L.M. Pruitt Spotlight

hello fantastic Hellions 🙂 I am doing an author spotlight today! I would like to thank Bewitching Book Tours for putting this on for us! I am doing a series spotlight, so this will be all about L.M. Pruitt’s Jude Magdalyn series! And since I have a bit, lemme just show you!!

Jude Magdalyn Series

Hole in the Wall (Jude Magdalyn, #0.5)


Hole in the Wall
Book 0.5
By L.M. Pruitt

GET IT FREE HERE it’s the kindle version, but you can get a free kindle app for almost anything now 🙂

Before Jude could throw fire…
Before she could heal…
Before she chose between two men…
She was a bartender.
Find out what Jude was up to the night before her world went nuts.
Hole in the Wall is available as an exclusive ebook to celebrate the release of the second edition of Shades of Gray in August. Readers can also get a sneak peek of the third book in the series, Shades of Blood, due out later this year.

Shades of Gray (Jude Magdalyn, #1)

Shades of Gray
Book One
By L.M. Pruitt

Jude Magdalyn Henries lives what many would call an unconventional life.

Orphaned at birth, raised by nuns, a teenage runaway living on the streets… she now earns a living at odd jobs, including one as a fake tarot card reader. Very little about Jude’s life appears normal, by any scale.

When she accepts a gig to do a private reading, unconventional takes on an entirely new meaning. Life as she knows it ends when she’s thrust into a world she never knew existed-one filled with magic, vampires, and her beloved New Orleans on the verge of an underground war.

To make matters worse, she’s got two men in her life vying for attention, Williams and Theo. Both call to a different part of her, but one scares her just a little bit.

Can she step up to the challenges set before her and make the right choices for the greatergreater good?

Shades of Desire (Jude Magdalyn, #2)

Shades of Desire

Book two

By L.M. Pruitt


All I wanted was a little peace and quiet.

Instead, I’ve got dead Covenant members and a steady stream of letters from the new guy in town. His beverage of choice? A 2002 Merlot, with a shot or two of powerful virgin blood.

On top of that, I’m breaking in a new police liaison, failing at playing matchmaker, and fighting nausea like it’s a full time job. All I wanted was a little peace and quiet.

Instead, I’ve got dead Covenant members and a steady stream of letters from the new guy in town. His beverage of choice? A 2002 Merlot, with a shot or two of powerful virgin blood.

On top of that, I’m breaking in a new police liaison, failing at playing matchmaker, and fighting nausea like it’s a full time job.

Did I forget to mention that I’ve also got enough girls living at the Crossroads to start my own boarding school?

Peace and quiet? Out the window.

–Jude Magdalyn Henries

Shades of Blood (Jude Magdalyn, #3)

Shades of Blood
Book 3

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Felipe, one of New Orleans’s most infamous—and crazy–vampires is back in town. And to say he’s unhappy is an understatement.

Duprees and Williams have to track down Felipe, fast, before he claims any more victims. If that means making a deal with the Devil–otherwise known as St. Germaine–and using an untrained dhampir, so be it.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also got rebellious teenagers, feuding couples, and a suddenly full social calendar.

The more things change….

Buy Links

Book 1 Shades of Grey for your Kindle, in Paperback

Book 2 Shades of Desire for your kindle

Book 3 Shades of Blood for your kindle

A little heads up, all her kindle books are $0.99!!! That’s pretty cheap! 🙂 and you get her prequel for free 🙂 YAY!!!

Author Guest post:

What I Love About Halloween

The title is a little misleading, since it implies there’s only a thing or two I love about this holiday. There are actually plenty of things I love. In no particular order:
Pumpkin Pie. Okay, so this is probably one of the top reasons for my love of Halloween. I love pumpkin pie. Really, truly, love pumpkin pie. If I could only have pie for the rest of my life, it would be pumpkin pie. And while I know you can make pumpkin pie at any other time of the year, it just doesn’t taste right to me unless I’m eating it between October and December. And speaking of pumpkins….
Pumpkin Carving. It’s messy and gross and time consuming and I absolutely I adore doing it. You do have to devote an entire evening to it, it’s not an activity you can do quick, fast and in a hurry. But when you get it done—ooh, buddy. I like to do the stencil kit thing, because I suck at free-form. And because you can almost always find something to match whatever decorations you have going on. And speaking of decorations….
Decorations! I am on a segue roll here today. While I’m not big on haunted houses, usually because people go absolutely overboard, I do love a good decorated house. The creepy graveyard in the front, the spider webs, the tiny ghosts hanging from trees…it just helps set the mood for the holiday. Now, if you’re in a kid-friendly neighborhood and expect lots of visitors you’re probably going to want to tone it down. But if you’re playing with the big kids, go all out, baby. And finally….
The Costumes. Okay, how could I not mention the costumes? This year I’m kind of going all out, but not really, since I can tone it down. Halloween is the one time of the year—outside of Mardi Gras or a convention—where you can be someone else entirely. Whether you want to be a zombie, a member of the French court (pre-Revolution, of course), or a 1950s pin-up girl, this is the time of year to do it.
So, those are some of the reasons Halloween is in my top three favorite holidays. What are yours?
About the Author:

L.M. Pruitt has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. A native of Florida with a love of New Orleans, she has the uncanny ability to find humor in most things and would probably kill a plastic plant. She is the author of the best-selling Jude Magdalyn series, the Moon Rising series, and the Frankie Post series. She is currently at work on the next Jude Magdalyn book, Shades of Blood. She makes her home in Florida with one two cats—one smart, the other an idiot.

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/LM-Pruitt/364776895104

Blog: http://www.lmpruitt.blogspot.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/lmpruitt

first, I have read the prequel and first book, I’m working on book two and three so I will be writing my review for each very soon!! So, I hope you guys enjoyed today as much as me!! Thanks to the author, and Bewitching book tours for everything! Happy reading everyone! Later Gators!! 🙂


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  1. Jean S. says:

    Pumpkin pie! I love it too. I pretty much love anything that is pumpkin flavored, so I love this time of year. I picked up Hole in the Wall; thanks for the heads up.

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