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OOOOOh!!! Doesn’t the color and the cover just look awesome! I will say I am actually very guilty of loving a cover and jumping in just because of that! LOL 🙂 But, I know you all want to know the goodies, so let me show you! I should also warn you again that this is ADULT… I’m sensing a theme here lately! LOl



A Dragon’s Fate Novella, Book 1
Lacy Danes

Genre: Romance, Alternate Worlds, Paranormal, Steamy/Erotic

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Number of pages: 138

Word Count: 38K

Cover Artist: Kanaza http://www.kanaxa.com/

Book Description:

It’s easy to fall in love. Destiny requires tooth and claw.

Curses are designed to be cruel, but the one afflicting Jordan and his brothers is almost beyond bearing. A dragon born by blood magic, he is an immortal trapped in human form, with only one hope of finding his eternal mate. He must bite her—and pray she lives.

One dark night, he senses the wounded heartbeat of a woman in the shadows, begging him to end her life. Ever the gentleman, he chivalrously obliges her wish. Only to discover three days later that she lives. And has married another.

Celeste always dreamed of marrying for love, but the nightmare of living in her father’s home drives her to wed the Duke of Hudson. Yet on her wedding eve, she is compelled to follow a mysterious man who professes to know her secret. A man with curious blue scales on his muscular arms—whose shadowed eyes reflect a dangerous mix of destiny and desire…

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, sex in water, four super-hot dragon brothers, and a curse born from magical power that has left them wondering who they are all their lives.


Carefully stepping around scattered, fractured boards, trunks and lengths of tangled rope, Jordan and Ferrous neared the last grouping of rocks at the trees’ edge. Jordan sighed. About time.

A faint heartbeat crawled out of the obscure shadows, stalked up his spine. Something lived from this bloody mess. Though barely.

Jordan stilled.

Ferrous turned to the left. “I feel it too.”

Jordan followed.

On the opposite side of the rocks, jagged boards bumped, clattering against a boulder. A mass of tangled human remains bobbed and swayed with each lap of water against the shore.

From this mess, a heartbeat cried. Jordan closed his eyes and sighed as his stomach flipped. He would find it. He stepped into the water amid the carnage and shuddered. I must move as hastily as possible. I can do this. The sound of life grasped him as if a hand itself clasped his flesh. He flinched, then turned to the left.

An arm’s length away, half in the water, lay a woman. Her limbs were twisted and broken, as if made of nothing more than weeds. A man’s head, severed from the body it had once belonged to, floated close to her hand. Jordan’s heart pinched, and the scales on his elbows prickled anew.

No one deserved to be half alive after experiencing a tragedy such as this. He stepped up next to her, knocking the human debris away with his boot. He leaned down and wrapped one hand about her slim, bare shoulders. The other he slid beneath her knees, fisting up a handful of her full skirts. She should have drowned in such a garment. He lifted her, pulling her body up against his.

She hung like a sack of barley in his grasp. Her long, wet skirts and hair trailed cold water in a stream, trickling over the rocks and babbling down into his boots. He turned and stumbled along the slag toward the trees.

Ferrous turned after him. “She won’t live, Jordan.” He strode behind him. “Leave her.”

Her clothing, laden with seawater, soaked his coat in blood. Was it hers or the rotting blood of the pool in which she had lain? He shook his head. Don’t think about the stench. He grimaced. Think about her.

Ferrous was right. She would never live.

He fell to his knees and laid her on the high grass that bordered the trees. Her dress was that of an aristocrat, finely tailored with small pearls and embroidery now torn open down to her flesh in several places. Her hair had been swept up with the sun, golden rays that now hid beneath a cloud of red death. “I will end her suffering.” Yes, that was the correct thing to do.

“For bloody sake, Jordan. You are not to indulge unless you have an inkling she may be the one. There are no exceptions to our rules. Look what happens to Ilmir when he breaks one. Who knows what calamity awaits us in London.”

Jordan’s jaw clenched, and he narrowed his eyes, refusing to look at Ferrous, who stood behind him. “This is different, and you damn well know it. I am not Ilmir, and she is not a woman I am courting. She is dying.”

“Being chivalrous?” Ferrous threw up his hands, grumbled and walked through the trees back toward the shore. “Make haste. I wish to make this hellish scene vanish this hellish scene and be to London to deal with Ilmir.”

Did Ferrous truly think he wanted to do this? To kill another woman was the last thing he wished. Twenty years had passed… Jordan inhaled a deep breath and blew it out between tense lips. He ran his fingers down her pale cheek and around her chin, tilting her face toward his. A slender nose, full, angelic lips, and noble cheekbones. A beauty. “To a better afterlife, dear.”

He raised her chin, exposing her long, graceful neck and faintly beating pulse. Another death…

Dash it. He stared unblinking at the slight flutter of her blood beneath her skin. Relax, Jordan. He closed his eyes and exhaled. All will be well.

Prickling pain clawed through the roof of his mouth as his two pointed teeth extended into thin slivers of bone. He stared down at her neck. She had been floating in blood and seawater. He spit on her neck, twice. His saliva glimmered as it slid down her throat to the grass below. There, that should wash away the dirt she had stewed in. Or would it? His throat tightened. Don’t lick her. Be done with it.

He leaned in and pressed his teeth to her vein. His mouth opened, saliva pooled heavily, and his tongue thickened. The pouches by his back teeth filled with poisonous blood, forcing his jaw still wider. He inhaled a jagged breath. His heart leapt and pounded, vibrating through his entire being…

Bite her, Jordan. Be done with it. Bite her.

Her faint pulse bumped against his teeth, willing him to take her as his mate. Mate? Well, that urge was pointless. She would pass just as swiftly as the others. He rolled his lip back and hissed, then pressed, slicing through her soft, salty outer skin and into her tepid blood flowing below.

She didn’t flinch.

This was the first time he had taken a woman when he was not passionately joined with her. Odder yet not to have her scream. To have her do nothing but lie on the wilted grass.

He swallowed. Dirt be damned, he needed to taste her and know that one essence of the life he now took. He fluttered his tongue on her smooth skin. Warm, salty blood slid thickly down his tongue. Damn. His muscles quivered as his poisonous blood streamed from his pouches and down his teeth, twisting into her veins. His cock pressed painfully hard against his thigh.

The task was done. There would be no more. He would not take his pleasure in her. He would not know the feel of her flesh against his. He would never know her favorite color. This woman, like all the others who had come before, was not meant to be his. Enough!

He growledand opened his mouth wide. Her soft flesh slipped from his fangs. He pulled his head back, and their mixed blood trailed in streams down her neck and dress. His vision shifted and popped. Adrenaline mixed with power bubbled through his veins. This…this, he had missed.

This was what he was meant to be. His full elemental power at a glimpse. He tossed his hair back and then growled a dragon’s cry up to where the moon should hang in a radiant, colored vision. Yet only the ebony fog resided tonight. There was no moon to lighten this scene. His vision rippled with detailed clarity. Ah. Indeed. This was the power that years of existence without his mate had diminished. He wanted this power back. It had been too long. In a burst of speckled light, everything changed back to somber mist. Bloody hell. His throat closed off, and his eyes burned. No! He swallowed hard, and his shoulders sagged. This was a tease. A temptation.

He closed his eyes and shook his head. He would never know more of what the Zir were than this… Death and a glimpse of the exhilarating power they were destined to have.

He inhaled and smelled her metallic, sweet blood on his lips. His tongue traced his teeth and upper lip, gathering up the enslaving essence. Sweet orange blossoms and candied cherries. His made-up version of what she should taste like. Remember her. His jaw trembled as hot blood pounded through him to his groin. His soul wanted more of her. To mate. To love. To live a lifetime of companionship.

He clenched his teeth, and his fangs pierced his lower lip. You have done enough to end her suffering. Quite enough. Let her be. He opened his eyes once more.

A shadow shaped as Ferrous stood head down and arms straight out in the air at the rocks’ edge. “Make haste. I wait no more.”

Jordan placed her head softly back on the grass. “Will scant be a moment more of pain, beauty.” He trailed his hand down her broken arm to a heavy, thick bracelet looping her wrist. He unclasped the chain and slowly rubbed the metal between his fingers. His token of her death. He tucked the jewelry in his inner coat pocket, then rose to his full height. Turning to his left, he skulked into the inky woods.

My Review:

Ok, so think witch doctor meets vampire meets dragon- all wrapped up in an extremely HAWT tall guy… It’s just awesome! I love the way little magics began happening and it made the story so much fun! And what a way to play into adultery!! It makes ya think, what if you really did marry the wrong dude… AND… I’m normally not a big fan on historical type stories, but I really enjoyed it. I’ll chalk it up to me expanding my pleasure of reading good stories 🙂

I’m gunna talk about Jordan, in like one second, but I think Madoc is going to be my dragon book boyfriend… You on with that ladies? Oh well if you aren’t hahahaha!! Ok so back to Jordan. He’s normally the sensible one, but lets just say figuring out he found his mate made him a little crazy. And with reason, as the man keeping him from his mate is hiding some bad secrets as well. Jordan is strong, powerful as he’s gaining powers, and though at times Cave man like, he’s still sweet in his own way. Sometimes you forget how different that time period was, as I probably woulda slapped him after I kneed his groin for scaring me in the bathroom scene hahahaha you gotta read it to know 🙂

Celeste has kinda had it rough… Her father should be beaten til death, her husband needs a swift kick to his behind and I absolutely love her maw! That little old lady is totally awesome! That’ll be me in 50 years lol but Celeste grows and faces fears and finds love and gets almost killed and then to top it off figures out she’s the mate to a dragon shifter! Ummm I’ll take it 🙂 she’s timid because that’s expected in that time but she has a very strong backbone in her mind. She politely smiles and acts proper while thinking truth in her mind. I enjoyed her!

I’m looking forward to more stories, especially of more brothers, from this author. As the beginning, I think some more answers will come to light in the future. And I especially liked how they became what they are and the curse! And Carmen 🙂 I think it’ll be an even more fun ride on the next stop! 🙂 I’m excited for more! 4.5 SMOKIN HAWT PAWS FROM ME!!

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Author Interview:

WELCOME!! I just want to thank you again so much for taking the time to answer questions for my blog!
It is a pleasure to be here today.

First, tell me a little about your book and why you wanted to write this particular story….
I started out wanting to write another novella series that was paranormal and had brothers as the heroes. I did this for Animal Lust and it was a lot of fun to write. This time though, I wanted to do a spin on dragons or dragons that were somehow different.
I sat down and brainstormed with my CPs, and through that process the suggestion came up of some how crossing dragons with vampires. From there I walked away thinking about how that would happen. How could a dragon and a vampire come together to make a hero? This is where the back-story of my Zir were born in my mind.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?
I didn’t think of writing a book until New Years of 2005. I wanted to make a resolution that would be challenging. I loved to read and I thought what if I could write a story that people loved? What if I could write in a way that made people feel like I feel when I am reading? So I gave it shot.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?
My first book was a historical romance that is still unfinished. It was my learning ground. I had a steep learning curve. English was not my favorite subject in school and so both my grammar and my creative writing style were lacking.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
Most of my ideas come from dreams I have, either day dreams or ones I remember after I wake. I do sometimes take quirks from people I have met or that I have simply observed when out at a restaurant or café.

How do you choose when/which characters die in your books?
I don’t plot so I simply sit down and start writing. If a character dies, it happens when my thoughts feel it should.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
He is not a new author but I have recently become a fan of Ted Dekkar. I actually stumbled up on him when looking for ideas to redesign my website. I am very happy I did. He has the ability to grab me and suck me in the very first paragraph of a story. That is a skill!

Who do you look up to as a writer?
My mother and father. My husband. My kids. Anyone who can make writing as a career work and not also have a day job. Anyone who follows their passion and keeps growing as an individual.
Specific authors that have inspired me in my career are: Pam Rosenthal, Beatrice Small, Bonnie Edwards, Susan Lyons, Shelli Stevens, Alexis Morgan, Julia Quinn and Kate Furnivall. Each one of these authors has inspired me in different ways. The last two I have never met in person but each time I read one of their stories I say wow and I go back to their books over and over especially when I am looking to improve my own craft.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?
Nope. I love Waterfall.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Finding time to write and critique for my CPs. I have a demanding day job (I work in IT for a large company), I am a wife, a mother, a housekeeper, a pet owner, and squeezing time to sleep every day can be difficult. Finding time to write is at times impossible. Writing is important to me. I find joy in doing it.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre? My followers love author’s opinions!
I just picked up Ted Dekker’s The Priest’s Graveyard. Which is considered the genre Mystery Thriller Suspense. http://www.amazon.com/The-Priests-Graveyard-Ted-Dekker/dp/1599953331/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1355078330&sr=8-9&keywords=Ted+Dekker

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?
Kanaxa designed my cover. I LOVE IT! I love how she was able to capture the feel of book and the skull in the mist behind my hero rocks.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?
That writing takes time. That if you can’t dedicate the time to complete it, the story will never get written. Write every day, no matter what.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Two years is a long time to be away from writing. I look forward to giving my readers a new story and to continue to produce several new stories a year.

Oh and If you have not heard yet I am doing a drawing at the end of January for some cool items. So please stop by my Facebook page or my blog and comment/sign up to be included.

About the Author :



Lacy Danes made a New Year’s resolution to write a hot, historical romance.

A year and a half later, she achieved her goal. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where besides writing she enjoys playing cards, chasing her kids around, and savoring a great martini with the man of her dreams all while watching the world go by.






This is an excellent tour wide giveaway, and here’s what you can win:

1 Kindle Fire open to US shipping

1 Favorite Things Prize Pack- filled with 3-5 of the authors favorite things- open to US Shipping

GO HERE for the rafflecopter or HERE to the host’s site (it’s there too) to enter! Seriously it’s an excellent giveaway! I mean who doesn’t want a Kindle Fire– well I HAVE ONE, so let me just say IT’S AWESOME!!! Hahahaha 🙂

I wish everyone extra huge good luck for this one! 🙂 And thank you to the author and Bewitching book tours, who are so lovely to let me be part of this tour and to be able to give you guys great things! 🙂

Happy Reading everyone! Good luck one more time! and Later Gators!


2 thoughts on “Waterfall Blog Tour w Giveaway

  1. ladyvampire says:

    A brand new author to me but wow, after reading this post I know I have to change that. I definitely need to read this book. Congrats on this awesome new release and thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Kamla L. says:

    Nice review and loved the excerpt! Sounds intriguing. Definitely adding this to my TBR.

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