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I am SO excited to be a part of this tour!!! and I absolutely LOVE the new cover!! And boy do I have some goodies for you guys today, so let me get right to it and show you! 🙂 You can of course click on the banner to take you to the tour site or on the cover to take you to its goodreads page!


Ocean Kills

Ocean Breeze Series Book One

Jade Hart

Genre: new adult sexy urban fantasy

Word Count: 97,000



Book Description:

Around the world, murderers and rapists pick off the innocent. Killing loved ones, separating families, and ruining lives.

As an eight-year-old girl, Ocean witnessed her family’s massacre and something altered inside her. Twisting her genetic code… unlocking an ability to teleport.

Ocean Breeze was never destined to be normal, especially being named after air-freshener. She’s a shadow, a ghost—a dark savior of the innocent. Armed with a switchblade in her bra, and a box-cutter in her pocket, she hunts the filth of the world.

Callan Bliss is a Sydney Police Officer whose skill set is far above a normal cop. All his fellow officers see is a hard-worker who loves to catch perpetrators and surf, but that’s because they don’t know his past. When Callan arrests a suspicious looking prostitute, coming face to face with a self-confessed vigilante, his secrets aren’t that easy to keep silent anymore.

Ocean hates the police with a passion, and has no intention of being held captive by a cop, even if he is sexy as hell. Teleporting from under his nose, Ocean hunts her next target—a man responsible for the largest sex ring in South Africa—and he’s about to die. But she doesn’t count on Callan giving chase, nor the body-quaking lust which consumes them. However, Ocean’s dark hobbies take precedence over what her heart wants—her thirst for murdering is killing her too, and not even Callan can save her.

Book Trailer


My name is Ocean Breeze. Yep. Ocean freakin’ Breeze. It was my mom’s attempt at some posh-sounding name. She was inspired by—get this—a bottle of toilet air-freshener. My heart squeezed at the thought of a cookie-scented woman with hugs that held sunshine.

The sound of my Nikes pummelling the pavement chased away my thoughts. The slapping of rubber against asphalt was similar to the slap the last prostitute-abusing john gave me. Stinking bastard. No one raises a hand to Ocean Breeze without losing an appendage. Or more, as the case may be.

I swiped my hands on my vinyl, red miniskirt. It wasn’t exactly an attractive outfit—Nikes with a miniskirt? But I’ve learned the hard way. Running in heels never worked. Ever. The sleazy men who paid for sex didn’t care what was on my feet, only what was between them.

I jumped and jived through the crowd. It was two in the morning, and the streets of Kings Cross, Sydney, were a hive of activity. Drunken students hauled themselves from karaoke clubs. Rich business men back-slapped each other for the lap dance from the uni-student, who pocketed their tips to pay for her law degree. This place was full of clichés and smut.

And I loved it.

I could disappear here. I was a nobody. Even boasting a pair of ruby lips and a figure that could’ve graced the center fold of Playboy, I didn’t stand out. Beauty was coveted in the Cross, and plastic surgery was the salvation if nature didn’t do the work.

So why was I running?

I just killed a guy. That’s why.

I bolted past the three-story sized Coca-Cola advertisement, blazing red and white, and disappeared into an alley full of meth-heads and crack whores. I leaped over comatose figures, sprinting toward the city centre. Keep running. Get far away.

The night was heavy with muggy heat, unusual for this time of year, and sweat made my miniskirt slide against my thighs.

Kings Cross embraced sin and naughtiness. The suburb encouraged unleashed pleasure and endless partying. It also encouraged rapists and murderers who lurked in the shadows. . . waiting.

A flash of blue and red lights.


Fuck! I pirouetted on my heel and charged down another alley, passing a gay club blasting Kylie Minogue. Ugh.

“You! Stop!”

Yeah, no chance of that, Fat Cop. I flipped him the bird, and kept running. He jumped back in his cruiser and gave chase. Lazy bastard. Too many kebabs and doughnuts for that slob. He wouldn’t catch me. No one ever caught me.

I smiled. I loved the chase. I loved the kill. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. I didn’t enjoy murdering someone, but I did enjoy the knowledge that he’d never hurt another. My cut-throat actions saved other would-be victims. Plus, that john deserved it.

Memories overtook my vision. Heavy breath on my cheek, rancid smell as he slobbered on my neck. Then warm, oozing blood as my weapon of convenience—a long skinny oyster knife—buried deep in the man’s groin. Ridding him of a vital piece of his anatomy and draining his body of crimson. One moment alive, the next—not. Then rushed practicality: Dispose of my surgical gloves. Wipe the corpse with antiseptic wipes. Remove the man’s DNA, fingerprints, and blood from my body.

Adrenaline spiked, dousing my already overloaded system. My heart thudded as fast as the bass at a techno club. The pavement flickered and I stumbled.

No, not now! My vision danced like a mirage. I no longer had control of my body.

Sirens were closer, breathing down my neck. Keep moving, Ocean! For freakin’ sake, move!

No amount of yelling could stop the migraine from consuming me. I screamed and clutched my temples, slamming to the concrete. The sidewalk danced under my phantasm goggles, no longer acting like rock and tar, but candy floss and gossamer. I’m going. I’m going. . .

Cold claws grasped my bare shoulders. “You’re coming with us.”

No! The unrelenting crush of pain ricocheted in my skull. I wanted to die. Cuffs shackled my wrists, and I was dragged, then stuffed into the back of a police car.

The agony danced with nausea, tangoing in a way that tested my stomach’s willingness to evacuate its measly contents.

Precious minutes passed while I grappled with the migraine. When only a gentle pounding remained, I opened my eyes. I didn’t know where I was.

The tense shoulders of policemen kick-started my breathing. I narrowed my eyes. This was quite a predicament: shackled in the back seat of a police vehicle.

I glared at the fat, uniformed man who’d cuffed me. “You have no reason to arrest me.” Please tell me they didn’t find the john. There was no way they could’ve found him already. And I knew there wasn’t a drop of blood on me. There never was. I was clean. Efficient. Ruthless.

While I waited to be graced with an answer, the lull of the car tires slowed my heart, and the rest of my headache seeped back like a tide.

“You’re a working girl. We have every reason to arrest you.”

I sighed, slouching into the cracked vinyl seat. Relief flooded me. If this was just a routine grab-and-administer-friendly-sex-education, that was fine by me. I might even get a free dinner out of it. My stomach rumbled in agreement. Food would be good. Food was hard to get when you had no cash. Too long this time, Ocean. You need to suck up your pride and go back.

The cop mistook my relief for annoyance. He turned in his seat, pointing a finger in my face. “You listen here, girl, we’re only looking out for you. Don’t pull that attitude.”

I slipped into slutty prossie. An act I’d perfected, but never played in real life. It was all an act—my entire existence. I didn’t know the real me anymore. Batting my eyelashes, I pouted. “Attitude? I don’t have an attitude. But if you let me go, I’ll make it worth your while.” I licked my lips suggestively. Ugh, this was gross. As if I would stoop to sleeping with strangers.

My Review:

First, I’m going to give you a little warning, this is not going to be a “normal” review from me, and I maybe should give you a heads up about mature content… And, There is going to be parts of my review that will stay strictly on my blog, because this book has had a deeply personal connection and I’m going to keep this between us. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure the shared review reflects what I’m about to say in a good way. This is a very not so happily ever after story for a good part. It’s a very real, very hard, but very much needed story about sexual abuse and how downright terrible the human race can be, but I’m so glad it’s being shared! I’ve decided that this story, although hard to think about, is devastatingly, mind blowingly beautiful!! Before I say anything else, Ocean is a hero to me, because as a living survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I understand exactly why she wants to save every last one! No worries, I’m not looking for a comment on what I just told you, but to say that there are some people who truly are saviors to those who go through something like that, and I’ve completely understood each thought Ocean had. I completely bow to those who have overcome hardships of this circumstance, and I’m very much Team Ocean Breeze!!! Now, I will not have any more sadden thoughts 🙂 besides, she has the coolest name ever!! 😉

Ocean has spent the first part of her life, before she was 8, as a happy child… Until that terrible night that took everything she ever had away. Losing so much more than one person should ever have to lose, she becomes a vigilant dark savior- as she calls herself- and makes it her life to save those that cannot save themselves with her teleportation ability. Well, until she is arrested and meets Callan- who is my other hero! She will stop at nothing to make sure she saves the innocents, so they never go through what she did, even if she sacrifices herself to do it! I personally love her- though I kinda wanna slap her too- because she is exceptional! She is strong, brave, a very stubborn, seriously talented, beautiful, crazy scary, breathing machine of death. I envy what she’s willing to do and risk to carry out her saving missions. She’s perfectly flawed. She may be broken in her mind, but I think she’s a survivor! But some scars never heal, and in Ocean’s case, those scars just may kill her.

Callan is my new Book Boyfriend- on an serious level of love!! He doesn’t understand why he needs Ocean, only that he does. And he’s willing to do anything to keep her safe, even if it means keeping her safe from herself. This poor guy is literally put through the ringer with Ocean. She sure does give him hell. Hahaha and yet he can’t help himself 🙂 and now he’s figuring out what Ocean really is, and his own fire is fueled because he can’t help but want to help her in her mission. I’m seriously devastated by the ending because now I’m DYING to know what’s going to happen next. I love reading from his point of view and figuring out how things are playing out. I love his personality. He quite unique in that he’s alpha, except to Ocean who puts him in his place and leaves him a flustered mess! And he gets a serious A+ for his perseverance! I think every girl needs a Callan! Plus I totally love his name 🙂

I’m a little mad at this author- because I missed out in serious sleep time!! I picked up this story, and not even moved until I was way into the night and about halfway through!! So I then read at every waking moment- stop lights, lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, I literally carried my phone around reading this book at every given opportunity to to hold this contraption in my hand so I could finish. I had to. There is so much in wonderful storytelling in this book, and it’s not just Ocean and Callan who have captured my heart. Maurice is just awesome, and even Officer Wade, and Mr Kim- who makes me giggle- and even the bad guys!!! I had to know if she was gunna get them! And with her “marks” and her discovery with Clark, and then her literal life altering realization at the end of what’s happening to her! I’m seriously twitching like a five year old who just got caught because I needto know more! I can’t say enough about how the writing has taken me on a whirlwind of surprises! I’ve decided that I will openly stalk this author, beg her to visit my blog, and seriously plead for her to tell me when I get get my paws on book two ASAP! I’m completely invested in this series, I have tremendous hopes for Ocean, I’m… I can’t say what I am about Callan because of spoilers… And I am over the moon with this series! Gimme gimme gimme more, as soon as possible!! 5 DEVASTATING CAPTIVATING AMAZING PAWS!!!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Author Bio:


Jade Hart is a self-confessed book worm who is happiest glued to a lap-top with an eternal battery life, and typing up stories running rampant in her head.

Her three favorite things are:

1. Unlimited books on an Ebook Reader
2. Cracking the sugar on a creme brulee
3. Travelling

Jade currently resides in Middle-Earth, but has lived in Australia, England, and Hong Kong.

She writes New Adult ‘smexy’ fiction.



Twitter: @jadehart8

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JadeHartAuthorPage

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6544592.Jade_Hart

I would like to thank the author and the wonderful Bewitching Book Tours for all the fun goodies!! And of course, thanks to each of you who stopped by today! 🙂 I sure hope you guys enjoyed today! I know I sure did! I hope you will check out this author and this very cool book. Happy Reading everyone! Later Gators!


11 thoughts on “Ocean Kills Blog Tour

  1. Jenny Morris says:

    Wow, this is an awesome review of Ocean. Glad you found Jade’s book. ;0)

  2. Jade Hart says:

    OMG, I don’t have words to thank you for your thoughts and your amazing review. It totally makes my day to know it touched you and you loved Ocean and Callan’s story. 🙂 I will glady accept the stalking from you and would love to send you an eARC of Ocean Slays, which comes out in a few months. 🙂 Thanks again, your review is one of the best I’ve received.

    • magluvsya03 says:

      Oh boy!!! It’s totally on for my stalking 🙂 lol and I really should say thank you!! It’s very rare I am so completely beside myself with a book, and I read a whole lot 🙂 so I will very gladly beg for anything from you hahahaha 🙂 thank you so much for that wonderful compliment! I can’t wait to do it again 🙂

  3. I had a feeling Jade would be overwhelmed by that review!

  4. Catherine T. says:

    This book sounds amazing! Must add to my TBR pile 🙂

  5. Excellent review and thanks for sharing! Jade is such a talented writer! Can’t wait to read the next part of Ocean’s journey 🙂

  6. Jean S. says:

    Great review! Sounds like an awesome book. (Plus, that cover is so awesome.) Good news, Maghon, that you won’t have to wait too long for Ocean Slays! I agree with Ms. Hart – one of my favorite things would be an ereader filled with unlimited books. 🙂

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