Ethos Equinox Spotlight

Hello everyone!! Today is a special stop because I love this series!! 🙂 HOW AWESOME ARE THE COVERS!! So, the author was lovely enough to offer me an ARC for book 2 and I needed to tell you all about it!! 🙂 here we go!

Ethos (Equinox, #2)

Working blurb for Equinox:

Death separated them… but the will of the Universe gave them a second chance to be together. Brianna and Kalen embark on a difficult mission to save their civilizations from the evil designs of Ellette and her minions. Their love, forbidden by the laws of Ethos, are challenged by their undying devotion to one another. Can they change the law or will the fight destroy their love? Lives are lost as they’re caught up in a conspiracy that goes deeper than they ever imagined. The plot thickens and untold secrets are exposed sending Kalen and Brianna down a path from which they discover a hidden past, and an unknown future. When prophecies fall short of predicting the outcome, where can they turn for answers?
Excerpt from Equinox:
We hiked down through the trees towards the camp, trying to keep quiet. I counted a few Jeeps, a couple four wheelers, and a rugged camouflage military vehicle with a satellite receiver affixed to the roof. There were footprints in the dirt surrounding the extinguished camp fire, leading off in all directions as if they had been camped there for some time—maybe a few weeks.

“What are you doing up here?” We were startled by a strong male voice with what sounded like a thick African accent, coming from the trees. I spun around and looked up to see a large, dark-skinned man sitting in a deer stand—so dark that the white of his eyes looked like alabaster set into ebony, his irises nearly black. He had a closely shaven head, was armed with rifle, and had a radio slung over his shoulder. He wore camouflage and combat boots. “This trail is closed.”

I glanced at Kalen, who was eying the man down with a discerning glare. “If it’s closed, then why are you here?” he shot back with a challenge.

“I work with the forest department.” He spoke authoritatively. “You have no business being here.” He pointed towards the parking lot where the RV was parked. “Go back where you came from. There are other places to hike.”

“We’re not here to hike.” Kalen stood his ground. “We’re here to see Brach.”

The man lifted his rifle and aimed it at Kalen. “Who sent you?”


The man stood there for a moment, sizing us up, but kept his rifle aimed at Kalen. Without taking his eyes off of us, he reached for his radio and spoke in a foreign dialect. Though I wasn’t sure what language he was speaking or what country it came from, I understood every word. It was definitely an Earth language, something from Africa, but he didn’t realize I could understand him. “Brach, there are people down here at the camp looking for you. They claim Hunter sent them. What do you want me to do with them?”

“Who are they? What do they want?” A deep voice sounded from the radio.

“What is your business?” The man relayed in English.

“We will only speak with Brach,” Kalen demanded.

“You will tell me, or I will kill you.”

Kalen smiled, stepping in front of me. “Your bullets are no good on us. Take us to Brach; we have news for the Rise.”

He glared at us for a moment, then called back on the radio, in the foreign dialect. “It’s about the Rise. They insist on seeing you. Two female, one male. They do not appear to be armed. What are your orders?”

There was a long pause before a response finally came, “Shoot them.”

My Review:

This series just fascinates me!! The world building is so unique and the storyline is like no other! I can’t compare this series to another series because it’s in a class all of its own. The writing is beautiful and so real. I don’t know what to say except flawless job!! I was so glad when the author offered me an ARC to review because I really loved book one and I can say that I’m not disappointed with book two!

I think Brianna is taking all the pressure very well. This girl is taken to a whole new dimension, where she is prophecized to be this all special being. And oddly, she can’t have the one boy she loves, who literally would give his life for her. I think she is growing nicely and shaping into a character you’ll easily enjoy reading about. She has so many trials and duties placed on her, that you forget she is only a freshman in college. Can she really save both Ethos and Earth? And will she finally get to be with Kalen? I guess you’ll have to read to find out! 😉

As supporting characters go, I do love Kalen. He’s an awesome pick but my favorite character is Arden. Kalen is the total package in a guy. And he’s totally all about Brianna! But Arden is like the very cool best friend that has all these totally mind blowing secrets! Thank goodness she’s on their side and how awesome is her part in this story! And Athena… I’ll just say she is so cool!! I can’t say any more on that LOL

Overall, I can’t wait to read the next installment. The story and characters are getting more complex and it’s a beautiful thing to see! I feel like I’m a part of the characters and I’m so invested! I think anyone who loves fantasy and urban fantasy will love this series! Go out and get your copy now!! 5 PAWS from me!!

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The First book, Ethos: Morning Star, this begins the trilogy 🙂

Morning Star (Equinox, #1)

My review can be found HERE. It’s a really good 4 PAWS 🙂

About the author:

Desiree Finkbeiner attained a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Missouri Southern State University (2006) with a heavy background in business, marketing, music and fine art– She was heavily involved in campus affairs and served actively in several committees focusing on campus entertainment and events.

She performed with musical acts/bands in rock and electronic genres, released seven studio albums, performed in 11 states and has written hundreds of songs. Her band, Carbon Star, was a finalist for VH1’s “Bands on the Run” reality TV show in 2000. Then she performed with Pointy Teeth until finally leaving the music industry for the quiet life.

She had a scholarship for acting in college though she was not a theater major. Although she no longer performs or focuses on musical/performing arts, she has chosen to shift her talents to other areas that are more conducive to raising a family.

Continuing education is a constant adventure for Desiree with topics of interest ranging from civil and corporate law, history, political conspiracy, homeopathic medicine and spiritual healing. She prefers to read non-fiction, especially on topics that educate and broaden her perspectives on controversial issues.

With thousands of completed art works in her archives, most of which appear in private collections worldwide, Desiree hopes to focus more on publishing, marketing and licensing her work so she can leave a legacy behind.

She has one of the coolest websites, so go to HER WEBSITE HERE which is also an artist’s website as she designs very cool things!

I wanna thank everyone for stopping by and I really wanna thank the author for being so wonderfully nice! I love this series! I hope everyone is having a good holiday season!! 🙂 Happy reading and later gators!!


4 thoughts on “Ethos Equinox Spotlight

  1. D. F. says:

    what a fantastic review for Equinox!

  2. Jean S. says:

    I remember your review for book 1. Who could forget that gorgeous cover?

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