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Hello everyone… I’ve got something pretty cool today!! And it’s pretty interesting as well 🙂 So lemme show you!!

Dead Harvest

Blurb: Someone’s been raising the dead and it’s J’s job to find out who. As a detective operating in the Underworld, J—with her powers of shadow manipulation—is uniquely equipped for the job. What she isn’t counting on is the help of an escapee from a mental institution who seems to attract trouble just by existing.

It’s up to J and T—two very unlikely allies—to find the necromancer and bring him before the Underworld Balance Magistrate for judgment before the human world gets wise to the dead walking among them.

My Review:

Let me start by saying my mystery fans will LOVE this one! I swear it plays out like a mystery novel, but with the supernatural as the characters. It has such an interesting take on the zombie outfit as well. You are introduced to the two main characters in the most unique ways. T, who is locked up in a high security mental institution, just wants to prove to herself that she’s not crazy, and J, our magical detective, who just wants to solve this crazy case of zombies on the loose! I also find the story quite hilarious at times because their personalities are so polar opposite! And I love that there’s not just stakeouts but a whole lot of action and some crazy explosions and some really creepy creatures hanging about!

I think T is definitely my favorite character. She has a serious OCD cleaning problem, a real bad case of anger issues that are lethal, and a hilarious take on manners, rudeness, and proper hygiene. She is cleverly oblivious, but also smart and resourceful! Her outlook on life is something I get, as I’m kinda chipper, yet I don’t think I have a temper nearly close to hers. She also has the most outrageous comebacks when she gets mad. I enjoyed laughing at J’s observations of T, especially when things get chaotic!

J is such a loner with serious paranoia, and I really like her extreme need to figure out each detail. I know there is something huge about her family, but we haven’t quite figured it all out. And she is scary in her own right. She may not have too many emotional responses, but I think she’d be more lethal than T if you made her mad. And regardless of what she says, I believe her and J are going to be my favorite new partnership to follow up on! I have much more in store in the future for this team 🙂

I think the writing is my most mysterious part of the story. You know there’s two writers, but you really can’t tell. I think that’s awesome because there’s no choppy distinctions. Everything flows well, the plot line and mystery is greatly portrayed, and they’ve left just enough cover the ending as an ending but a little extra not yet discovered for the next installment for the book to continue in a series. I really enjoyed reading how this all played out. The only thing I missed was finding out just a little bit more of the backgrounds on the characters and how the politics are playing in the background. I know some of that is left to gradually come to light in the series as to not have huge info dumps, so I also appreciate that! I’m very intrigued to see this play out in the next book! I’m going to say 4 MYSTERIOUSLY EXPLOSIVE PAWS from me, and hurry and gimme book 2 soon so I can figure out just what’s going on! Hahaha 🙂

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Character Interview with T:

So today, I have the very cool T over to ask a few questions 🙂 I tried to make things not too spoilery for those of you who haven’t read this story yet 🙂 Here’s what she had to tell me!

Tell me a little bit about yourself…

Not much to tell, really, just an average girl from the suburbs who is now a small business owner. I guess I’m proof that with a positive outlook and a “go-getter” attitude, you can really go places in life.

For us humans, describe some things about the underworld…
Well, it’s pretty grimy. At first I thought that was because the only real light outside comes from the dim reddish glow of hellfire, and even that’s mostly obscured by the ash clouds. But no. These people have no concept of clean. I mean, just because you have supernatural powers it doesn’t give you the right to overlook basic hygiene, you know? Oh, and there are lots of monsters running around, and most of them are really grumpy, bordering on rude. I like the UBM, though. He seems quite well-mannered, although he is kinda shouty.
Is there anything we should watch for to help keep us alive? LOL
From personal experience, I would say you should mostly try to avoid zombies and fangy bikers, although the fangy bikers are pretty tricky and can sneak up on you when you aren’t paying attention. Oh, and the assassin demon types are kind of nasty. And the necromancers are just rude. Do you have any superpowers? No? Well, then, your best bet is probably just staying indoors. These things are everywhere!
In a perfect world, how would your life play out?
Hmm. I’m really pretty boring. I just want a regular life in the suburbs – a good job fighting crime, maybe a husband, a kid or a dog or something. The detective agency is my ticket to a nice, quiet life, I think. I’ll have to work on figuring out the commute thing, though, because I can’t use magic.
Tell me something people wouldn’t expect from you?
I can recite the entire alphabet in one belch. Even my older brother can’t do that – he used to get so jealous at dinner time when we were kids! Oh, and I’m a big fan of Neil Diamond’s music. That’s two things, sorry!
Do you think of yourself as upbeat or more serious?
Oh, I’m definitely upbeat! I mean, things just have a tendency to work out if you don’t stress about them and just take a pragmatic approach to your problems. The past few months have been pretty random – I think if I were a stressball I would have definitely had a harder time adjusting.
What’s it like working with J?
There’s a lot of tea and toast and scowling – and that’s when she isn’t hunched over her computer. I think she should eat more Slim Jims. She’s probably just grumpy because she doesn’t get enough protein in her diet.
Are there any secrets about J you could maybe share with us?
She doesn’t talk much, but I’m pretty sure that no matter what she says, she does actually have a family. I mean what, am I supposed to believe she just sprang fully-formed from a shadowy crevasse or something?
If you could have one wish, any one, no restrictions, what would you wish for and why?
I wish that I could show that idiot Dr. Bruce how wrong he was about monsters, and that I could show my parents how awesome my life is! My folks worry about me too much. It’s bad for their health.
A little of this and that:
•Hot or cold?
Definitely hot. Being cold stinks.
•Night or day?
Used to be day, but spending a lot of time down here makes your eyes kind of sensitive to sunlight, so the nighttime is growing on me.
•Winter or summer?
Winter – being cold stinks, but I really like wearing boots.
•Fall or spring?
Fall! I can bust out the boots!
•Coffee or tea?
Is Cola flavored Slurpee an option? Because I really like those.
•Favorite color?
•Favorite food?
Slim Jims.
•Werewolf or vampire?
Werewolf. Vampires are total snobs.
•Angels or demons?
Haven’t met any angels, but they haven’t tried to rip me limb from limb either like demons have, so I’ll go with angels.
•Zombie or dead-for real?
I’m gonna go with dead-for-real, because there’s less mess. It’s very difficult to get zombie gore out from under your fingernails.
•Dogs or cats?
•Perfect date?
A good meal and then either paintball, target practice, or maybe some hand-to-hand fighting!
Thank you so much for joining me today!! I just had a blast! 🙂
Authors Info:

Tracey Phillips bio:
Tracey is a science writer by day and gamer by night. She’s worked in a tea factory, dropped creamed spinach on a four star General, wrangled the prose of college freshmen, and stage-managed more amateur theatrical productions than you can shake a stick at. Her random and misspent youth also included a yearlong sojourn in Scotland that left her with a strange fondness for daffodils and fife and drum music. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children, every video game console known to man, and an extremely low-maintenance cat.
Website twitter

Jeanette Battista bio:
Jeanette graduated with an English degree with a concentration in medieval literature which explains her possibly unhealthy fixation on edged weapons and cathedral architecture. She spent a summer in England and Scotland studying the historical King Arthur, which did nothing to curb her obsession. To satisfy her adrenaline cravings—since sword fighting is not widely accepted in these modern times—she rode a motorcycle at ridiculously high speeds, got some tattoos, and took kickboxing and boxing classes. She gave up the bike when her daughter came along, although she still gets pummeled at the gym on a regular basis.
When she’s not writing or working, Jeanette spends time with family, hikes, reads, makes decadent brownies, buys killer boots, and plays Pocket Frogs. She wishes there were more hours in the day so she could actually do more of these things. She lives with her daughter and their two psychotic kittens in North Carolina.
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Today, I will be offering my print copy that the wonderful authors sent me as a review copy!! It’s beautiful and in trade size paperback. AND the lovely authors have offered a giveaway as well! My print copy will be US giveaway-sorry shipping is high- and the authors have a few goodies including a copy of the book!! 🙂 So leave me or the lovely authors a nice comment below and also tell me if you are US or INT and I’ll pick me some winners in a few weeks when the tour is up-so I can be sure everyone has a chance!! 🙂

I wish you all extra good luck and I hope you enjoyed today!! 🙂 I love when I find new goodies to read and I also should tell you that very shortly I’ll also be doing a blog tour for Ms. Jeanette again for her Moon series, which is extra cool!!! 🙂 so stay tuned 🙂 Happy reading everyone and Later Gators!!!


Vampires Vs Werewolf Blog Hop

Vampires and Werewolves. They are two of the most well known and popular paranormal creatures today. Bones from Night Huntress (Chapter 32 anyone? *wink*) or Alcide Herveaux from the Sookie Stackhouse series, etc. This hop is all about the vampires and werewolves! Are you a vampire lover or werewolf lover?

If you had to choose would you cuddle up with your sexy dangerous vampire throughout the long nights or would you rather a sexy testosterone filled dominate werewolf that let out the most interesting of growls at *ahem* fun moments?

I have to admit it is a hard choice I know! I do so love both! But if you had to choose: vampires or werewolves?

Most of you know, I am always a werewolf fan! BUT- every once in a while, there’s a vamp that comes along and steals a little piece of my heart 🙂 so now is your chance to tell me whose side your on!!

Here’s some more awesome people participating!!

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Ok, now that I’ve shown you the players, lets play the game! Let me tell you why I’m always a werewolf fan…
•wolves are my all time favorite animal. I love them heart and soul, so why wouldn’t I wanna be able to change into the animal I love most 🙂
•I’m always cold- I know I live in the freaking hottest place ever- but I’m still always cold… Weres are usually hotter than most and vampers are cold… Not a good combination for me LOL
•I enjoy nature and outside and I hate politics and I’m very family oriented… Vampers are solitary and always about espionage and conspiracies hahaha I’d be the first vamp killed as cannon fodder!
•I am surrounded by animals- by choice- so of course a wolf pack is cooler than a buncha people who wanna bite me… Plus I can save a wolf’s life but I don’t do people… Unless you eat doggie treats! HA!!!
• I’m average, simple and chubby cuz I like my culture’s food- this would be unacceptable for a vamp- they are always pretty!! I do NOT primp, hell I don’t fix my hair or wear makeup unless its a major special occasion!
•last but not least, I don’t want to live forever! I happen to like mortality because it makes life and it’s little surprises mean so much more… Trust me, I will be the crazy granny, with an oxygen pump, a mixed drink, and a heavy purse who beats up people with it when I’m old- DO YOU want that as a vampire who could live forever… I don’t think so!! And I’ll probably wear the fuzzy slippers and have blue hair with rollers!! Hahahahahaha

So… Do you need any more reasons for me to chose the werewolf side? Lawd I’m scared if you do!! LOL so… I’m ready to give something away. I’d like for your comment to tell me which side you chose and why. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. I’d also like for you to tell me if you’re US or international… Because I’m also going to let you chose your winnings 🙂 so you can say… you’re Bob from England and you wanna win Guilty Pleasure by Laurell K Hamilton bc you just love Jean Claude cuz he’s the best vampire!! Lol I’m personally a Richard and Jason fan, but even I love me some Jean Claude. I’m going to try to make it easily accessible for everyone like a book from the Book Depository or amazon or if it’s new and in hard back maybe a digital copy! So go forth and comment and then go to more sites participating and comment there too!!! 🙂

Good luck everyone and happy reading!! Later Gators!!