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Rescue Blog Tour-new Brenda sinclair
Today I’ve got a fellow animal lover, which is FANTASTIC!!! 🙂 And her royalties go to animal shelters! 🙂 YAY!!! Lemme show you the goodies! 
Love to the Rescue
For almost two years, Amy MacArthur has mourned her husband’s untimely death, vowing to never love another. Now, after surviving a burglary, Amy welcomes a new man into her life, the handsome police officer who attended the B and E at her home.
Frightened by the intruder’s ugly threats, Amy adopts an abused rescue dog for companionship and protection while hoping to heal the animal’s damaged spirit. In turn, could her new pet help a depressed child recover from a devastating loss?
The new additions to her life are stirring a renewed desire to fulfill her fondest wish: a family of her own.  But Amy is torn between preserving her husband’s memory and pursuing a new love. Is her heart willing to risk the devastating pain of losing a loved one again?
Or is she just one catastrophe away from losing it all? 
Link to where to buy the book…
LOVE TO THE RESCUE – exclusive to Amazon at this time (shortened link below)  ebook and print version through CreateSpace
Author Interview:
Good morning, Brenda. Please tell us about yourself.BRENDA: Good morning and thank you for having me today. I live with my husband and Bichon Shih tzu, Kelly, in Calgary, Canada. Almost everyone in North America has heard of Calgary, the home of the Calgary Stampede. And a lot of movies starring famous Hollywood actors have been filmed near Calgary in the foothills of the Rockies. My husband and I raised two sons, and we’re now grandparents to three great kids. I write contemporary and western historical romance, and I love animals, especially small fluffy dogs like Kelly.

*forgive me, the document I recieved wouldn’t let me load the picture here, which would be Kelly* 

Tell us about your book, Love To The Rescue.

BRENDA: Love To The Rescue is a contemporary romance. Amy, a young widow, meets a handsome police officer when he attends a B and E at her home, and they experience an immediate attraction which both of them attempt to ignore. Amy adopts Rover, an abused rescue dog. Her new pet helps a depressed child recover from a devastating loss. These new additions to Amy’s life stir a renewed desire for a family of her own, but will she risk the devastating pain of losing a loved one again?

In your book Amy adopts Rover from the Calgary Humane Society. Do you volunteer at the shelter?

BRENDA: No, I don’t, but recently I interviewed three volunteers—Stephen, Tina and Carol—to learn how shelter volunteers cope when dealing with abused animals on a regular basis.

I bet that was interesting. What did you learn?

BRENDA: Firstly, I learned there isn’t a ‘typical’ volunteer. Volunteers are female and male, young and old, housewives and professionals, cat lovers and people who prefer dogs. Even teenagers make excellent volunteers, and they learn to stick to a commitment while having fun. Mentally-challenged and physically-challenged volunteers are assigned duties that match with their abilities, and these valuable volunteers do a wonderful job. Volunteering is rewarding, and every small contribution of time counts. The Muppet Babies sing a song ‘Animals are my favorite people’. Many shelter workers would agree.

The staff at the Calgary Humane Society put together a wonderful YouTube video. You’ll find the link at the end of this post. From watching the video you’ll notice the variety of faces working toward a common goal. 

You mentioned there’s no typical volunteer. Is there anything these people do have in common?

Most of the people who work and/or volunteer at the shelter have several pets of their own, many of them high-need animals who may or may not have been adopted otherwise. These people love animals and welcome new furry family members into their homes. They believe animals just require time to adjust to their new environment while learning what is expected of them. In time, these new pets will show their own personalities and return the love given to them. And they all believe in spaying and neutering their pets.


So, in the course of their work the volunteers encounter cases of abuse, neglect and all manner of cruelty to animals that eventually are placed in their care. How do these wonderful people cope with it all?

Workers and volunteers must remember not to judge and don’t head down the anger road. Who knows what drives certain individuals to abuse innocent creatures? Shelters see the worst and the best of humanity. The front line admitting staff and vets deal with the abuse, initially, but some volunteers are just not suited to handle that, preferring to work with animals now up for adoption. Dogs require walking, cats require cuddling, some animals require someone to play with them, and cages require cleaning. There’s always a job and there’s always someone suited to that job. No volunteer is forced into a situation or job where they are not comfortable.

The volunteers agreed that sometimes the best way to deal with the abuse they encounter is just sit down and have a good cry. Makes sense. Some volunteers derive comfort from going home and cuddling their own pets. Others dig out the chips and dip, lose themselves in a book, meditation, exercise, whatever it takes. Even talking to other volunteers who understand what they’re going through helps. There’s no right way to cope, just whatever works for each individual. And they all agree that clinging to the happy stories and concentrating on the big picture helps.

 Anything else you’d like to share?

I asked the volunteers if they had a favorite success story. Instantly, they piped up with the animal that touched their hearts the most. One was Roger, the cat with the hairless tail. He was adopted into the lap of luxury by people who saw past his outward appearance. Another was an obese, terrified cat who couldn’t play or even clean himself. The volunteer took him home and now he’s at a healthy weight, grooms himself, and plays again. The third volunteer mentioned two large dogs that shelter staff insisted be adopted together since they were very emotionally connected to each other. Someone living on an acreage adopted them both. All of these animals were given a second chance despite being considered high-need animals. Those are the true success stories. 

When considering adopting a rescue pet, try to look past the cute puppies and playful kittens that no doubt will be adopted. Consider an older animal or high-needs animal that simply requires someone to love them.      

Thank you for dropping by today. Where can we purchase Love To The Rescue and where can we find you?

I enjoyed our time together, and hopefully we inspired a few people to volunteer at their local shelter. Anyone leaving a comment will be entered to win one of ten digital copies of my book When Dreams Collide, the sequel to A Bandit Creek Miracle, at the end of this blog tour. Winners to be drawn on March 15th. And check out the special ‘Irish Day’ blog post on my website on March 17th.

Here’s the link to Love To The Rescue in Ebook and Large Print version 

If anyone has rescued a dog or cat, please email me your pet’s story with permission to post it on my website at

Please check out my website to read the rescue story of our family dog, Beau, and other rescue stories at . You can also find me on Twitter @bsinclairauthor and on Facebook brendasinclairauthor

Here’s the link to the Calgary Humane Society YouTube Video on Reflections of Animal Shelter Staff Excellent job! 

The next stop on the LOVE TO THE RESCUE BLOG TOUR is tomorrow, Friday, March 8th with Alyssa Linn Palmer at Musings of a Writer and Unabashed Francophile when Brenda will discuss Calgary as the setting for the book and setting goals as a writer.

 What a wonderful interview! Thank you a TON for being an animal lover and for everything you do to help! 🙂 You’re my new hero!! 

Brenda Sinclair is a writer of historical American West and contemporary romance, a member of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America, a

healthy lifestyle advocate and past leader of her TOPS weight-loss group, a gardening enthusiast and dog lover.
Brenda was raised on a farm in southern Manitoba and taught school on a semi-remote reservation in northern Manitoba where, during frequent visits to a nearby town, she met her husband, a Treaty Cree member of the local First Nations band. Brenda and her husband have been married for forty years and raised two sons. She is extremely proud of her three wonderful grandchildren.
Brenda worked in the accounting field for over twenty-five years. A few years ago, she retired and traded in numbers for words when she decided to be a writer when she grew up. The latter part of the previous sentence is still up for debate.


Twitter link is   @bsinclairauthor
Author Central page on Amazon is 
10 ecopies of When Dream Collide is up for grabs HERE so you should enter! 🙂 GOOD LUCK! 
Thanks everyone for stopping by and THANK YOU MS BRENDA!!! You are totally awesome! 🙂 Happy reading everyone! don’t forget this book’s royalties are going to help animals! Later gators! 

5 thoughts on “Love to the Rescue Tour w Giveaway

  1. Roxy Boroughs says:

    What a great cause. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. Thank you, Roxy. The wonder people who volunteer their time and talents to the shelters are the real heroes. 🙂

  3. Vicki says:

    I often wondered how staff and volunteers at an animal shelter dealt with their emotions in dealing with what must often be traumatic intakes. Now I know. Thanks for that snippet.

  4. Shannon B says:

    I first love that the story involves a rescue dog. There is nothing better than saving animals from an unknown life. Not that I don’t love squishy little puppy faces, but there are too many dogs and cats that need rescuing first. Rescue animals have a special place in my heart. My husband has a cousin who is a vet and she has no less than 20 dogs at a time at her home. Most of these dogs are ones that their owners couldn’t take care of them or their medical needs were too much for others to handle. I love visiting her because it is the most motley pack of animals I have ever seen but each one is so sweet and special.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Shannon. Vets are my heroes. They provide such a wonderful service to so many animals in need. And I imagine there are many others that have their own collection of new family members at home. And you are right, they are all very special! Happy reading, Brenda!

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