The Necromancer Blog Tour with Giveaway

Hello everyone, lookie what I’ve got today!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Some goodies ๐Ÿ™‚

The Necromancer

The Necromancer

P.M. Richter

Genre: Paranormal

ISBN-13: 978-1478349501

ISBN-10: 1478349506


Number of pages: 346

Word Count: 121,705

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Book Description:

She picked the worst guy to have an affair with! – Evil stalks in Hawaii

Michelle was brutally attacked in her locked hotel room in Las Vegas. The police didn’t believe her and thought she must have lured a man up to her hotel room for a little sexual adventure, which went dangerously out of control.

Michelle sustained visible scars from the terrifying and almost lethal attack, but pure fear motivated the move from her home in California to Hawaii. She’s scared her attacker will come back. She’s sure the next time he’ll kill her. Now she has a successful career and she figures abstinence is an acceptable, if lonely, way to live.

Michelle decides that an affair with a wickedly handsome man who moves into her building might cure her of the humiliating, embarrassing, and uncontrollable anxiety attacks which plague her whenever she finds herself alone with a man.

How could she know she made the worst possible choice?

Omar Satinov, the man Michelle has chosen, is a secret, whispered legend across several continents. His lure is a mystical religion based upon Witchcraft; his hook, the addictive herbal products he sells his followers. But does he really have supernatural powers, as many of his disciples believe?

Short Excerpt

It was just past twilight, almost time for the Crystal Prophesies. Omar leaned his elbows on the penthouse balcony, enjoying the moment. This was a magical time of day and he was a magician. He preferred calling himself a Necromancer to the common titles: warlock, conjuror, magus, seer or wizard. There were subtle variations, but he fancied ‘romancer’ in his title. Necromancer. It described him. He romanced his way into hearts and minds. With the help of a little magic.

As he gazed at the panorama spread out below, the Pacific slowly changed from light blue to a misty topaz. Lush clouds floated on the horizon, and stars began to glow. To his left was the tinsel-tourist Waikiki, and to his right the city of Honolulu was lighting up. Below him, in this very building, he could sense the presence of a remarkable woman.

He turned, gazing through plate glass windows into his new penthouse. Ginger and Samson were inside. Ginger noticed his look and, with a flourish, she uncovered an enormous crystal ball from its leather shroud. She winked at him. Ginger was a disciple, a beautiful tall woman, with long curly red hair. She wore a flowing blue gown for the ceremony.

It was a tradition for the three of them to gaze into the crystal ball to divine their future when they expanded to a new location. They had arrived in Oahu a week ago. Tonight was perfect, the time of the full moon.

Omar went inside and sat down in front of the crystal. The sphere was almost two feet in diameter and sparkled on a base of black onyx. The three were seated in the main living room, beneath a skylight. White rafters crossed the cathedral ceiling. The room was dark except for a cold silvery glow from the candles Ginger had placed around the room.

Omar passed his hands over the crystal ball several times for theatrical effect, principally for Samson, who was watching with curious eyes. Omar’s acolyte, Samson was a gigantic man who would never age mentally. He did remember this ritual. His mouth was open in anticipation.

Omar frowned and leaned closer, gazing into the depths of the crystal. Indeed, the omens were not auspicious. Red forms floated amorphously inside, constantly changing shape. This denoted the substance that controlled all magical rites. Blood was a fluid like the tide; it flowed like the ocean, was coaxed by the moon to move subtly in bodies, causing emotional changes called lunacy. Sometimes it spilled.

The black he observed, swirling around the red forms like a night wind, could be taken as a symbol of his own influence. It was the bright white light clashing there which forced Omar’s dark eyebrows to slide together. White, an opposing force, seemed capable of exerting great influence in these Hawaiian islands. Omar couldn’t tell if it indicated an old curse peculiar to these islands, with their ancient polytheist beliefs, or if it referred to a threatening individual.

The white was glowing, taking over. There was busy movement inside the crystal. It might have been a reflection from the stark white walls, but Omar was not taking chances.

“Who will sacrifice?” he asked, frowning at Ginger and Samson in turn. He took a dagger from the leather sheath that Ginger had placed beside the crystal ball.

The colossal young man cowered away.

Omar shook his head. Samson let out a tiny moan, but Omar swiftly reached across the crystal and pointed the tip of the dagger at Ginger.

“I need heart blood,” Omar said.

Ginger closed her eyes and nodded. He made a small slashing cut above her left breast, above her heart. The cut was superficial, but blood immediately started flowing.

Ginger leaned forward and red dripped on the round crystal ball, and slowly, like wine with good legs, inched down its sides.

Omar recited incantations and waved his long expressive hands. Both Ginger and Samson saw silver sparks extend from his fingertips and enter into the crystal. Ginger thought the effect might have been starlight drifting down from the skylight above. Samson was sure it was magic.

Omar peered into the depths of the crystal and was satisfied. The white light was winking out. The sacrifice had been potent.

His mind again sought the lovely feminine presence he had felt below him in this building. When he found it he smiled. His final aspiration would be fulfilled. The Crystal Prophesy said so.

My Review:

What an interesting take on witchcraft, magic, and the paranormal. I originally picked up this ebook on amazon before the tour was announced. And then I figured since I had it, I should use my money spent in a productive way. Lol!

let me start by saying this is not on the side of lighter happier stories. It’s dark, sometimes gruesome and pretty scary. It’s got a more serious tone and you are literally in the head of a total serial psychopath! It’s also got the main character going through some very traumatic moments. But I hope that doesn’t sway you from reading it. It’s very interesting.

in the beginning, I thought it was starting slow because of a lot of background information but then I was really interested in the info being explained. And some of the characters are very intriguing. I really liked Heather and Nakamaru. I can identify with Heather. But sometimes I thought all of the different POVs were a little confusing. But it also offered things you wouldn’t know or understand if it were first person or only one or two people in third person POVs.

and then there’s the whole incident with connecting with your attacker because you don’t know he’s your attacker. This whole part really freaked me out. I think because it’s quite believable! I mean you would never think your attacker would befriend you and try to seduce you after he’s attacked you. This is a very big scary thing to me, so Ms Richter- way to totally up the creepy factor!! ๐Ÿ™‚ there’s no question for me as to who’s the bad guy here!

I will definitely keep this for adult readers only! And to those of you who enjoy the novels that let you see into the bad guy’s head- this is definitely for you. Such a unique novel! Oh and my dense self needs to say that I did really like the writing style. Plus, who doesn’t love a good writer who can scare you, make you think, and fascinate you all in one! 3.5 PAWS FROM ME!!

Guest Post:

Thanks to Happy Tails and Tales for featuring The Necromancer and a guest blog and review.

The Writing process leading to The Necromancer

Of all my novels, The Necromancer probably was the most complicated to write, and it took quite a while. I love reading paranormals and was intrigued by the word Necromancer. Learning the meaning–one who converses with dead spirits–made me think this type of individual could be an amazing evil character. I had lived in Hawaii for several years, which is quite the magical place, so I used it as the location for the novel. I added witches, an animal familiar named Lucifer, (after the orange striped cat in Alice in Wonderland) a professor of the occult, and of course a woman in jeopardy, Michelle, and her best friend Heather. The Necromancer is Omar, who stalks Michelle, and then thereโ€™s our hero, Rob Nakamura. A classic clash between good and evil; itโ€™s for mature audiences. Thereโ€™s a semi-graphic rape scene, which is a flashback, so we know Michelle has survived, but it is necessary for the plot.

I did quite a lot of research for the book. Omar, our protagonist, is the leader of witch covens. I read about spells, charms, the magic circle, the history of witchcraft and the Wiccan religion. And then there was a lot of research about Hawaii. I lived there, but wanted to add interesting tidbits about the traditional culture, food and the other Hawaiian islands, like Kauai.

Iโ€™m a slow writer and edit as I go along. I have to admit that it took more than a year. Writing is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. All the loose pieces have to come together and the end of the book. You canโ€™t leave dangling threads. Sometimes a character will take off and almost take over. I thought Heather was doing this, but it all worked out in the end because the book became big enough to allow her to do her thing, her way. All authors know that once a character is created, he or she comes to life and forces the author to write what that character wants. Weโ€™re pretty much at their mercy. Of all my novels The Necromancer is my favorite.

This is Lucifer, one of the characters in The Necromancer. He looks cute and fuzzy, but heโ€™s a ferocious warrior. Just ask Rod Nakamura, who is the recipent of an attack.

The funny thing is, Iโ€™m quite surprised by what I write sometimes, as though someone else had taken over and written the novel. They call it โ€œBeing in the Zone.โ€ You get so involved that time flies, and you look around, astonished. How did the house get so messy?–Where did the day go?–Iโ€™m starving! In one scene, I turned Michelle into a hero as she fights off some evil witches in the Waikiki surf who are trying to hurt her friend Heather. I looked at the writing the next day and thought, this is quite startling.

Writing is so much fun and I hope the readers will enjoy the novel as much as I loved writing it.

About the Author

PM Richter is an author living in West Hollywood California. She has a degree in Psychology, from Northridge State University. She has worked as a property manager for Nansay, Corp. a multi-national corporation, been a dance teacher for Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire Dance Studios. She has five novels available on Amazon Kindle.

The Living Image

The Necromancer

Midnight Reflections


Deadly Memories



Twitter: @pmraven


The Giveaway:

Ok Kids, so here’s what I’m offering. I will pick TWO WINNERS to win the whole set of Books in the series listed above, in digital form, meaning ebook copies. ๐Ÿ™‚ So Leave me a nice comment down below with your choice of format and I’ll pick TWO winners ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for stopping by! And thanks to PM especially for that awesome guest post! and Bewitching Book Tours, for all these wonderful goodies!! Good Luck!! Happy Reading! Later Gators!! ๐Ÿ™‚


9 thoughts on “The Necromancer Blog Tour with Giveaway

  1. jaime radalyac says:

    WOW!!! how awesome!!!! I follow happy tails and trust their word!!!! Good luck on ur books!!!! If I win, kindle please ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  2. Staci aka Patches says:

    I would love to read these books and post reviews and share on my page!!!!!!

  3. pamelamary says:

    Hi to Jaime and Staci,

    Thanks for entering the contest to win the books. Your comments are much appreciated.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      and thank you so much for letting me part of your tour! Your story was wonderful and unique and so intriguing! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be pick up the other books very soon, or as soon as my giant review pile lets me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. angelapeart says:

    Congratulations on publishing another novel. I am a self-proclamed paranormal junkie, reading on average 4-6 paranormal books each month. This intro to the premise and the characters intrigued me, so INam adding Necromancer to my TBR list ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your research sounds so interesting. I do tons of research for my books and learn a lot of new things in the process.

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