It’s a Happy Thanksgiving with BC Burgess :) w a special giveaway

Hello everyone!! I have a special guest today, but first I wanted to tell everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! And to my international followers, since you guys don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I’ll say Happy Turkey day to you hahahahaha 🙂 But today, I wanted to show you a little something… So, before I start, I will be announcing all the winners from the October and early November giveaways in the next day or so… so check back for that. But, now on to the show. Today I will be hosting BC Burgess and her lovely new book, the sequel of the series. 🙂 Lemme show you!!

Impassion (Mystic, #2)

According to the fairy tales Layla read as a child, she’d stepped into one, but her perfect world has a price, and she may end up paying with her life….

Following three years of loneliness, twenty-one-year-old Layla Callaway suddenly has the extended family she always wanted, a beautiful home in Clatsop County, Oregon, her own prince charming, and the ability to perform astonishing magic. All should be well as she gets acquainted with the powers she never knew she had and the coven she never knew she belonged to, but she continues to mourn the circumstances that got her there while struggling to adjust.

Thankfully Layla has her prince charming – Quin Kavanagh – a gorgeous member of her coven who goes out of his way to take care of her. His gentle hands lead her everywhere, including realms of pleasure previously unknown, so when she learns of his playboy past and a hurtful secret he’s been keeping, her shaky world threatens to crumble.

And it couldn’t happen at a worse time.

Danger grows nearer. Obsessed with Layla’s ethereal beauty and immense power, Agro eliminates leads on his way to Oregon. But there’s a stranger lurking much closer to Layla’s new home, and he’s closing in quicker than anyone knows.

Leaving a trail of tragedy in their wakes, both wizards crave what Layla has, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

My review:

LAWD!! I’m dying! LOL first lemme tell you guys this, there isn’t ONE bad review of this book and mine is going to follow! So the author so sweetly asked me if I’d like a copy and I had to dive on that opportunity. The first book had me a slobbering sobbing mess. This book gave me a list of emotions! Happy, sad, giggly, anger, I mean, it’s crazy but awesome! The story picks up immediately from the end of the first book and doesn’t miss a beat. And there’s new characters and a new bad guy, plus the old bad guy…. And lemme say, at the beginning, the “almost” sex scene… HOTTEST no sex EVER!!! I really need to get me a Quin! Hahahahaha

I like Layla. She’s literally a mess right now, but if I were her, I wouldn’t have made it this far! After learning so many devastating revalations of secrets, I’m thinking she’s handling herself pretty darn good. I also like that even though she isn’t sure, she’s shy, easily embarrassed and doesn’t always understand, she’s willing to do whatever to try to help others. I smiled the whole time she met her grandparents. I love her interactions with Quin. And I’m glad to see her old friends from the diner. I have a feeling her story is Gunna be epic.

I still love Quin. I’m not sure I agree with all of his choices-LOL- but he’s a man, and who understands how their brains work hahahaha! Hell, I don’t think THEY even understand how their brains work 🙂 I really like that he tries his hardest to make Layla happy and he genuinely seems to love her. I have high hopes in the future for this couple. They are becoming a true favorite to root for!

Lemme also say that the plot has thickened! We all caught on in the first book that Layla was special. She has powers that were never expected and she caught on really quick. Now, it seems that everyone wants to get their dirty little paws on her to steal that something special. I’m blown away by the fact that seeing into the bad guys head can feel so realistic. It’s creepy, but that’s what makes for a wonderful book. Way to tell a story so emotionally charged!

I’m not sure I can really do justice to how wonderful this series is. The writing is phenomenal and for a new author who is self published, I can’t help but say that there are SUPPOSED to be mistakes, yet I find NONE! Hooray for you!! 🙂 and even though I’m normally not the romance reader, I’m sucked in, right from the beginning. I will tell you that you should get your hands on this series, you will not be disappointed! A VERY well deserved 5 PAWS from me!!

Character Interview:

1. What was the first thing that popped into your head when you saw Layla?

Have you ever had something amazing and unexpected happen to you? Like stumbling upon a once in a lifetime opportunity or winning a jackpot? There’s a moment when you can’t believe what’s happening; you’re not sure if the experience that’s invading all your senses is real or if it’s just your wildest fantasy running away with your head and heart. Take that moment and multiply it by a million. The first thing I saw when I looked at Layla was her aura, which is unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s incredible – the amount of emotion and passion it holds, and the translation of those things to color and flow. It was like looking at a sparkling pool of cool water while standing on the precipice of a volcano. I couldn’t believe my eyes and all I could think was “I have to find a way into that aura.” I would have done anything to feel it around me… and to see myself in it. It could have surrounded an angry viper and I still would have been drawn to it.

2. Well, goodness, that’s a breathtaking discription! And then, what was the second thought?

Well, after finding her aura, I found her face, and it was another rush of intense awe, disbelief and need. Any wizard standing in the café that night would have thought they’d died and gone to heaven, because there was an angel sitting there begging to stretch her wings; just waiting for someone to show her how. And can you believe she was embarrassed? The most beautiful woman on earth walked into my life and she had no idea how beautiful she is. That in itself was alluring – to have the opportunity to be the man who proves her value to her. I felt an insanely strong need to go to her and tell her how stunning she is, but I knew it would merely make her blush brighter. The men in her hometown must have lacked the gall to approach her, because she clearly had no idea how to react. I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to approach her. I felt like if I waited one second too long, she’d disappear, and I’d never get another chance to talk to an angel. I had to make myself walk rather than run or fly to her table.

3. I think you make all of us ladies swoon!! How do you feel about Layla seeming so depressed when you first met her?

It’s heartbreaking. My entire life I’ve speculated about her – what she was doing and how things were going. When you’re missing someone and can’t get updates on them, you try to tell yourself they’re doing okay. It’s the only way to maintain your sanity, so that’s what I hoped for Layla. Finding out she’d been living in hell for three years was tough to swallow. But I saw more than a depressed woman when I looked at her. Even on that first night, I saw a spark just waiting to be kindled, mostly in her aura, but also in her eyes and in the few smiles she gave me. She was in a rut, but she was looking for a way out. I was more than happy to give her a hand. Watching her climb out of that rut has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. She hasn’t cleared the edge yet, but it’s only been a few days. If I get my way in the matter, she’ll soon be the woman she’s destined to be.

4. Aww, you’re just too cute! How do you think Layla felt learning she had a whole different family she never knew about?

I can’t imagine. Even after dissecting her aura and seeing evidence of the burdens she carries, there’s no way for me to truly understand the kind of hurt and bewilderment she endured when learning the truth. And we’re not talking about a normal person here. Layla feels emotions on a higher level than anyone else I’ve met. They penetrate her to the core. As hard as she tries to put up defenses, they do her no good. She’s the most emotionally vulnerable woman I’ve met. To measure her pain is impossible. As much as you’d think finding out you’re adopted would sting, it stung Layla worse. But she was hopeful, and that’s the only thing that countered the immense pain. She tried to deny it. That first night I met her, she nonchalantly mentioned her family and said she didn’t anticipate finding them, and she tried to be tough about it, but there was no hiding the hope from her aura. She was in Cannon Beach looking for the family she claimed she didn’t need. I have no doubt.

5. How was it, having dreams of Layla before you ever met her?

Shh… (looks side to side) She still doesn’t know about that, and I’d like to keep it that way. But to answer your question – those dreams were a constant source of comfort for me. I’ll never regret having them. There are a few witches who can’t say the same, and I felt guilty for hurting those women, but the dreams were as much a part of me as my magic. My dream Layla was an angel, always there for me through good times and bad. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way… unless I could have had the real thing. I would have traded my dream Layla for the real Layla in a heart beat.

6. So, I know you love her, but what would or wouldn’t you do to protect Layla?

I’d do anything and everything to protect her. I know a nobler man would draw a line, but I never claimed to be noble, and to say I’d stop somewhere would be a lie. I would kill, cheat and steal to keep her breathing. There is no religion, moral compass, or conscience that could deter me from protecting her; not even the Heavens could change my mind, and it’s been that way from the night I met her. Compared to hers, my life means very little, so if I must forfeit it to keep her alive, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

7. Well hot damn! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved! How cool is it to have your magical powers?

Magic is a blessing beyond measure. Cool doesn’t begin to describe it. The children in our coven, and most others, are sent to public school for two reasons. One – to find out how the non-magical world ticks. Most of us work among or with the hexless, so we need to know how they think and feel and what they need in life. The second reason we go to public school is to learn to appreciate our gift and the benefits of a coven. I’ve seen the struggles that the hexless endure on a daily basis, struggles that magicians never face because of our magical abilities and the support of our covens, so I appreciate how blessed I am. And it’s not just the magic. Witches and wizards are born with excellent reflexes, memory, concentration, and the list goes on. We’re a very lucky breed, and most of us remember that. I’ve never heard of a magician wishing away their magic. We may wish we weren’t facing magical obstacles, but those are always a result of wicked hearts, not powerful magic. It’s a lot like the hexless slogan “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”. Well, magic doesn’t create the problems in our world. The difficulties we face are a result of poor choices made by misguided magicians. Magic is a pure gift, and it can be purely beneficial when used responsibly. There isn’t anything negative to say about it, so yes, it’s beyond cool. And before you ask, no, magic doesn’t cost us anything. A lot of hexless have this idea that magic comes at a price, but that’s not true. Magic involves intense concentration, which can be tiresome when performing for long stretches, but there isn’t a magical well that might run dry if we use too much, we don’t have to sell our souls to perform magic, and it’s easy to recuperate from the mental fatigue of performing it. The only price we pay for magic is the price of living in a world with magical problems, which, again, is a product of people, not the gift.

8. Very well said! Is there anything you wanna tell me that I might not already know?

Well, in case you haven’t already figured it out, I’m going to make Layla mine, so you can consider me off the market.

Hahaha!! damn, sorry ladies, guess there’s no hope here 🙂 This or that?

Boxers or briefs? Hahaha, yep got right to that one 😉

Neither 😉

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, which is convenient since I now have a coffee addict to impress.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate. But really, I could take or leave either, so I’ll probably give my dessert to Layla from now on.

Movies at the theater or at home on dvd?

Magicians don’t watch much TV. There isn’t a television in our community. We find it more entertaining to play with magic or fly to the ocean or a mountaintop. When I do watch some form of entertainment, I prefer live shows, but if Layla wants to go see a movie, I’ll change my ways.

Black or white? Or rainbow?

Rainbow. There’s no way to live among loving magicians surrounded by beautiful auras and not be partial to rainbows. And that’s only gotten truer since seeing Layla’s aura. It’s the most stunning collection of colors you’ll find on earth.

Sunrise or sunset?

Both are great aesthetically, but I prefer the unhurried and impassioned aspects of night, so the sunset marks the beginning of a more enjoyable time for me.

Night or day?


Beer or liquor?

Liquor. Scotch on special occasions or once in a while, but if I’m just sitting around or eating dinner, I’ll drink wine. My great aunt and uncle own a winery, where they sell products made from the fruit in our garden, which my great grandpa Cat tends to. We’re self-sustaining, but we shop at hexless vendors to help contribute to society. And yes, we pay taxes on our businesses and land.

LOL… Taxes! Chicken or steak? Or maybe seafood?

Steak, which is something we purchase. There is no butchering in our community. The witches would never go for it.

Hugs or kisses?

Until Layla came along, I never knew how life-altering those two things could be. I’ve always enjoyed them. Holding a witch is the most amazing feeling in the world, but holding Layla makes me feel like I’m a god who’s been blessed with my own world. And kissing her awakens everything in me on every level – emotionally, physically and intellectually. So how can I choose? With her, they’re both mind-blowing.

About the Author:

I’m a small town girl with big dreams and a wild imagination. I’m addicted to coffee and writing. The combination is my idea of heaven. I read every day, if only to my young son, whom I hope to someday inspire with my passion for writing.

I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to contact me through any of the links below.


I look forward to sharing!

I need to thank the lovely Quin!! That interview was fantastic!! Also, I wanna say I LOVE this wonderful lady, who emails me when her books come out, and gives me a copy to read! I LOVE LOVE them too! She’s so sweet! So I need to make sure you know how cool she is 🙂 Here’s what she’s offering to YOU!

The Giveaway:

BOTH Descension and Impassion…. TWO COPIES! So, that’s TWO winners each getting BOTH books 🙂 They will be KINDLE digital copies, but no worries, you can download free apps to read kindle books for all kind of things 🙂

So, pretty please leave me a nice comment, either saying what you liked OR if you would like Miss Burgess to answer a question, you could always leave a nice comment for her!

I really want to say thank you so much to Ms Burgess! She so wonderfully offered me her book to read with NO strings… not too many do that huh hahahahaha but I HAD to have her over! I really hope you guys like her books, I love them! And of course Happy reading and don’t forget…

Later gators!! Oh and here’s a sneak peek of my cooking! STUFFED FUNFETTI CUPCAKES 🙂 maybe I’ll post my recipe for you



8 thoughts on “It’s a Happy Thanksgiving with BC Burgess :) w a special giveaway

  1. Ooooohhh this looks good!!!! I am curious on how their relationship came to be…hmmmm…oh and yes I need ur stuffed funfetti recipe 😉


  2. Thank you so much, Maghon!!! For the chance to be on Happy Tails and Tales, for the character interview, and for your amazing review! I’m so glad you liked it! I’m always nervous to hear what people think, so this is a wonderful Thanksgiving treat 🙂

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Awww! I knew I would love it lol and you are ridiculously talented, so no need to Be nervous!! And for your first character interview, it was amazing!! I wanna thank you many times for just being you! 🙂

  3. Fiery Na says:

    To have a magical ability would be a gift. I do think that magic doesn’t necessarily cause problems, other things like choices made can cause this. Magic can even be use to solve them 😉

  4. I loved loved loved the character interview. It really brought Layla and Quin to life for first time readers and it brought back fond memeories to those of us who are avid fans. The part I love most about BC Burgess Decension and Imapassion is that I literally get lost in the books. I feel as though I am one of the coven members and I go through every trial and tribulation, every joy and happiness that they experience. It’s like being an integral part of their “magical world.” It’s one of the most magically passionate love stories I have ever encountered. These books are a must read for anyone who enjoys being so emotionally engulfed that you forget you are reading fiction. So, don’t miss the out any longer. Buy the books NOW and begin your journey into the Magical mystic world of Layla and Quin.
    Marcia Buchanan

    • magluvsya03 says:

      I’ve decided not only do I love you, BUT you should REALLY be a PR for this series!! Thank you for that wonderful amount of love! I appreciate it and I’m very sure BC does too! 🙂 have you read book 2 yet?

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