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Hello everyone!! Today I’ve got another really cool book for you with lots of goodies to give away!

The Witch Hunter
Book One in the Witch Hunter Saga
Nicole R. Taylor

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1482061697
Number of pages: 300

Word Count: 72,000

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Book Description:

I was born into the world covered in blood, and that’s exactly the way I left it.

Ever since, I have been damned to walk the boundary between life and death alone. Unwillingly turned and left to my nightmare, I have seen men commit countless horrors and committed many of my own.

My origins shall remain unknown, my true self hidden. I have been called by many names, but in this life I am known as the Witch Hunter. I have been asleep these past 150 years, until I was awoken by a haunting call.

Zachary Degaud was twenty three when he died. The problem was, he didn’t stay that way.

Present day, he’s just another vampire with another unremarkable story. That is, until he manages to provoke a two thousand year old witch named Katrin, who wants to make him pay in the most horrible way imagined.

Along with his brother Sam, newly made vampire Liz and their only witch ally, Gabby, his only chance for survival is to summon the ancient and unpredictable vampire known as the Witch Hunter.

Zac is just looking for a way out of his psychopathic witch problems, but instead will find himself falling head first into a blood feud that has stretched thousands of years.

Aya has been asleep for the past 150 years, until she was awoken by a haunting call. The witch she has been hunting for thousands of years, Katrin, has resurfaced and marked a young, annoyingly arrogant vampire by the name of Zachary Degaud. Unless she does something, he will die a slow and painful death. He has given her an opportunity to end the witch, but does she want to help him or leave him to his fate?

Zac will get under her skin like no one else has and she just might find herself making the ultimate sacrifice before he is gone forever.

They will both have to choose sides and look deep within themselves before the end. But, what Zac learns about himself, will surprise him most of all.

Aya opened the door and stopped just inside the doorway. In a split second she had surveyed the room. Three vampires, a witch and a werewolf. What a small town supernatural hub, Ashburton had really come up in the underworld. Perhaps her rude awakening wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all. This would be very interesting, but she had to be mindful of who these creatures were. The town would be claimed by one of the groups and by the intensity in the bar, she guessed it was up for contention.

She strode towards the bar at the far side of the large open room, aware that eyes were following her progress; human and vampire. The place was not that busy yet, still early evening, but enough that she brushed past her fair share of alcohol fueled young men.

Young, human men. She pulled herself up internally. This was reconnaissance only. Fresh, warm human blood straight from the source was an indulgence that too often turned her into something darker than she ever wanted to be.

At the bar she ordered a triple scotch, straight up. The bartender eyed her with a little awe; she didn’t have to read his emotions to know that he was a little turned on by the thought. On the house, he had said with a little compulsion. Strange enough, the alcohol helped with her control, but it took a lot of the stuff to make her drunk.

As the scotch slowly disappeared from the glass, her inner compass took note of the lay of the bar behind her as she sat on a stool, seemingly studying the remaining contents. She listened to the conversations around her, trying to hear anything that would be of use. Assimilating into this slightly insane new era, or locating the source of the singing blood.

Two vampires were seated with the witch at the rear of the bar and were throwing out all kinds of emotions. Mostly she caught apprehension and anger. She couldn’t help but notice the fact that they were staring at her and not making any effort to hide it, even if her back was turned. The third vampire seemed to be with them but was flitting around talking to many young humans. She felt young herself; almost newly made. The werewolf, a young testosterone fueled male, was standing to her left ordering drinks. He was unconsciously fidgeting and leaning towards her as if he could sense she was something else. And he reeked of sweat and blood.

To her annoyance, one of the vampires from the table at the rear was approaching in her blind spot. He leant against the bar with the pretence of ordering drinks, but she could feel the curiosity dripping from him. Tall, dark and handsome was such a cliché, but an apt description. He feigned a casual glance in her direction and caught her gaze. Green eyes assessed her from under his messy dark hair. Suddenly, she wondered how old he was. Certainly nowhere near her real age. No vampire in this country was, at least before she went to sleep. It was a new age and a lot more things seemed accessible even for the undead.

“Hi,” he smiled at her.

She glanced at him nonchalantly and looked away, not wanting to encourage him.

He held his hand out, flashing a warm smile, ignoring her brush off, “I’m Zachary Degaud and you are?”
She turned her head slightly and looked him up and down, “And what am I going to do with a Zachary Degaud?” She could never help being a little smart.

The faint trace of a smile touched his lips, “Just rolling out the welcome wagon.”

“Zachary is such an old fashioned name, is it not?” she prodded at the age card.

“What can I say? Old fashioned parents,” he leant closer flashing a wicked smile. She could tell he was one for playing games. Asking casual questions to gain morsels of information. She grinned inwardly not giving herself away to him. In other circumstances she would have had a lot of fun with this one. “But you can just call me Zac. And your name is?” he continued, the smile never leaving his lips.

She pointedly looked him up and down, “You can call me Aya.”

“Aya,” he tried her name out, seemingly pleased that she had taken the time to assess him. “Aya, what?”

She smirked, “Just, Aya.”

“I haven’t seen you here before, Just Aya. Are you new to town?” he winked. “And your accent. Do I detect a hint of British there?”

She narrowed her eyes slightly, “Just passing through.” Not new to town, I can remember being here long ago, she thought to herself. What a different place it was. She wondered if he knew how dark Ashburton’s past really was. “I was born in Britain,” she added before she cold stop herself. Well, her accent was unmistakable.

“Only passing? Sounds like you’ll be gone soon. Do you mind if I join you for a drink? I’d hate to miss the opportunity to get to know such a beautiful exotic lady.”

Aya unsuccessfully stifled a laugh at this. He obviously suspected she was more than human, but trying to glean information from her under duress of flattery? It was a manipulation she was well acquainted with and at least a little fond of. She was also aware that his vampire and witch friend had not stopped watching them, obviously listening in on every word.

“I don’t think so, Zachary. I’m not one for falling for cheap flattery from strange men in bars,” the lack of emotion in her voice was chilling as she shot him down.

His eyes widened ever so slightly, “Please, call me Zac.” He wasn’t used to being turned down. He was rather handsome in the dangerous kind of way; seduction was a weapon for him. Before he could retort, the door opened with a crash and a group of rowdy men burst in, laughing and seeming very pleased with themselves. Aya cursed under her breath. She couldn’t help but breathe in their scent as the wind blew in around them. They stunk of human blood and sweat and violence.

Werewolves. Werewolves that had obviously been on the hunt in their human form. Zac visibly stiffened.
Aya raised her eyebrow at him, “Friends of yours?”

“Not in the slightest,” he glanced back to his friends, who were looking a little unsettled, but both groups kept their distance at opposite ends of the bar, giving away that they were currently on edge with each other. These were the groups fighting over the town, now she was sure about it.

Repulsed by the emotions emanating from the wolves, she scowled. Hunting was one thing, but killing innocent humans for sport went against all that she had worked for. She seethed inwardly; it would be so easy to tear them apart, to strew their body parts through the forest. It wouldn’t take long. She felt her eyes clouding at the thought, blinking she cleared her mind and turned back to Zac. She had to be careful. There was still the issue of finding the one who had called her without revealing herself in the process.

“Well,” she declared. “This town is flavorsome.”

My Review:
I love when you can take a darker subject, like those crazy vampers and keep it good with witty and funny moments! I thought that part was the best! I also loved that the heroine is not only kick ass, but she’s serious about it- it’s not on accident! And it was a nice little different take on the paranormal front. There’s some twists to how you would normally hear the story told. But I would probably keep this on the adult side as there’s some funny, but adult, language 🙂

Guess what, there’s also a cliff hanger so you should be prepared for this! This totally blew my mind and I am definitely reading the next book because of that completely awesome cliff hanger 🙂 I will admit that it took a little time to get into the book and I’m so glad I kept going. It’s really a great book. I’m also going to say that Aya is another one of those fantastic characters that you will not be able to get enough of! I can’t! She’s so cool! Zac is one of those “special” guys- I actually want him to get a nice ass kicking 🙂 but then I started figuring him out and he’s that bad boy every girl wants to hug, then help.

This was definitely a fun start to a new series. Mixing magic and vampires and the action was perfect! Other than the slow start, the writing is great! Once I got into the story, I was lost to it! I loved it! A MAGICALLY BAD ASS 4 PAWS!!

About the Author

Nicole R. Taylor is an Australian born paranormal, fantasy and contemporary fiction author. She is a graduate of the University of Ballarat Professional Writing and Editing programme and is a former music memorabilia sales person and grocery merchandiser.

She currently lives in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia with a two year old rescue cat named, Burger. She enjoys reading, writing (of course!), traveling and a little too much chocolate. One day she hopes to sky dive, but has to work up the courage first.

The first in her new paranormal fantasy series, The Witch Hunter Saga is currently available in e-edition and print.

Learn more about her writing at:


The give away is …. 10 ebook ecopies for the winners- their choice of amazon or smashwords versions!! GO HERE to enter to win!!

I sure hope you guys enjoyed today!! I also want to wish everyone good luck! Also tomorrow is Easter, if you celebrate it, so happy Easter!! 🙂 Happy readying everyone and later gators!

Beneath BOOK BIRTHDAY by Cambria Hebert

Heven & hell collage2

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY!!!! *SIGH* Today we get one more step closer to the end of the Heven and Hell series… I am already crying about this, but since I beta read this book, I really needed to tell you HOW AWESOME IT IS!!! Seriously, GEmma is just fantastic! Plus i really like Cole 😉 Now enough from me, Here ya go! 🙂

Beneath-by Cambria Hebert ebooksm


Heven and Hell #3.5

Where I came from everything is perfect. Everything is beautiful and predictable. Life isn’t measured by days, but by infinite joy that never ends.

But it did.

When I fell in love with a man who was perfectly imperfect.

The price for forbidden affection was steep and my beautiful white wings withered and died around me.

I was fallen. I am fallen.

Years have passed, and I’ve learned the true meaning of time. I’ve learned to build a wall around myself and exist alone. Yet, when he looks at me… the heart beneath my armor trembles.

But I must remember.

I must remember that I might not have anything left to lose, but he certainly does. And risking him is something I won’t do. So I lock my feelings where they belong.


Book Trailer:

My Review:

I will start by saying this will be my favorite of the shorts so far. I have always loved Gemma tremendously as a character. She has to be one of the most complex, yet simple characters I’ve ever read. See by that I mean she stands for her very few rules and she doesn’t break them. Or at least that’s what you see on the outside. She’s much more complex and deep on the inside. She’s not just a fallen angel, she’s a friend, she’s a warrior, she’s a protector, she’s got heart and bravery and a beautiful soul. I will continue to say that I think *next to Riley of course* that he is my favorite character of this whole series. And I immediately emailed Cam after Beta reading and told her its one of her best yet…. And then I not so nicely told her there better be a happy ending for her and Cole! Hahahaha You see, you finally find out Gemma’s past. How she fell, who she fell in love with, and how she knows so much about Hell Hounds and how Riley’s curse works. You also find out why Gemma is having such a hard time with her present… Don’t you know the past always gets in the way! I am so amazingly proud of Cambria for her accomplishment on this one! I am also humbled to call her my friend, that she is amazingly talented and extremely gifted. She has surpassed my expectations by letting me get to know Gemma even better, and I loved her POV! There’s is absolutely NO ONE better to write this story! And yes I know that my scale only has 5 paws, but today, it will be special because even though it’s a short story, I am going to give out one of my very rare 6 PHENOMENALLY BRILLIANT PAWS!!! Cam- if you ever think about quitting your writing, I hope you read this review and then remind yourself that your favorite Stalkee will be royally pissed!!! 🙂

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

About the Author:


Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series and the Death Escorts series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book. You can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting

“Like” her on Facebook:

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Cambria website:

My stalkee is fantastic, and she definitely has a blessing by the cover Gods 🙂 LOL I’ll try not to cry as we come to an end of a wonderful series! Congrats love, you are now big and famous and extremely loved!! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, happy reading, and later gators!

Death and Mr. Right Cover Reveal


Jacket copy for DEATH AND MR. RIGHT:

It is March 32nd, the day that doesn’t exist, and Death, the agent of nightmares, has been demoted and exiled to live among mortals for the rest of his unnaturally long life. Everyone knows They don’t look lightly on important items getting lost or an agent falling in love.

Can the diva-like Death navigate the modern world, recover what was stolen from him (the names of the damned… ooops!) and get his job back? Or will he fall in love with Lola, the pretty thief who got him into trouble in the first place?

DEATH AND MR. RIGHT will be available October 2013.

Kendra’s bio:

Kendra L. Saunders is the author of the magic realism novel Inanimate Objects and the dark comedy Death and Mr. Right. She has been published in Snakeskin Magazine, Premier Bride Magazine and has conducted interviews for Steampunk Magazine, The New England Horror Writers and She reports regularly for Pure Textuality and writes helpful writing articles for NerdCaliber’s Pages of Note.

In 2012, Kendra attended a number of sci-fi/anime/steampunk conventions, notably Arisia, Anime Boson, Watch City Festival, ConnectiCon and TeslaCon. She is the creator of the popular “Five Headed Muse” panel, which features fun and witty wisdom from the five aspects of a writer’s life: character building, inspiration, writing habits, publishing and marketing, as well as the “What We Can Learn from Fan Fiction” panel which takes a detailed look at the upsides to reading and writing fanfiction. Kendra was also featured as a guest on other panels throughout 2012 and has been noted for her energy and enthusiastic approach to writing education.

Originally from Texas, Kendra has lived in New Hampshire, Idaho and Wisconsin and has traveled through most of the 50 states. Somewhere along the way she developed a love for discovering the quiet magic in new places, and she seeks to expose it in her novels, short stories and poetry. She also has a lifelong passion for black and white photography and shares photographs from her travels and adventures through her website, facebook, tumblr and twitter.

Kendra is host of the quirky literary podcast, 13 1/2 Minutes and has been a featured guest and co-host on various radio and podcast shows.

In her spare time Kendra likes to daydream about (foreign) boys with dark hair, drink too much tea, read fashion magazines, listen to records on vinyl, plan her dream trip to England and attempt to travel back in time to the Jazz Age.
Find her online at on twitter at @kendrybird or on tumblr at

So what do you guys think?! I think it’s got a funky cool vibe 😉 Happy reading everyone and later gators!

Blood Moon Blog Tour w Giveaway

Blood Moon Button 300 x 225

WELLLLL….. I GOT A WEREWOLF STORY TODAY!!! 🙂 You guys know how much I completely love and obsess over werewolves 🙂 It’s so wonderful! So, I will not blabber and show you those fantastic goodies! 🙂 And a lovely giveaway 🙂

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Holly Hunt

Genre: Horror/Paranormal

Publisher: Damnation Books

ISBN: 9781615726783


Number of pages: 136

Word Count: 41,500

Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique


Book Description:

Upon a dark and blood-filled hour, humanity’s doom will rise to power.

Werewolves are real. They haunt the woods of North America, feeding on the bodies of humans stupid enough to blunder across their paths. Once rogue and uncoordinated, the rise of their goddess Alsvinth has brought them all together, with one goal: destroy as much of the species as necessary to enslave them within meat farms, to feed the werewolf army taking over the world.

Olivia, a werewolf from western Canada, and her brother Charlie set out to kill the goddess and save humanity. But can the werewolf and human destroy the goddess’s power, or will she prevail and turn the planet into a wasteland?

Short Excerpt

“Enough, Olivia,” a familiar voice hissed.

I stopped, shocked and scared to stillness. I started to cry as the goddess stood in the grass, kicking Charlie’s body aside and sauntering over to me.

“Thank you, children of the sky,” Alsvinth purred, resting a hand on the shoulder of each harpy. They let me go as she touched them. “My, Olivia. How you’ve grown.”

I was still. I couldn’t even think.

“Well, not really. You don’t age anymore, do you?” She grinned. “Like me, eternally beautiful.”

The creature in a woman’s skin touched my forehead, and I couldn’t even flinch from her cold, dead fingertips.

“No matter. You will become my second-in-charge. You have been so faithful as to convince the rogue to kill himself to strengthen me.” She kissed my forehead. “Dear Olivia,” she said as the obliviousness of her mind control took me, threw me to the wolves.

“You are mine.”

My Review:

I’m going to first state my major APOLOGY to the author… I AM SO SO SORRY!!! I started reading this book- which I am loving by the way- and then life got in the way! If you’re a regular follower, you know I’m building a house and doing most of the work myself- and working full time… Well move in is finally here. 🙂 I am going to have my review up next week for every one as I will be finishing up the house and move in! To the author- I really am sorry I had to postpone my review, and I promise to have it up and posted everywhere ASAP! To my followers- BAD DOG MAGHON! 😉 I promise to do better! Make sure you check back soon for my review which I WILL be posting soon. PS, thanks everyone for understanding how crazy life is 🙂

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Author Interview:

WELCOME! First, tell me a little about your book 🙂 ….

Blood Moon is an apocalyptian werewolf story set mainly in Canada, but stretching out into the rest of the world. There’s wolves, harpies, a goddess and a lot of humans. But, most of all, there’s a lot of blood.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

My first little scribble was a small book about 2,000 words long I called Kila. It was a story about Atlanteans escaping from their sinking country and fleeing to Egypt. Before that was even finished, I rewrote it and it ended up being almost 180,000 words long at first draft. Nowadays, it’s six books, with room for more, and seeking a home.

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

Opportunity. If someone has to die for someone to move on, then it happens. If a character doesn’t play nice with the others, it happens. If I just don’t like the character, I find a reason to make sure it happens.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

TK Toppin has a wonderful trilogy out that I love, as does Ashley Barnard. It’s amazing what you can find just link-hopping through Amazon these days.

Who do you look up to as a writer?

Anyone I consider a good author that I read – Martin Middleton, Tamora Poerce, Traci Harding Garth Nix, JK Rowling…

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

I would change everything about every book. But that’s the curse of the writer – you’re never satisfied, even when you’re so sick of editing the thing that thinking of it makes you feel a little ill.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Romance. I’m a romance writer… who’s terrible at hooking characters up. It’s a burden I must wallow in.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

Right now, I’m working my way through the Holmes books. Have to admit, Conan Doyle had style.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

In-house artists. And they’re the best for a reason. I give them annoyingly vague outlines (usually summarized in “NO PINK!!!”) and they create artworks of wonder.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?

Yeah. My computer chair is really uncomfortable to sit at for 8+ hours at a time.

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

One of my characters? I don’t know, I think they’re all a bit too beaten up and down for me to want to be them. If I had to pick one, I’d say Clarissa from the Devil’s Wife. She might have had a few bad experiences, but at least she got herself together. Also, she’s the Queen of Heaven and Hell now (spoiler!) so she’s in the best position (until the sequel, anyway).

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

Am I allowed to say mine? If so, you should all read The Devil’s Wife – It’ll open your mind up to some interesting ideas.

The Devil's Wife

* click on the cover above to check it out* Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?


About the Author:


An author living in Canberra, Australia, Holly Hunt writes a collection of works including Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror and Romance. Currently undergoing an apprenticeship in Butchery, Holly spends her days off writing and watching superhero cartoons.

Holly lives with her partner, Matthew, in a two-bedroom unit crammed with comics and movie memorabilia. She dreams of one day owning a big garden, three dogs and a cat, and can’t wait until that day gets here.


I would love to give one of you an ebook copy! So leave me a nice comment and I’ll pick a winner! 🙂

I want to wish everyone good luck!!! I promise to have my review up very soon! Happy Reading and later gators!!

A Celtic Tapestry Blog Tour

Moon Rose Publishing has just released their newest book, A CELTIC TAPESTRY! An anthology between eight authors, each one has taken their own twist on one of the Celtic festivals of the year. From sunny spring to chilly winter, everyone’s favourite season is given a fresh and enticing take in this wonderful collection. To celebrate, Moon Rose Publishing is also hosting a fabulous giveaway as part of the release!

A Celtic Tapestry


The wheel of the year turns, bringing the joy of spring, the warmth of summer, the richness of autumn, and the merriment of winter. But eight Celtic festivals link these seasons together, bringing with them romance, lust, danger, and even magic. From a city under threat from night-time creatures at Ostara, to a selkie caught by the light of the Lughnasadh moon, to a writer caught in the flames of a fiery goddess at Imbolc.

Eight authors have come together to give their own twist on these festivals, weaving each story with a blend of myth, magic, and contemporary telling…to create A Celtic Tapestry.

The Trailer!

Excerpt (Beltane Fires, Livia Ellis)

Fionnuala hummed for a moment then went to the door. “Fenton!” she called to the woods. “Fenton, show yourself and I’ll give you a treat.” She left the door open before returning to her basket of cuttings and withdrawing a bundle of mistletoe. “Take this.” She shoved the bundle at Cormac and instantly he looked healthier.

“Thank you,” he sighed. “I’ve lost my knife.”

“You really are in trouble,” Aoife snorted.

“What to do with you is the question,” Sorcha mumbled as she put the kettle on the fire.

“Make him take a bath?” Aoife suggested, sniffing the air.

A throat clearing at the door caught their attention. “You promised me a treat?”

“Fenton,” Fionnuala said. “Look at the druid. Is there an enchantment on him?”

Fenton looked at Cormac. “Yes. My treat?”

Cormac made a face. “A leprechaun?”

“Druid.” Fenton made a face like a bug had flown in his mouth at Cormac.

“He’s quite harmless,” Sorcha smeareda large hunk of brown bread with strawberry jam. “I have his pot of gold. He’s also quite useful on occasion.”

“What is the enchantment?” Fionnuala asked. “Leprechaun? Elf? Selkie?”

Fenton scrunched up his nose. “Looks like a witche’s spell to me. It’s not very powerful, but it does sort of buzz. I was wondering what that flickering through the bushes was last night. Thought it might be a pixie. Check his skin. He probably has a mark on him.”

Sorcha handed the leprechaun a plate with the slice of jam- covered bread. With a deep intake of breath, she opened her third eye and gave Cormac a good look. Then she laughed. She knew what the enchantment was, and who had put it on the significantly weakened druid. It was a love charm and she was the witch that had sent it out into the world in search of a man. A man with blue eyes and black hair with a gift for music. Life truly was funny, and the moon had an excellent sense of humor.

“Cup of tea?” Fenton asked. “Please? I’ll tell you another secret.”

“What’s the secret?” Aoife asked.

“Someone’s coming.” Fenton gobbled his bread. “Riders approaching. Four. There’s a hunter with them. He’s got a magical googaa. Sort of makes me feel a bit ill.”

“Give him a cup of tea,” Fionnuala told Aoife, putting an apron on over her dress and smoothing her hair. “I’m going outside to have a sniff around.”

“What about me?” Cormac asked, looking around. For the first time, he noted the house as it appeared on the outside couldn’t possibly be as spacious as it appeared on the inside. Although it was hardly a palace, it was certainly comfortable.

“Just sit and be quiet,” Sorcha said as she slid an apron over her dress and tidied her hair. When she was in the guise of a simple country woman, she took a stoneware jar from above the hearth. From it she drew a handful of flour and tossed it over him with a muttered word.

*‘Copyright of Livia Ellis*

My Review:

First, I need to say that putting these 8 authors together was GENIUS!! I had read a few before and a few I hadn’t. I think that’s why I like anthologies. You can find a while new plethora of authors to stalk in here! Each has a short story with the base of Irish culture but so many different other aspects to chose from. Magic and mayhem lol! Each story will give you a whole different view.

I can’t pick a favorite either because I love then all! But heads up, we’ve got adult themes here! Nothing like a bunch of HAWT Irish male pieces to get you all hot and bothered! Every author has there own writing style, so there’s bound to be a least one story to suit your tastes! Plus, they were all fun! Not a single one was slow or uninteresting, they all had me waiting to read more and smiling when it was over, wishing for just a little bit more! I vote you guys should all try this book out, especially if you’re on the hotter romance side with some awesome paranormal thrown in there!! A WONDERFULLY MAGICAL IRISH 5 PAWS!!!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Author Interview:

WELCOME!! First, tell me a little about your book and why you wanted to write this particular story….

When I moved to Ireland which is now my home, I was immediately inspired by the people, the climate and the landscape. There is something about Ireland that just makes me want to write. Considering the rich literary tradition in Ireland it’s no wonder – I’m not the first person that came to Ireland and wanted to write.

I came up with the idea for the anthology when I began to study Irish/Celtic culture and mythology. From there I decided I liked the idea of a story centering on Beltane. Cormac and Sorcha where right where I needed them the moment the idea for the plot struck me.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Always. But I was raised by people that had very firm opinions about always having something to fall back on. I may not have seem the point behind this at the time, but I get it now. So I have a bill paying job while I’m working towards supporting myself through my writing.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

I was about seven or so, told my lovely aunt when we were walking through the library that I wanted to be a writer. She bought me a spiral bound notebook, a pack of pencils, and told me to write. I don’t really remember what that first story was about. Only that I wrote it and I’ve never looked back.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Everything is mixed and jumbled together. I will find myself writing and putting into words some event or moment that took my attention. Or, more likely, a person that will have crossed my path and left an impression. Everything is grist for the mill.

How do you choose when/which characters die in your books?

I’ve actually never killed anyone off. I love them too much to let them go!

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Quite a few actually which is why my lips are sealed. I don’t want to run the risk of neglecting to mention someone.

Who do you look up to as a writer?

This is always a tricky question for me because I don’t have a favorite author so much as a favorite book. Before you ask, I can say my favorite tends to change depending on my mood. At the moment, my favorite is Dodie Smith – I Capture the Castle. I gave it to a young lady friend of mine and she just loved it. We spent a wonderful hour on the phone talking about how great it is and how every girl should read it. Otherwise, Gone With the Wind and Anna Karenina. Odd choices because the two main characters are so very different.

I am going to add a non-fiction choice. The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler. I’ve spent a great deal of my time as a student studying archetypes and mythology. I wish I’d written that book.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

I’d make it longer and use more Irish.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Finding the time to get everything done. I’m very very busy. At the moment I’m writing a serial which comes out monthly and takes an enormous amount of my time. Getting the balance right between writing and living has always been a problem for me.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre? My followers love author’s opinions!

I read a lot of books at one time. At the moment I’m reading the following:

Cormac McCarthy – The Border Trilogy

Philip Roth – The Human Stain

Persian Fire – Tom Holland

Richard Miles – Carthage Must be Destroyed

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

I didn’t have any input on the cover.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?

I always learn something when I write. This time around I realized how much I want to learn about Irish religion and mythology. I don’t think I’m done writing in this niche.

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

I don’t think I could decide. Can I try a few out and see which one I like the best?

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

I’m really into Cormac McCarthy at the moment. Any of his books. I just finished Lonesome Dove and Brokeback Mountain – actually I’m starting to see a theme. Who would have thought I’d like Westerns? More than anything else, I’m getting into modern classical American writers. I’m tempted to go back and read some of the books I had to read in school. I think I would have a better appreciation for Ethan Frome now that I have a better grasp on how to read critically. In fact, I’m pretty certain my summer reading list is going to be packed with American writers.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Please read my books?

Author Bio

Blond. Blue. 5’6″. A lady never discloses her weight, but I’ve never had any complaints. I only run if I’m being chased by a gun wielding maniac, but I do love yoga. Bit of a shoe hound. Have had issues passing up handbags. Trying to learn to play the Irish harp. Enjoy both theater and concerts. Love to read fantasy and science fiction. Am not ashamed to admit I adore Star Trek. Have a picture of myself (dressed as a nun) and the late Patrick Swayze (dressed as a medieval warrior) in a frame (Yes – I did cry when he died). Perpetual student with advanced degrees that are mostly useless when seeking job opportunities outside academia. Vivid imagination. Sexually adventurous only on paper. I never know what to say when people end a conversation with ‘god bless’. Occasionally play the lottery – but generally only when I’m feeling really poor. Love to travel. Fluent French speaker. Seeks readers whom enjoy what I write.

Author Links:




MRP Website Author Page:!livia-ellis/c1mz

Book buy links:

MRP Website link:!a-celtic-tapestry/cayu

Amazon link:


And now for the giveaway! Well, what IS the free stuff? Moon Rose Publishing, as part of the A CELTIC TAPESTRY tour, is giving away a ton of good stuff. You could win a print copy of A CELTIC TAPESTRY, a sticker pack, bookmarks, a beautiful necklace and jewelled bookmark from Tara S Wood, or an e-book of the anthology! GO HERE!!!

I wish you guys all good luck! I hope you guys check out this awesome book too! Happy reading and later gators!! 🙂

Shooting Stars Blog Tour w Giveaway!

Shooting stars Book tour ButtonSo you guys know I’m a HUGE fan of this lovely author, and she deserves all the praise she can get- trust me she deserves it! 🙂 So, now that I’ve told you, lemme show you!

Shooting Stars Synopsis

Final Cover

Once upon a time, a common boy fell in love with a princess. It was a hopeless, forbidden love, grown in a world where sorcery and magic rule over all. Now, dark times are brewing, and destiny will bring them together, while fate works to keep them apart. Extraordinary battles will be fought, and extraordinary choices made. Join the author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga for the beginning of a tale of star-crossed lovers and magic, of hope and love and loss, of desperate wishes made on stars.

Book Info

Title: Shooting Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel #1)

Author: H.D. Gordon

Publisher: ShareAread

Release Date: March 15th, 2013

Formats: E-book

Goodreads TBR:

Cover Artist: Regina Wamba
Short Excerpt:
Surah paced back and forth across the ancient Arkian rug that covered her bedroom floor. Samson watched her from his perch by the window, his enormous head resting between his paws, his ears perked and long tail tucked around him. He had been chuffing and sniffing around her since she entered, but now he just watched her, his golden tiger eyes following her back and forth.

“Dear Gods, Samson,” she said, going over to him and running her hand through the soft fur on his neck. “What did I just do?”

Samson was a Great Tiger, about four times the size of those in the human world, his stripes black and blue rather than orange and black. Surah had saved him from a Great Serpent when he had been just a cub, and the beast was loyal to her beyond all else. Her father’s eyes had bugged out of his head when Surah had walked home with Samson one evening when she was just a girl, some eight-hundred years ago, and she had cried and cried until he finally agreed to let the tiger stay. It was impossible not to see how the tiger loved her, and eventually, Syrian decided the beast would be good protection for his daughter. He had already lost one child and his wife.

“I need to think,” Surah whispered, wrapping her arms around Samson’s neck and nuzzling her face against his warm, coarse fur. Samson let out a deep growl of a purr and licked his mistress’s face with his rough tongue. He spoke in her head, an ability Surah had given him using Magic long ago. She was the only one that communicated with him this way, because he simply didn’t care to communicate with anyone else.

His voice was deep and rumbling, like James Earl Jones’. Is he the boy you gave Syra’s stone to?

“Yes,” she silently responded. “And something tells me it plays a part here. Could be why he was lying.”

Well, that’s no good, Samson said.

“Yes, thank you. I got that.”

Early praise for the author

“From the very first sentence the author has you hooked and wanting to read more.”

Tt ~Goodreads

“This debut novel from H.D. Gordon has everything what I love in ya. Romance, suspense, action, kick ass heroine and of course smokin hot Kayden. I loved every moment of this book and I found it extremely difficult to put down. “
Patrycja ~ Goodreads

“She keeps the reader’s attention throughout the novel with unique twists in the ever unfolding plot.”
Tiffany {A Purrfect Read} ~Goodreads

Blood Warrior has one of the best Chapter One opening and ending I’ve ever read.

Cecilia Robert ~ Goodreads

Shooting stars Release Day Book Blast Banner

My Review:

So lemme count the ways I love Ms. HD! She’s so freaking cute, she’s extra cool, she’s actually very nice, she hangs out with the coolest people (you ladies know who you are), but most of all, SHE IS A BRILLIANT WRITER! I mean, almost anyone can pick up a pen and put it to paper and write, BUT almost no one can write this well! It’s a true gift to write and write well. I am a huge fan of her first series, and I will be honest- I haven’t read the last book of the Alexa series, because I am too devastated to say goodbye…. Yes, I will read it and probably soon, BUT I need to come to terms with the fact that it’s the end. So, I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much. Pffft, goes to show what expectations are for LOL

Surah is a fantastic character. She is strong, and brave and a hero just being who she is. She does remind me of Alexa a little in the fact that she really can hold her own and doesn’t need protecting-she can protect herself. However, that’s where it stops because Surah is also feminine in a way Alexa wasn’t. She’s also ok with asking for help when she needs it. I like this so much about her.

Charlie is something HAWT! He’s just so freaking cute! And there’s some characters that I think you will just love! Especially with how well the relationships are developed between them. And I look forward to so much more from these characters, and new ones that will come to be in the future!
I will say that this type of series is not so much like the Alexa series either. I know you are going to see so much about the Alexa series, but HD has made her own way here. There shouldn’t be that much comparison because even though it’s coming from the same writer, and there is a similar style, I can’t find all that much to say “it’s just like that one”. There is action and suspense and a wonderful creation of a new world! That alone was so awesome!
There is so much to say about this book, but I can’t tell you everything or else I would ruin something beautiful! So, I will stop blabbering and tell you to read this 5 MAGICALLY WONDERFUL PAWS book! 🙂 Go right now! 🙂 and then we can wait impatiently for the next book to come out!
paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

About the Author


H. D. Gordon is the author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga. Blood Warrior, the first book of the Alexa series was her debut novel and has held a spot in the top 100 fantasy bestsellers for over a month. Half Black Soul is the second book in this series and H. D. plans to complete Alexa’s tales by the end of 2012. In June of 2012, Joe, a fantasy novel about a young clairvoyant, was released as well. H. D. is a lifelong reader and writer, a true lover of words. When she is not reading or writing she is raising her two daughters, playing a little guitar, and spending time with her family. She is twenty three years old and lives in the northeastern United States.

You can follow H.D. Gordon at:

Blog Author Facebook Page Twitter Goodreads Author Page H.D.Gordon Facebook page Webpage Goodreads Fan Club

The Alexa Montgomery Saga

Blood Warrior:

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #1)

When her home is attacked by murderous vampires, 17-year-old Alexa is forced to leave her mother for dead in order to save her sister. She soon learns that she is the last known member of an elite race of supernatural Warriors, and is thrust into a world full of vampires and werewolves who all seem to regard her as some sort of savior. Meanwhile, Alexa battles a monster within herself that seeks to gain control; a monster that seeks blood.

The hidden city she finds herself in appears perfect, but Alexa’s instincts tell her that all is not right within its walls. When she is asked to attend a school of fighters, whose exams consist of gladiator-style competitions, she must decide who she can trust among the smiling faces. And, when she meets Kayden, a vampire she feels undeniably drawn to, she must decide if she can trust herself.

Buying Links

Amazon Kindle Kobo Barnes & Noble

The Alexa Montgomery Saga

Half Black Soul:

Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #2)

In the past few weeks Alexa Montgomery has had her entire world flipped upside down. She’s gone from living a semi-normal teenage life to a life full of vampires and werewolves who all expect her to deliver them from the control of an evil dictator.

Alexa is the last of her kind; a Sun Warrior, and now she has left the safety of Two Rivers to search for her mother, but she’s left her sister behind to do so, and Nelly is the one person that she was told that she must always protect. Kayden, a vampire who is Alexa’s other half, has followed her on her journey. But, secrets are about to come out, relationships will break and danger lies just up ahead. Will Alexa be able to get through all of this and make it out alive? And, will she be able to protect Nelly from danger when she is so far away?

Buying Links

Amazon Kindle Kobo Barnes & Noble

The Alexa Montgomery Saga

The Rise:

The Rise (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #3)

The supernatural world in which Alexa Montgomery has found herself is on the brink of war. She is charged with the task of raising an army, defeating an evil dictator, and struggling to contain the bloodthirsty monster that lives within her.

These are things Alexa can handle, but when the person she loves most in the world takes a turn for the worst, Alexa’s loyalty and determination will be tested in the most horrifying of ways. Will she be able to rise to the challenge, or will her love for her sister kill her once and for all?(

The Dwellers Saga books are now available everywhere eBooks and paperbacks are sold via Also, David pledged when he started writing to always respond to his readers, and he loves getting comments and questions, so please contact him using one of his favorite social networking sites below. He loves to get in contact with readers.

Buying Links

Amazon Kindle Kobo Barnes & Noble

The Alexa Montgomery Saga


Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #4)

The final test is here. The war is no longer a worry of tomorrow, but a reality of today. Turning back is no longer an option. Maybe it never was. It is time for Alexa Montgomery to look fate in the eyes. Death waits there for certain. The only question is… for who?

Buying Links

Amazon Kindle Kobo Barnes & Noble

Other books by H.D. Gordon



From the author of the Alexa Montgomery Saga, comes a book that will take you into the mind of a genuine psychopath, the lives of six ordinary people, and the world of a very special girl named Joe.

Joe is seemingly an ordinary college student. She works, studies and reads. But in between these activities Joe has a gift that promises to add a dose of color to her life at any given moment. Joe sees things before they happen. Bad things, and the worst thing she has ever faced is just around the corner. Someone is planning a massacre at the college university that Joe attends, and the only person with a hope of stopping the psychopath is her.

Oh, the beauty of foresight. More like a curse. Joe has four days to figure out the mystery, make plans to take down the psycho, and save the lives of people. People like you and me. Ordinary people.

Buying Links

Amazon Kindle Kobo Barnes & Noble

Praise for this Title

was glued to this book, all the way to the very climatic end.

Literary Vixen

I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers with a touch of the paranormal on the side.

A Goddess of Literature

Anyway, this story is told from the POV of JOE, and a third person POV of several more characters.

Vanya Petkova


So this is an amazing giveaway! a $50 WWF adopt a Tiger package, a plush baby Sampson, and 5 e-copies of Shooting Stars!!! GO GO GO HERE right now!!!! seriously, go!

Shooting stars Book tour Banner

GOOD LUCK!! 😉 Happy Reading everyone 😛 later gators!

Storm Dancer Blog Tour w Giveaway

Storm Dancer Button 300 x 225



Today I have another wonderful book and author interview for you! Let’s go see 🙂 

STORM DANCER cover published 11Jan13

Storm Dancer

Rayne Hall

Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy

Publisher: Scimitar Press

ISBN: 9781465716651 Smashwords

ISBN: 1230000010279 Kobo


Number of pages:  400

Word Count: 150,000 

Book Description

Demon-possessed siege commander, Dahoud, atones for his atrocities by hiding his identity and protecting women from war’s violence – but can he shield the woman he loves from the evil inside him?

Principled weather magician, Merida, brings rain to a parched desert land. When her magical dance rouses more than storms, she needs to overcome her scruples to escape from danger. 

Thrust together, Dahoud and Merida must fight for freedom and survival. But how can they trust each other, when hatred and betrayal burn in their hearts? 

‘Storm Dancer’ is a dark epic fantasy. Caution: this book contains some violence and disturbing situations. Not recommended for under-16s.  British spellings.

Book Trailer 

Amazon   Kobo   Smashwords   iTunes

Note: Storm Dancer has dark elements which some readers may find disturbing. Not recommended for readers under 16, not suitable for YA blogs.

Contains British English. Some words, spellings, grammar and punctuation will be different than American English.


Even in the shade of the graffiti-carved olive tree, the air sang with heat. Dahoud listened to the hum of voices in the tavern garden, the murmured gossip about royals and rebels. If patrons noticed him, they would only see a young clerk sitting among the lord-satrap’s followers, a harmless bureaucrat. Dahoud planned to stay harmless.

The tavern bustled with women – whiteseers hanging about in the hope of earning a copper, traders celebrating deals, bellydancers clinking finger cymbals – women who neither backed away from him nor screamed.

The youngest of the entertainers wound her way between the benches towards their table, the tassels on her slender hips bouncing, the rows of copper rings on her sash tinkling with every snaky twist. Since she seemed nervous, as if it was her first show, he sent her an encouraging smile. Ignoring him, she shimmied to Lord Govan.

The djinn slithered inside Dahoud, stirring a stream of fury, whipping his blood into a hot storm. Would she dare to disregard the Black Besieger? What lesson would he teach to punish her insolence?

 Dahoud stared past her sweat-glistening torso, the urge to subdue her washing over him in a boiling wave. For three years, he had battled against the djinn’s temptations. To indulge in fantasies would batter his defences and breach his resistance. He focused on the flavours on his tongue, the tart citron juice and the sage-spiced mutton, on the tender texture of the meat.

Govan clasped the dancer’s wrist and drew her close. “Come, honey-flower, let’s see your blossoms.”

She tried to pull herself from his grip. Panic painted her face. Against a lesser man’s groping, she might defend herself with slaps and screams, but this was the lord-satrap. She was too young to know how to slip out of such a situation, and none of her older colleagues on the far side of the garden noticed her plight. The other clerks at the table laughed.

“My Lord,” Dahoud said. “She doesn’t want your attentions.”

“She’s only a bellydancer.” Contempt oiled Govan’s voice. Still, he released the girl’s hand, slapped her on the rump, and watched her scurry towards the safety of the musicians. “These performers are advertised as genuine Darrians. I have a mind to have them arrested for fraud. I suspect …” He ran the tip of his finger along his eating bowl. “They’re mere Samilis.”

Dahoud, himself a Samili, refused to react to the jab. Govan was not only satrap of the province, but Dahoud’s employer, as well as the father of the lovely Esha.

“Samilis are everywhere these days.” Peering down his nose, Govan swirled the wine in his beaker. “Not that I have anything against Samilis. Given the right kind of education, their race can develop remarkable intelligence, practically equal to that of Quislakis. They can make valuable contributions to society.” He stroked the purple fringe of his armband, insignia of his rank. “Provided they respect their betters.”

The other clerks at the table bobbed their chins in eager agreement.

Dahoud the Black Besieger would not have tolerated taunts from this pompous peacock, but Dahoud the council clerk had to bow. Submission was the price for guarding his secret.

At the entry arch, a short man in the yellow tunic and turban of a royal rider was consulting with the tavern keeper.

“Is that messenger looking for you, my Lord?” Dahoud asked.

Govan shifted into his official pose and summoned the man with a flick of his sandalwood fan. The courier walked on bowed legs as if he still had a mount between his thighs. Conversations halted, glances followed him, and whiteseers peered, anticipating business.

Lord Govan put on his official smile to receive the leather-wrapped parcel.

“Forgive me, my Lord,” the herald said. “The message I carry is for Dahoud, the clerk.”

Govan’s hand pulled back and his smile vanished.

Dahoud’s stomach went cold: The Queen or her Consort would not write to an ordinary clerk. After three years of respite, his anonymity was breached. He stripped off the camel-skin wrap and broke the scroll’s seal. The ends of the purple ribbon dropped into the mutton sauce.

“The High Lord Kirral, Consort to the Great Luminous Queen, greets Dahoud, council clerk in the satrapy of Idjlara: Present yourself at the palace without delay. The Queendom needs the Black Besieger. K.”

The expansive curves of the signature “K” claimed more space on the parchment than the message.

 In his bowl, the uneaten mutton was going cold, whitish grease separating from the sauce. A large fly drifted belly-up in the liquid, its legs clawing for a hold in the air. The memories of siege warfare wrapped around Dahoud, those sour-sweet odours of fear and faeces, of disease and burning flesh.

At twenty-five, he had a conscience heavier than a brick-carrier’s tray and more curses on his head than a camel had fleas. He had left the legion to cut himself off temptation, to deprive the djinn of fodder. After a siege, rape was legal, a soldier’s right, practically expected of him, part of the job. By returning to war, he would forfeit his victories over his craving. The djinn would again be his master.

Yet he ached to wear the general’s cloak again, to silence sneering bureaucrats, to make women take notice. He lusted for that power the way a heavy drinker, deprived of his solace, ached for a sip of wine. The yearning to wield a sword ached in his arms, his chest throbbed with the urge to command, and his loins flamed with the dark desire. He felt the panting breaths of women and their hot resisting bodies, smelled the scent of female fright and sweating fury.

“Why is the Consort writing to you?” Govan leant forward to grab the document. “You’re out of your depth with royal matters. I’ll read and explain.”

“Why should I want your counsel?” Dahoud tucked the rolled parchment into his belt.

“Don’t get pert, Samili!” Govan barked. “Give me that letter.”

“The Consort summons.” Dahoud rose. “Good afternoon, my Lord. Don’t expect me back soon.”

He strode to the exit, his mind reeling like a spindle. Could he deny that he was the Black Besieger? Refuse a royal order? Lead an army without stimulating the djinn?

On a low stone wall near the entrance gate, a row of whiteseers perched like hungry birds. Whiteseers had glimpses of futures others could not even imagine. One of them slid off the wall and sauntered in his direction. A coating of pale clay covered her sharp-boned triangular face and her long hair, and painted black and blue rings adorned her clay-whitened arms.

“Your hands,” she demanded.

“I need to know what will happen if -”

“Give your copper to a soothsayer,” she snapped. “We white ones only give advice. We can see the future; we can see several futures for everyone, but we won’t tell you all we see.”

“Advice is all I want.”

“That’s what they all say. Yet everyone asks for more. I give one piece of advice, the best I can give to help a client. They always demand that I tell them what I see. Well, I won’t.” Nevertheless, she grabbed the copper ring from Dahoud’s fingers and threaded it on her neck-thong. Her tunic smelled of old sweat and mouldy wool.

She grasped his hands to pinch their flesh, her long nails tickling. Her white paint contrasted with Dahoud’s bronze tan. When she felt the pulse and lifted his hand to her face to listen and sniff, he could have sworn he saw her blanch under the white clay as her closed eyes stared into his past. She sagged forward and stayed in a silent slouch.

At last she straightened, her eyes wide, her mouth open, but no words burst forth. So she had seen what he had done, and worse, what he might do once more.

“I assure you, I’ll never again…”

“I can’t read if you chatter.” She frowned at his hands. “My advice: Get stronger arms.”

He flexed his biceps, startled. “My arms are strong! I do trickriding, I wrestle, I lift weights.” Every night, Dahoud exercised until his muscles screamed, to block out his cravings and punish his body for its desires.

The seer’s mouth curled with contempt, making more clay crumble. “You’re not listening. I didn’t say strong. I said stronger.” She pinched his biceps. “Much stronger.”

“What difference can arm muscles make?”

“I told you to give your copper to a soothsayer.” She ambled off, leaving a cloud of unwashed stink and crumbles of clay.

Dahoud hurried to the stable to ready his horse. He had to persuade the Consort not to send the Black Besieger back to war. 

Author Interview:

First, tell me a little about your book…

Storm Dancer is a dark epic fantasy novel with a flawed hero. Dahoud is a siege commander, possessed by a demon. He fights to protect women from war’s violence, but how can he shield the woman he loves from from the evil inside him?

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

As soon as I realised there were people who wrote stories, I wanted to be one of them. I was four or five.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

The places and characters exist only in my imagination; I like making things up. However, many inspiration come from real life. For the fantasy world, I’ve drawn on places where I’ve lived and travelled – Asia, Europe,  North Africa, the Middle East. Some of the characters have personality traits I’ve observed in real life people, although I like to mix them up so no real person finds their way into my books.

My own experiences are fertile material for fiction. I used to perform semi-professionally as a bellydancer, so I could write with authenticity about how the heroine in Storm Dancer learns the dance and performs it in a tavern.

Years ago, I went on an assignment as a development aid worker to a remote part of northern China. I had been promised a heated, furnished flat with running water. When I arrived, the flat was a ruin, the windows broken, no water, no furniture, no heating, and a blizzard was raging outside.  I survived the freezing night by piling all my clothes on top of me. In the morning, I confronted my employer and requested that he honour the contract. He shrugged. “I’m a busy man. I don’t have time to keep my promises.”

I adapted this experience for Storm Dancer. Merida is a weather magician, sent by her government to bring rain to a distant, drought-parched country. When she arrives, she finds the promised private apartment doesn’t exist. Instead, she has to sleep in a grimy, noisy dormitory. She complains, and is told: “I am a busy man.” His voice had the low-humming hiss of a wasp hovering over rotting fruit. “I do not have time to keep promises.”

This was just the start. Things got worse for me in China, and they get worse for Merida in Quislak.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

I’m a rapid reader, devouring a book almost every day. I like fantasy, horror, thrillers, historical, and non-fiction books.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

I enjoy working with artists for my book covers. It’s exciting to watch them translate my stories and visual characters into visual art.  For Storm Dancer, two artists were involved, Erica Syverson and Paul Davies. Both are fantasy illustrators. Paul painted most of the character and some of the background, and Erica painted much of the background and some of the character.  I’m in awe of their skill and I admire the art they’ve created.

Before I commission a cover illustrations, I have a clear vision of what I want – the character, the background, the overall design, the colours, the mood – and I give the artist clear instructions.  Then the artist does a sketch, interpreting my vision with their own.  It’s always thrilling to see what they come up with. I’m involved in all stages of the process, giving feedback and requesting changes along the way.

For the new Storm Dancer cover, I knew that I wanted the same colour scheme as the old one, but the character needed to be more masculine. I also knew I wanted ominous storm clouds in the background. Paul came up with this dynamic pose for the character which is much more exciting than the one I had before, and Erica painted the dramatic clouds.

I invited my fans who had read Storm Dancer to contribute their vision of what Dahoud looks like, to have a look at the painting in progress and tell us if we got it right. This was fun (though much work for the artists) and I think the result is awesome!

At one stage, the character was almost perfect, and I couldn’t put my finger on what wasn’t right. Then, while I had the file open in GIMP (digital design software), I accidentally splotched a thin line on Dahoud’s cheek. I was about to click “undo” when I realised that it looked great. That was what had been missing all along. I asked Erica to paint a scar in exactly that spot – and everyone agrees that it’s perfect. I’ve even received fan mail about that scar.

I like to design my own book covers with the commissioned illustrations. When I was stuck with where to place the lettering for this cover, Paul came up with this solution in the style of a movie poster. I like it a lot.

Both artists have created book covers for me before. Paul Davies paints mostly fantasy and science fiction illustrations. Erica Syverson  specialises in fantasy, supernatural and horror images.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Storm Dancer is quite dark in places, so it’s not for everyone. You may want to download the free sample chapters. That’s the great thing about ebooks: you can see if it’s your kind of book before you buy.

About Rayne Hall

 RayneHallWithSkullAndHair by Fawnheart

Rayne Hall has published more than forty books under different pen names with different publishers in different genres, mostly fantasy, horror and non-fiction. Recent books include Storm Dancer (dark epic fantasy novel), Six Scary Tales Vol 1, 2 and 3 (mild horror stories), Six Historical Tales (short stories), Six Quirky Tales (humorous fantasy stories), Writing Fight Scenes, The World-Loss Diet and Writing Scary Scenes (instructions for authors).

She holds a college degree in publishing management and a masters degree in creative writing. Currently, she edits the Ten Tales series of multi-author short story anthologies: Bites: Ten Tales of Vampires, Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts, Scared: Ten Tales of Horror, Cutlass: Ten Tales of Pirates, Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft, Spells: Ten Tales of Magic, Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies and more. 






Giveaway is an ebook  of “The Colour of Dishonour – Stories from the Storm Dancer World”. 

The Colour of Dishonour 24Jan13


Leave me a comment to win! 🙂 Good Luck!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by today and to the author for that wonderful interview! I had a blast and I hope to see you guys back soon! Happy reading and later gators! 

Harbinger Cover Reveal


Philippa (Pip) Ballantine

Release date July 30th

Book Description:

The Deacons of the Order are all that stand between the wicked spirits of the Otherside and the innocent citizens of the Empire. They are sworn to protect humanity, even when they cannot protect themselves…

After the Razing of the Order, Sorcha Faris, one of the most powerful Deacons, is struggling to regain control of the runes she once wielded. The Deacons are needed more desperately than ever. The barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead is weakening, and the Emperor has abandoned his throne, seeking to destroy those he feels have betrayed him.

Though she is haunted by the terrible truth of her past, Sorcha must lead the charge against the gathering hordes of geists seeking to cross into the Empire. But to do so, she will need to manipulate powers beyond her understanding—powers that may prove to be her undoing…

About the Author:

Philippa Ballantine

New Zealand born fantasy writer and podcaster Philippa (Pip) Ballantine is the author of the Books of the Order and the Shifted World series. She is also the co-author with her husband Tee Morris of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novels. Her awards include an Airship, a Parsec, and a Sir Julius Vogel. She currently resides in Manassas, Virginia with her husband, daughter, and a mighty clowder of cats.

Author of: Geist, Spectyr, Wrayth and Harbinger (2013) from Ace Books and Hunter and Fox and Kindred and Wings (2013) from Pyr Books

Co-author (with Tee Morris) of Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences— an Airship Award winning steampunk series. Novels: Phoenix Rising and the Janus Affair. Also includes digital short stories and a free award winning podcast series


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Eustice Blog Tour w Giveaway

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Reaper Corps Book 1
Alex Gulczynski

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781476255484


Number of pages: 242

Word Count: 84000

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Book Description:

Eustice P. Jennings awakens alone and confused on an ugly piece of office furniture in Purgatory. Being dead is the least of her problems as she is quickly drafted into the dangerous Reaper Corps and plunged headfirst into the endless conflict between Heaven and Hell. Friends and allies are few and far as Eustice struggles to find her place in a surreal world she never imagined could exist.

Chapter 1 Excerpt:

Light pours in from behind my eyelids. Through my eyelids. My head pounds and surges with pain. What good are eyelids when they are so thin they don’t even do their job, I think bitterly. I fling my arm over my face to block out the light.

In the darkness, with the reassuring slight pressure of my arm over my eyes, I find a few moments’ solace. Respite from the throbbing pain in my head. I sigh and try not to think of anything at all.

I have always held a strong fascination with meditation, with people who could clear their minds and sit for hours in peace. I marveled at that ability to embrace stillness. I marveled at it because it was something I could never do. Having a clear, pristine mind was such an alluring but alien concept to me.

My mind works continuously. I don’t want it to, it just does. I always felt like my brain and I were consistently at odds with each other. When I want rest and sleep, my brain constantly makes lists, reorders already existing lists, or looks for patterns in the world around me so it can make more lists. Subject doesn’t matter. It could be encounters with my friends, or a hyper fixation on a chance conversation with some new boy at school, or something altogether trivial, like why people toasted Pop-Tarts when they were so much better straight out of the package.

 Oftentimes it was my homework mucking up my peacefulness. I have had it drilled into me numerous times from a young age how important education was to my future. I would stress about what paper I should write first. What reading chapter I should save for last. Would it be more efficient to do my math homework before my history?

The irony is that, in the end, it didn’t matter much, because I would spend so much time and energy thinking about how to do my homework in the best way possible that I wouldn’t allow ample time to actually do it. I would end up staying up half the night rushing through just those things that were due the next day, not doing my best work on them but still eking out a decent grade.

This is how my life had evolved, a neurotic girl with a hyperactive brain. It doesn’t help that the brain is housed atop a short and stocky frame, either.

My parents always disapproved of my way of doing things. They told me that I was forming bad habits. College would be much more difficult than high school, and that I couldn’t just skate by like I was doing in high school.

I didn’t doubt them, they were probably right, but I argued with them. You see, I am stubborn too.

A stubborn, procrastinating, perfectionist. Not the best combination of character traits.

I sigh quietly to myself. The light is gone, but now my mind found a new thing to preoccupy my thoughts, killing whatever slight peace of mind I had found in its infancy. All I can focus on now is a quiet but persistent hum of some electrical device.

I try thinking of clouds to distract myself, but they soon hum and buzz with lightning. I try thinking of flowers, but soon buzzing bees begin to fly into them.

It is no use. I am going to find no rest here.

Slowly, I move my arm from away from my face. I push myself up into a sitting position, feeling the hard, coarse fabric of the miserable little couch I was lying on.  Eyes still closed, my head bent low almost to my knees, I run my hands through my dark, oily hair. I can’t remember the last time I took a shower. The prickling sensation of my fingertips dragging along my scalp eases some of the tension from my body.

I wonder at how long I have been lying on this horrid excuse for a piece of furniture. My back aches. My neck is tight. My legs have nearly gone numb, and still I hear that perpetual hum, now like a high-pitched whine of a belt sander against the temporal lobes of my brain.

Carefully, I open my eyes. I keep my head pointed down toward the floor to shield myself from the harsh lights above. My vision is filled with nondescript, pale beige carpet, ugly in its plainness. With my hands half cupped, half pressed against my forehead, I begin to raise my head.

A large, green potted plant and a dark, heavy oak desk materialize out of the haze, as my eyes adjust to the sickeningly unsympathetic white fluorescent lights of the room.  One flickers just beyond my perception and etches the high-pitched hum into my eardrums. Across the room stands a blank, off-white, sterile wall.

The front of the room is frosted glass from ceiling to floor. One door stands in the middle of the glass wall. I can see another bank of fluorescent lights just outside the glass, and vaguely I can make out ghostly shadows moving farther out.

I have an intense sense of déjà vu, as well as complete confusion as to where I actually am.

This place reminds me of somewhere I’ve been. Somewhere I went to as a small child. Somewhere that must have left an impression, but, frustratingly, somewhere that I can’t seem to recall. My memory is fuzzy, like stale bread with green mold spotted on it. I close my eyes and try to scrap off the green fuzz as best I can.

 I finally decide that this place reminds me of my father’s office, designed to be plain and boring, yet suitable for everyone’s tastes. Not taking any chances at picking a color or shape that might offend someone’s aesthetic palate, but simultaneously not appealing to anyone’s liking. Or at least, I think it reminds me of my father’s office. For some reason, I’m having a hard time bringing up an exact image of the office. The mold is still there blocking any recollections.

But it doesn’t matter, I suppose. I hate this place from the moment I see it.

I sit there for I don’t know how long analyzing the bland pattern in the floor below me, not knowing what to do or where I am. This place is eerily familiar, but I know I have never been here before. I try to force myself to remember how I got here, but, frustratingly, I can’t. I have odd sensations of a cold room, an orange light, and a sticky feeling oozing all over my skin. It doesn’t make any sense to me. So I just sit there in a dazed state.

Eventually, my curiosity gets the better of me. Ignoring the aches in my muscles and the throbbing in my head, I brave the intense buzzing lights of the room and scan over the desk as best I can. It is immaculate. A small singular stack of paper lies on the far end, neatly ordered with all the papers aligned. A white coffee mug stands near me with a handful of pens and pencils standing at attention in it. A nameplate stands absolutely centered near the front lip of the desk, but I can’t read what it says from my sideways angle. Dominating the desk is an old and heavy-looking black typewriter.

It occurs to me that I have not seen a typewriter before. I mean, I know what they are, and I’ve seen them in movies or TV shows. But I realize just then that I have never actually seen a real one. It looks intimidating and sturdy enough to survive a bomb blast. I have a strong desire to touch it, press one of the keys and hear the clack as the letter block slams some ink into the fresh, white sheet of paper rolled into it.

I don’t even know where I am, but I decide to give in to my urge. I figured, what the hell. It is only one letter on one sheet of paper. Plus, I want to get up anyway to read the name on the nameplate. I might as well know whose office I am in.

I move to stand up, but as soon as I push myself off the couch, the muscles in my legs protest, freezing in place, and a large rush of blood to my head makes me feel dizzy and nauseated.

Carefully, I gently lower myself back down and hang my head between my knees, breathing deeply, trying not to throw up. I note with some dry humor that my vomit would probably blend in with the carpet. Maybe no one could even tell it was there.

The thought of puking fills my mouth with copious amounts of salvia, and I can feel the tightening of my lower jaw as my stomach prepares to launch whatever was in my stomach out of my body. This is not good. I fight with every inch of my being not to vomit right then and there. Furiously I try to think of something else, and immediately I can hear that insidious buzzing again. Thankfully, my mind is distracted and annoyed enough that my stomach is quelled.

Sitting there, taking long, labored breathes, and gritting my teeth in frustration, I hear a latch turn, and I look up to see the door opening. And I think to myself, “God, what now?”

My Review:

You guys know I love reapers. I think they are one of the coolest supernaturals out there. This one is definitely cool for a reaper spin. It’s gripping, suspenseful, and quite surprising. There are more “grey” spots than just “black and white”. I love this, as usually it’s black vs white, or good vs evil. I really enjoyed this twist. 

The main character is Eustice, which to me is just the most fascinating name. She is confused, doesn’t know what’s going on. This is quite awesome. You literally learn everything as she does. This prevented a dump of info, or a big uploading of back story. There’s definitely plenty to keep you in suspense and guessing. Plus, Eustice is quite a believable character. She definitely got some really cool “toys”… LOL! She’s strong and brave. 

This writer has such a unique voice. The style is not really like any I’ve read before. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I definitely hope this isn’t the last I see of Eustice! I look forward to so much more! 5 SCARY REAPER PAWS! 


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Author Interview:

WELCOME!! First, tell me a little about your book….

Eustice P. Jennings awakens alone and confused on an ugly piece of office furniture in Purgatory. Being dead is the least of her problems as she is quickly drafted into the dangerous Reaper Corps and plunged headfirst into the endless conflict between Heaven and Hell. Friends and allies are few and far as Eustice struggles to find her place in a surreal world she never imagined could exist.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I’ve always had an interest in good stories. As a kid I read, but my main source of stories were the movies and video games and table top games (which are basically interactive stories nerds tell to each other over mountain dew). It wasn’t until I graduated college that I first thought of becoming an author. Then it wasn’t until ten years later that I really buckled down and finished my first book.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

Eustice, is my first full-fledged book. I wrote off and on before Eustice but never finished a novel length work. I was inspired  because I ain’t getting any younger and if I don’t do it now then when would I?

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

I have yet to go to the afterlife so these events are just the crazy, exciting rambles of my brain. 

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

Whatever has the most emotional and story impact. If a reader is invested in a character than you need to have a good reason to kill them or you will face the rebellion and wrath of irate readers. That said sometimes you have to pull the rug out from under the readers just to show them who’s the boss. 

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

This is like the most cruel question to ask an author. Most would have a lot of things they would change. As the saying goes: everyone can write, but authors rewrite. A book is never truly done, you just reach a deadline.

Would you be any of the characters in your book?

All the characters in my book are already dead so I don’t think I would choose to be any of them. That said Eustice does have some pretty kick ass powers that I wouldn’t mind having.

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?


Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I want to encourage your readers to take a chance on a new author and book. It is a great, fun, and thrilling read. I’m also almost done with the next part of the series so you can keep the adventure going. I also want to thank you and your readers for letting me talk about myself and Eustice.

About the Author:


Eustice is Alex Gulczynski’s debut novel. He is currently living in Seattle and teaching science to elementary students. He and his wife had their first child in December. He is using these sleepless nights to work on the next book to further the story of Eustice and Thayer. He hopes to have it out by March 2013.

Twitter: @alexgulczynski


Today I’ve got winner’s choice of a signed print or ebook copy of  Eusctice- for print US Shipping only, ebook is international! YAY I love when we have options to share with everyone 🙂 LOL so leave me a comment to enter to win, and also tell me if you are US or international, so I know which format to get! 

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Eliza’s Shadow Blog Tour w Giveaway


And I’m back with another set of goodies for you today! 🙂 Let me show you 🙂
Eliza Cover Kindle

Title: Eliza’s Shadow

Series: Eliza’s Shadow #1

Author: Catherine Wittmack

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal

Publisher: Self-published

Format: Ebook | Paperback

Length: 332 pages

Purchase: Amazon |

Book Description:

Eliza Gowan’s past has come back to hunt her. Since her mother’s mysterious disappearance, Eliza has enjoyed a quiet life under the care of her aunt in the sleepy town of Port Rune. But the moment magnetic Ren Alden appears in her high school classroom, Eliza is thrust into the exciting world of magic and the path of danger. Menaced by an otherworldly enemy, Eliza embarks on a quest to solve the mysteries of her past and end the hunt for good.


Ren laughed. “What are you doing? Just sit still and focus, why don’t you?” He urged impatiently.

I pressed my crossed ankles together and my arms to my sides. “Ok, ok. I’m ready,” I stammered.

I forced deep measured breaths until the cold air stilled the nervous bubbles bobbing around my head. My hands stretched around my knees and I flexed my fingers imagining the flame leaping from the tips. I turned inward imagining the spark growing inside of me. My mind’s eye examined the small dot of electricity and watched it glow in the caverns of my mind.

Run! I commanded.

I followed the little spark as it hopped from one nerve to the next, racing down the length of my arm and felt it, hot and anxious to perform. Then something strong and sure told me the spark was ready. Without a conscious effort, my arm lifted from my side and my wrist snapped.

My eyes shot open. A small ball of light glowed bright against the darkness. I glanced up to find Ren’s giddy grin.

We sat for several moments in reverent silence before Ren snatched the wriggling little light from my palm as easily as a frog snatches an insect.

He chuckled and tossed it above our heads. The small light bounced in the air like a yo-yo before settling suspended above our heads.

“Wow! How’d you do that?” I exclaimed.

“Clean flames will do just about anything you want them to,” he said.

“Can I touch it again?” I asked tentatively.

Ren shrugged. “Sure, it’s your flame,” he said and sank back against the cluster of pipes, a pleased smile lingering on his lips.

I reached into the air and plucked the tiny blaze from its perch. I held the flame in my hand admiring its dance.

“It’s hot,” I said wincing.

Ren inched toward me and slid his hand beneath mine. His palm was soft against my knuckles. Then his fingers closed around my wrist and he pulled my hand toward his lowered face. My fingertips grazed the scruff of his chin sending a tingle up my arm. Our eyes met across the glowing expanse of my palm.

“Even the most magical things can burn,” he said tensely, holding my gaze.

My cheeks flushed hot under his intense stare.

“Only… if you let them,” I responded, carefully controlling my breath.

“Easier said than done,” he said with a sigh.

I blew softly across my palm. The flame flickered and disappeared into a wisp of smoke.

My Review:

What a fun little twist to the witching hour 🙂 get it?! LOL anyways, this story is a fun read and fast paced, which of course makes me love it! There’s plenty to go around in the genre department. It’s a YA so anyone can grab it, it’s got suspense, it’s got romance, though it’s more like “I want but can’t break the rules” lol, it’s of course got some paranormal, and to top it off, it’s just good!

I love that Eliza is determined and even when she has melt downs and struggles, she keeps on going! She’s a very likable character. She’s easy to picture as real, even if she’s having some crazy flash backs and slight premonitions of crazy ladies 😉 I feel bad for her for having all these nightmares- like she didn’t have enough of a tragic beginning- and we’ll just have to blame it on Ren showing up 🙂

Ren’s pretty darn cool! I love his patients and kindness. I am maybe not so patient so maybe I need a Ren to balance me out! He’s got his own secrets and rules. I am still hoping things turn out like I want them to in the future, but what would romance be if it were easy? There’s always a reason not to be with “the one” 🙂 we’ll just have to see…

The writing made it so easy to just keep reading. It’s well done, it’s got a very easy flow, and the author did a great job of keeping me in suspense to know what was going to happen. The characters have a journey now, and the future holds even more adventure! I definitely look forward to more and will be getting book two! 4 MAGICALLY NIGHTMARISH PAWS!!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

About the Author:


Catherine Wittmack lives in Charlotte, N.C. with her husband, Charlie, and their two sons, James and Jack. She holds a B.A. in English from VillanovaUniversity and a M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa. Her debut novel, Eliza’s Shadow, was published on Amazon in May 2012.

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads |


It is tour wide for a 5 eBook copies of Eliza’s Shadow by Catherine Wittmack Ends 03/27/2013, GO HERE to the rafflecopter to enter to win!

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