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Hello everyone!!! I’ve found a new series I’ve fallen in love with, and I am so glad I did! I jumped on this tour before I even began reading this series, but I had purchased book one and new I wanted to read it, so why not read them all, and do it for a tour!!! And let me just tell you that this author has blown me away with her complete awesomeness!! 🙂 I absolutely adore her! I also recently did another tour for her book that she co-wrote, Dead Harvest (it’s HERE if you missed it and the giveaway is still open, too!). She’s quite a great writer! So, now, let me show you my goodies for today!! Also, click on each book’s cover photo and it will take you to the goodread’s page!

Hunter Moon *Book 4 in the Moon Series*

by : Jeanette Battista

Book Blurb:

With the threat of a werehyena takeover dealt with, Kess, Finn, and Rafe can finally enjoy the tentative peace Miami has to offer. As Kess moves forward with her decision to open up the territory to peaceful weres, she knows that the Keepers of Divine Order—a group of werejackal assassins—are watching her every move. If her plan fails, she knows they won’t hesitate to eliminate her and her friends.

When several werehyenas suddenly disappear and Mebis, the Keeper assigned to Miami, goes unexpectedly missing, Kess fears the worst. But even she’s unprepared for this latest threat: a hunter hiding in plain sight whose only goal is killing werecreatures. Can Kess and her friends survive this most dangerous game?

My Review:

Oh man, let me tell you how much I love this series! I read all four books in three days, which still include a full time 10.5 hour work day, and normal house chore, and building a house! I read this book in particular in not quite 4 hours- and no it is NOT short, because this series has got me completely wrapped around its little finger! And book four is awesome. Each book gets better and better and it was definitely expected here but Hunter Moon has exceeded my expectations! I am now going to try to explain why without giving spoilers for this one, or the first three books 🙂

If I have to chose, I will say the most main characters are Kess, Laila, and a bad guy! No spoilers remember 🙂 there are still all my favorite characters- minus Burke- which include Finn, Cormac, Rafe, and Mebis, along with some new characters, some which I believe will have some more screen time in the future, because this series needs to continue! I will say I’m surprised, because usually characters are pretty set, but these characters are still growing and developing and even surprising me with their choices. I love when that happens! It’s pretty cool to me. And I also love that there’s new characters that you meet and even though they are new, you learn about them like you did with all the other veteran characters. Zamiel has me ridiculously intrigued beyond belief! 😉

Lets talk plot a second… Fantastic story line!! There are always reasons for weres to be hunted, especially those in secret trying to keep it that- a secret. But this plot line has taken it to a whole new level. And getting to read from the “bad guy’s” perspective is fascinating. No I still don’t completely understand the reasoning and definitely don’t agree, but who the hell ever understands a psycho madman!? It’s done so well, that you aren’t contemplating that you’re reading from the evil mastermind’s head, but needing to know where it’s going to go from here. I found myself wanting to know so badly if he’d get his come-upance! Expertly done!

Lastly, let me just say I’ve fallen in love with these characters so much! I’m still a big fan of Kess and Cormac from the first book, an they’ve been through so much, but now I’m completely invested in much more than only them. And you almost never get a storyline with multiple were species trying to work together! And the writing is just perfect. This author has the writing style to make it dark, scary, and even a little bloody, while still giving you hope, love, lightness, and beauty… That’s pretty hard to accomplish in my opinion! All I can say now is… MS JEANETTE PLEASE GIVE ME SO MUCH MORE- SOON!! 🙂 5
GRACEFULLY UNEXPECTED FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC PAWS! 🙂 you’ve definitely got a fan girl stalker in me… I’m going to try to patiently wait for more 😉 GO NOW- I’ll wait right here- AND GET THIS SERIES… Cuz I say so LOL!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

My Reviews for Book 1-Leopard Moon; Book 2-Jackal Moon; and book 3- Hyena Moon- will be posted here soon! I’ve read them all-all are a 5 PAW review- but haven’t had a moment to write a good review for them yet! My schedule has been nuts!

Author Interview:

First, tell me a little about your book and why you wanted to write this particular story….

Hunter Moon is actually the fourth book in the Moon series. This book focuses on a human antagonist and what that means for all of the weres down in Miami. All of the characters from previous books are involved in the storyline.

I wanted to write this story, in part, because I wanted to introduce a human threat to the series. I’d read about an opera that had been based on an old folktale about a hunter who made a deal to get magic bullets. I wanted to tell my own version of that.

Well, I love this entire series, so high five to your awesomeness! Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I started writing when I was six. I’ve always written stories or poems (those were never good). I think reading so much made me want to write the kind of thing I loved reading.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

Oh wow. My first book. We are so not talking about that. It was very, very bad. I wrote it in high school if that tells you something.

Oh come one, it can’t be that bad! I am reading your stuff, so I say it’s probably much better than you give yourself credit for! Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Yes and no. I think every writer draws from things they know or are familiar with, but that’s just the starting point. It’s like having a template of experience that you then use to build characters or scenes.

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

A dartboard. Actually, that’s not right. If I had my way, a lot more of my characters would die (I love killing off my characters), but then I’m fairly bloody minded. It needs to fit the story and it needs to have an emotional payoff, either with the reader or another character. Preferably both.

HOLY CRAP!! Did you just say you love killing your characters hahahahaha! I love that answer! a dartboard… Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Leigh Bardugo–Shadow and Bone was one of the best books I read last year. Can’t wait for the second book.

Who do you look up to as a writer?

Neil Gaiman. That man can turn his hand to ANYTHING.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

Nope. I’m pretty happy with the way it all turned out.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre? My followers love author’s opinions!

I’m waffling between books right now. I am in a fiction slump at the moment–I’ve been reading nonfiction. But the last YA book I read over the holidays was Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens and it was laugh out loud hilarious. Such a good book. I wish I’d written it.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

Char Adelsperger did the cover and she does an amazing job–she’s done all the covers for the series. I pretty much tell her what I want, like I’ll say “put a jackal on it with a moon and a girl” but that’s really about it. She comes up with the elements and puts them together and does the typography.

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

Laila. She’d be the most fun, I think. Although you really couldn’t pay me enough to go back to high school.

LOL me either! Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

Sarah Rees Brennan’s Unspoken. Go read it now if you haven’t already. I’ll wait.

And Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Because Atticus Finch is the bomb.

HA! I’m going get it right now! Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you all for making the Moon series such a success. I am in awe and so very grateful that you took the chance and time to read my book/s!

Thank you soooooo much for this! I’ve had so many happy surprises working with you!
Author Bio:

Jeanette Battista

Jeanette Battista graduated with an English degree with a concentration in medieval literature which explains her possibly unhealthy fixation on edged weapons and cathedral architecture. She spent a summer in England and Scotland studying the historical King Arthur, which did nothing to curb her obsession. To satisfy her adrenaline cravings—since sword fighting is not widely accepted in these modern times—she rode a motorcycle at ridiculously high speeds, got some tattoos, and took kickboxing and boxing classes. She gave up the bike when her daughter came along, although she still gets pummeled at the gym on a regular basis.

When she’s not writing or working, Jeanette spends time with family, hikes, reads, makes decadent brownies, buys killer boots, and plays Pocket Frogs. She wishes there were more hours in the day so she could actually do more of these things. She lives with her daughter and their two psychotic kittens in North Carolina.


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ok, so this is kinda special!! First, I would like you to all know that Leopard Moon (book 1) is FREE on Amazon (the kindle book) right now, so GO HERE to get book one!

Now, for the regular giveaway, you have book 1, who wants to win another book? and maybe some swag? You’re in luck. I am offering a digital ebook kindle copy of ANY of the books from this series… trust me, you WANT to win this. I will let you chose, so you can keep it in order if you haven’t read the others yet! AND the lovely Ms Jeanette is offering to throw in some swag to the winner as well!

Pretty cool huh!!! Everyone can win here, as you can all get book one, and then someone can also win another book and swag! So leave a nice comment for me or Ms Jeanette, and I’ll pick a winner at the end of the tour! 🙂

I sure hope you guys are as happy as I am with this series! And the fantastic author! 🙂 I am so thrilled about this series! 🙂 I just wanna say a big ole THANK YOU to Ms Jeanette!!! Please please come back over and visit anytime!! 🙂

GOOD LUCK! 🙂 Happy reading everyone! Later Gators!

6 thoughts on “Hunter Moon Blog Tour w Giveaway

  1. I love this series, I havent read Hunter Moon yet though. I will have to get it and read it very soon! Great review : )

  2. jamieayres says:

    Great post . . . I downloaded the free book onto my Kindle and will let you know what I think:-)

  3. bn100 says:

    Fun interview. Sounds like an intriguing series.

  4. Great interview sounds like a great series! I just downloaded the first one so I can’t wait to start right in!!
    Ashley A

  5. Jean S. says:

    This has to be a good series if you read all 4 in just 3 days. Should I be concerned that Ms. Battista loves to kill off characters. Yikes! 🙂

    P.S. I read Shadow and Bone last month, and it really was awesome. Ms. Battista has great taste. 🙂

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