Detention of the Living Dead w Giveaway

Hello everyone! I’ve got zombies!! LOL AND I’M THE OPENER!! 🙂 You know I think I’m special when I get the open or closer spot hahahaha 🙂 and I do love me some zombie stories… maybe not as much as I love my furry werewolves, but it’s pretty darn close 🙂 So Lemme show ya a lil sumtin 🙂

Title: Detention of the Living Dead

Author: Rusty Fischer

Genre: Paranormal, Young-Adult,

Publisher: Decadent Publishing


Pages: 181


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Book Description:

Maxine “Max” Compton is in detention when the outbreak starts; so are several other students when Max’s best friend Brie storms in – chomping on the thigh bone of their favorite Home Ec teacher, Ms. Watkins!

Brie is a zombie, and quickly starts biting everyone in the room – even her best friend, Max!

When the class realizes what happens, it’s too late; they are all zombies – and they’re no longer alone.

Now a thin gray man in a white lab coat is testing them; making them read, and once they can no longer read, the zombies are led from the room, never to be seen again.

One by one the zombies stop reading, all but a few of them, Max included. Oh, and that cute thug she’s been crushing on for years, Cory Winthrop!

That’s when Max learns that there are good zombies, and bad zombies. And if she’s to survive, she has to pick a side.

Who knew Detention could be this hard… or last forever?


“G-g-g,” the zombie sputters, black eyes focused intently on the page in front of her, tongue tied in an endless loop, frustration oozing out of every gray, decaying pore.

If she could still sweat, I know she would.


Her cold white hands grip the pages of the comic book like the edges of a life raft in a wild, raging sea.

If she could still cry, she’d already be bawling.

Instead she is locked in this endless loop, stammering, yammering, trying to find the keys to her lost humanity.


Her voice is raspy, like maybe her vocal chords have been sanded down, blow dried for days, and now look like strips of beef jerky hanging in the back of her throat, useless at his point except for her guttural scratching.


It’s been like this for five minutes; five endless, torturous, agonizing minutes.


Endless because, well, you’ve never realized how long a single minute—sixty short seconds—can stretch out until every stinking bleeding one of those sixty seconds is filled with a “G-G-G” or an “A-A-A or an “M-M-M.”

It’s like waiting for a stutterer to finish reading War & Peace, out loud, in one sitting, while you kneel on a bed of nails, with water dripping on your head, sitting next to your distant cousin from Alabama, with her whispering in your ears about her favorite catfish casserole recipe.

Torturous because I can see the word right in front of me and just want to finish it for her: “Gamma!” I want to scream. “Gamma! What you’ve been yammering for the last five minutes is ‘G-G-G-G-GAMMA,’ you freakin’ moron!”

Agonizing because this is no typical zombie; this is my best friend since third grade, Brie Cunningham.

My Review:

So, I know zombies are supposed to be scary, and they are, but I didn’t expect them to be funny! I believe a big part of that is the main character’s voice, but I giggled lots from the sarcastic and hilarious way that Max talks. But scary because who wants to be a zombie, in “detention” being poked, prodded and tortures for the “better of the people”? Sounds interesting, right?

So the main character is Maxine aka Max who I loved. She has an exceptional way of telling this story and it begins when her best friend walks into the high school detention chewing on a teacher. It’s a massive outbreak and it’s chaos and it’s GREAT! Max describes her fellow school mate in a way that had me shaking my head, yet completely agreeing with her 🙂 I loved her sense of humor!

The writing is pretty fantastic! I mean way to make a horror book scary, funny, gory, realistic and all around fun all at the same time. I mean, who does that!! Well obviously, I’ve been missing out, since I hadn’t read a book by this author before and now I will be correcting this mistake. I can’t wait to read another!

at first, I was hoping that everybody would make it out alive… Uhh or at least undead and functioning, lol! But some zombies stop functioning, then they aren’t seen again and some zombies still retain some of who they are. It’s a scary thought to revert to a time where you don’t even understand the most basic of things. I also like the major plot twists! It made for a crazy ride! I was expecting one thing and finished with a whole new outlook! I’m a zombie fan in a whole different way now 🙂

overall, this is a great read! It’s YA so any age group will enjoy it and its just unique which makes it so much more cooler 🙂 I will definitely recommend you to get this book! I hope there’s more with the surviving characters!! 🙂 a really FUN 5 PAWS from me!!

About the Author:

Rusty Fischer is the author of Zombies Don’t Cry, as well as several other popular zombie books, including Panty Raid at Zombie High, Detention of the Living Dead and the Reanimated Readz series of 99-cent living dead shorts.

Rusty runs the popular website Zombies Don’t Blog @ At Zombies Don’t Blog you can read more about Rusty’s work, view his upcoming book covers and read – or download – completely FREE books & stories about… zombies!

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The giveaway is tour wide for 3 Ebook copies of Detention of the Living Dead by Rusty Fischer which ends Nov. 30th You can go HERE for the direct link to the rafflecopter, but if it doesn’t work, GO HERE for the host’s site which also has it on there.

I wanna thank everyone for stopping by today. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I wish everyone good luck for the giveaway and always, happy reading! 🙂 Later gators!!


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