WildFlowers Virtual Blog Tour

Hello everyone!! I’m spreading the word via virtual blog tour today 🙂 If you click on the banner above, it will take you to the host’s site with more info if you’d like it! Now, lemme tell you about the goods! 🙂 

Wildflowers (Rage of Heaven Series)

From Goodreads:  During the Second World War, 100,000 Germans were killed due to their sexuality. As the death toll begins at the start of the War, Edith and Helena must not only come to terms with their sexuality but decide whether to fight Hitler’s new regime or life a lie in order to survive.

If you would like to read more GO HERE to read the first chapter 🙂 


Sounds interesting right! Well, I’d now like to have the author over for a little guest spot! Welcome Ms. Sally!!

Like Minds, Grow Minds.

The heat swelled, the to-do list was piling up, essays had to be written, books had to be read and tests had to be taken. This was my life for a year at Louisiana State University. I was there from Fall 2009 to Spring 2010 and remember it primarily for being the place where I discovered other writers. A place where creativity was spawned and where people embraced it. It was here that I felt my own creative passion flare for the first time and I believe it’s the people I met in the English Department at LSU that truly changed me as a writer.

Through one of my English teachers, the writer and artist Maureen Foley, I was able to join the universities group Readers and Writers. I was able to attend for the first time poetry and fiction readings in the Baton Rouge area and I believe it was these readings in particular that developed my strong love and interest in the poetry form.

However, I could not and for the life of me, cannot write poetry. I can write amusing little snippets about giraffes escaping zoos, or an ant-eater named Bill to amuse Thai children, but then they just laughed at me whenever I spoke English so maybe they weren’t that good.

It was the poetry of Emily Dickinson, which I discovered and fell in love with, while at LSU that introduced me to something I could write about. Female fiction. More precisely – lesbian fiction. I focused my final year dissertation on Dickinson and mused about how her solitude could have been related to struggles with her sexual identity. Eventually this theme found its way into my debut novel Wildflowers.

The theme of struggling with sexual identity I believe, is prominent in every form of art. You can find it in poetry, literature, paintings, sculpture, film and so on. You also find it very much in real life and by struggling with my own sexual identity for a number of years I found that I could apply the ‘write what you know’ scenario to my main characters Helena and Edith who are struggling to understand their own feelings for one another – this made worse by the fact that Hitler’s about to open a can of horror on Europe that could likely get them arrested and killed for loving one another.

When I look back on my time at LSU, I don’t think of all the tests I had to take, the numerous essays, the walks to class in sweltering heat. I think of the writers, the poets I got to listen to, the poetry slams that opened my eyes and ears to something completely new. I think of the encouragement I found and remember it as I begin my journey with the sequel to Wildflowers and wonder what new path I’ve entered with my writing.

About the Author

I was born Sally Annabelle Stephenson in Leeds, West Yorkshire in 1986 to Nuclear Physicist Ian Stephenson and secretary Lesley Moore. Growing up stories were abundant in my household. My Mum would spend my early childhood reading to me and inventing tea-parties with dolls and building forts in the kitchen. At age six, I wrote my first short story for a class assignment and proudly declared to my Year One teacher that when I grew up I was going to be a writer. It would take twenty years but I’m now about to take that first step in changing from an amateur writer to a professional one.

I had a fairly ordinary childhood, I went to the local schools, grew up in the local neighbourhood and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen. I wrote constantly about anything and everything over the last twenty years and started submitting (terrible) work to agents aged 15.

I got my first acceptance aged 17, where a publishers wanted to release a fantasy series I had written but it wasn’t to be. Since then I’ve had interest from three other agents but the signing of an official contract still remains elusive.

At the age of twenty I packed my bags and headed for Australia for 12 months, taking my writing with me. I returned to the UK in 2008 to begin University where I graduated with a B.A. in American Studies and had been given a new passion for literature as well as being allowed to study at Louisiana State University for two semesters.

After graduating I took my notebook to America for a summer and then Thailand. The next adventure is New Zealand. The only constant in my life is writing and as each year passes it grows in strength and ambition.

I’ve had two short stories published to date and a handful of journalism articles with more in sight for the future.

twitter:  https://twitter.com/writersally

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/WildflowersNovel/

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/sallystephenson86/

website & blog: http://www.sallystephenson.com/

I would love to thank the author and JCKCommunications for allowing me to participate in this tour!! I hope you enjoyed today! ALSO, there are some Tour spots with GIVEAWAYS- so you can GO HERE to see who’s giving something away! Happy reading! Later Gators!!


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