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Hello my fantastic friends 🙂 I am another stop for a blog tour today. I thought this cover was fantastic and the description sounded so intriguing, so I had to be a part of it. So Lemme show you!





17 year old Erin Harris spends her time daydreaming, hoping to escape her small town life in Copperfield, Arizona. When a movie crew arrives unexpectedly to shoot a vampire film over the summer, Erin’s small town world changes forever.

Erin is positive she has seen the star, James Linkin before in a thirty year old TV show. He hasn’t aged a day. How is this possible? Erin is determined to find out, but how will James handle the scrutiny of an all too intelligent teenage girl?

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A Little Excerpt for you 🙂

Erin stared out her bedroom window, wishing as always that she was elsewhere. Anywhere but here, she thought wistfully.

Nothing ever happened in this rundown town, not since the last mine had closed a decade ago. Copperfield, Arizona, was dusty, quiet and old-fashioned. It took months for the latest movie to make it to The Oracle theatre where Erin worked part-time, but it was the easiest job in the world. It got Erin out of the house she shared with her brothers and angry, alcoholic father, put money in her savings account, and most importantly, Erin got to see movies free.

It was escapism. For a couple of hours she could lose herself in another world, imagining herself as the beautiful heroine. Erin was waiting for the day she would learn she wasn’t her father’s daughter. That her mother had embarked on some secret affair with a handsome, rich man, and it was only a matter of time before he discovered her existence and introduced Erin to his world.

Sighing, she rested her chin in her hand. A cool summer breeze ruffled the curtains and lifted the strands of her bangs, tickling Erin’s forehead. She hated this tomb-like town, but had to admit that at night, Copperfield was beautiful. The desert gleamed beneath a full moon, and the scent of vegetation from the garden was spicy and fragrant. Erin breathed it deeply.

A cloud at that moment obscured the moon, and the hairs on her arms lifted. The breeze died down suddenly and she straightened up. She felt distinctly peculiar. Was there a storm coming?

The door to her bedroom sprang inwards. Startled, Erin turned to shout at whichever brother had disturbed her peace. It was Nick, her twin.

“Do you mind?” Erin said.

Nick’s sea-blue eyes gleamed. They were just like Erin’s. “You’re never going to believe this, Sis, sincerely.”

Erin rolled her eyes. “Try me.”

“A crew from Hollywood is in town. Copperfield’s the location for some scary movie.”

“Are you kidding?” Erin said, jumping off her bed.

“They’re all in Casey’s right now. The whole town’s there.” Nick was practically hopping with excitement.

“Oh, my God,” Erin said. “Why Copperfield? What kind of scary movie?” Slasherorghoststory? she wondered. She preferred the latter.

Nick shrugged. “Let’s go find out.”

Erin grabbed her jacket and followed him. Finally,theremightactuallybesomelifeinthistown, she thought.

“Hey, where you kids going?” her father’s slurred voice demanded.

Erin caught a whiff of his beer breath as she passed and grimaced. Gross.

“Out,” she said, and slammed the door hard.

Casey’s diner was busier than Erin had ever seen it. Several waitresses were scooting across the shiny tiles in red and white roller skates that matched their uniforms. Every booth in the place was taken. Customers were eating their hamburgers and fries standing at the counter.

Erin’s eyes scanned the restaurant quickly as she crossed the threshold with Nick at her heels. A gust of air at the entrance lifted her long, chocolate brown hair off her neck, and raised goosebumps on her tanned arms. Strange. It wasn’t even cold that evening.

She paused inside, inhaling sharply. Her eyes were drawn immediately to the young man sitting at the biggest booth, furthest in the back. His presence radiated charm, charisma and self-assurance. Erin couldn’t help but notice the dusky brown of his eyes tinged with flecks of green, and the easy curve of his lips. He looked so familiar, but she couldn’t place him.

“Hey,” she poked Nick. “You know his name?” She watched him laugh heartily with his companions and lean back against the leather seat in complete ease.

Nick shook his head. “Don’t recognize him.”

“I’ve seen him in some TV show before. I think,” Erin added uncertainly. This was going to bug her.

“He’s the lead actor,” Nick said. “I heard people talking about him when he got off the bus earlier.”

Erin approached the counter. “Hey, Mrs. Casey,” she called over the middle-aged owner. Mrs. Casey was a kind woman. Her husband had died from cancer three years previously, and she was running the joint single-handedly. She also seemed to know everything in town before everyone else. “You know anything about this movie?”

“Sure. The crew’s just been here for hours, sugar. It’s one of those scary movies. Copperfield’s a real cheap place to shoot, I guess. That gorgeous boy over there,” she nodded in the direction of the young man Erin had been drawn to. “Name is James Linkin. He’s going to play the bad boy.”

Erin chanced another glance his way, not wanting to be caught staring. It didn’t matter. All eyes were on his table, particularly all female gazes.

“He ordered a hot dog from me just before you got here,” Mrs. Casey said. She chuckled. “He’s a little charmer from what I’ve seen so far.”

“What kind of bad boy?” Erin asked. Her stomach was fluttering. It hadn’t done that since she’d watched Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall last summer in The Oracle. She’d been forced to throw a Brad weekend there for one of the most popular girls at school, Lyndsey Mason, her older brother’s girlfriend.

Now looking at James, she believed him to be even more handsome. Erin marveled at her racing hormones. She usually wasn’t as silly as the other girls in school, or so she liked to think. She risked another look at him. Dark hair with sunny tints when the light caught it right, pale skin, strong jaw, slender build…

“Vampire, I think,” Mrs. Casey’s voice broke Erin’s train of thought. “It’s going to be some kind of horror romance.”

Author Guest Post: WELCOME!!

Why I Love the YA Genre

Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up, and who does, really? Maybe we don’t want to stay little kids forever, but wouldn’t it be cool to be seventeen, always? I’m talking about a fictional version of ourselves at seventeen, a fabulous you and me without pimples or braces, walking confidently through the halls of high school and about to embark on an epic love affair. Sounds good, right?

Life at seventeen wasn’t a bed of roses for many. It definitely wasn’t for me. I really really disliked school. I felt totally awkward and confined within the four walls of a classroom. The day I entered college marked the real beginning of my life. So, if I had the opportunity to go back and do the whole teenage thing again, would I? Hell no. But I do have the chance to create a fictional teen world as often as I like, and that is what I do with my YA books.

Writing YA stories gives me the chance to put right the past, to live my teen years the way I fantasised. YA books, for me, are a way to evade reality for a little while. When you are seventeen, the world is your oyster. You have no idea what lies ahead and most of us are optimistic at that age, innocent and open, looking forward to growing up and embracing our future, which we know has to be way better than the present. No wonder there has always been a steady demand for YA books. When we dive into a teen book, we are in a way re-writing the past, going on a great adventure and perhaps even healing past disappointments and painful experiences. Baz Luhrman’s song “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” comes to mind when he speaks of dispensing advice being a form of nostalgia.

Paranormal, YA books in particular provide escapism from the reality of ordinary life. How many of us would like to have supernatural powers, be able to cast spells, fly on a broomstick or live forever like a vampire? In a world where technology is increasingly taking over our lives, it’s lovely to get lost in a good story and immerse ourselves totally in a tale of the supernatural. Reading paranormal fiction is a way of connecting with the mystical and mysterious past. We can leave the modernity of life behind and engage with the old world of magic, folklore, myths and legends. Supernatural, YA novels provide us with pure and simple escapism, a moment of a peace and respite from our day to day lives.

I hope my debut YA, paranormal novel, Under the Desert Moon will offer the same escape from reality, if only for a couple of hours.

My Review:

so let me say that this is a fun fast easy read 🙂 it’s not too complicated and there’s a fun little plot twist to add 🙂 Erin is a plain simple small town girl with a complicated family and a BIG WANT to get out of this small town. She has her job at the movie theatre and she has her photography. So when a movie comes to town, she gets a little job with set photography to help get her a scholarship. And this is where all the fun begins! Dum, dum, dum! LOLs

so, again with my aversion to vamps- I somehow seem to read a lot of vamper books! At first, I was worried James, said vamper, would be the typical woe-is-me creeper. But no! I actually liked him. He’s got the urge to feed and he does. He can manipulate people as he sees fit, AND there is no sparkly! Lol but he is caught by a storm known as Erin 🙂 I found their growing relationship a tug of war, kinda how I think it should be. No offense, but biting is not my thing, so it would bother me if my BF had a bitey problem hahaha and it takes some getting used to 🙂

and Erin stands her ground to him. Before she only knows him as a beautiful celebrity, so she pretty much puts him in his place on their first meeting. Sure she’s quaking at his HAWT-ness, but she’s sure it’s all a play. Then he creeps her out. Then he makes her fall 🙂 ahh, vampire love stories 🙂 HA! In any notes, I enjoyed it. I’m not sure if this is a stand alone or series. It has a full ending but a hint to let your imagination keep going. If there is another, I’ll be sure to read it. Also, I enjoyed the ending. It’s not your “typical” happily ever after. But loving a vampire can’t be 🙂

the writing is very smooth flowing. I did notice a few boo boos but its easy stuff that could be fixed and it wasn’t was like those messed up the story or really bothered me. A few misplaced commas is what it was. I never had trouble with focusing on the story. It read it in a breeze 🙂 only one bad for me- I REALLY wanted Erin’s dad to get something “more” for his actions, but the “surprise bad guy” ending did make me happy! So it evened out 🙂 Hahaha I can’t give away spoilers here kids, so it’s hard to explain. And with that, I recommend to all you vamp lovers- here’s your story. And all you YA fans looking for that fun something, this one is for you too 🙂

4 PAWS from me 🙂


Emma Meade lives in rainy Ireland. She loves vampires, slayers, witches, ghosts, aliens & shadow men (or at least the youngest of the Shadow Men), and regular people who live extraordinary lives (think Slayerettes and you’re on the right track). Books, DVDS & TV show boxsets take up lots of space in her home, and she collects all the Point Horror books she can get her hands on. Writing supernatural short stories and watching marathon re-runs of Buffy are some of her favourite ways of escaping reality.

Where you can find Emma:

Well Kids, one more thing for you. The author has a giveaway on goodreads HERE which is a print copy up for grabs. I wish you all good luck if you enter 😉 I hope you guys enjoyed today. I know I did! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂 Happy reading, Later gators!!


6 thoughts on “Under the Desert Moon Blog Tour

  1. Emma says:

    Thanks a mil for featuring UTDM and me!

  2. I have read Under The Desert Moon and loved it! I cannot wait to see what will come next for the characters:) I also loved Ms. Meades Night Sighs and I am also on pins and needles awaiting the sequel:O)
    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  3. Jean S. says:

    Pretty cover! I’m a YA lover too. I didn’t realize how many YA books I read, but I think it’s about 50% of what I read now. : )

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