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You guys should know by now how much I love Ms. Charlotte Abel! She is the FIRST author who EVER sent me anything signed! I was over the moon for days! 🙂 She is also the reason I’ve started a glass case, for my signed stuff 🙂 can’t have dust touching those babies! LOL! So when Ms Charlotte told me she was starting a new series and there was a book tour for it, I HAD to be a part of it!! 🙂 So now, for the goodies!!


River's Recruit (The Sanctuary Series)

Jonathan McKnight lost everything in Afghanistan. His left hand, his identical twin, his self-respect and his naive belief that good always triumphs over evil. Burdened by grief and guilt, he searches for redemption on a solo backpacking trip into the remote Sawatch Mountains of Colorado and discovers a secret tribe of shifters.

River, the beautiful young shifter that rescues Jonathan has been promised to a man she despises. A man that does not desire her and only wants to use her to achieve his own political goals. Jonathan is more than a romantic rival. He’s a threat to those goals.

The only way to save Jonathan’s life is for River to take him as her recruit.

As Jonathan learns more about the horrors of River’s cult-like society, he becomes even more determined to escape it, until he learns that River is responsible for everything he does and will be executed if he succeeds.
Escape is not an option—unless Jonathan can persuade River to leave with him. And if she refuses? Well, then, he’ll just have to kidnap her.
My Review:
I would like to count the ways I LOVE Charlotte Abel… I love her because her writing takes me to a place that most things in life can’t do. I love her because when she writes a character, I completely fall in love with those characters and I feel like I know them. I love her because her writing is FLAWLESS! There is nothing better than being so submerged in a story that life floats away and there’s nothing left but the story. Have you fallen in love yet?!
I am so pumped about this new series. I didn’t think I could love another story by Ms Abel more than her Channie series- but I’m head over heels GONE! This is one of the coolest new stories and a new series I’ve read, IN YEARS! It takes a lot for me to truly love book one. There’s usually a slow pace somewhere, either the back story, or the climbing of the plot and climax, or something, but absolutely not here. I was hooked for several hours- which majorly disrupted my sleep- but was worth it as there was nothing that could keep me from finishing this story!
River is my new heroine favorite! Growing up in the world she did may be hard to understand, but you will love her every second of figuring it out! She is brave, and strong, and beautiful, and heartfelt! She cares about people and never wants anyone to be hurt or sad. And Jonathan is totally my hero- though I may love Rueben too- as he is totally out of his element in River’s world, but he is willing to bare it to help her. Neither River nor Jonathan have had an easy life. They’ve had some tragedies and hardships. I love when they over come those things.
I’ve had such an emotional ride for this book. Sad parts make me cry, funny parts make me laugh, hard parts make me cringe, and good parts make me cheer, while all the while making me say “AHA!” after figuring out another plot twist! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new series! PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME SO MUCH MORE!! I can’t believe I am saying this, but one of my best reads YET!! Sorry Channie, I think River may have beaten you! *GASP* this is one of my rare ratings, that just top my 5 PAW scale! So a whole lot of TOTALLY PHENOMENAL PAWS!! 🙂
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Author Bio:

Charlotte Abel was born and raised in Oklahoma where she met her soulmate, Pete. She chased him to Boulder, Colorado and finally convinced him they were meant to be together forever. They’ve raised three kids, two ferrets, three dogs and countless hamsters — and are still happily married.

She’s in love with “real” life and paranormal romance. When she’s not reading or writing, Charlotte enjoys hiking, bicycling and primitive archery (although she’s never shot at anything other than a target!)

The final book of The Channie Series, “Finding Valor,” should be available by Christmas.



http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4962823.Charlotte_Abel https://twitter.com/charlotte_abel


I am EXTRA special!! I have several goodies to giveaway today!! 🙂 YAY!! First, I am giving away TWO ebook copies of River’s Recruit… Next, I am giving away a CHOICE of Necklace, Keychain or bookmark with the e-book as well. *Pictures attached*


That’s right! THREE winners for my stop! 🙂 Told you I was special! Those are so cool! To enter all you have to do is leave me or Ms. Charlotte a nice comment! I will pick a winner in about 2 weeks, as I know it’s still holiday season and the tour goes through the 31! I will pick 2 ebook winners and one winner for the cool necklace/keychain/bookmark! GOOD LUCK!! I also suggest you check out all of the other stops, as a few more are also giving away these goodies… Here’s the links!

Tour Schedule :

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Dec. 8 – Nomi’s Paranormal Palace *Review
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Dec. 10 Books & Other Spells *Review, Giveaway *ebook copy*
Dec. 11 The Cover Contessa *Review, Interview
Dec. 12 Beth Art from the Heart *Review, Author Interview, Giveaway *ebook copy*
Dec. 13 – A Dragon’s Love *Review, Guest Post
Dec. 14 Howling Books and Design *Review ***Giveaway SET***
Megan Likes Books *Author Interview
Dec. 15 – Her Fiction Fix *Review
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Dec. 19 Sweet Southern Home *Review *RR Tour*
Dec. 20 Vamps and Stuff *Review, Guest Post, Giveaway *Paperback copy*
Dec. 21 – The Cover (and Everything In Between) *Author Interview
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Dec. 25 – Simply Infatuated * Author Guest Post
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Dec. 27 – Black Lillies Are Deadly *Review, Giveaway *ebook copy*
Dec. 28 – Night Owl Reads *Review, Giveaway *Necklace*
Dec. 31 – Reader Girls *Review, Excerpt
I really wanna say thank you to the wonderful ms. Charlotte Abel for being here, and of course, for offering awesome gifts to you guys! And to Supagurl Book Tours- you guys rock! I hope you guys had a Great Christmas and a wonderful upcoming New Years! 🙂 I am slowly recovering from Bronchitis-which totally sucks! 🙂 But I’m back to work! Thank you everyone! Happy Reading and Happy Holidays! Later Gators!


5 thoughts on “River’s Recruit Blog Tour w Giveaway

  1. bn100 says:

    Great review, especially about the characters. Hope you feel better. Happy new year!

  2. Jean S. says:

    Maybe I should get a glass case for my signed books too. That’s a good idea… I can’t believe you liked this one better than the Channie series! Actually, it does sound really good. : )

    • magluvsya03 says:

      I really love Channie and that series, but there’s WEREWOLVES!!! Hahahaha but seriously I’m in new lust for this series is amazingly beautiful!! You will love this one!

  3. Hi Maghon, thanks for hosting River’s Recruit on your blog! AND for the wonderful review. I’m always a bit nervous about how Channie fans will feel about a new series. Especially when the two series are so different. I was afraid there would be an outcry from the masses (or at least some disgruntled murmuring) since writing River’s Recruit delayed the publication of Finding Valor.

    So far, the response from my Channie Series readers has been fan-freakin’-tastic with quite a few of them requesting I postpone work on Finding Valor to focus on The Sanctuary Series. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop working on FV until it’s DONE!) As soon as it is, I’m going to focus on River’s Remorse. I’ll probably write a couple more companion short stories for The Channie Series and The Sanctuary Series, maybe even a novella or two. But I won’t start a new series until I finish the ones I’ve already got going.

    Good luck Jean S. and bn100! Your odds of winning are looking pretty good! 😉

    • magluvsya03 says:

      I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH!! It’s become very clear to me that I should just grab anything that you even look at! And thank YOU for telling me about the blog tour! And I’m completely head over heels and totally in love with this new series!!

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