Merry Christmas with Winners :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I am SOOOO bad, as I am so behind on my winners! I haven’t announced in forever and I also haven’t send any out! BAD DOG! So, since it’s Christmas and I KNOW a lot of you will not see this today, think of it as a late Christmas gift, as I am announcing winners for the last TWO months! LOL me being crazy and sick has been nuts. But I will take the time now to announce those and show you why I’ve been crazy!

Stealing Breath Tour- 2 ebook copy winners ( Shieka Doctor  and Kassadra fuentez) 

Five Tour – books 2 & 3 ebook copy- Staci aka Patches
Succubus Gift Tour- one ebook – Staci aka Patches
See Me Tour- PDF copy & perfume – Amanda T
My Birthday Giveaway- 
  • Dearly Departed Audiobook- Karla
  • AAD Swag Pack- SA
  • INT $5 book depository or AAD swag- Silvia DMBT (I’m sending you signed swag!! it’s worth more LOL )
Demos City Blues Tour -one ebook copy – BN100-pdf
The Necromancer Tour- two winners, set of ebooks in series- Angelapeart (kindle) & jaime radalyac  (kindle)
Hyde Tour-one ebook- Nikki epub
Something Wicked Tour surprise Pack or book series or international book depository 
Star Dwellers tour- paperback of star dwellers- faroofthedarkana
BC Burgess GA- two winners both books-  Fiery Na and Jaime Radalyac
Once Upon a Time blog Hop-
Beg For Mercy Blog Tour- ebook –  Rhonda D 
Time Walker – ebook- Midu
Mistletoe Madness Hop- $10 gift card- Michelle Bledsoe
So, I will be emailing all the winners and I will give a little extra time for them to reply as I know it’s the holidays! I want to congratulate everyone on their winnings. If you do see this, and you didn’t get an email from me, you should email me ASAP at I am a mess lately and still sick but I promise I am on the mend, just slowly! 
Now, Here is some pictures of my new house- which has finally begun building! It took almost 6 months, but they started last week. 
December 16, 2012 028 December 16, 2012 034 December 16, 2012 035 December 16, 2012 036 December 16, 2012 037 December 16, 2012 038 December 16, 2012 039 December 16, 2012 042 December 16, 2012 043 December 16, 2012 044 December 16, 2012 045 December 16, 2012 046 December 16, 2012 047 December 16, 2012 048 December 16, 2012 049 December 16, 2012 050 December 16, 2012 052 December 16, 2012 057 December 16, 2012 058 December 16, 2012 059 December 16, 2012 060 December 16, 2012 061 December 16, 2012 063 December 16, 2012 064 December 16, 2012 065 December 16, 2012 066 December 16, 2012 067 December 16, 2012 068 December 16, 2012 069 December 16, 2012 070 December 24, 2012 001 December 24, 2012 002 December 24, 2012 003 December 16, 2012 027
And if you are my facebook friend, you will know all about this little kitty, which I am SO GLAD TO SAY SHE HAS A HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!! Her broken arm and hip are doing great. She is now named Princess and her new owner spoils her lots… A classmate of mine took her home for his little girl! Yay to happy stories!! 


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas with Winners :)

  1. woohoo I won! Thanks, Mags!

  2. Jean S. says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Your house looks great, Maghon! I hope it will be ready soon. Merry Christmas!

  3. Idk if I was supposed to get Moon Dwellers or Star Dwellers but either way thank you so much for the copy of Moon Dwellers!

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