I wanted everyone to see this. I’ve loved wolves since I was a very very small child. I do believe they are the most magnificent animal. Hell, I got a replica in my Husky Mysha. She’s the closest you can get to a domestic wolf. So I would just like for you to have some knowledge. As a farmer with cattle myself there’s no reason we all can’t co exist. Please lend your voices that enough wild wolves have been murdered and NO MORE!! I will always advocate for animals. They have no voice and we constantly take from them.

Howling For Justice

November 1. 2012

I’ve been posting wolf hunt numbers  as the lead on the blog for the past week. As of today 201 wolves are dead. The numbers are staggering and it’s only going to get worse. Idaho wolf trapping begins on November 15, Minnesota’s wolf hunt starts November 3rd and Montana wolf trapping opens on December 15.

This is the third wolf hunt I’ve reported on in the Northern Rockies since 2009 and now the Great Lakes wolves are in the cross-hairs.

We are at a crossroads. As wolf advocates we can sit silently by and lament the passing of hundreds of wolves every year, we can say we cry for them, that we’re sorry they’re dying, that if only they would stop killing them, that wolves are such beautiful and magnificent animals, that wolf hunting is wrong, that killing wolf puppies is terrible, that wolves are valuable to…

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  1. Jean S. says:

    Sad. : ( I signed the two petitions. Somebody has to stand up for animals, especially since they can’t “speak” up for themselves.

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