Tirade Release with Giveaway :)

SQUEEEEE!!!! It’s finally here… TOMORROW is the official release day for book 3 of the Heven and Hell series, by my favorite stalkee!!! 🙂



Betrayal burns. Death hurts and the clock ticks…

Minutes and hours stretch into days. How long can Sam survive being confined in Hell? I have a plan… a plan with a lot of holes. I need someone who can make up for my weaknesses, someone who possesses the power that I lack. Riley is supposed to be off limits. He’s dangerous, he’s mean and he’s not to be trusted. But I do. 

Beelzebub is on a tirade, bent on revenge. I took what he wants and sent him into the flames. I will wear the scars of his punishments forever. But scars don’t scare me anymore.

On my way to free Sam I find my true path, a secret place and new allies. But in Hell nothing is easy… and everything is cruel. The only thing left to do is survive.

Links to Purchase:

Print  *ebook links to come soon*

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tirade-Cambria-M-Hebert/dp/1938857062/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353960003&sr=8-1&keywords=Tirade+by+Cambria+Hebert

BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/tirade-cambria-m-hebert/1113842277?ean=9781938857065

And my stalkee loves me too… I gotta show you this first!!

HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!! I cried, I couldn’t help it! How awesome is she that she put me in her acknowledgements! 🙂 So, without further ado… I have a few goodies for you, and then I’m going to give you a chance to win Tirade, BEFORE you can buy it! 🙂 

Book Trailer: 

A Lil Sumtin!:

So, I originally read Tirade for Cam as a beta reader. Now I am not the best or most experienced beta reader, but I will say she killed me, cuz I couldn’t TALK ABOUT IT!!!! No one was reading yet, so I made this little “sheet” up with my feelings hahahaha Lemme show you! *SHOT OUT* to Mr John Hundley, as he was my first and only beta read author, and he supplied me with this sheet to help me 🙂 

Book Review Survey

Book:  Tirade

How did you hear about this book?

Oh you know, my favorite lady, Cambria Hebert! 🙂

Is paranormal / urban fantasy a genre you usually read?

Yes it is!

What format did you use to read it? (Ie, hard copy, kindle, pdf, phone app)

PDF on my kindle

Did you read the first books in this series? Yes _X__   No ___

Please check yes or no to the following:

           The book sucked. I couldn’t finish it.             yes ___            no _X__ 

           I finished the book, but it still sucked.           yes ___            no _X__

 Please elaborate on any of the following:

 Was there a particular character or characters that you liked? Why?

Lemme, see, I do thoroughly enjoy Sam and Heven, but my favorite characters would be Riley and Gran. Riley because I love his mystery and I love his brooding, but I love that he has a soft spot too 🙂 Gran, well straightly, because she is gran! 

 Was there a particular character or characters that you disliked? Why?

hmmm, I can’t say I DISLIKE, because even the bad guys are needed for a good book to be good 🙂

 Is there a particular scene or scenes that you liked? Why?

Several, but, I think, when Heven meets Riley. I giggled and was nervous like a school girl about to get her first kiss. 

My second would be that “special” moment between Sam and Heven…. I will not give spoilers, I have removed my full answer LOL

The “Death” of “that” character… no spoilers again 🙂 it’s a heart wrenching moment, but WOW, it was so emotional, yet so damn bittersweet that it needs to be mentioned

The Kimber moment

 Was there a particular scene or scenes that you disliked? Why?

Well, I am gunna say that is was high time for Heven to tell “that somebody” about her life… again no spoilers

I do not “dislike” perse’ but I will say Heven’s mom’s scenes… in the beginning, I wanted to just UGH!!!! I cheered with “that thing” happened… But at the end, with her mom, I cried again, as it was just another bittersweet moment… I very much look forward to where this will lead 🙂

 Was there a character or characters you would like to have seen developed more?

ummmm, no… I kinda like where things are going, as I know the Riley character will get more time and since Heven and Sam are already established, it’s all good… I do look forward to seeing more of that “lady” in “hell” hahahahahaha damn, my answers are horrible when I have to take out spoilers 🙂 

 Was there a character or characters you felt were over-developed or had no place in the story?

everything about this was perfect, well in my opinion… if you have a different one you will have to get Tirade and read it yourself and review it hahahaha

 Were there scenes or parts of the book you felt did not add to the story or seemed otherwise out of place?

no, I’m good

 What about the overall pace of the book?

 Were there sections that were difficult to read or otherwise hard to get through?

nope, I actually devoured this book

 Were there sections that held your interest enough so that it was hard to put the book down?

uhhhhh THE WHOLE BOOK!!!!!!

 Here are some specific questions raised by the editors of the first draft:

Did you have any trouble following the dialogue in the scenes where the characters were carrying on verbal and telepathic conversations at the same time?

nope, I love when Sam and Heven talk to each other 🙂

If this book had been published, and you knew what you were getting into, would you have been willing to buy it or recommend it to others?

_X__ yes, I would buy the book           ___ no, I would not purchase the book

            How much would you have been willing to pay for an electronic copy?

                                    $1.00 ___                            $10.00 ___

                                    $2.00 ___                    over $10.00 ___

                                    $5.00 ___                    suggest a price _____

            How much would you have been willing to pay for a printed copy (paperback)?

                                    $1.00 ___                            $10.00 ___

                                    $2.00 ___                    over $10.00 ___

                                    $5.00 ___                    suggest a price _____

   * for kindle/ebook, $5.00, it’s the third in the series, it’s earned it…. Paperback, if it’s a trade size, I’ll say $10-$15… 🙂        

Additional comments or questions: Now go read my review…. 


Let me first say how crazy good this book was! I read it as a beta reader, but I promise you I will be purchasing that one in print as well, as I NEED to have it. This series has become such a valuable part of my life. I love the characters,  I LOVE the plot, I really love the author, and what can I say, I’m a sucker for bad boys, so I have a new book boyfriend in Riley! I bet anyone who loves an adventure ride, would pick up this series and LOVE it. As the third full novel of the series, things are getting really serious! I mean, how could it not, with everything that has happened. Sam is stuck in hell, Heven will do ANYTHING to get him back, and the Devil’s right hand man wants her and he’ll do ANYTHING to get his hands on her, including use Sam to get her. 

So, let’s talk Heven for a sec. She’s really serious, and grown up in this one. After her being forced to leave Sam, she is training harder than ever, doesn’t eat, sleep, talk, or even laugh. She visits her mom in the hospital, and she works toward getting Sam back. Normally Heven was such a happy person, even when things were getting rough. It was hard to see her go through that. But of course it makes her a stronger person and and even more relatable character to love. And Sam, I am utterly heartbroken for him. You get to experience his pain both through his eyes and Heven’s, as they still have a remarkably strong connection. They are truly the couple destined to be together forever. And I LOVE THAT PART!! Nothing will separate them or tear their love apart. YAY!! Score for the good guys. 

Oh Riley… What can I say. Riley is the hot bad boy every girl wants to fix, is amazed by his beautify, is scared of his temper, and yet still wants to love him. Even when he doesn’t love himself. I think Cambria has done more than perfect with this character. She made him bad enough that you don’t quite trust him. She made him strong enough that you feel you need him on your side. She made him broken enough that you love him. And then she made him soft enough that you can’t let him go. No matter what he’ll tell you, he has a big heart and he even knows how to use it! How do you NOT love that! I’ll take him!! 

The new and old characters are still so much a part of this book. I know everyone loves Sam and Heven, and they are getting to know Riley, but Cole and Gran, and Kimber and Logan, and Gemma and… the new character. Let me just say I have high hopes for her. 🙂 Some of these people are are the “side kicks” play such a vital role. I love them as much as the main characters. But I guess you should say it’s all in the writing. If the writing isn’t up to par, you would like them… Well, the writing if effortless, real, genuine, and down right beautiful. Anyone who picks up these books doesn’t put them down and when they do, they are sad it was over so soon, and then begging to know when they can have more! 

There isn’t much more to say other than I don’t think there are too many other books that you could even compare to this series. It’s wonderful! Stunning. Amazing. Magnificent. ummm, phenomenal!!! Hey Cam, have I given you some good adjectives 🙂 LOL Really, I am a true believer in this series… I should hope so, as I’ve helped name the street team for it hahahahahahaha 🙂 To my fellow Hellions… Don’t you agree this one was the best one yet? Hell has never looked so damn good! 🙂 A no-brainer, EPIC 5 PAWS!!! You better tell me when you can gimme more, Cam! 

My Playlist:

So, I think I still agree that Florence + the machine get the theme song for the series… 

I know that Heven hurts for Sam, but so does everyone else…

Heven’s song for Sam 

Another Song for Sam 

Sometimes, you think about what could have been… 

That awesome fight scene!! 

That “DEATH” scene… 

My overall feeling for this whole book 🙂 

About the Author:

Cambria Hebert

Author. Blogger. Latte Sipper.
Cambria Hebert is an author who wrote her first book at the age of fifteen. It was terrible. But the passion for writing never went away so years later when she opened her laptop and started typing she worked until she wrote a book that she hopes everyone will be as excited about as she is.

Cambria is obsessed with werewolves and is terrified of chickens (they are creepy!)She is an animal lover that would choose coffee over food and her favorite TV show is the Vampire Diaries (Hell-O Damon!)


Facebook   Twitter   Linky   YouTube   Goodreads   Website

The Giveaway:

First, Cam is having a rafflecopter giveaway that is on her website, which will begin TOMORROW for the release day. You can head over HERE to see, but don’t forget that it starts tomorrow. Or the rafflecopter link is HERE. This is for a SIGNED paperback copy of Tirade with swag! 

Now my giveaway!  I am going to give ONE lucky person the chance to WIN IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT ecopy of Tirade! of course, it will also include some SIGNED swag to go with it, so I’m sorry but my winner will be US only for the swag BUT I will allow INTERNATIONAL for the ecopy. If I have an international winner, they will get the ecopy and I will pick a second winner for the swag. SO HERE’S HOW TO ENTER…. 

Since I have put my own playlist about, I would like to know EITHER which song you think fits most, OR which song YOU THINK I should have chosen. It DOES NOT have to be for Tirade, as I know most of you haven’t read it, but FOR THE WHOLE SERIES OR FOR ONE BOOK from the series. If you missed my playlist for the series so far, I’ve made one HERE!  So, leave me a comment with your song choice(s) and if you are US or Int. and I WILL HOLD THIS GIVEAWAY FOR 24 HOURS! That means, at midnight, I will be picking a winner and in the morning you will have my email to confirm your address. 🙂 High Five to extremely quick shipping hahahaha 🙂 

Alright, don’t forget to check out Cam’s site for her big giveaway and don’t forget to comment for mine. I really hope you enjoyed today. I love this series so much, I swear I feel like I know these people! I will always be grateful that I met Cam, at least digitally, and I WILL meet her one day! She has turned out to be such a valuable part of me! 🙂 Cam, I hope you know I love you dearly! Now don’t wait too long to gimme more hahahaha


13 thoughts on “Tirade Release with Giveaway :)

  1. I honestly don’t know what to say. you have made me speechless. This is the kind of review that writers dream of. this is why I write and I am so thankful to you.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Well first- you don’t need to say anything 🙂 just smile big and gimme mo!!! Secondly- I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!! Who would think it’s awesome to be able to stalk the coolest author around! Besides, when you get really famous, you’ll be able to say you had a stalker BEFORE because you are just that awesome hahahahaha

  2. Oh and I a,m so quoting this.

  3. My song is for Riley~ b/c Ima sucker for a badass! Badass by Saliva 😀

  4. Nicole Hammond says:

    The song Cut by Plumb would be awesome for the ending of Charade I think 🙂

  5. Nicole Hammond says:

    Oh and Im in the great ol’ USA 🙂 The link for the song I posted is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJkqkWIpFAI

  6. Jenifer S. says:

    For Masquerade, I think I’d choose “I Gave You All” from Mumford & Sons. I’m in the USA.

  7. Dawn Detkowski says:

    I’m thinking Badass by Saliva for Riley! I am a US resident. Awesome contest…even better review! When Cambria posted on facebook that “if you only read one review, this is the one” she definitely knew what she was talking about!

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