LAWD I’m on the internet! :)

Yes, my title is correct.  So some of you know I’m a big fan of John Hundley… see his goodies HERE that’s his blog, where today he gave me shot out and introduced me to the world LOL … but anyways. I read book one, and loved it, and I’ve also done a beta reading for book 2, coming out soon 🙂 and he has a cajun werewolf… aaaaaand I wanted to make sure he got that accent right… so I videoed myself reading a small piece of book 2…. AND I’M ON YOUTUBE!! hahahahaa I’m not sure the world is ready for me just yet… I had some troubles. The first video I web-cammed myself, well, let’s just say I had to LEARN the hard way that you cannot just push one easy button. I recorded it, with NO AUDIO!! Then I couldn’t upload it. blah blah… well after like 5 tries, I got it right… so I present to you…

my sweaty dirty self, talking crazy, swatting mosquitoes!!!  HA!!! enjoy kids!

yes this is really me. Thank goodness my dogs were actually quiet for a few minutes. and it was one evening on the back porch that was actually nice. 🙂 pffft, I should also say we- all cajuns- talk a LOT with our hands and have lots of facial expressions. Now, I sometimes have a normal person accent. BUT, when I was in New Orleans, EVERYONE kept telling me they loved my accent…. I know I looked at them like they were crazy… WHAT ACCENT??? hahahahaha I forget how different we sound to people not accustomed to our ramblings 🙂 but anyways! I shall be doing another snippet again for Mr. John and his books 🙂 I love his cajun character. Even if he struggled with the accent part, he got our personalities down! Congrats Mr. John!! 🙂

On the house front, it’s been a mess. LAWD! People are getting crazy and want all kinda nonsense, so I am trying… well at least trying not to curse at people hahahaha I am saying prayers people get their things together and that I can work it all out… I only have a few more months until I need to be moved. I have also finally picked out my colors for walls and floors… so yay on that front hahahaha

Penny Lane is a NUT! She makes me and my mom laugh hysterically! she’s so very cute! 

I pretty much work all the time now, but I have a TON of great things coming up! So don’t forget to enter into my giveaways! I’ve got several going on now, and a whole lot coming up 🙂 So I will leave you guys with that! Happy Reading everyone… And please, don’t laugh too hard at me! hahahahaha 

Oh and one more thing… I have this joke going with Cambria Hebert… she is my internet giggle buddy 🙂 so I think you will laugh at this… I sent her this photo over the week 🙂 LOL

And on this… I forgot to post this… NO I AM NOT IN THE PICTURE *sigh* but he was soooooo awesome!!! 🙂 no I did not get to actually meet him, but I don’t care. What he did was FANTASTIC!!! I am appreciative no matter that I didn’t get to lick… I mean meet him hahahahaha


6 thoughts on “LAWD I’m on the internet! :)

  1. Cambria says:

    Hi!!!!! Great post!! Girlnthat video was so fun to watch!!! What a great accent u have! 🙂
    I cant wait for the next video. Anddddd i was wondering about Ian Somerhalder at the event. Too bad u didnt get to meet him but i am glad he was able to be there!
    And girl…… I saw your weiner!!! LMAO

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Hahahahaha I ❤ you!!! Girl in that video! HA!! Seriously I've been building fence so I was icky! But it was kinda fun! Lol WEENIE!!! I can't wait for Friday 🙂

  2. Jean S. says:

    I love your video! I actually love accents. I went to high school in Savannah, GA. Whenever I visit, I always forget that most of my classmates have accents. I have to say I’m a little bummed that there were no doggie sightings (or hearings I guess) on the video, but I guess that made it easier for Mr. Hundley.

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