.

Maghon to Wes: Were you worried that you’re a werewolf and Tara being a hunter would keep you apart?
Wes: I didn’t have any intention of being with her at first. Vera’s vision scared the shit out of me and I was determined to make sure it didn’t come true. At first. *rueful smile* You saw how long that lasted.

Maghon to Wes: Does that part still give you doubts?
Wes: No. I realize I was fooling myself. You can’t run from fate.

Maghon to Alex: In a perfect world, how would your life play out?
Alex: In a perfect world, I would be more than a weapon. I would be capable of being what she needed.

Maghon to Wes: How do you feel about being a werewolf? And would You give it up if you had a choice?
Wes: It’s not the Werewolf part that I don’t like. It’s being stuck between the two. Being viewed as not quite either one.

Maghon to Alex: Why do you fight as a hunter- and what does being part of the hunters mean to you?
Alex: I fight because I was born to. It’s what I am. A hunter. A Warrior. A protector. If I don’t, Werewolves will overrun and endanger humans. That’s not something I can let happen.

Maghon to Wes: Why do I feel like you’re hiding something and possibly something that could break Tara’s heart?
Wes: I would never, ever break Tara’s heart.

Maghon to both: Tell me something people wouldn’t expect from you?
Alex: *mumbles* I like classical music.
Maghon: Uh, can you repeat that?
Alex: *sigh* my mother played the classics around the house a lot before she … anyway, I guess it stuck. Sometimes when I run, I listen to Strauss or Chopin.
Wes: *long pause* *mumbles* I like western novels.

Maghon to Wes: I know werewolves are naturally protective, but why so overboard with Tara?
Wes: *jaw hardens* My parents thought love could overcome their obstacles and look where it got them. Sometimes, that’s not enough. I will never let my guard down. We will always have enemies simply because of what we are and I plan on being ready for them.

Maghon to Alex: You’re such a serious guy, tell me something funny about you. Alex: Hmm. Something funny? *sigh* Do I really have to answer? … Yes? Okay. I’m scared of dolls. Not like, “eww, I’m a guy and these are gross.” It’s … more than that. I don’t know why so before you ask what horrible, tramautic thing happened to me, I’ll say that I have no idea where it comes from. They just creep me out. *shudders* I feel like they’re watching me. It’s unnatural. They’re eyes follow you and you can’t escape and … can we talk about something else?

Maghon to both: If you could have one wish, any one, no restrictions, what would you wish for and why?
Alex: Wishes are pointless. They’re always for impossible, unrealistic things. So .. I guess. I’d wish for nothing to be impossible.
Wes: That Tara was 100% one or the other. Even if it meant she was a Hunter and we were enemies. I’d rather her not know what the prejudice feels like.

Maghon to Alex: It’s not really a question, but if you ever change your mind, could you call me? I’m a southern Louisiana girl, and your number 1 fan… I’m sure we could find something fun to keep us busy lol or if not, could you just sit in my kitchen and let me stare at you while I cook you a Cajun meal hahaha Alex: *smirk* If it doesn’t work out, which it won’t, so I’ll say, if I give up, you’ll be the first to know.

a little of this and that

Boxers or briefs?
Alex: Boxers.
Wes: boxers.

Hot or cold?
Alex: hot.
Wes: *shrugs* doesn’t matter to me. My body keeps my temperature regulated year-round.

Night or day?
Alex: I prefer early morning. Sunrise. Perfect time for a run and everything’s still and quiet.
Wes: Again, doesn’t matter. My eyesight adjusts to darkness. Guess it depends on circumstances. With Tara? I’d prefer darkness. It affords a certain privacy. *wink*

Winter or summer?
Alex: I love late summer and fall in the mountains. When the leaves turn colors and everything feels damp and there’s an edge in the air.
Wes: summer. Swimming in the lake and driving with the windows down. Being outdoors in any season.

Fall or spring?
Alex: um, see previous answer.
Wes: *scowls* I was going to say fall, but since he did, I’ll say spring.

Coffee or tea?
Alex: neither. Water is better for you. Maybe a Red Bull if you’re desperate to stay awake
Wes: Coffee. Sugar. No cream.

Favorite color?
Alex: this is a dumb question.
Wes: Green

Favorite food?
Alex: …..
Wes: burgers

Werewolf or vampire?
Alex: I’d have to say vampire. *rolls eyes*
Wes: *grins* Werewolf.

Angels or demons?
Alex: Angels. If there were such thing. Then again, I’ve no doubt about the demons.
Wes: Angels.

Zombie or dead-for real?
Alex: dead-for-real. I only want to have to kill something once.
Wes: dead-for-real. Some of the hybrids remind me too much of zombies.

Dogs or cats?
Alex: cats. I guess.
Wes: *gins* dogs

Perfect date?
Alex: in a world free of Werewolves.
Wes: uninterrupted. Beyond that, I can’t reveal my plans. *wink*

I have one more question, for Alex, from another favorite person of mine… Welcome Cambria Hebert… Take it away…

Cambria: why doesn’t Alex have women drooling at his feet and why he hasn’t had a girlfriend before Tara? Alex: *shifts uncomfortably* There’ve been a couple here and there. The stuff with my dad kept me busy and after all that … I just can’t deal with getting close to someone else. Being alone is easier.

Maghon: Gentlemen, thank you so much for being sooo drool-worthy and letting me stare at you while interrogate, I mean interview you!

Ok and now for the giveaway!!! I’m offering a READER’S CHOICE of ANY book in the dirty blood series!! YAY!!! If you are looking to get any book, you can win it here.


Now, leave me a nice comment here on this post and don’t forget to tell me which book in the series you’d like to try! This giveaway will last for the tour! Good luck everyone and happy reading!!


14 thoughts on “Blood Bond Book Tour w giveaway

  1. Wow Mags loved the interview, i havent read this series yet but just meeting the guys makes me want to. It seems really good. so yeah i would love to have the first book on the series so i can start from the begining thx for the opportunity =D

  2. thanks for having me Maghon! you’re the best (stalker) ever! haha. and thanks for letting wes and alex come by 😉

  3. laura carter says:

    I love this series sooo much! I have read Dirty Blood and Cold Blood as well as most of Heather Hildenbrands other books and they are all so incredible, she is such an amazing author. You are so lucky to have gotten to do this character interview, its great 🙂

  4. Yay!!! Loved the interview. This is exactly the reason I can’t choose a side I mean really. And I have one thing left to say…. Alex only thinks being alone is easier because he hasn’t met me yet…. bah ha ha ha !!! Nevermind…. I’m on team Derek anyway. 🙂

  5. bn100 says:

    Fun interview. I’d like to try Cold blood.

  6. latishajean says:

    What a great interview I read all her books but Blood Bond so that is my pick! Thanks for sharing and great giveaway!

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